Chamberlain College of Nursing-New Jersey Reviews

  • 12 Reviews
  • North Brunswick (NJ)
  • Annual Tuition: $20,142
0% of 12 students said this degree improved their career prospects
25% of 12 students said they would recommend this school to others
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  • Reviewed: 1/5/2024
  • Degree: Accelerated BSN
"I don’t know about all chamberlain campuses but Chamberlain University North Brunswick is a joke. Hospitals, graduate programs etc please be aware of this schools students. I feel like these students will not be prepared for the real world. If you do hire them (which I suggest you don’t) they need to start off at a very low salary and probably need to do intensive training first (like do something similar to what RN diplomas did and give minimum wage, here’s where they can test of these students are actually passionate) Yes the NCLEX-RN shows licensure but come on anybody can practice how to take a test and pass. Remember the scandal with those nurses who had fake diplomas? Exactly! When you look at other programs clinicals are very intense and they get a lot out of it and can run multiple times a week. It should be treated as a full time job! Clinicals are a joke here. Sometimes virtual clinicals are held (very weird), if a site choose to drop them we had clinical on campus on mannequins! At chamberlain university clinicals are stated as 12 hours only once a week, also with that being said students rarely do 12 hours. With semesters running 8 weeks 12 hour clinical are simply not enough hours of practice especially since students never do 12 hours so their practice can literally once a week 4-6 hours at best! These professors already made it in life so they are just collecting a check. Also deans are always changing and professor I knew with real integrity leave. I wonder why! It was hard to fit in and make friends because most students hated that I wanted more out of my education and used to tell me relax we have a good thing going with this school and to stop being an overachiever since everything is found online (many of these same students failed out or have problem passing the NCLEX). Then exams professors give back points depending on if they did not want the failure rate to look too bad even tho nursing is supposed to be rigorous! These students are not prepared for real world of care. Students are doing only 3-5 hours at most at clinical sites (once a week at that). This scares me deeply regarding what type of nurses this school/campus graduates. The successful students (like myself literally just know how to get by with passing exams) but just doing well in didactic does not mean you are prepared for the real world. I graduated last year and made sure to get into a more competitive school for my MSN and love it. I did not want to leave chamberlain because by the time you are a year in and see the nonsense it’s too late to leave and the debt you accrue. If I go back in time I would have just left and did classes over at another school, but everything happens for a reason because I can speak on it. The school is very easy to get into because they want your money and students are desperate for a shot at a potentially lucrative career. Only a few students I met there have a passion everyone else used to talk about the money they can’t wait to make. Hospitals, other graduate programs etc please be weary of chamberlains university graduates. I don’t know how they have TOP accreditation like from CCNE and ACEN with what is going on. It’s either they pay them off or these accreditation agencies is not aware of what is going on campus. I feel like more people should speak up and maybe north Brunswick campus can be no more. All of chamberlains assignments was found online and my favorite one i heard was exams were leaked and students shared it around last January. The school turned a blind eye. Anyone graduating in July-November 2024 were part of this scandal and not fair. If things were honest and chamberlain gave a damn these students would have been dismissed or placed on probation. Don’t fall into the hype with rates because Nclex seems high because about 50% fail by the time they reach med surg. That school is ran as a business to make money at the expense of not producing nurses because of them letting anyone in. I don’t know about you people out there but I wouldn’t want those types of students giving care to my loved ones! I really think employers and other schools and programs should think twice before giving chamberlain a chance but if you did because you need bodies really look at their transcript to see if they graduated during covid up until 2024 winter to at least know that these batch of students aren’t worth it. They may hide their graduation and campus attended after reviews like this. Please keep this in mind. I hope other students speak up on this and maybe justice will be served!"
John Doe
  • Reviewed: 7/16/2023
  • Degree: Nursing
"This school is terrible. January 2023 session almost the whole section took part in cheating. Then come to find out the homework things we do called edapts the test questions are primarily from that! This school education is terrible! They always lose clinical sites, academic integrity occurs and students are not penalized. This school needs to be reported. So much NCLEX failures and low quality nurses."
Kula Kallon-Genfi
  • Reviewed: 3/14/2022
  • Degree: Nursing
"I am a current student of Chamberlain University, North Brunswick, NJ. I am set to graduate this summer! I truly recommend this school to anyone who is ready to put in the work to be successful. This is an accelerated program with 8 weeks sessions, it can be overwhelming. It’s certainly not for everyone. There are tons of resources both on and off campus. Most of the professors are doctorate level prepared nurses with lots of hands on experience under their belts and they are willing to pass it on. Every institution has its challenges but the positive far outweighs the cons. I am glad to have chosen this school to continue my nursing journey. As a practicing LPN, wife, mother of 3 young children, I am able to successfully go through the program and the workload. I am grateful to have met some supportive professors and classmates during this journey."
  • Reviewed: 12/1/2020
  • Degree: Nursing
"I'm extremely happy that I'm a student of chamberlain university, and one very good thing about chamberlain that makes it different from other college i have witnessed is that chamberlain has every academic recourses that will enable one to be successful throughout your graduation."
  • Reviewed: 11/12/2020
  • Degree: Nursing
"awful admissions department, and they are QUICK to take your money without even telling you if you are qualified for the school. They also don't think that charging almost $80,000 is a problem. DON'T GO TO THIS SCHOOL, THEY TRICK YOU INTO APPLYING AND THEN YOU NEVER GET YOUR $95.00 APPLICATION FEE BACK WHEN THE SCHOOL DOSEN'T WORK OUT FOR YOU"
  • Reviewed: 10/14/2019
  • Degree: Nursing
"This school was great for the pre-reqs. In the nursing courses, youre teaching yourself. No power points, no study guides, no files by the professor to use as supplemental study help. Patho is hard and all we do is group work. The prof does not teach and I have to spend a lot of money and 6 hours a week for NO LECTURE!! Health assessment is the same. No help whatsoever and we just review anatomy. Im paying $85k for 3 years and I GET NOTHING IN RETURN!! As an adult student, this is ridiculous! The school doesnt care if you pass at all and the professors dont care. Most of the students here are adults looking for a second bachelors degree or a second career and all youre told is quit working. Is the school paying my mortgage? Nope! Theres no connection between what we read and how to even apply the information and instead I have had to purchase outside books to help me! The CAS does not help at all! Theres a nursing shortage but then you have places like this that doesnt give a crap about you except your money. AVOID THIS SCHOOL AT ALL COSTS!!!"
  • Reviewed: 3/31/2019
  • Degree: Science & Math
"I am writing this review to discuss the college, Chamberlain North Brunswick campus. After finishing mostly all my prerequisites I tried this program. Not a lot of prenursing students really discussed going to this school, i found that off but assumed it was probably the tuition prices. I wanted to give it a try since i was attracted by their approach to giving everyone a chance. The first nursing course - Transition to nursing was fine, it seemed to be kindve like group, we did little things like personal collages, - things to maybe help us be motivated. After this course, the next is, Health and Wellness and this class it relatively okay depending on what professor you have, i can say i had a relatively good professor, i just didnt pass because my core grade wasnt high enough; the way things are grades is by your Core Assignments and Supplemental Assignments. In our core assignments we are graded by 3 ATI exams and about 3-5 ATI-based homework assignments; if a 76% is not achieve overall in that category then the other things you have done doesnt count even if your technically get a high score overall... There are 2 chances you get to fail the school. There are about 8 weeks for each course, but you have about a week to get prepared because the shell of Canvas opens. There are an overwhelming amount of resources that is available on the Canvas system. I would recommend doing your own research to find what helps you-. Pathophysiology was very intense, as we had to read everything and take weekly quizzes, homework assignments and exams about every 2 weeks...and the professor just reads the powerpoints. I really felt kindve on my own. Its really self study. The professors seem very hushed; there are no study guides, not really any guide. However we have guest who help us early on learn about organization and scheduling, there is also boot camps and tutoring workshops. There is tutoring center, a library [ the atmosphere is not really great...but if that doesnt bother you, knock yourself out ], there is a cafeteria [ its self serve, they have a lot of foods in the fridge and microwave /paper plates and there also nearby town with restaurants ] I think this school is okay, i was just taken back alittle, i think there shouldve been more chances to retake courses... If you dont do well on one you have to wait a whole 8 weeks for the next cycle to start for that course. Good Luck!"
  • Reviewed: 3/28/2019
  • Degree: Nursing
"I was a former student at the school. I did not complete it, I was dismissed due to not reaching academic requirements to pass the courses. I was pretty much released early. My personal experience was kindve like being a dependent. The first course - Transition to Nursing ( was like Interrogation ), Health and Wellness ( The Trail ) and Pathophysiology ( Inmate ). I had failed health and wellness, and since the course is offered every other session i went straight to patho-. I believe that one can be successsful however there is not really any room for errors, everything for me was like a straight like or failure. There seem like no room to do things like trying to date, or being or social media. One slip up for me and things just can go down from there if you dont work very hard ( and i feel thats overwhelming ). The CAS - Center for Academic Success can be okay if there is a nice tutor - who can give suggestions on homework assignments, finding ATI resources to study and there are many books available to check out. Cafeteria - there is are vending machines with frozen foods, premade sandwiches, little cafe [ everything is self serve ] you need a card though to make purchases,- there are also microwaves, so you can bring your own foods, and there are many restaurant options nearby. Professors - the professors go over the PowerPoint. I really felt like everything is pretty much self serve, the professor can help you if they want to but to me its like your kindve on your own, - you want to do this - and i feel like they kindve put the students to go on their level but we dont know a lot of stuff yet...You have to do the reading before going to the class i guess ( i was also behind in reading ). Resources - there are many resources in which they give us. Actually integrated in the courses, guest speakers would show us way to organize and things like that. We have many resources in Canvas for the weeks to come in our courses like books, and interactive things/videos. I personally feel one should check other resources and books that work for them like KhanAcademy for Patho course ( Everybody learns differently ). Diversity / Social - The school is diverse there is a great mixture of African and Caucasian and smaller mixture of other ethnic backgrounds. Students mostly are coming from clinicians or going to class. I think many students look at new students because they are curious i guess. I really dont find a reason to be around the school - if you already have a decent place to study, its not really inviting as if your not social with your classmates and willing to form friendships. I stayed to myself and I felt like I was an endangered species spotted by a group of exploring scientists most of the time studying with students in scrubs lol. In general i was dismissed before i even could comprehend what exactly happened. Its a very fast program - its around 8 weeks ( Half of a semester ) and you are just required to do a lot of reading. Yeah i feel maybe investing your education in this school, you must come to terms that you will be kindve on your own, this is a time to be independent. I feel maybe dismissals shouldnt be 2. I feel if you pay you shouldnt be dismissed. I suggest for success being organized = always, finding out which way your study best, getting resources together early, reading mostly everything. Dont get distracted! Do your best! But dont Stress! Points are everything. ATI is everything. If you dont pass your Core which consists of ATI exams and homework you just wont pass. Dont let nothing or nobody bring you down. Maintain positivity, and surround yourself around positive people and maybe start connecting and meeting with other cool nurses for motivation. YouTube has great tips, one R.N. Youtuber has said when he was in school his classmates got together and formed a study group and they all made a study guide, each taking a chapter to focus on and sharing! There are no study guides or gude to what is going to be on the exam given at this school, - at least when i went...which wasnt too long ago of the date I posted this. But thats what basically my experience and suggestion..."
  • Reviewed: 3/3/2019
  • Degree: Nursing
"I am a current student of this institution, and if you're reading this RUN! Wait the extra time to get into a community or different school. This school loves to promote "Chamberlain Cares" and "Chamberlain is extraordinary" but in reality it is overall a waste of money and disorganized. The professor turnover rate in this school is crazy. I've been going to this school for 2 years now and I can name 6 professors that have left already. Professors come and go, and I don't even blame them. If your employees are running that says more about the school then it does about them. It is so bad that they have pulled the CAS tutors (which we pay for in our tuition) and force them to teach, leaving the students with NO tutors or tutors that don't even know anything. Registration is a joke. Let's say you sign up for a class/clinical on a Friday. A week or two before the class starts, you'll find out they completely switched you to a totally different class on a different day AT A DIFFERENT LOCATION!! This is a FOR-PROFIT school, and I wish i took that more serious because I pay so much for a school that could careless about the students or their education or success. I now understand a for-profit school means exactly what it says. they only care about their profit. Please walk away don't come here. Had I known all that i've learned in the 2 years i've been here, I would of ran fast and just waited to get accepted into a different school."
  • Reviewed: 3/28/2018
  • Degree: Nursing
"Very quick ADMISSIONS and very quick DISMISSALS. They drop you like flies even if you are 1 or 2 points off the expected final grade. 76% in your core assignments which is all 3 exams and like 20% ATI. ATI systems I thought was an okay learning tool but soon later found that it tricks student into thinking that their resources are reliable. Just launched Fall 2017 and we were the guinea pigs. Most questions are based on the ATI style questions but re-worded on the actual exams which confuses innocent Nursing students like myself. Went to CAS (center for academic success) almost daily but barely helped. May 2017- Feb 2018 spent 15K even with financial aid all for nothing. WATCH OUT FOR YOUR TIME & MONEY THEY WILL GET YOU! "CHAMBERLAIN DOES NOT CARE" #NorthBrunswickCampus"
  • Reviewed: 11/1/2017
  • Degree: Nursing
"This place is the most heinous, dysfunctional, unorganized school I have ever attended. They hire airhead admissions advisors that have fake clown smiles permanently plastered on their faces that tell you "everyone here cares about your success!" No. They Don't. I have met 2 teachers here that actually care and the rest are indescribable beasts. Not one person in the student services office have more than 2 brain cells and they will mess up your student loans. The online bookstore says they'll give you a $750 credit, but then charge you for it later on - when asked about it the person in the office went, "No. It's like credit CARD, as in you'll owe us." Like, that's not what that means, but ok... They have failed people for missing classes due to medical reasons. A NURSING school has failed people for going into the hospital for cancer treatments. A NURSING school has failed people for going into the emergency room. It's absolutely mind boggling that a nursing school cannot understand medical emergencies. They're all about "Chamberlain Care," but they only care about the money they're making. I understand that they're a for profit school, but they literally act like it which is completely insane to me. Our funds professor didn't know how to teach us med calc because she doesn't know math - most professors teach incorrect information because they're useless. You're completely on your own at this place. There is no help and there is definitely no "chamberlain care." This place has taken years off of my life."
Disgruntled student
  • Reviewed: 8/7/2017
  • Degree: Nursing
"Chamberlain College of Nursing or Chamberlain University as they now call it is absolute rubbish. This school is a whole bunch of nonsense filled with incompetent professors, incompetent support staff and most of all incompetent deans and presidents. The school in North Brunswick, NJ is fairly new and it is rubbish. Do not waste your money coming here. Take my foolish advise and run not walk run as far away from this school as you possibly can. All they do is lie, lie, lie and more lie. Their slogan is chamberlain cares but the pary they left off is "only about our pockets ". It goes chamberlain cares only about lining our pockets with students money. They don't listen, they dont try to help and please tell me what school you've ever attended that don't have a cafeteria. This school is ridiculous. Im being honest don't even stop by. They lie and cheat and will waste your time and mess your life up..."