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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 1/14/2020
  • Degree: Business
"Chapman University is a great school to get your undergraduate degree at. There classes are on the smaller side, with about 30 students per class. However, the teachers are amazing! Most of the teachers that work there, own their own company's or are experts in their fields."
Nichole Young
  • Reviewed: 12/11/2019
  • Degree: Journalism
"Chapman provides the educational tools students need to succeed, but could greatly improve on their staff and overall administration. They hire more than enough employees, but this means in order to answer one simple question, a student must go through 10 different people and multiple website links. The tuition is ridiculously high so you have to be emotionally prepared for the debt you'll put yourself through. Dodge, the film school is what Chapman is known for, but within the school, there are certain majors that receive much more attention and aid than others. For example, the film production majors receive more educational help, outside professor aid, and budgets for films than those who work in the Broadcast Journalism's news or documentary majors. Parking is alright now that they've opened a new parking structure. On campus dorming continues to improve, but at a hefty cost. Chapman does not provide many online classes, during my 3.5 years there, I've only seen one class available online and it was full before most of us could even sign up. The school changes their degree requirements and hesitates to tell their students which almost risked my degree receival AFTER I had already graduated, gotten accepted to grad school, and was on my way to move to another state. Chapman means well, especially if you're looking for a job in the entertainment industry, but there are plenty of financial and administrative bumps along the way which will haunt you long after you've graduated."
  • Reviewed: 9/26/2019
  • Degree: Political Science
"I worked for a great education in both the political science and fine arts department. That being said, I wish those areas were equally funded to the rest of the school. While I attended there the university slashed funding to the humanities, and instead shifted it to the sciences and their business school. This was the same time that they were also discussing breaking graphic design over to their film school. I have heard since that they now have a performing arts center. It was a good school for film and business, but if you were just going for a humanities degree you'd get some awesome professors and little support from the university at large."
Taulau Tupua
  • Reviewed: 3/9/2018
  • Degree: Mathematics
"Chapman University is a great school. The location of the campus depending on your program study is right in the heart of orange county. Disneyland and other great places in Orange County are within close walking and driving distance. The mathematics and religious studies programs are both highly rigorous but have so much support and a close bonding cohort. The size of the student population is smaller than public schools so this perk creates a smaller student to professor ratio, and familiar cohorts for all four years. The teaching staff are all exceptional teachers who are willing and able to communicate when you need help. The tutoring services are great as well and should be utilized even if you do not think you need it. The only small downfall is that this school is a private institution and is not cheap. Parking is also a little tough during the semester but definitely an easy campus to navigate. Apply for Chapman and you won't regret it."
Kristen Witchey
  • Reviewed: 12/1/2017
  • Degree: Physical Therapy
"Chapman University Doctor of Physical Therapy program offers a top-notch education with highly qualified professors in a state of the art facility. The Graduate Rinker campus provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with other healthcare professionals and therefore get a head start on establishing professional relationships. Chapman University Doctor of Physical Therapy program weaves didactic and clinical education together into a fluid and comprehensive learning experience that highly prepares students to enter the profession as qualified and compassionate clinicians."
  • Reviewed: 9/1/2017
  • Degree: School Counseling
"Chapman University is one of the most affordable private school counseling master's degrees in the area. Not only is it reasonable, but the program has incredible teachers and a great reputation. Chapman University graduates get hired in a career path where people can struggle to find jobs."
  • Reviewed: 9/1/2017
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"This was an amazing school that had awesome one on one opportunities. You get to know your teachers really well!"
  • Reviewed: 6/23/2017
  • Degree: Biology
"I had a great experience at Chapman: excellent professors, unique and impressive opportunities, and a great social environment, all in sunny, beautiful Southern California! Chapman has a great campus. It's nice but not too large, so it is easy to get around. The surrounding town is cute and homey, but Disneyland and the beach are only 15 minutes away and LA is less than an hour away (depending on traffic). Chapman is a relatively small school so it is easy to get to know your professors and build those relationships. There are many opportunities to work with different professors on research or join a lab. My classes were always interesting (except for physics) and I had professors who were passionate about their subjects and trained me very well. The opportunities I received at Chapman allowed me to build a very impressive resume which helped me get accepted into a couple very prestigious doctorate programs. Chapman is a great school!"
Kris K
  • Reviewed: 6/3/2017
  • Degree: MBA in Organizational Leadership
"Chapman University has provided me with the essentials to get through my undergraduate career and now I'm trusting them to do the same as a graduate student. So far the Masters in Leadership Development has opened my eyes to a new potential within myself. The growth I have experienced as an individual feels monumental and it has only been one semester. In this semester I have experienced two very personal and sincere professors who have only given me a glimpse into the family I have yet to meet and experience. The program allows you to take the broad concept of leadership and gear it towards your passionate place whether it be politics, business, community development or any other place your heart takes you. Each course allows you to think critically in order to apply the concepts to your own passion. The program also allows you to pace yourself to fit your career needs. It offers summer and interterm courses as well as the opportunity to take a travel course if you are interested! I cannot wait for the upcoming months as I begin my summer courses and continue on my journey in the MLD!"
  • Reviewed: 3/14/2017
  • Degree: Communications
"As an alumnae of Chapman University's Communicative Sciences and Disorders program, I am very satisfied with their program. While attending school, the faculty were easy to access and willing to offer support/answer questions. The campus was centrally located and parking was never an issue. Not only did a gain a credible degree which has secured a stable position in my field, I have also made life long connections with other alumni. I would highly recommend Chapman University for anyone interested in becoming a speech language pathologist."
Dora Shamooil
  • Reviewed: 3/9/2017
  • Degree: Psychology
"Chapman University is an incredible college and I recommend it to graduating high school students all the time! Aside from the immense beauty of the campus, the student body is made up of the most loving, motivated, caring, and inspirational individuals. Moreover, I strongly believe that the psychology program at Chapman helped prepare me for receiving my masters. I am currently enrolled as a Masters in Forensic Psychology student at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles. Upon my first semester, I was shocked to see how much more prepared I was than my fellow classmates, and I always owe it all to Chapman. For example, while most of my classmates were not even aware of what a peer-reviewed article is, I was able to find, cite, and examine such articles due to my degree program. The biggest compliment I received from one of my professors in my masters program is that I am the leader of my cohort. I thank Chapman University and the psychology program for helping me achieve the skills necessary to get me to the top!"
  • Reviewed: 2/24/2017
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"Chapman is an amazing school in all aspects. I received an excellent education and loved all my professors. The professors really care about their students and create an engaging learning environment. The courses offered were challenging and taught me how to think and process information in a deeper, creative way. Chapman has really stepped up as a university and I would recommend this school to anyone."
  • Reviewed: 2/17/2017
  • Degree: Film Production
"International documentary program has prepared me well for a career in my field. I chose to focus on international documentary production and will travel to South America or South East Asia to complete my documentary production. There are many interesting elective topics as well as great required courses that will help anyone wishing to work in documentary."
Liam Skelly
  • Reviewed: 2/3/2017
  • Degree: Economics
"Studying at Chapman University was a great experience both academically and socially. In the classroom, I studied Economics and Spanish. By studying these two different subjects, I was given a nice balance of both a business school education and a humanities based education. The Argyros School of Business has professors who have real world experience and expertise. The Wilkinson School of Humanities emphasized the importance of learning not only a different language, but the culture associated with the language as well. Socially, Chapman attracts a variety of students, many of whom are entrepreneurial and career focus from the onset of their college career. Being surrounded by these kinds of individuals pushes you to do your best, daily."
Michael Young
  • Reviewed: 1/11/2017
  • Degree: Mathematics
"Chapman University, I can say without doubt, has had the single greatest impact on my life outside of my mother. I grew up in a lower middle class home with parents who, thank God, prized getting an education. College was always an expectation for my life but how to pay for it was another matter. Through the grace of Chapman University and its donors, I was able to attend this wonderful school which subsequently put my life on an upward trajectory. The education I received was incredible and intimate with professors who truly cared about you which, I believe, is a rarity in Universities. I was able to get all of this without having to take out crippling debt all thanks to Chapman's generous scholarship and grant programs. Today, I have been teaching high school math for the past ten years, raised my socioeconomic status, traveling the world and have an all around, truly great life. I can't say it often enough; Thank You Chapman!"
  • Reviewed: 9/7/2016
  • Degree: Law
"From the moment I filled out the application I felt like a part of the Chapman community. Applying to law school is a scary endeavor and Chapman made it easier by giving me a personalized experience. To give you an idea of what I mean, I received a personal phone call when I was accepted, was treated to dinner by a member of the admissions counsel, and was sent out a birthday card just to name a few things (all this before I had even committed to the school by paying a deposit). Once you start attending Chapman, that personalization will not stop. The professors genuinely care about you and your education as do all the other faculty members. I know without a doubt that I can reach out to any of my professors for help in class or even reach out to any of my fellow students. There is a sense of camaraderie that you can feel as soon as you step onto the campus. I have never regretted my decision to move to CA to attend Chapman"
Jessica Lau
  • Reviewed: 12/12/2015
  • Degree: Film Production
"Pros of the program are getting to work with great faculty, who have deep passion and knowledge of the doxumentary film industry. Also, the courses are all hands-on, so I learned extensively how to use new, industry standard equipment to film compelling stories. The con is not getting enough financial aid."
  • Reviewed: 12/1/2015
  • Degree: Psychology
"My specific department was amazing. The professors are all very willing to spend extra time on subjects that interest passionate students. The university as a whole doesn't have the camaraderie that some of the local state schools have. There isn't a huge turnout for the football games, or most of the activities for that matter. Unless you are a part of Greek Life, the campus isn't that exciting. For commuter students, campus life is even more boring. Great education, but it takes a real amount of effort to get a "college experience" here without living on campus or being in Greek."
  • Reviewed: 9/4/2015
  • Degree: Military Science
"The best 4 years of my life. Highly recommend."
  • Reviewed: 8/10/2015
  • Degree: Psychology
"The Psychology department was amazing! The school as a whole is very expensive, and doesn't have very many opportunities for students living off-campus to get involved. The area is nice and close to many of So Cal's popular destinations but the school lacks that comradery that some of the other CA schools have."