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Reviews - Master's in Forensic Psychology

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  • Reviewed: 7/12/2021
  • Degree: Forensic Psychology
"The teachers are great and what I learned was exceptional. However, this college is a degree mill. They guarantee jobs after graduation, but if you are working at a restaurant, that counts as employment. They don’t guarantee they will get your a job in your field. The professors will try to help but not the school. Additionally, it’s way overpriced for what you are getting. You aren’t getting anything extra than any other college that isn’t as expensive. They say they are a not-for-profit, but sometimes it seems like they are more for-profit. Additionally, the financial aid department will just encourage you to take out loans when you will never be making enough to pay off the cost of tuition and are unrealistic on your salary post graduation. Do you own research. Look at other schools. The education is great but was it worth it, no. I just hope this helps someone else."
Made A Fool
  • Reviewed: 2/23/2021
  • Degree: Forensic Psychology
"Run! Do not waste over 1k a credit hour. Be prepared to not be responded to when you reach out for help or clarification. Be prepared to face plagiarism allegations if your writing is too good. Even if you can prove that you wrote your own paper by giving physical proof, they will not listen. Instructors are allowed to treat you however they choose, so if your not liked enough... tough luck! Be prepared to feel targeted if you ever have a complaint on an instructor. The school will tell you how they have services to help you for anything and then they vanish when you request it. If you truly want to invest your time and money in a school where you may or may not make it through because of uncontrollable issues with no support then this school is for you."
  • Reviewed: 11/14/2019
  • Degree: Forensic Psychology
"I must admit this was one of the few programs that allowed me to complete an entire online MA in Forensic Psychology. I'm one of the lucky ones who was able to get a degree out of interest in the topic, not to further my career. Therefore, my standards were already tailored to my needs, and less to the prestige of the degree. So for that, TCSPP was just fine for me. However, the program is expensive. Thankfully I have the Post 9-11 GI Bill to cover my expenses or I would have been very angry mid-way through. The program goals were confusing from the beginning. Originally I was enrolled in the DC Campus, even though I applied for the online campus. So after my first semester I had to transfer programs. The communication was very hit or miss on this process until I finally received notice it was complete. The instructors were mostly good, until they were very bad. I had a handful of fantastic instructors through my core classes, and then they got bad. It's like they brought in the bench warmers of PhD Instructors who were grading me on my performance, but couldn't even put together a coherent sentence. The grading rubrics were not consistent instructor to instructor, and what one instructor docked points for in grammar and formatting, another one praised. Be prepared to be frustrated through most of your courses and go with the flow. It's an easy enough program if you just want to get an MA for a hobby, but I'm very glad I don't have to count on this degree for my reputation in the Forensic career field."
  • Reviewed: 8/9/2019
  • Degree: Forensic Psychology
"I just knew that this school was what I needed to further my career in forensic psychology, but boy was I wrong. There are some professors who love what they do and care about your educational experience. Then there are those that are simply there for a paycheck. Since my fourth semester at the school, I’ve been having consistent issues with canvas and then with the school website itself! Since I could get IT by phone, I emailed them. I received one email about a ticket each time, then nothing else. With lack of communication from them, I took my computer to have it serviced. Turns out, my computer is fine all around. I reach out to the director and she tells me it’s my connectivity issues. NO ITS NOT! I explain the entire situation to her and don’t receive an email until a week later. The professor knew the situation and wouldn’t even allow me to makeup work that was missed due to every issue. Talked about PISSED!! Unfortunately, I’m at the end of this semester and the issues have continued. When I am able to get onto the school website I try to get assignments done. And by then, it’s too late for discussion work. It’s hard enough to be earning another degree while having a husband and 4 kids and working full time for the government. Who has all day to troubleshoot software and deal with this. Then out of frustration I accidentally said the “f” word...the director hasn’t stopped conversing about that!! I understand how bad that was, but where was that consistency of communication when it came to my canvas issues?! This is honestly the worst graduate school experience ever!! Law school issues were better than this!"
Crystal M. MArtin
  • Reviewed: 3/25/2018
  • Degree: Forensic Psychology
"I was extremely disappointed with this school. As a student with a 4.0 overall GPA, I was suddenly hit with a required, full-length, writing course. I could understand this at the beginning of the program, but I was 5 classes in and had, near, all perfect scores. When I questioned this and how this could be, I was told that I was being unprofessional, and essentially came under attack by the department head and "my" advisor. I left TCPP and forfeited the time, money, and credits. If I was not writing at a 4.0 level in my grades should not have reflected a 4.0. Which was flawed? The writing assessment processes or the grading practices of the instructors? Either way, I was not willing to take the verbal or financial misconduct. The staff is rude and the education and/or grading was apparently questionable. I have had zero issues with the college that I chose to attend after my horrible experience with TCPP. There are good schools out there. Do NOT settle."
  • Reviewed: 9/4/2015
  • Degree: Forensic Psychology
"This school offers outstanding faculty, flexible learning, small class sizes, commitment to diversity, and excellence in the field. I could not recommend the school more."
  • Reviewed: 2/9/2015
  • Degree: Forensic Psychology
"I attended this school because of the Forensic Psychology option. However, the information provided during orientation never lived up to the reality of the school. Felt cheated in what turned out to be a very expensive education. The teachers ARE great, however, the school itself is deceptive on what it can deliver and not the best option for a REAL career. Beware and look elsewhere, there are much better and cheaper alternatives"