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  • Orangeburg (SC)
  • Annual Tuition: $17,046
100% of 7 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Student & Graduate Reviews

Stella B.
  • Reviewed: 7/8/2019
"Claflin University is a prestigious privately funded HBCU and the first HBCU in South Carolina. All colleges have their ups and downs, but this HBCU definitely has more positives than negatives if you're going for academics and a nice clean environment. The pros of this school is that it has several Master's programs such as MBA in business administration, M.ED. in curriculum and instruction, M.S. in Criminal Justice, and a M.S. in Biotechnology and they are all really good programs that will definitely lead to success. Another great pro is that the professors really strive hard to get you to excel in your academics and because it's a smaller institution you have a better chance of getting one on one time with your professors to get the help you need. They keep their campus clean and make sure that their students as well as faculty keep up to the standards of dress and conduct. They also make sure to be as inclusive as possible and encourage their students to join in as many different functions and groups that they offer as possible and it does help when it comes to networking and getting recommendations once you graduate from the institution. They don't tolerate smoking or drinking or anything that you may normally find acceptable at a public institution (which is a pro if you don't like smoking) and they don't have co-ed dorms, at least they didn't when I was there. Things could have changed since I graduated, but I think they still have a very strict policy when it comes to student housing, which brings me to the cons. The cons are because they are a christian school, their so strict on dorm living that the opposite sex visitors had to stay in the common area and after a certain time (I believe 10 or 11 on weekdays, midnight on weekends) they had to leave and during exam week, visitation is not allowed at all. Another con is that because the campus is so small, the likelihood of your business getting out is high, so you don't get to have the same type of social experience you would have at a bigger university or public institution and forced to find housing outside of the campus after your first or second year also you would want to anyways because the way the girls/guys keep the community showers/bathrooms is horrendous. Also, if you go here for other degrees, you may not have as much success in finding a job after college. Oh and the food after the first week is horrible. What they give you during Freshmen Orientation Week is not what they give you during the school year. The best thing they have is their brunch on weekends."
Nathan Gamble
  • Reviewed: 7/31/2017
  • Degree: Management
"Claflin University is a premier institution that focuses on the actual well being of its students. The instructors are very down to earth which makes learning more enjoyable for students. The environment is such that you have no choice but to enjoy its cohesive feel."
Manoah Farmer
  • Reviewed: 6/29/2017
  • Degree: Mathematics
"When I arrived at Claflin University, the first thing I noticed was the since of family that covered the school grounds. Upon graduation I knew that my decision to attend was not only the best decision i had made during that time, but also that Claflin gave me the opportunity to grow and learn who I am and who I want to become."
  • Reviewed: 2/21/2017
  • Degree: Biomedical Sciences
"Claflin University is one of the oldest HBCUs in the state of South Carolina. With a diverse staff and even more diverse student population there are a vast amount of activities and organizations for students to participate in. Claflin University is a small school therefore the classroom sizes and are small and intimate and the professors have an open door policy and are always willing to be helpful and any way possible. Which is why i like the program in particular, I can always go to my professors with any question there are always willing to explain the information needed. The Biotechnology program is a developing program that can help set you on a career pathway, and prepare you for almost any career in the biological sciences. The program is a two year program and I as a first year student can honestly say I believe that I made the right choice in joining this program this year. The program requires that research be completed, along with a thesis of the work, and there are an array of research projects that one could choose from, ranging from computational bioinformatics to, bacterial bioremediation and many things in between with almost all fields being covered. Though the curriculum is rigorous I believe this program is an amazing program to help jump start ones career."
Cellipha Joseph
  • Reviewed: 2/7/2017
  • Degree: Business
"Claflin University is often referred to as the "Howard University" of the south. Although labeled as a historically black college, the institution opens its doors to students of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Claflin serves as home to students from 24 states and 11 countries and fosters the growth of its student through student support services, small class sizes, and an increased amount of financial support. Through the Alice Carson Tisdale Honors College, students are provided with recognition for their influence within the community and commitment to academic excellence through scholarships. The university's students annually complete thousands of hours of community service and successful lay a foundation for matriculation into the real world. Claflin continues to demonstrate its ability to produce visionary leaders through the institution's 80% employment rate of students post-graduation. Go Claflin Panthers!"
Casey Caddell
  • Reviewed: 3/17/2013
  • Degree: Business
"There is a wide range of sophistication as it pertains to the instructors' level of competence and class preparation. The cultural diversity is great, although 1 or 2 of the instructors could benefi from further English writing and speaking intruction/immersion."
Brittany Jenkins
  • Reviewed: 12/27/2012
  • Degree: Liberal Studies
"The graduate program I am enrolled in is very complex and valuable. I felt very at home immediately with the faculty and other students in the program. I am challenged in my classes and feel I have the support necessary to succeed in the course and beyond. The only con would be efficiency of the school in getting administrative tasks completed. Otherwise, I am 100% happy with the course and the instructors I have in the biotechnology master's program."