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  • Worcester (MA)
  • Annual Tuition: $52,352
86% of 21 students said this degree improved their career prospects
81% of 21 students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 12/8/2022
  • Degree: Law
"The college is far more concerned with how many people can they jam into a tiny room then the education level or experiance. Some classes are pretty much taught by Students as the professors are too important to be spending time in the class room. You are basically over paying for the education and way way way overpaying if you stay on campus. Would rate the living conditions a negative rating if there was one."
  • Reviewed: 5/2/2022
  • Degree: Physics
"If you want to be happy, don't come here. I wanted to transfer the moment I stepped onto campus and the urge got stronger the more I stayed. This is a school for people who want a redo of highschool but it is most certainly NOT a "college experience." The parties are taken straight out of a middle schooler's birthday and the people here have more judgements to make than the supreme court (they think they're just as important too). The classes are boring at best and fully detrimental to learning at worst. I have had one teacher who actually felt qualified and he was an adjunct. If you want to waste your twenties, then this school that's full of the most apathetic and boring people you've ever met will be perfect for you. I think the fact that a huge part of the culture here is how much people dislike the school says a lot. I have not met one person, freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, that said they enjoy this school. Don't be fooled by the "University" in the name. THIS IS A LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE! They offer some STEM classes but they are underfunded, undertaught, and incredibly frustrating to be in. If you see this, go literally anywhere else and don't get caught up in all of the great articles about the school. Those were written a couple years ago and it has fallen off very hard. The town of Worcester is underwhelming and it does not feel safe off campus. Even on campus like 5 people have been mugged this year. If you're going to pay tens of thousands of dollars a year, go somewhere that feels like you should be paying tens of thousands of dollars a year, not a place with 5 buildings and an acre of land. For your sake, go literally anywhere else."
  • Reviewed: 10/18/2018
  • Degree: Communications
"Concerns the campus of Poland only. Very poor organization. Lack of communication between the departments and offices. Lack of communication with the students and faculty. Lack of adequate equipment. Lack of personnel in the staff. Incompetent staff; I got enrolled twice in the same course with no choice to change. And I had to eventually take an extra summer course because the staff blamed me for taking twice the same course on purpose and suggested that only 1 course should be taken into account although I received two different grades and passed two different types of exams. Lack of honesty from the staff. Lack of humanity as well. When youre paying 1100/month, you dont deserve to be treated like this. Moreover, there is absolutely no integrity check and no ways to prevent cheating; I saw many of my classmates cheating easily without being worried. Some of them owe me their degree... This comment has nothing to do with the quality of the courses, the knowledge provided and the professors. Neither does it with the great times I spent there and the wonderful people I met."
Britni Stowell
  • Reviewed: 12/10/2017
  • Degree: Biology
"If you are interested in pursuing a career in scientific research then I would tell you to highly consider Clark University. The faculty are all PHD level scientists with lots of experience and they have their own laboratories that students can work in to gain experience for graduate school or working in research. For me this helped widen my knowledge of careers in biology, but I was much more interested in pursuing a career in healthcare so it did not do much for me. While the school does have the resources available for students interested in healthcare(a pre-health advising office) and you can fulfill the class requirements here, it is not a main focus of the science programs. They are more interested in generating scientists and the classes are limited because it is such a small program. Even so the professors are very dedicated to their jobs and will help you in any way they can. Having less students allows them to be more involved and help you succeed. The class sizes are small and it is easy to contact the professors when needed. I never had any trouble when I needed to get in touch with them about something. They also offer a 5th year masters program in many fields of study which is probably the fastest/cheapest program you will every find. Overall I feel like I got a good quality of education at Clark though. The academics are rigorous and they expect a lot from their students, but if you are willing to work hard and put the time in then the professors take notice and you will succeed. The school also offers a lot of clubs and sports and interest groups. You will never be bored there."
  • Reviewed: 8/6/2017
  • Degree: Biology
"Clark University provides students the opportunity to engage in scientific research early on, a big advantage for those seeking experience. Clark's faculty are accomplished individuals in their field and passionate in and out of the classroom. The small student to professor ratio allows for intimate discussions and an environment where networking is encouraged. The campus facilities are well maintained and Worcester provides all sorts of activities to balance the academics. Clark's international community is present and active in the community, it is a testament of Clark's motto: Challenge Convention. Change the Wold."
Chris Feinman
  • Reviewed: 3/28/2017
  • Degree: Psychology
"Listen if youre thinking about Clark then you probably already know most of what its about. Its a small, research-driven university full of wonderful left-leaning folks set in kind of a tough part of town. The Clark community is close-knit, sometimes to the point of being called insular, but its also known for its passion for community engagement, activism, critical thought, and academic rigor as well it holds a long-standing reputation as the hipster-est school amongst Worcesters many. I earned my Psych degree there in four years, and even though I dont plan on working in mental health forever, the breadth and depth of course material has left me more than equipped to pursue other interests as well; in fact, it led directly my recent acceptance into the Masters of City Planning/ Masters of Landscape Architecture program at UPenn in the fall."
Jessica Rymut
  • Reviewed: 3/27/2017
  • Degree: Liberal Studies
"The definition of being a "Clarkie" is the freedom to define your own, unique identity and to support others who are doing the same. At Clark, this is the umbrella under which we are all united. For me this meant following my passion for languages and getting involved in my community. My formal and informal educational experiences at Clark have lead to success in my current professional position at Harvard University and will serve me on my next academic endeavor - pursuing a Masters in Applied Linguistics!"
Rebecca Rood Goldman
  • Reviewed: 3/27/2017
  • Degree: Biology
"Clark University provides the full spectrum of ideal Liberal Arts education. Students will learn to think critically and consider a variety of perspectives before coming to conclusions. Clark's motto, "we do not categorize here," is largely practiced on campus by faculty, staff and students, and a sense of inclusion is immediately apparent upon arriving on campus. The intimate class size provides the opportune experience for making close, life-long relationships as well as establishing connections that will help on personal, academic, and professional levels."
Charles Turner
  • Reviewed: 2/1/2017
  • Degree: Political Science
"Clark University is a small school that emphasizes global awareness and the typical broad, liberal arts education. That said, the university has recently prioritized growth of its campus and science department. Investments in physics, psychology and geography have attracted a slightly different student body than when I attended."
  • Reviewed: 1/3/2017
  • Degree: Education
"Clark is a fantastic school, and its education program is one of the best in the nation. I am very happy that I went there"
celestina agyekum
  • Reviewed: 11/30/2015
  • Degree: Social Sciences
"As a graduate student Clark does provide what I need, hence my choice. Like other campuses it also has its rooms of improvement. It is located in an area of town that is not the best in terms of safety at night. However, the school knowing this compensates this flaw with vigilant police patrolling and the escort service. Faculty are very diverse in research and are open to new ways of doing things if you ask. Their flexibility fosters adult learning and makes classroom discussions the more exciting, intense and loaded with intellect. I applied to Clark for its refreshing atmosphere of learning and so far I do not regret my decision and probably will never do."
John Preston
  • Reviewed: 7/11/2015
  • Degree: Public Administration
"I graduated from the Accelerated MPA Program at Clark University in May of 2015, this past year. The pros of this program are the value and flexibility. It is all night classes so I was able to work full-time in an area of career interest and the workload was manageable enough for working people. The elective courses offered were varied and there are many special courses which are 'one-time-only' which helped me customize my education. The faculty are predominately working professionals themselves who have been very successful in the fields in which they teach so the networking capacity is great, especially if you plan to stay in the Central MA and Greater Boston area.The capstone experience was very worth while and helped me practice skills I had gleaned in several different courses. The academics are not as rigorous as they could be, however. Since many of the faculty are working professionals, some of the courses are fantastic because of their relevance and the passion of the professors but others can be disorganized, not challenging, and uninspiring. While many of the elective courses are very good, the majority of the core curriculum is redundant and not engaging nor rigorous, which is disappointing considering they are required of all students. All-in-all, the value and flexibility more than make up for the inconsistency in rigor. I am happy with my degree and my education but that is because I put effort in to making it something worthwhile. If you are passive as a student you may leave feeling unsatisfied."
Kelsey R
  • Reviewed: 8/6/2014
  • Degree: Liberal Studies
"Clark is a great institution to attend if you want to be able to blend academic interests and professional goals while still in undergrad. Clark's passion for applying your studies to the real world helps you get a jumpstart on things like research that most students don't get the chance to be a part of until grad school. Clark has helped me become a critical, analytic thinker with a desire to always learn more about the world around me. I credit them with broadening my horizons in a way that I believe will help me in my future outside of the school. The IDSC program was by far my favorite part of classes. Not a day went by where I thought I was in the wrong degree program! While the courses are challenging, the professors are always there to offer help and advice. They were an integral part of my experience."
Katherine Horigan
  • Reviewed: 4/12/2014
  • Degree: History
"Clark University's accelerated Master's in history program has been a challenging but rewarding educational experience. Most of the work is thesis and research related, therefore very independent, however, professors are very accessible and provide advice and encouragement every step of the way."
Katherine Horigan
  • Reviewed: 3/23/2014
  • Degree: History
"The accelerated Master's in History program at Clark University has been a challenging, yet very rewarding experience. Completing the writing and research components of a History Master's thesis within one year is very difficult but the advisor and faculty support that Clark provides is absolutely incredible. Because it is a very small program, graduate students have individualized support and a great network of support."
Hans Schwartz
  • Reviewed: 9/23/2013
  • Degree: History
"For the most part the faculty is excellent. Tuition is waved, however, because it is a small program there is very little funding available and classes are held during the day making it difficult to work. Also the location, Main st. Worcester, is quite undesirable, so that one is better off commuting from the Eastern half of the state than living in or around Worcester."
Olivia McGill
  • Reviewed: 7/13/2013
  • Degree: Non-Profit Management
"I have just begun my accelerated degree in Public Administration. The program is very valuable in that one learns a wide array of skills needed to succeed in non-profit management or local administration. I feel 10x more confident about my chances of finding a job that I enjoy-- and where I will feel capable and experienced in any task I am given."
Lindsay Hildebrant
  • Reviewed: 4/21/2013
  • Degree: Liberal Arts
"Great school with passionate, caring faculty. Wonderfully diverse student body. Great focus on sustainability- community garden, networking events, internship opportunities, etc."
Sonya Grabowski
  • Reviewed: 1/20/2013
  • Degree: Public Policy
"The Master's program at Clark University is an great opportunity to get an advanced degree while still having the option to work, even full time. Clark offers this degree in its 5 year program option where one can earn their degree for free and within 5 years if they qualify. You simply have to take a 2-4 courses senior year and over the summer after completing your undergraduate studies. I worked full time during my 5th year and was able to keep up. Most of the professors in the night program also work full-time during the day so they understand and treat you as an adult and professional as well as modify the workload. Overall Clark University's Master's of Public Administration is the perfect opportunity to earn an advanced degree."
April Moyer
  • Reviewed: 11/18/2012
  • Degree: Social Sciences
"This is a great program. The surrounding town is horrible though."