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  • 64 Reviews
  • Williamsburg (VA)
  • Annual Tuition: $45,272
96% of 64 students said this degree improved their career prospects
95% of 64 students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student & Graduate Reviews

Cassandra Leong
  • Reviewed: 12/28/2016
  • Degree: Biology
"William and Mary has a comfortable, small-town community. While the local area is not large, the familiarity with the academic and social reputation associated with the university allows students to engage with various community organizations and employers and feel welcomed during their time in Williamsburg. The academic expectations are invariably high in all areas of study, requiring even non-major students to apply themselves and be challenged in their classes. Furthermore, the degree format encourages students to explore subjects outside of their major, promoting a more well-rounded liberal arts education. William and Mary provides many opportunities to get involved in service, philanthropy, and community engagement, with the only limitation perhaps being a lack of time to be engaged while maintaining the challenging curriculum. The social atmosphere provides many different opportunities for students to find their niche, but within a small enough community to feasibly have a large social circle. One downside to this may be a tendency toward social cliques as it is much easier for many people to know each other. However, this is not indicative of a negative social environment, as there is a diverse population among which one is sure to find a niche, whether in academics, research, community engagement, social groups, or service."
Mike Simone
  • Reviewed: 9/4/2016
  • Degree: Biology
"At the time was a very challenging university. Although I didn't care to take subjects outside science and math, I'm glad I was forced to do so. The liberal arts program made me more well rounded and forced me to focus on writing--and being able to write and speak well pay dividends and you move up in life. William and Mary taught me how to think--and for that I will be eternally grateful."
  • Reviewed: 5/31/2016
  • Degree: Science & Math
"It's a very traditional school, both in terms of culture and student body. If you're coming from out-of-state, be prepared to find most in-state students are a little less intelligent than you may expect, but very hard-working. The school is tailored towards that portion of the student body -- expect lots of homework and "busywork" and not many intellectual challenges until you get into the graduate-level courses."
Augustine Kang
  • Reviewed: 4/29/2016
  • Degree: Public Policy
"Excellent program with excellent experienced faculty. Faculty not only know how to teach the content, but have the experience in the real world to make the content relevant and meaningful. Students are very involved in the education community and are encouraged to be involved. Leadership is a strong component of the program. The program truly develops knowledgeable and experienced leaders who are well-prepared for respective education fields."
Dylan Frendt
  • Reviewed: 11/24/2015
  • Degree: Political Science
"Absolutely phenomenal college. William and Mary is big on community and big on community service. The people you meet during your first year will more than likely be your friends on the day that you graduate, and everyone you meet in-between will impact your life in a very meaningful way. William and Mary taught me a lot and challenged me every day. It is a beautiful and historic campus that everybody should definitely visit, at least once."
  • Reviewed: 11/9/2015
  • Degree: Biology
"William and Mary was a wonderful environment in which to learn. The liberal arts program allows one to learn about various subjects along with their desired major. The friendships made while there will last a lifetime."
  • Reviewed: 10/13/2015
  • Degree: History
"It is an excellent academic institution with high quality instructors and rigorous courses."
  • Reviewed: 7/13/2015
  • Degree: Physics
"Undergrad reputation is often under-rated when weighed against grades and reputation within the specific field you wish to pursue. Some colleges are obviously better than others but also much more expensive. College education is important for careers in our culture but use it to get internships; internships are more likely to get you your first job than a degree without any experience."
Anthropology grad 2012
  • Reviewed: 6/8/2015
  • Degree: Social Sciences
"It's an absolutely wonderful environment full of quirky people who are willing to learn about almost anything. It provides wonderful opportunities for involvement both on campus and in the surrounding community."
Brianna Badenhop
  • Reviewed: 4/18/2015
  • Degree: Counseling
"I am thrilled to be attending the College of William and Mary to pursue my Master's degree. The faculty genuinely care about their students and go out of their way to help when they can. I love the smaller campus and getting individualized treatment in my education. Being an out-of-state student, however, does make paying for my education more challenging."
Mary Bigger
  • Reviewed: 3/2/2015
  • Degree: Secondary Education
"My program has without a doubt been the most vauable experience of my life. I have learned how to be the best teacher that I can be, and the methods that can help me achieve that."
Lizette Alexander
  • Reviewed: 1/15/2015
  • Degree: Accounting
"Pros- small number of student so you will get more interaction with the teachers Cons- Very high Tuition"
Daitra Pierson
  • Reviewed: 12/11/2014
  • Degree: MBA
"Great program with an impressive faculty. An excellent program for those who are working professionals, but also desire to further educational and career goals while working. A well known and highly reputable institution with a very reasonable in-state tuition price."
Adam Chiciak
  • Reviewed: 12/9/2014
  • Degree: Physics
"Great facilities and faculty. It's only a short drive from Jefferson Lab which is a huge plus for those going into research in particle physics. Williamsburg is a fun town. Not quite a city but not in the middle of nowhere either. One con is that it is a smaller school not known particularly well for its physics program."
David Lahneman
  • Reviewed: 12/9/2014
  • Degree: Physics
"The Physics PhD. Program at William and Mary is a great experience. The building is new and there is an amazing amount of research opportunities both on campus and at JLab and other nearby labs. All the professors are highly respected and very good at conveying the information needed to be a good physicist."
David Lahneman
  • Reviewed: 11/1/2014
  • Degree: Physics
"The Physics graduate program provides an excellent community and has a broad range of research."
Mary Mohr
  • Reviewed: 9/19/2014
  • Degree: Physics
"Great program. Great profs. Great school. Great city."
Elizabeth Visosky
  • Reviewed: 9/18/2014
  • Degree: Physics
"It's graduate physics. It's hard, and will take up most of your time. This is the main reason for such a low score in the "social life" and "workload" category, but I'm sure the same applies to all other physics grad programs. I'm friendly with the people in my program, but I've chosen to prioritize academics and sleep over socialization. There are plenty of opportunities to get out and meet people, but I haven't been able to take advantage of them due to lack of time. That being said, the environment is very nurturing. My first couple of semesters here were rough; the first one I underestimated just how much I needed to do to be successful, and, for the second one, life just kinda got in the way. I reached out to my adviser and the director of graduate studies for help once I realized I was drowning in my academics, and they were 100% supportive. We designed a different academic path for me (most students take exactly the same courses over the first 3 semesters or so) so that I could have a better chance of success (rather than just drowning). You can get by without a car here, but it's not easy/ convenient. The bus routes are loops that are repeated hourly, so if you can ride to campus in 10 minutes, going home will take you about 50. I might just be spoiled though. At my undergrad, there were literally over a dozen routes going to all the different apartment complexes, and they were timed with classes (different schedules for MWF vs TuTh). So, transportation is probably okay; I'm just used to better. Overall, a great program with a great atmosphere."
Xin Wang
  • Reviewed: 9/18/2014
  • Degree: Physics
"Great school, excellent education quality. Hope there would be more choices as for a physics grad student except for the current high energy and atomic and condensed matter physics, which took 95% of all the grad students here."
Courtney Clark
  • Reviewed: 3/26/2014
  • Degree: School Psychology
"While the College and School of Education buildings are great facilities, the faculty and staff do not have resources in place to help those that are not from Virginia to find the test subjects required for classes. I often had to drive home to South Carolina to find people to participate. The one university-sponsored pairing was a disaster and caused me to have incomplete coursework at the end of the semester. My experience would have been a lot more enjoyable if better systems had been in place."