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2 out of 5
Degree: Computer Science
Graduation Year: 2007

I had several issues with CollegeAmerica, and they are still haunting me today. My background: I graduated early (BS in Computer Science) with a 3.2 GPA and 4 Dean's list awards. Here's how I did it !

1) I had one instructor that for one 4 week course taught us one line of code. Yes- ONE LINE of CODE! The rest of the time we spent watching Mind of Mencia, Family Guy, and Aquateen Hunger Force. Here's the thing- he knew is stuff, but he was too busy complaining about the staff and talking about plasma TV's. He even brought his python to class. Did I mention this was his second stint as an instructor and was fired both times ! I wasted a total of 160 credit hours with this instructor, and received no knowledge. I made complaints to staff and finally to the Dean of Students- no action taken until the staff felt threatened by the instructor.

2) Most of the other instructors did have some value- too bad they were asked to leave. I have a quality learning experience with 3 instructors- the other 6 were jokes and should have never been allowed to teach. The were mostly bodies to fill time slots.

I was told when I started CollegeAmerica, that student loans wouldn't cover all my expenses. I would need to pony up another $7000, but they would give me an interest free loan to pay when I graduated. I never got a bill, and suddenly I was in collections. When I complained, they tried to blame me because I couldn't be contacted- even though I had the same phone number for 10 years, the same address for the last 2 years I went there, and the fact that collections knew where I lived. At least they took me out of collections and I was able to start paying.

Here's the deal about paying- They will not send me a statement. At least they sent a receipt- once in a while. Then this year they sent a letter stating that they would no longer send statements, and I would have to sign up with a 3rd party payment and pay interest or be sent to collections (I still have the letter and can prove this). I told them I would get a lawyer and they immediately backed off stating "This was just an option- we weren't making anyone go through a 3rd party. I was told that I had to "Just pay- and if I wanted to know the balance, then I would have to call and get it- but CA would no longer send me anything in writing that I had to pay or what my balance is.

I can prove everything I have stated here. I have a job I got on my own, and didn't need a diploma to get (I am the only College Graduate in my department other than my manager). The other 2 students in my class were hired by CA because they couldn't find meaningful work anywhere else. I am also pursuing the payment issue with the State of Colorado Attorney General as well as the State of Colorado Education.

1 out of 5

This college was not for me. I did not realize until I got fully immersed in the school. I would suggest to any person thinking about going to this school to really do their homework. I did not, and I regret it very much. The reason I went to this school was to enroll in an accelerated program. I waited some years before going to college, and enrolled at another college in town. I saw some ads for College America and thought it would be awesome to graduate in two years rather than the four year plan i was currently on. Is the school accredited? Yes. You will get your degree. But now after graduating from a state college and looking back, I have found that employer's would not pick a graduate from this school over any other school. But you are paying over 60k for this program?

So you would think this school would be more prestigious? Wrong, wrong, wrong!!! The campus I went to is in a ratty old movie theater. There is one printer for the entire student body to use. The library barely has any books. The course books are more like pamphlets. My anatomy book was about 75 pages, and you could not find this book on any college bookstore site, which means it is pretty much a child's book. That is how all the books were. For 60k, I thought I would have to work my butt off, that the classes would be harder. Nope. Barely had to do work. Show up and you will pass. Don't show up and you will probably pass as well.

they were holding class in a shut down tattoo shop, complete with red and black tiles, and old paintings too inappropriate for class i guess so they covered them with cardboard. I was going to pay over $1200 for this class???? Yes, I was, because they will bill you more than you thought possible if you leave. You won't get out of their system. I had my recruiter trying to send me messages and friend me on facebook! Pretty obvious they must make some sort of commission they are so desperate.

I felt so insulted in spending so much money and taking classes inside a hot old tattoo shop that hadn't been remodeled with anything more than second hand desks, that I left class early, and went to talk to the dean, "T." I asked the front desk for her, they called her in her office, and the lady told me that she was busy and to come back later. I was already fuming, so I just walked back there. Busy? She was sitting at her desk talking with the other office lady and eating. Clearly too busy to talk to a student about leaving this joke of a school. Like i said. Not for me. If it is for you, have fun graduating in a gross old movie theater stage, and be proud of your second hand education that most employers laugh at.

4 out of 5

Where should I start... I (unfortunantly) attended the old campus in Phoenix, Az. Well at my first meeting I met with an advisor who was a little TOO friendly. He made me feel uneasy. He suckered me into enrolling into the medical specialties course. I was very enthusiastic about school being that I was only 19 & already starting my college experience. Not far into the program I realized I made a big mistake.

All the teachers did were show me slides & read them... Oh & watch the clock to check if it was break time! They didn't really help me at all. I was brought into the deans office for my attendance which I was shocked about. Come to find out my teacher was assuming that I wasn't in class because she didn't personally know me since I was a very quite student.

I'm $9,000 in debt & with nothing to show for. This is a school where you teach yourself. It's easy to get a 4.0 because they give you all the answers but don't teach you jack! I see commercials for this school & laugh & feel anger towards them advertising a scam. OH! I can't even take my earned credits to another school because they won't even release my transcripts. COLLEGE AMERICA STINKS!

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4 out of 5

I love this school! The nursing wing is brand new and all of the equipment is new. When the State Board of Nursing inspected our college, there were NO complaints from anyone about the program. That has only happened one other time in doing campus visits/inspections.

The people are friendly and helpful. I would recommend this school to my friends and family!

4 out of 5

The Denver nursing program is by and far the worst in the entire state of Colorado. I was a student at this school and they will sucker you into paying an extremely large amount of money for a substandard education.

The director has not a clue what she is doing and this school will not prepare you for the NCLEX. Do not waste the time and energy on this program, go to a 4 year. End of story. And from other reviews you can see this school is a major SCAM.

4 out of 5

I am not sure about the other individuals that posted. They must have been at another campus, I attend the fort collins campus. The business administration to be exact. I have attend both communtity colleges, and state universities. I have never had the kind of help and encouragement, support, and knowledge as that of what I recieved from college america.

1 week after I graduated their career services department already had me in 2 interviews. 2 weeks after graduation I was working in the field. All I can say is that I have 2 other degree's and neither of the college's i attended could ever help me make any use of the education I recieved.

Granted the tuition seemed expensive, but ignorance is even more expensive. Don't take the word of a few misguided individuals. See for yourself. I would recommend this college to everyone. ,/p>

4 out of 5

All this school really cares about is taking your money. In the medical classes I took , we did not learn enough of what we should actually know. If you want to be knowledgable in your career then go to an accredited community college or University!

The teachers , with the exception of one had no idea how to teach the subject or were not exactly knowledgable on what they tought. At a community college you will get better education that cost less than half of what this school charges. Also, the financal aid department tells you that you are only taking out loans from the government but they are giving you loans as well. If you do not finish your education there they will make you begin paying after 6 months , regardless if you go to school or not!

4 out of 5

I am currently in this school, tryong to get out, as the courses are horrible. The put you in a advance classes before any beginner classes. I am studying for Computer Science, and they do not even have any teachers that can teach this course. They fired the Dean of IT this week and the Dean of Medical.

They will sucker you into a 72K contract, and the goverment will pay for it. I am contacting the media about this college and going to much better college. I recommend Colorado Tech


4 out of 5

I was very proud of myself, i was actually following through with my new years resolution! i knew if i kept putting college off i would never go back. I set up an appointment to just see what the college was all about, within a half hour of being there, and before i had even heard what classes i would be taking, they had me singing a check over to them. never mind taking time to search for Grants or loans, they just wanted me to jump right in, they had me starting class 4 days later! I'm sorry but I'm 23 i shouldn't have to decide weather or not to owe someone 40k in a half hour! Needless to say they will not be getting my money.

4 out of 5

I see people who are checking out the campus sometimes and I want to tell them, "DON'T DO IT!" I feel so sorry for them because it was me too, one day when I came to see the campus and a lovely woman with Versace glasses told me how great it was going to be to have me as a new student. I was so excited when she presented the paper work. She said "First we need to check with the president (BT) if you're going to be eligible to attend. Your records may put her off and we need to make sure that you're as committed as you say you are." She called me back and said "Congratulations, the president was reluctant but says she will give you a chance." (To me, this seemed like THEY chose ME! but... I would learn later that this was just a ploy to be more eager to attend because I was given a "Chance.")

So I filled out the paper work, 36k for a bachelors degree and it was all to be paid as soon as possible. I was not explained the 1/3 rule, if you drop out, you still owe a third. After I watched instructors come and go, students come and go, deans come and go, admin staff come and go, I decided... I came... now it's time to go. During my stay I got into altercations with a couple instructors involving grades, involving disrespect and so on. One instructor was asked to resign and so he GAVE ME AN A! Just because he knew he was leaving. One instructor had to pay, out of her own pocket for materials for us to learn. Not pens and paper, but connectivity wires for a DVD player for the classroom. Can you believe that on avg of 25k per head that is in that school and they can't afford that sort of equipment?

The financial aid lady NEVER answered the phone. She rarely called back, she rarely had the right answer to some of my specific questions. Once I over heard a conversation that took place over the phone involving BT and somebody else obviously. I caught the tail end "...I told her no overtime, she'll see it doesn't take much to push me." There was an african american dean of the business department there who was stern but cool and then there was a white guy after him. I tried to come back to the school after I realized that I was 40 grand in debt from this school and If I coudln't beat them, I should join them. I had already paid and I should just suck it up and finish. I came in and sat down to talk to this new dean. He said "if you leave again, you WILL NOT be allowed back... (and the next part is unbelievable but it's true) because there is a NEW sheriff in town and things are going to be changing around here." I flipped my lid of course and told him that, that wasn't the first time somebody had told me that at that school, they soon after quit.

Then I decided that I wanted nothing to do with that school and I was going to work my tail off to pay my loans and start somewhere else. If you can imagine, I'm a grown man and a deep depression was over my head over the whole thing. I owed THOUSANDS and couldn't do anything about it. Heading instructors and students argue was a weekly thing. At least once a week I would hear an instructor and a student going at it. I once ran into one of the financial aid employees on campus, at a bar. I asked if he still worked at CA and he said yes. I told him that I hated that school with every fiber of my being and he said... verbatim, "Yeah I still work there, That school sucks!"

Every time I think about this school it makes me sad. I watch the commercials about how they get people to come in and offer them a free laptop if they sign up. I think if you're a good school, you shouldn't be offered incentives to enroll. They 18 month program is a joke. I honestly would be embarrassed to tell anybody that my degree came from College America. In fact when people ask me if i've been to school I just tell them, some stupid school. I'm honestly too embarrassed to say the name.

Remember that lovely woman with the Versace glasses? I never seen her past the second time I met up with her. She "transferred." I noticed other enrollment specialists come in and out. There's a whole team of salesmen who specialize in getting people locked in to their program. If you're going to spend 40 grand, do it at a state college. Don't look for the fast way out. You'll regret going to a school like this one for the rest of your life.

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