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  • Reviewed: 5/2/2011
"Colorado Tech refused to accept a single credit hour from my state sponsored Bachelor's degree or my Masters Degree from the University of Phoenix. Aside from this, the admissions counselors were quite unresponsive. They didn't seemed interested in gaining this new student at all. I'm very disappointed they weren't willing to work with me."
  • Reviewed: 3/22/2011
"I normally don't like writing reviews, but thought that I should share a couple of things with the general pub,lic.First, I want to tell you the good. Out of 5 classes, I had 4 amazing instructors. The way that the instruction and website are set up are very good.Okay, now the bad. I had a question about my financial aid so I called in to speak with a Representative and reached Monica Perez. I don't know if God was testing my patience or what because this individual was very rude. I have never been talked to, like she talked to me at that moment by a school representative in any school.Unfortunately though, I don't really have much to compare this to because it is the first University that I have attended. The cost of tuition is extremely ridiculous, and I was totally misled about financial aid. I am getting out of there now before I am totally in debt. I did find out that you can go to a community college and do online courses through them for next to nothing. Just thought I would provide some information that may help. ,/p>"
W.J. Wozniak
  • Reviewed: 2/2/2011
"My personal experience was not entirely favorable with CTU online. I was only enrolled for two quarters and was somewhat pleased with most of the instruction that was provided. Problems arose when taking Problem Solving in Computer Programming. The instructor was not suited to present material to students. Although I am sure he is an expert in the computer related field, he is definitely not a good instructor. Having been disappointed with the class I determined that I should withdraw and find a more suitable school for my educational needs. It was at this point the trouble really began.While I was attending CTU online, my tuition was being paid for through a state agency that provides educational assistance for disabled persons. At no point did I pay any tuition out of my own pocket and therefore was not aware of any of the transactions between CTU and the state agency. As far as I was made aware of, all costs were paid and up to date. This apparently was not the case. CTU contacted me regarding an outstanding balance and wanted me to pay it immediately. I advised the caller that the State of Ohio was the party paying the tuition and that they should cotact the agency that the school had already beeen dealing with. One week after the call I was contacted by a collection agency that did not want to hear any of this and advised me to pay immediately or my credit score will be destroyed by not paying.Please note that the assumption that there was no balance due was also based on the fact that I obtained my transcripts from the school and their policy is that transcripts will not be released as long as there is an outstanding balance. If in fact a balance is due to the school, I have no problem making sure that it is dealt with. I very disappointed that the means by which the school chose to deal with this by sending it to a nasty collection agency instead of dealing with it themselves.To anyone considering CTU online, this not to totally condemning the school. But by all means take this under advisement seriously look at all of your options before you make a move that you will be made to regret later."
CTU Associate in Sscience Grad
  • Reviewed: 2/2/2011
"I just finished obtaining my AS degree in Business from CTU Online and I must say that it was a rewarding experience. It was fast paced and I learned a lot! I didnt have time to get bored because the classes went by so quickly. I was able to obtain my AS in a little over 1 year. The reason that I chose CTU is because they have a partnership agreement with my company and I figured if the world's largest Telecomm company believes in and promotes them to its employees, then why not try it out.I found that the instructors were very knowledgable in their various fields of expertise. i am now enrolled in their bachelors program. The only drawback is that it is very expensive and i have a huge student loan as a result."
Henry Ogoi
  • Reviewed: 1/15/2011
"I have no regrets about having made the decision to join CTUO.I am an Associate of Science in General Studies student, and I have to be frank about the phase at which things are moving. The instructors are learner friendly, always ready to go an extra mile in helping the students, I started my classes last October as a transfer student, and I have to admit that all the instructors I have come into contact with, have their students at heart.They always give fair and objective comments to students' assignments, of course I am not talking on behalf of the class, but as an individual, I must say those comments, have helped me to be on track.What I enjoy most about CTUO is the Discussion Board, and Live Chat Sessions, as effective tools of online learning. But above all,the supportive environment where the students and instructors are encouraging team spirit, seems to augur well.I have never had any problem with Tech Support, whenever I have a technical hitch with my laptop, they have never let me dowm. The entire CTUO fraternity- Administration, Library, Student services and Financial Aid, to mention, but a few, are doing a great job. Of course like any other functional institution, CTUO would be having its short-comings, but overall,it is above board."
John Curry
  • Reviewed: 1/6/2011
"In 2007, after spending over 30 hours a week in class and homework for 2+ years, I completed my Bachelors degree in Business Administration with CTU. It was challenging work, but worth it.This is a for profit school, so things are a little different from the business office side of things. From the coursework and class work side however, it is college.As I prepared for graduation, the job offers started pouring in. Now, while still serving in the same industry I was previously, I'm in my dream position with the company I would have chosen to serve 20 years ago. New opportunities of leadership and responsibility have opened all because I have a piece of paper that says I have a degree.Don't get me wrong, the diploma opened the door for me, as did all the certifications I earned along the way through CTU. The courses also taught me a lot that I apply to my current work every day.Just remember, online school with CTU is not a breeze. It will take serious commitment, personal stretching, extensive cooperation with fellow students on project planning/completion, and sleepless nights. My advisor failed to tell me those nuggets. Considering the financial commitment I was making and the end goal I desired, I put my head down and worked hard. If you have these expectations in advance to starting this journey, it will bode much better for you."
Craig Thomson
  • Reviewed: 1/1/2011
"Online university is not for everyone having said that bricks and mortar university is not for everyone either. CTU online did a good job of educating me about distance learning prior to being enrolled in fact this is a requirement.In the area of customer service I will give them an A+ their administrative staff bend over backwards to help you. Let us be honest universities are not only a place of learning they are businesses and I think we could all agree that a business should provide great customer service and CTU online does. CTU has high standards and I must meet those standards to pass this involves many hours of self motivated work at home which some find difficult.However for those that can meet this challenge CTU online is a very good option."
Terri Allen
  • Reviewed: 12/31/2010
"When I first started CTU, I was scared because I had been out of school for over fifteen years. My first class showed me how to surf through the virtual campus and how to do APA guidelines that are required when turning in assignments. Once I felt comfortable at using the virtual campus, I was ready to go. On-line classes are very time consuming and takes alot of time away from your family.You definetly need to be organized and ready to turn in assigments on time because they come quickly. All in all I give CTU an A. Any questions or problems I have had professors or staff members have responded back to me quickley. In Februay I will continue my education to earn my bachelors degree at CTU. Oh, by the way its much cheaper than some of the other online schools and their accredited. :)"
  • Reviewed: 12/28/2010
"I have just completed my fourth session at CTU. I have found the entire experience good. If you are looking for a hand out, you are not going to get it at CTU. They do expect you to turn in assignments on time. I work full time and do spend a good deal of time with my classes, but the accelerated program is the cause. 8 to 10 units every 5.5 weeks is moving right along. The people who have had bad experiences are somewhat of a surprise. I have had not one bad experience.Concerning instructors, every instructor is different; most require that papers be in APA format which is standard for many colleges. I think the biggest problem for most unhappy people is that they have not realized that they are not going to high school; this is college."
  • Reviewed: 12/14/2010
"I recieved my Associates degree and I am 4 months shy of my Bachelors degree from CTU online. My experience has been a very good one. I feel that the instructors are able to apply their real life experiences in the course work. Also you have to do the work to succeed, and all of the instructors I have had will work with you and assist you. I would recommend this school for anyone that has a busy schedule and would like to complete a degree. I am going to complete my Masters with CTU also."
  • Reviewed: 12/11/2010
"First I will start by saying I have been in CTUO since 2005, I was coming out of the military and had no P-S education. The CTUO outline fit well to achieve my Associates. I then began my bachelors in Science.Personal issues caused me to put my degree on hold for 6 months while I moved my family to Alaska. I re-enrolled after 6 months exactly where I left off. The school calls me to remind me the classes are starting after each week break. the e-mail me also.The books from the bookstore have never been late (even shipping to my home in Alaska) There has only been one financial hiccup, but that was not the schools fault. I am now in the Masters program and the program is challenging enough to leave me learning new things. I am currently pursuing this masters Degree in the comfort of my home in (rural) Alaska, between my full time job and Family (5kids)."
Ellie Jones
  • Reviewed: 12/6/2010
"This is a nightmare. I started the class with their famous College Orientation which is required regardless of your grade level or age. The class is probably the worst class I have taken. The instructor's class format is so structured that no one would post on the discussion board. He even demanded a font point, header and deducted points if you didn't follow his structure.When another student ask why no one was responding, I said in an email to her it was likely because of the class format and everyone was worried it would effect their grade if they responded as a discussion was intended. Two hours later, I was canceled from his class. In addition, the financial aid office is unorganized and hard to deal with. The admissions counselor made promises and then when I was enrolled they could not deliver. This school is overrated, overpriced and delivers poor class instruction."
  • Reviewed: 11/6/2010
"I decided to go back and finish my associates degree in 2008 after being out of college for over 2 yrs. The advisor I worked with was very nice and helpful. I will say you will get alot of phone calls from them during your enrollment process but once you get everything done, they will leave you along. The classes, professors, and assignments were fairly easy but hard at times. My overall experience during my associates program was pretty good, I continued on with the bachelors program for a few months and had to drop out because of personal issues.I will say the bachelors program was alot harder. As for the cost it is expensive unless you already have college credit.For my associates program it costed me $12,000. I had 43 credit hours from a community college and I finished my associates within 8 months."
  • Reviewed: 11/5/2010
"I am just getting ready to start my 4'th class at CTU. It's been a good experience for me to this point. I'm not going to deny or belittle those who say their experience has been terrible. I feel bad for them though.I see the complaints that the advisors are like car salesmen. Yes, mine did call me frequently and it did feel like a sales pitch.The first week I was a little nervous over deciding to enroll. She was always available though, never ditched me or failed to return calls. I never got a run around from anyone or any department. When I needed to change my class schedule, and then dropped a higher math class that I had started, there were no arguments or hassling me. I told them what I wanted to do and within a day it was done. Every time I had a question she got me where I needed or to whom I needed to goright away. My instructors so far have been very good. Professional, but very friendly and encouraging. Every one of them has went out of their way to ask for questions and to help anyone who needed it. The resources available have been great and they constantly are pointing out more places to get information and help from.Yes the introductory class was quite easy, I will agree with that. It was an intro to online learning though, not meant to be a core part of your degree track. I have found the subsequent courses to be fairly challenging, while far from overwhelming. Isn't this what you'd expect as you get your lower level courses done ? I would. I haven't had an instructor just read to me from a text as some have mentioned.I do sympathize with those who've had a bad experience,I'm just glad to say that mine has been decidedly good so far. I would recommend CTU to others based on my experience with no hesitation, while respecting the rights of others not to feel that way at all."
Deb K
  • Reviewed: 10/25/2010
"I guess CTU would be alright if you didn't have a life. The whole experience was an expensive nightmare for me. I was working towards my MBA in Health Administration. ne prof didn't like it that I am an Introvert--said I didn't belong in Business; another prof barely spoke English and with my hearing problem I couldn't undestand a word she said, but CTU refused to let me transfer; another prof read my profile email wrong and instead of understanding me to say that I was not familiar with the subject, he thought I said that I alraedy knew all about it, suddenly I was failing his class--after getting A's and B's in the previous class taught by him--I had to take the class over with a different prof and I got a B--I turned in the same paper he had given me a D on to the new prof and got an A; then there was the prof who had just graduated from CTU with her Master's, saying she knew everything about online learning because she had done it heself at CTU.She had no idea how to teach anybody--most of the students made formal complaints. Then let me tell you what happened when my husband died and I had to drop out because we had 3 small chilren. Evidently no one at CTU had planned on that happening and they had nothing to offer me on what to do about school in this situation.I got behind making arrangements and they had nothing to offer but an extra week to make up two weeks at the end, but only if I could get the last week in within the next two days. When I couldn't do it they cancelled my financial aid and left me personally responible for the complete session. When I returned a few months later to finish my degree, the whole program had changed so much that I was told I couldn't get any credit for the year I had completed before my husband's death. I am left with nothing but a student loan bill of $15,000 and a $4,000 bill from CTU."
  • Reviewed: 10/12/2010
"I attended CTU from 2004 - 2008 earning my Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management. I chose the "hybrid" experience wherein I took some classes online and some classes on campus.The bottom line with my education there, both online and on-the-ground was that it was a very positive experience. Did I encounter occasional problems with Financial Aid, paperwork and administrative issues? Of course! No system is perfect. But with persistence and cooperation I was able to work through all problems to a satisfactory conclusion.I am now considering returning as an online only student to complete my Master's degree.As noted elsewhere, an online only education takes a certain amount of self-discipline but I have found that if you're willing to make the effort the instructors will be more than happy to help you achieve."
CTU Alumni
  • Reviewed: 9/27/2010
"I would recommend CTU Online to anyone who is looking to continue their education at their own pace and on their own time. Of course you will have deadlines but compared to an "in-classroom" setting there really is not much expected. Many people feel that they did not get the full experience but it really comes down to will power and what you are willing to do to get to where you want to be. You are expected to read the reading materials, attend or view archived chats, and utilize their resources such as the library, tutorials, etc. If you do want to take the time to do so then you are wasting your own time and money.Online schools are suppose to provide an option for those who can not attend a regularly scheduled class room. Those who have negative reviews fail to mention that they did not give their full potential and expect to pass by doing little to no work. I actually enjoy when I have an instructor who pushes us to our full potential because this shows they care and they expect us to be the same as if we were sitting in the class room listening to a lecture.Online classes are not for everyone and this should be thought about before applying and attending CTU."
Clement Johnson
  • Reviewed: 8/30/2010
"I am an alumni of Colorado Technical University. I received my bachelors and masters degrees from CTU. I must say that the online experience fit my high paced work schedule.I found the online classroom to be a great learning format no matter if I attended the live or recorded sessions. Teachers had work hours throughout my studies and would either answer my calls or return my calls by the next day. The ability to chat with other students online was also helpful. While doing assignments it was sometimes helpful to run a thought or maybe get some formatting input from my classmates.Prior to attending CTU I attended the University of North Carolina (Brick and mortar) and University of Phoenix online. I found both the brick and mortar and online experiences had their advantages. None that would out weigh the other except versatility of online education is a plus for working professionals.I received my bachelors degree in information technology and masters in project management. Both these fields fit within my current profession. Most of my professors were more seasoned in my field or had achieved higher status at the time I attended CTU. I found the knowledge of all my instructors was advanced in their field supported by student grading of professors preceding and after instructional periods.The classroom knowledge was an extreme benefit to my career advancement but even more importantly was the professional up to date and most of the time currently in the profession details, incite and leadership talks the professors would lead into or talk about during instruction. Don't get me wrong, there were some professors I hated, especially the sticklers for APA and MLA formats. Then there were the professors that would not budge on due assignments.Of course I can't forget the professors that counted every word on the weekly posts and ensured you were not rambling to meet the word requirement. The administration was also a hassle when payments were due. They would work with me though. Sometimes my job would not post my check for a month or two. But you know what, I got through it.I went from a systems analyst to a senior systems analyst to a regional manager for two information technology companies.I appreciate your negative comments and hope CTU staff is reading your negative comments also. Good remarks will never make us better."
Brianna Jordan
  • Reviewed: 8/30/2010
"I am not surprised by the mixed reviews, however, I am shocked by the hostile attitude reflected.Your experience will differ because everyone is an unique vessel, to each their own. The best piece of advice I can offer is to find out whats most important for your needs. I love the flexibility, independence, and the fact that my schooling is paid for.I work full-time, am actively involved in extra curricular activities and have a son so I need freedom. I hate discussion boards because I do NOT like being forced to interact and try to remain positive in an educational response.However, with all the pros I receive from attending I can bear the pain. I started in January of this year in the 2+2 program and I will be done with everything in April 2012 if not sooner even though I had to take some time off to handle personal issues. I found that the more open communication you have and knowing the correct people to contact makes the process easier.Over the years, my views have went from "I want to obtain the highest degree possible because I have the opportunity" to "what degree will can I get by with?" But my time at CTU has given me a little more faith to making my first dream a reality. I can obtain the highest degree with this opportunity and have freedom while doing it. Do not get discouraged in your search..."
  • Reviewed: 8/28/2010
"Prior to enrolling with CTU I did an extensive internet research to get the good and the bad about the school. About 95% of the comments and ratings I found online were positive. The other 5% were ratings coming from students who expected to sign up, play Yahoo! games, and still get a good passing grade.Lazy people will never achieve anything! Don't expect a handout."