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2.0 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 3/16/2013
Degree: Business
Graduation Year:
"I just completed my first (and last class) with CTU. Do yourself a favor and find another school...any other school. I transferred from another school thinking it would be better. Wow, was I wrong! I went right back to my old school who would not take these credits. It started with getting false information from their online chat. I went ahead and enrolled even though my wife said this was the wrong school and a mistake. I totally should have listened to her. I took Operations Management. Now the instructor was very nice and there was a lot of information.Unfortunately it was way too much information for a six week course. The instruction was OK. The school doesn't give two flips about the student once they are enrolled...unless it is time to get you into a new class. They totally screwed up my GI Bill so now I get to pay this out of pocket. The tuition is way too expensive for what you get. The school is second rate at best."
5.0 out of 5 stars
Dave Funke - 3/1/2013
Degree: Criminal Justice
Graduation Year: 2013
"I am not here to argue for or against CTU in the same ways many of you are. The only thing that pisses me off is their stinking site maintenance prevents us from accessing the online virtual campus or getting assignments in on time etc. it's totally ridiculous and unnaceptable to do site maintenance when students need full access to the campus etc.Why do they not do it during their online campuses scheduled breaks and time off like the holidays etc.? They could have done this over the Christmas and New Years vacation but NO they gotta do it right at the end of FEB start of March.Honestly I don't think they give a crap what we students think. Thanks tech support you really do SUCK!!!"
4.0 out of 5 stars
Pete I - 2/25/2013
Degree: Finance
Graduation Year: 2015
"I have been attending CTUO for a little over a year where I have been enrolled in a Bachelor of Science program, with a concentration in Finance. Does the school have faults or deficiencies? Of course it does. I don't believe that every school will be a good-fit for everyone.My initial exposure, with CTUO, was with my assigned student adviser. He was very good at answering my questions and soliciting responses to what I wanted to achieve in order to marry up my desires with what the school offered. I have to admit that it was part and partial due to the rapport that he established with me that led me to register. I also appreciated his periodic calls and email messages where he inquired to how I was doing and offering further assistance.**Likes: I like that the school offers 5-week long courses, making it feasible to achieve a degree program in an accelerated fashion. That can mean a lot of work in a short span of time. Some friends and coworkers state that they need to be in a classroom environment or they might be easily distracted by family, friends, television or other activities. To them, I would not recommend CTU Online or any online college, for that matter. Online education requires a student to have a lot of discipline and self-motivation in order to complete the courses. The important key, however, is a desire to learn. If an individual has little to no desire to learn, then he/she will gain little, no matter what the environment.**Don't Like: One aspect of which I am not fond is the feedback assignments required of each student to provide to his classmates. We submit our assignments, read those of our classmates and respond to two of them, weekly. The logic behind this requirement is that we do not have the face-to-face interaction with our classmates by virtue of the technology. As such, this is one way to have the students interact with one another. Personally, even when I attend brick-n-mortar schools, I do not necessarily interact with my classmates. Not because I am antisocial (though there may be truth in that) but because my viewpoint is that I attend these classes to learn and garner an education, not to make additional friends.Another aspect I do not like is that, no matter how many courses one takes each quarter, the assignments are due on the same day. This means that if you take two classes per quarter, you'll have two assignments due, at the same time (usually on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday) and part of which includes responding to two classmates per class.In a brick-n-mortar environment, classes may be scheduled on differing days allowing for assignments to be staggered rather than simultaneously due.**Instructors: As in any school, some instructors are better than others. I found most instructors to be knowledgeable and enthused about their field of study. However, some were not very good at conveying the information (you'll find this in any school). In these cases, it was up to me to learn on my own. A nice feature offered by CTUO are the resources made available to assist. You have access to online research libraries, tutorial services and a Learning Center where you might find similar chats covering the desired topic. Using such venues may allow you to find another source or individual from whom you can better understand the subject matter.**Books and Material: I do not like having to access my books electronically. Call me old-fashioned but I prefer to have an actual book in my hands when reading or referencing material. CTUO seems to have gone to a standard where the books are published by "Works of Wonder" meaning that you cannot readily find other resources for the material such as on eBay, Amazon, etc. I would rather pay a few bucks to have the hard copy version of the text but discovered it is not always feasible with CTUO. Like many things in life, I don't like it but I can adjust.**Information Technology: I found IT support to be very helpful, at least with the minor issues I encountered. It was great that the school provided MS Office 2010, at no additional cost to the student, as well as MS Project (for my Project Management class), and a pc video cam (for use with my Career Planning and Mgt class). I was also provided with actual books and a DVD for use with my Literature class.**Transfer from CTUO: The caveat, with attending this school, is that the credits may not be fully transferable to a school that does not offer Quarter Semester Hours. Transferring to a local 4-yr state college, many of my credits have been accepted (not much of a need for Accounting or Financial Statement Analysis if going into Psychology).However, I was not granted full credit. For instance, although my Literature course was accepted, I was only credited with 2.67 Semester Hours instead of the 4.00 identified by CTU. Nevertheless, my credits were accepted confirming, in my mind, that the school is accredited. Otherwise, I would assume none would be accepted.**Costs: As a military member, I pay $210 per credit hour as compared to $250 per credit hour at my local college. A main difference, between the two, is that while a member of my state militia, I can attend a local school for very little to no money, out-of-pocket. Again, my reasoning for having attended CTU Online was due to the accelerated courses and my circumstances that dictated I obtain my degree as quickly as possible; circumstance that have since changed.**Job Placement: I cannot speak to anything with respect to this as I have not yet been in need of these services.**OVERALL: This is only my opinion based on my personal experience, with this institution, but I have very much enjoyed my experiences at CTU. My reason for leaving is that I am changing my major, from Finance to clinical Psychology, which is not offered there. If not for this, I probably would stay as it offers the benefits, services, and features that I desire from a school."
4.5 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 1/21/2013
Degree: Health Sciences
Graduation Year: 2011
"CTU is an accredited university. I have accutually gone to the U.S. department of education's web site and CHEA as well as many others to affirm this. Im a recent grauduate of this school and have after many doubts found that the school has ground campuses in Colorado as well as Missouri and South Dakota to along side of its online delivery. Finally this information has put my mind at ease to find that this school is not a fly by night as some would claim it to be. I have also found that it is accredited through the North Central Association of Colleges of Higher Leanering which is one of 6 of the regional accrediting bodies that review colleges in the upper midwest portion of the U.S.I get tired of people writing on this site knocking this univerity. I have put in a lots of dedicated time and effort, money and lost lots of sleep not to mention my nerves set on edge satifying the requirements of obtaining my degree. Since I work a a full time job with hours that are not set in stone, this was my only option for an education without giving up my current job."
3.5 out of 5 stars
Jason Remigio III - 1/2/2013
Degree: Homeland Security
Graduation Year: 2012
"If you like Online schools this is the school you might go to, you can use webcam and the instructors webcam might work. There are problems with the technical issues online, when you lose connection and you need to know what happens. The courses are recorded and you can playback the instruction every time till you got what you missed. The problem is getting the career before the time expires for financial aid to be paid off.A little warning you can't use this degree to get into the legal field because its not a law school. I'm different everyone else is different, I could have gone to FBI or ICE but I couldn't because of my mother and my doctor,specialist wouldn't recommend it. Returning to the field I would like to, but also become a federal law enforcement presenter host.Ohh, I'm still looking in previous jobs for experience as I live in California where unemployment is high. Probably the whole nation, Obama took care of my financial aid, since I have no income that is lower than $25,000 a year salary income I owe nothing and paid monthly from Sallie Mae so I have nothing owed. I used to be in the Federal Bureau of Investigation.As I used my experience with the instructors and expressed my differences and tactics in law enforcement. After you get a new job, continue your education because it will pay off in the future. Go to a campus school, your employer will let you go part-time. Whatever the situation is with you."
1.0 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 12/24/2012
Degree: Criminal Justice
Graduation Year: 2013
"Colorado Technical University Online (CTUO) is not a school for everyone. The courses used to vary from 11 weeks to 5 weeks but I guess they decided that they were not pumping enough students through the system. All courses are now 5 weeks long. There are some good instructors, that is, instructors that want to help you learn but for the most part instructors are low quality and do not help at all. I have had some instructors that barely spoke English. The books are mostly e-books that you cannot take with you when you leave. You cannot download them, save them or put them to disk, but you can print them, one chapter at a time. What complicates learning is that most of the time the e-books have little or nothing to do with the course being taught. In this school you get out of the school what you put into it. They might as well call this the self-taught school because that is what it is. You do have grades handed out by the instructor who may dock you points for no other reason than he/she can. I once ran into an instructor who told me that students attending online classes did not deserve a 100% because they did not learn as much as a brick and mortar classroom student did. I believe him now. After two years my money and time have been wasted. I have had employers laugh at me when produce my degree from CTUO.Financial aid is another joke. I do not think even they know what stipends or disbursements you are going to get. I even think that they get points for getting you off the phone by telling you that your money will be in tomorrow. The whole financial aid department is incompetent with exception of one person I talked to a year in a half ago. Speaking of incompetent so is CTUO entire IT department. CTUO has discussion boards and back in 2010 they worked great then they had the 2011 spring update. Discussion board was unable to carry the original format. In other words I spent hours working on a paper making it neat and tidy with 0.5” borders, APA format, double space, and indent first line of paragraph. When I posted to the discussion board it came out with no boarders, single spaced and random enters sometimes five words then enter, and sometimes 10 words then enter. IT said it wasn’t their problem must be my computer. So I spent days figuring out it was not my problem even worked with Microsoft. IT said not their problem discussion boards worked fine. SIX months later they admitted it was a problem in the meantime all the students were getting docked 10 points per assignment for not submitting in APA format. I would go and spend an hour reworking my assignment on the discussion board so that it looked like I had originally written it.CTUO is a horrible place to get your degree from. It takes hours of research to research the subject matter and even longer to put it in a cohesive document. Be prepared to be congratulated on one hand for going above the required word count and punished with a low grade on the other for exceeding the expectations of the assignment."
1.0 out of 5 stars
Roger - 12/20/2012
Degree: Criminal Justice
Graduation Year: 2013
"To whom it may concern: 12-20-2012 This online school is great for people who have experience in the field they are in and want a refresher. DO NOT ATTEND IF YOU KNOW NOTHING. You will learn nothing and hurt your GPA in the process. The faculty is made up of a mix of academia graduates of the field of study or actual workers in that field. A small percentage of Professors want to help you learn and succeed but the majorities are there to read a pre-processed power point that may or may not have anything to do with the assignments. Some Professors will dock you points 10-15 points per assignment and they do not have to justify why! Most books are e-books, some are actual books which they send via UPS and are timely. Most have some information about the subject matter but some have little or nothing to do with the assignment or subject matter. PLAN TO SPEND HOURS RESEARCHING IF YOU WANT TO LEARN!!!!!Financial aid is a joke. Most of the morons that work there do not even know what financial aid IS! There are a few good ones but you have to deal with the mass majority who are idiots. Do not believe anything they say they are graded by how long they have you on the phone the longer you talk to them the faster they want to tell you “whatever” and hang up!Academic advisor are the same breed as the financial advisor MORONS! Technical support doesn’t even know how boot a computer much less help.They have this thing called virtual commons what a laugh. There is nothing virtual or common about it. It’s supposed to be a place to meet like-minded people and chat… but there are no chat rooms, not text boxes just email? Really?In the end you get no help for job placement, may end up like me with a 3.55 when you had a 4.0 and little or no understanding of what you just spent $36,000 for a degree for. Most of the books I paid for are e-books and I will have no access to once I graduate. There is no job placement help I have been searching for six months now for help and I have two classes left? Real help there! This school is a joke! And a waste of time and money! DO NOT MAKE MY MISTAKE!!!!R. Current student at Colorado Technical University"
2.5 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 12/14/2012
Degree: Human Resources
Graduation Year: 2013
"I'm currently attending the online portion of Colorado Technical University. I started with my associated degree in August. I have to say that the financial aid department is lacking knowledge on that department. I'm waiting for my disburement and yet yo receive it.I don't see that wait time before the student even receives it. Its takes almost another whole month before you get it when they have you on a scheduled disburesment date. They need to get better with it."
4.5 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 12/2/2012
Degree: Criminal Justice
Graduation Year: 2014
"I will begin with the facts first.... Colorado technical university IS a Accredited school...all you have to do is look it up.. it's not hard to research. Never take anyone else's word for it.. Do your research.I'm currently attending CTU and wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. I contacted St. Louis university here in Missouri to see if my credits would be transferable. And guess what they where !!!! I received my Associates in Criminal Justice in 2011 and I'm currently enrolled in their Bachelors program. Of course the advisors are going to call you in order to get you to enroll. But it's no different than any one else trying to get you to buy into what their offering..They have real professors and instructors that take their job seriously. And most of them have also graduated or have attended CTU. If your ready to start your online education from a Accredited school contact CTU... You will be so happy you did,.. I promise you."
2.5 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 12/1/2012
Degree: Criminal Justice
Graduation Year:
"I am not the perfect student however, I did fail two of my classes and was doing good (A- and a B+) in the classes I just dropped. It is December and as most students my loans/grants etc are used for help during the year for living expenses. I was told by support services, student accounts and financial aid that I was good and would receive my disbursement for this month. My surprise when I get a notice on our main home board saying I needed to e-sign something ("You have important Financial Aid documents that need to be completed. These documents can be completed through the Virtual Campus. It is important that you complete any “Requested – Required” document(s) before the beginning of your next course so the Financial Aid Office can finalize your award letter.")I went to the letter and found that I owed them money in the tune of almost 1,500.00 when just three weeks ago it was $518.00 (a round that amount) they wanted me to sign an agreement to pay the school out of pocket. There were payments arranged for me and I would see them at the end of the document. I read the documents, it would not show me the payment schedule unless I e-signed first. I called them to find out what is going on and told them that I was told just three weeks ago that I would get my disbursement this month, when can I expect it?I was told I would not get it nor the one in March and that I still owed them money because my tuition went up by $20.00 per credit hour (for those that do not know; each time you are in class and have a one hour session, that is a credit hour) I was taken back by this because I thought how can you raise tuition when I was already approved for 2012/2013? She stayed fixated on the fact that I wanted my disbursement and that I was angry that they could just come out of left field and raise the tuition out of the blue (especially at the end of the year) when the tuition change did not happen until Jan 6, 2013.I was told that because I was approved for a certain amount of money for the 2012/2013 year that I would still owe money plus they would have to take my disbursement money as well as me paying them $1,500.00 (about) and I am like well what if we went down in hours, she said we could do that and that I would still get none of my disbursement even after going down in hours however, I would not owe them as much.I withdrew from CTU because I know next year will be the same and they will raise their tuition again and it does not matter what you are told through out the year from any of the so called "we are here for you; advisors." because they can tell you anything except what they know will happen at the end of the year.I was some what stalked as well and promised a meeting with career placement (before I even started) to find out what I would be able to do in my chosen field) with my limited ability and working at home. The meeting never happened and I believe I was told that because I mentioned that I was going to go to another online school. I was promised all my disbursements with no hidden charges and I was told that prices would not affect my current year concerning monies that would be given to me or them, it would not happen till the next year if there were any changes.Be aware that when they tell you "next year" they mean starting in DEC of what ever year you start classes and that it does not go by your grant/loan year i.e. 2012-2013 loan/grant year. Any money that you are planning on having is gone as of Dec because an increase will happen.I had no problems with the instructors and I found them very helpful. I found the course length; short and I spent many hours on work when I could have just done cheap work by using key words and some of the materials. I felt that the courses were pushed through with out really understanding or grasping the detail of the courses. It was a run through and truthfully I have retained very little of what I thought I was learning. CTU crams stuff down your throat and even when they mess up (my classes went to what I had taken in Oct for like 48 hours and locked me out of my other classes that I already started and turned work into them) the stress level was very high.They give you a lot of tools to use and I liked that though you had to go on a search and destroy mission on how to find it. they gave you mentors though you communicate with them by email. I found that by the time they got back with you. with a search and destroy, you already found the answer. Another thing is that they constantly do surveys; done all the time, on every little thing. How are they doing, how did you like this, do you like us, your instructors, how do you rate this and that?I do not like hidden cost or the fact that they can raise their tuition in December which is to a lot of people an important time of year, with many counting on disbursements for a little bit extra cash to live off of, go home, bills or other.CTU will never get my vote and I feel they are lacking in personality and care of the people that go to CTU. If you want fly by courses and tuition fees raised at the end of your year then hey! maybe that is the school for you."
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