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2 out of 5
Degree: Information Technology
Graduation Year: 2012

I must start by saying that I graduated with a 4.0 at CTU, so I'm not just another disgruntled student who thought he/she was going to get an easy ride; I put a lot of time and effort into earning my degree at CTU. I went above and beyond on my assignments to try to really understand the subject matter. Learning the material was really important to me, not just getting an A with the least amount of work possible.

Overall, CTU is not a very good value. The school is among the most expensive there is for online programs. The programs are really a joke in my opinion. First, the school tries to use the same exact syllabus for each class, which just doesn't work out very well. In other words, you end up writing a paper on math instead of actually doing/learning math problems. Secondly, the discussion board postings are worthless. Every week you have to participate in discussion boards, but there is never really any meaningful discussion going on. The discussion postings are mainly students who can barely read or spell posting comments such as, "great work, keep it up!" Third, you get virtually no help from the professors. During my time at CTU I tried to contact professors on several occasions to ask questions/seek more help on various subjects. I never received an answer of any sort. I was always told to Google it or watch the class lecture. I did watch the class lecture, but needed some additional explanation. What is the point of having experienced professors if they are just going to tell you to Google it? They don't even "teach" during the lectures; they simply read a PowerPoint slide to the class. Fourth, many times the subject matter was off base. For instance, in the object-oriented design class we wrote a procedural based program, not an object-oriented program. WTH? I got a 99 for the class, but didn't really learn much about object-oriented design. I learned more about object-oriented design within an hour of reading Head First Java on my own time than I did during the entire object-oriented design course at CTU. It seems that you are graded more for your ability to write than you are for understanding the subject matter. I will say that the technology is top notch, but it does little to overcome the weaknesses in curriculum. Fifth, financial aid was also dishonest with me. They are pressured to tell students whatever they need to tell them to get the most money possible. I explicitly explained to financial aid that I didn't want to take more classes than my student loans would cover in a year and if I had to drag out the length of the program that was fine. The main point was that I didn't want to have to pay out-of-pocket. Of course they told me I had plenty of available loan money and kept me enrolled in the maximum number of classes each term. Next thing you know, they said I'd need to pay $8000 for the remainder of the year because I had already used up all my loan money. I paid because I had no choice if I wanted to finish. This really left a sour taste in my mouth. Before this happened, my opinion of CTU was just that they were any other business with good intentions but simply had a very weak program. To me, the dishonesty there showed me they are worse than that - cons out to extort as much money as possible from their students in as short a time as possible.

I'll leave with this: the program is very, very easy and you won't really learn much, even if you go above and beyond. But, you will earn an accredited degree. If you're a working adult that hasn't been in school in over 20 years and consider yourself weak academically, you might benefit a little from CTU's degree program. Otherwise, there are much better schools such as UMASS (same price as CTU) and Western Governors ($6000 per year) for the same price or less than CTU. The important thing to remember here as potential students ponder attending CTU is that earning a degree is not the answer, it's really what you do with the knowledge gained. With that said, I cannot recommend CTU for 95% of the population. You'll end up with $50k in debt with little skills or knowledge to show for it. Even if another school such as Western Governors were found to be no better, at least you'd only be $12k in debt, not $50k.

I only posted this review because I don't want other students to be in the same boat I'm in; that is, a lot of debt with little education. I'm looking into attending another institution and earning a second degree just because I feel that my time spend with CTU was pretty much useless. I hope that those reading this won't make the same mistake I did. Please, find another school to attend.

2 out of 5

I first enrolled under the associates program for accounting and was told that upon completion I would get both an associates degree and a certificate in business so it was like, according to them, getting two things in one. I completed the program in February 2012 and chose to continue to get my bachelors degree which also started in February 2012. Around March 2012 I got my degree in the mail but didn't get any certificate in business which I was told.

So I called the school and first she said it wouldn't be mailed to you and that I would have to go to the certificate section and print it out, so I went to that section while she was on the phone and nothing was there, then she switched it up and said "well we discontinued it last year" and I then said then why wasn't anything sent to me about it and it shouldn't matter anyways because I was enrolled in the program when it was offered. Then she switched up again and said I would've had to complete the whole program last year before it was discontinued for me to receive it. So I said it doesn't make since because that was one of the reasons I chose this school, then she switched up again and said "well it wouldn't of mattered anyways because it is only honored at CTU, I couldn't use it outside of CTU anyway" O_o THEN WHAT WAS THE POINT OF MISLEADING US INTO THINKING IT WAS A CERTIFICATE WE COULD USE!!!! Why would I have wanted a certificate that is not honored anywhere else!!!! THEY WILL TELL YOU ANYTHING TO GET YOU ENROLLED!!!!

Now I found all this out AFTER I enrolled in the Bachelors program and as far as that when I looked at my classes I was signed up for 5 classes that I already took in the associates program so they had to redo my whole schedule. As far as financial aid, if you're expecting a refund then don't hold your breath, they make sure they get the loan in 2 days but the grant they take 10days to send and then 14days for you to get your money. They are full of crap, I can honestly tell you I do not know anything about accounting.

The teachers don't even grade your paperwork right, I've gotten good grades just for submitting the assignment, which I can't complain but it's only a handful of instructors that actually know what they're doing. To make a long story short I'm cancelling the Bachelors program and transferring to another CHEAPER school!!

3 out of 5

All I can say is that you won't learn a thing in 5 week courses. Find an online university that has the same class schedule as the traditional students (12 weeks). If not, your not going to learn a thing and waste 10s of thousands of dollars.

Search over 214,000 programs:
5 out of 5

When I first started at CTU I was very skeptical about the value of the degree considering the price. However, today I can say I am very happy I did it. I graduated from CTU in June of 2011. Since then I have enrolled into a local college to obtain my bachelors degree. I have recently landed employment with a company that is full of great promising opportunities.

These two accomplishments in my life would not have taken place without CTU. I believe the money I spent was worth every penny and it does not bother me one bit that this school is a for profit organization, they provided me a great service and I am happy with them.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

You take away what you put into this school. I spent the last year and a half reading many chapters of dense software engineering and computer science books then analyzing and reporting what I had learned. If you want to do well you will be challenged. While this is not MIT, it is far from a waste of your time.

Most of the professors I had were far better than the professors I had while getting my undergrad at a major 'state' university. My suggestion is if you are a full-time working adult then consider this school. If you don't have a full time job or other life obligations consider a more traditional degree.

5 out of 5

I am nearing the end of my graduate degree at CTU online, having received my BA about 10 years ago from a "traditional" (and pricey) private college.

Overally, my experience with CTU has been largely positive and rewarding. As with any school where there is red tape, financing, schedules to adjust, etc., there can be headaches--I know this was certainly true while earning my BA at the private college. And, naturally I've experienced a few of those with CTU. The good news is that, in all of my experiences, if you are reasonable in your requests, expectations, and dedication, the staff will bend over backwards to get you the help you need. The student advisers, in particular, are extremely helpful and compassionate.

CLASSES So far I have few complaints.

First of all, let me state how much I love that grad students receive hard copies of all textbooks mailed right to their front door. It's also a small blessing that the cost of the textbooks is included with tuition, so there isn't additional out-of-pocket every semester. My text books have always arrived well in advance, in brand-new condition.

The classes themselves are challenging and fast-paced. In some classes, I lean heavily on the text books, and some I don't need them as much. The lectures are wonderful in that you can watch them at your convenience and are not required to attend as they're broadcast live. I feel like I'm learning a lot, and the vast majority of professors have been very helpful and accessible (some even providing home phone numbers). True, not every prof has been a winner, but, again, that is pretty much on par with every college I've ever heard of.

Overall in my classes, I've gotten consistently high grades, but I feel like I've had to work for them--they were not handed to me.

CLASSMATES I have to admit that I have been a little grateful to the online school format, in that it doesn't force me to be super interactive with others; I'd rather keep my head down and get my work done. But in spite of this, I've actually made quite a few friends with classmates. Being in the same programs, we recognize and greet each other. We shared contact information and help each other with assignments. It's been a real pleasure and has helped me to feel more connected with my program.

FINANCIAL AID Once again, I'll say that every school I've ever heard of has its fair share of complaints about paperwork misfires, miscommunications, and missed deadlines. I experienced this as an undergrad.

But at CTU? I've been lucky enough to have no problems whatsoever. I took all advice and suggestions, and actively followed up on financial aid information. By being proactive in my own paperwork and situation, with the consistent help from CTU staff, the whole process was a snap.

OVERALL PERCEPTION I'm really glad that I chose CTU as my graduate school. I looked around as prices, accreditation, etc., and found that CTU was a very reasonable price for a graduate program--especially among other online programs. So far, I think I'm getting a really good value, and a really good education that fits into my chaotic life with a small child. I would definitely recommend CTU online to anyone who wants a convenient, challenging education. If you're looking for shortcuts, or aren't willing to hold up your end of the bargain--meeting deadlines, doing hard work, and being proactive in your education plan--then this school isn't for you. But for serious students? It's amazing. I'm really proud to be a CTU online student.

4 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

I have been a student at CTU off and on for a couple of years now. I have had to stop a couple of times due to deployments or work/family commitments so I have had the opportunity to work interact with both the support staff as well as multiple teachers. In my experience if you are semi-intelligent (which you should be if you are trying to go to college) you should have no problem with the document requests or enrollment process. I like that they have your entire schedule laid out so that you do not waste time or money taking classes you do not need.

Overall my experience with this school has been very positive. I have tried other online or distance learning classes in the past and found that the learning was not on par with a "traditional" environment. Not so with CTU. Some teachers are better than others but nearly all of my teachers have had years of experience actually working in the industy in which they teach. I would rather learn from someone who actually knows the work from inside the industry than someone who has only taught what is in the book for 25 years and has never actually done anything.

A lot of people knock CTU on here for making money and I don't know why. They have clearly invested in technology to give the students many different resources to learn the material they are studying. I received by AS degree a couple years ago and am working on my BS in Accounting and the myAccountingLab software is simply a fantastic resource.

My advice is simply this: If you are ready to work you butt off, and want a real degree CTU is a great option. If you expect it to be a college where you can pass without attending the chats, reading your assignments, etc you will be sorely mistaken. If you think you can get a good grade by submitting sloppy work, you are wrong. If you are not self motivating, look elsewhere.

And to the point of some of the reviews - if you don't attend the classes they will kick you out. If you get a bad grade - you still owe them money. If you drop the class late in the session - you still owe money. This is common sense. You are taking another students spot so of course you should still have to pay if you do not fulfill your obligation - although they do give you the first week of ever class to drop and not owe anything (that's about 20% of the way through each class).

Bottom line is they are a college for adults. If you want them to treat you like a community college and coddle you - you probably won't make it. If you have been in the military or worked at a real job with real expectations before and conduct yourself accordingly you will do just fine and get a great education!

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2013

I have been attending CTU online for quiet a few sessions now. I have been overall very satisfied with the instructors and staff at CTU online.

The sessions are five and a half weeks long and cover the most important topics in each class. They expect you to work and the classes are demanding. If you pace yourself and use good time management, you will be able to take two classes per session along with working and taking care of your family. They expect you to do your assignments and give class chat sessions twice a week per class.

Whenever I have had a question and I asked an instructor, I have mostly gotten a reply within six hours or within 24 hours at the most.

If you are a person that wants a degree without working for it, this school is not for you. If you are not academically lazy and you want to REALLY learn, then CTU online is fantastic.

I recommend this online technical school to anyone wanting to go into a technical field; especially IT (information technology). I am at present working on my bachelor's degree in IT.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

I will be graduating in May, 2012 and must say that I am very pleased with the CTU staff, classes, and program.

I have had very little difficulty with the CTU staff or processing of information. They are very helpful to ensure you complete the necessary paperwork and registration information properly. Yes, some may say they are so helpful because they want to get paid...of course they do, that doesn't negate their helpfulness in getting things processed.

The classes are 5 1/2 weeks long so can be very demanding. If you are really serious about getting your education, this is a great place to do it. The workload is tough, given the short class timeline, so if you are expecting to send in your payments and get a degree, this may not be for you. It is work, you will learn, and will graduate knowing you accomplished a great deal and were not handed anything.

I have read many of the negative is this, if nothing else...expensive, tough, and rewarding. If you go in knowing these three things, you will have a great experience. If you want something for nothing, this is not for you.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2013

Great school, the online classes are set up for ease of use. Classes are short so study time is precious! Great instructors too!

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