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2 out of 5

I started CTU in July of 2011 to get my associates in Science and healthcare administration. I was supposed to graduate in November of 2012.


I didn't like the structure of the school. That wasn't that much interaction. So i looked into phoenix.

The next day.. I received an email and a phone call stating that the price of the books increased and so did the credit hours and in order to continue school I had to pay $1,000+ to continue!


Perfectly legal.

So, I got screwed until I could renew my fafsa. I am now choosing a Doctorate Degree at a different school.


BUT I HAVE TO PAY CTU FIRST! OVER 6 GRAND! Please don't get sucked into this school. It ruined my life.

5 out of 5
Degree: Project Management
Graduation Year: 2012

I enrolled into CTU Online in October 2009. From October 2009 until May 2012, I attended CTU Online. CTU allowed me to transfer credits received during my Marine Corps tenure and after that time.

Colorado Technical University is a very time and research demanding school. The instructors are well respected in their fields. This is a great school. I received my Associates and Bachelors Degrees from CTU and would pursue a Masters but am currently unemployed.

I am getting calls from employers; however, and I give a great deal of credit to CTU and the BSBA in Project Management for the inquiries.

4 out of 5
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2013

I have read many reviews so far and have to say about 60% were useful and right on point with good Intel/info. I won’t focus too much on the curriculum and/or degree, because I feel an education is what you 'put in it' that matters in the end. With a 3.96 GPA and a 'running log' of thousands of hours, I can say that I put in my work, for my degree.

Here is my issue with CTU: What I am going to share with you 'is fact', not opinion. This is directly from my 'Higher One Account', as well as my 'CTU Online Account Tab'. Also, some info from the financial aid tab as well.

First off, I began attending CTU in August of 2011, in which I am still a current student. I have been taking 2 classes per session every session. That is 2 courses in 5 and 1/2 weeks, or 16 credits every 11 weeks (a quarter). The reason for this was that I wanted to complete my A.S. degree in 18 months, not the traditional 24 months at a ground campus.

I have been told 'that I' have exceeded my financial aid amount for the academic year; I hit the ceiling I was told....Because of this, I am 'being forced' to take only 1 class for 2 sessions, or I have to pay an 'out of pocket expense' I was told (by financial aid supervisor). Here is my question: Where is all the money from 'Pell Grants', 'Subsidized Loans', 'Unsubsidized Loans', and 'Scholarships' going to?......

My tuition bill every 11 weeks (or quarter) is $4,880. When the math is computing by dividing 16 (number of credits I take in a quarter), you are left with $305 per credit hour....Don’t worry, Kaplan University is $371 per credit hour.

Anyways, that is not the point I want you to see, but it is this: Out of 'ALL' student funding received by the government, how much did I actually receive in a 'Stipend/Refund' amount, on my Higher One debit card?Here are the final figures (request copies if you need further proof): 1. Oct. 17, 2011: $1,622.00 2. April. 27, 2012: $956.00 3. May. 01, 2012: $1,850.00 We are now in 08/04/12, and this is 'ALL' I have received in the form of 'Stipend/Refund' from CTU Online. When we add up the 3 figures, we get a grand total of $4,428.00 that I have received, since 'I started' going to CTU Online (Mid August 2011). The exact date I started was 08/14/12 (on CTU Online Academics Tab). In 10 days, it will be a full year that I have attended CTU Online (365 days, 12 months, or 48 weeks).

I was interested to know, what was the 'breakdown' of this amount per week, so I ran the numbers? Here is what I found: 1. $369.00 per month 2. $092.25 per week I was told by the 'Supervisor of Financial Aide' that a student is not supposed to be using their stipends 'for large bills'. This was in reference to rent, electric, food, etc. My questions are: How else is a person to survive? Am I to find 'a full time job' while also being a 'full time student'? There is one problem with that though, and that is when you apply for financial aid, you are required to list your job and what you make. The purpose of this is 'to lower your financial aide' or deny altogether. Taxes are recorded, and your social is used as well. Not only that, but a 'student' is denied 'food stamps', because they receive financial aid. They must assume all students are sitting 'fat on the hog', but as 'anyone can see' this is just not the case.

I am facing 'eviction', because I moved into an apartment with the little bit of money that CTU Online gave me, and I am unable to keep up with the payments. This is not right to do to a 'full time student', and then force him 'to take fewer classes'! Who does that to people?

I would like to know, 'Where is my money'? Students at Tallahassee Community College (TCC) receive 5 or 6 grand a semester, as well as Florida State University and FAMU University receive more than I do, and they (except TCC) are better schools than CTU Online. This is robbery on a large scale, especially when 'my grades' are far superior to 95% of any student in the world! I was told that academics have nothing to do with financial aid, but I disagree. What would be the point to stay in school (and be poor and struggling) with high marks, but receive no 'incentives' to keep 'focus' on school? I ask that, because my current focus is on the rent and bills, because I may be homeless pretty soon!

My final words are that CTU Online has got 'It twisted', if they think that this behavior is 'ETHICAL'. This is pure evil in my opinion. I hope and pray that CTU Online does a better job in the future, taking care of their students, or their might come a day CTU Online may not have any students. I will continue to spread the message! Sincerely, Unsatisfied!

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5 out of 5
Degree: Information Technology
Graduation Year: 2014

I have been attending this university for two years now and can honestly say the university provides a quality education that is just as good or better than as a brick and mortar university. I attended Rutgers University and can compare the quality of education that they both provide.

If you are thinking online education is easier, you will be mistaken. CTU online curriculum is quite challenging, but the online resources that CTU provides and its award winning interactive learning environment is awesome. I highly recommend CTU, especially for the working adult or members of the armed forces, excellent university!!

4 out of 5

I started at CTU in 2009 with a degree plan of an AA in Business Administration. I decided to switch degrees later on which was a smooth transition within student services. I love the fact you are not required to take the fast track of 2 classes per session as I work 40 hours a week. The majority of my instructors have been great but I've a few that I feel didn't cover the curriculum well enough. Depending on your degree area will dedicate the amount of time you need to set aside each week for class.

I'm currently 3/4 of the way with my BS in Accounting and the labs that go along with some of the classes are the same type of hands on work you would experience in a traditional classroom setting. The titution rate is high for classes so if you can take general classes at a community college save yourself the money there.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2015

I have been atending CTU Online since Jan. 2012 I find it to be a great school for learning at your own pace.I have done school in the past and at 52 really already have the knowledge of the degree but dont have the degree. I could right a lot more but I won"t however if you are willing to work you will learn and EARN your degree at CTU.

4 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

I have been a student of CTU-Online since January 2011 and I am proud to state that I will be graduating with honors next week. Prior to enrolling with CTU I read countless reviews and found the same opinions that I do today. Many are pleased with their experience and others are furious that they had a poor experience. While apprehensive, I worked hard to ensure that I researched the school, asked questions if I had them and contacted faculty and staff I was unsure about the information.

I transferred into CTU with an Associate’s degree from a local community college and the experience went amazingly well. I was pleased to have my credits transfer, saving me time and money retaking courses. The enrollment counselors were friendly and informative, although I would add they were encouraging me to enroll-but that is there job.

Not having the ability to pay for the courses outright, I needed to utilize student loans. The process was explained to me and when I had questions while going through the paperwork- which were provided to me, I wasn’t just “signed up” for loans, my questions were answered promptly.

The course work was at times frustrating, with the correlation between the assignment’s and the underlying lessons being a bit unclear; but again this is nothing new to anyone that has graduated public schools. The instructors seemed to swing back and forth, some times they were phenomenal, others not so much. For a few courses I had professors that were working on their Doctorate and if I completed an assignment and was close- I received a high grade. Other instructors seemed to take things in their own direction and graded very harshly and lacked solid feedback for the grading. One thing that did frustrate me are the few “rogue” instructors that feel that they are going to change CTU’s process and teach the class how they feel it should be- causing for a bit of tension in the course and frustration with the students.

Yes tuition rose during my time here. Most schools tuition does rise incrementally and CTU was certainly not exception. Was the cost comparable to the education, at times yes and times no. With any school you are paying for the name and CTU’s cost’s seemed to rise as their popularity did. When I saw commercials on major tv channel’s I knew the cost’s would go up. I was however provided a notice that the cost’s were rising and was never caught off guard.

The live chats can be a great tool, if you use them. For me they were not, I rarely listened to them as I found that few of the professors utilized the time well. This is a tremendous resource however if you are struggling. During one math course I was having trouble and I was able to review the live chats repeatedly until I gained thorough comprehension over the subjects. Speaking honestly, the books were only used part of the time as well. If you are good at online research, you won’t need them 100% of the time.

The course work includes a TON of paper’s and I mean a lot. I didn’t mind this as I felt it was better to write about the topic rather than take a test. Some people do well, others not so much. Overall, the experience is what I made of it. Was it hard, yes. Did I have to work hard, yes. Were there times it was easy, of course. This program is like anything in life, if you work hard you will see positive results. Best of luck!!

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2015

I been attending CTUO since January 2012. I will like the school because the teacher are professional and very knowledgeable about the subjects the teach so far. When Need question answer they respond to me in a timely manner. Finanical Aid is easy to get. They give you many resources to learn the subject.

If you are not wiilling to put the time and effort into studying you can't pass the class. This school is just like any other college or univerisity. So don't waste your time if you are not going to study.

5 out of 5
Degree: Criminal Justice
Graduation Year: 2014

I am in my second year at CTU and, up until now,I have been pretty happy with the school. I always liked the fact that there are no tests administered in your classes.

Instead, you are given specific questions to expound on in a 2-4 page paper. So if you are good at researching and writing, then this school is a great choice.

But for me, after two years, I am tired of writing 4 papers per week (1 discussion paper and 1 individual project paper for 2 classes)and it seems that my tuition increases every quarter without notice. This website has the average yearly tuition at $11,000 or so, but it's more like $15,500 and rising. Explore other options for an online school before settling with this one. It is not for everyone!

5 out of 5
Degree: Forensic Science
Graduation Year: 2015

I am currently a student at CTU, and I have had nothing but great expieriences. CTU is not just an online school, they have classes on campus as well. I have been attending CTU for almost two years now and have had absolutly no problen with transferring credits, or applying for financial aid. All of my instructors are individuals who are very expierienced, and work in the field that they are teaching.

So far CTU has been very challenging and they require you to work very hard to earn your grade. If you are a person who feels like you can just go online and get a degree at this school without effort then this isn't the school for you. I have both online and on campus classes and so far the expierence has been quite a good one, and do expect to learn alot and work hard just like any other college or unversity would expect their students to do.

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