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4 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2011

I recently graduated with honors. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. APA about killed me but you better know it to get good grades with CTU. The staff have been great to work with. Instructors have been great. With any school, some great, some good and some I wish I never want again. If you have time to read your text books and write reports, go to this school. I have learned a lot!

4 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2011

I reviewed some of the responses that were left by students that previously attended CTU online and I must say that I am in agreement with those individuals who say it has been a pleasure attending CTU. I just graduated from CTU receiving my Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Management and I defintiely found the experience to be rewarding.

I experienced some difficulties with both the prior learning and financial aid divisions of the university but the quality of education that I received at CTU was great. The instructors were insightful and willing to work with students' who took it upon themselves to communicate their issues with them.

Here's some advice for prospective college students "be prepared to dedicate a significant amount of time to completing your course assignments because you will not be able to just do the bare minimium and expect to graduate, especially with an acceptable GPA".

The instructors did not just provide me with the answers to assignments; instead I had to respond to professional situations by applying the various business strategies and theories that were learned throughout the courses to resolve or address certain issues that arise within the business environment.

Do not get me wrong some online schools just require students to engage in busy work such as boring, repetitve discussion board assignments that monopolize your time; however, CTU's coursework challenges students to think and react to real world situations like they are actually the professional who is responsible for executing the specific job functions (e.g. CEO, CFO, Department Manager, etc...). Prior to completing my BSBA at CTU online I took and passed several college courses at a couple of traditonal universities such as Methodist University and I completed my Associate of Arts degree at the University of Phoenix and I must say that the quality of education that I obtained at CTU most closely resembled that of the traditional brick and mortar university.

I appreciate the time I spent at CTU and look forward to moving ahead into a graduate program.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2009/2010/2012

I have been attending CTU Online since 2006 and I have obtained my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, my Executive Master of Business Administration, and am currently pursuing my Master of Science in Project Management.

You get what you put into the course. If your participation, and willingness to learn is substandard, then you will incur substandard grades and substandard performances.

The Professors at CTU have many classes and just like a brick and mortar college, you will not be held by the hand however if you have a problem you can always email your professor and get clarification from them in order to be able to gain the information needed to be successful.

As I have read some of the issues and concerns from other previous and prior students about CTU, I must also add that CTU is not for everyone and you have have to have discipline and be very willing to do research and apply APA formatting to all of your work.

Lastly, and generally speaking as biased as it may sound CTU will separate the men from the boys everytime and if you are an adult worker and are seeking to change careers or advance your career CTU can be the place for you.

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1 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2013

I work full time so this school really helps me out with my hectic schedule. However, in my current time spent at CTU I have learned absolutely nothing and I will owe a ton of money by the time I'm finished. This degree is not seen as a regular degree and therefore still leaves many doors shut. If you are looking to advance within a company I believe this degree will help you. If you are planning on making a career change you had better do some networking first because most employers see this degree as a piece of scrap paper.

My advisor contacted me every couple days before I started classes. After I started I have not heard from him (I don't even remember his name). And the teachers just see you as a number. I have submitted several disputes to the professor's due to "pretyped critisism" and incorrect scores for my assignments. I almost failed a class because of this.

4 out of 5

The truth: If you are capable of self-study, people other than yourself consider you smart, and are in a situation where traditional schooling is not an option I would highly recommend this school. For-Profit schools don't necessarily 'lower' the academic bar, but they let alot more people jump over it. If you cannot invest about 15 hrs per class (CTU fast past is 2 classes for 5 weeks with one week off rotating)do not attend. You can pass by only studying a few hours a week (well maybe not everyone), but you'll have alot of debt with nothing to show. I have completed about a dozen classes; I have learned alot, but no thanks to anyone but myself and the books they send me.

Frankly, when I went to traditional schools it was the same way. If you take anything away from this post take this, some people are ment for higher education and some people aren't. If you barely graduated HS, or if you scrapped by with a GED do not attend. Like I said, they will let you graduate; but when it comes time to interview you'll be in bad shape.

However, if your a smart person that can't go to a 'walk-in' school and have self-control I stand by my word saying you'll learn alot from this University. You'll notice idiots in your classes, I mean complete morons; but you'll see idiots in a 'walk-in' school too, its just not as transparent.

4 out of 5

After starting and completing several classes at CTU, myself and several other students found ourselves in a very tight corner. The CTU advertisement offers the idea that a student can take classes when they need to take classes, however, that is not the case.

Daytime classes to start and when its time to take Capstone classes its night or online classes. Many will tell you that online classes are going to be the way to but NOT me. After speaking with an academic advisor (not the person to speak with about anything), I had to take my issues to the Dean. Still no help.

Beware that once you are in CTU its is very hard to transfer to another University and that you will only be able to take classes at night on online after you have already started. They say that they may be able to change the classes but they will not. Be very careful and good luck to anyone seeking an education through CTU.

4 out of 5

After finishing a BS in accounting and achieving Dean’s List status, I was told by several professional recruiting agencies that specialize in placement for accounting and finance majors that receiving a degree from CTU was not going to help me gain entry into the field. They told me that the coursework is usually considered substandard at the for-profits and that employers like to hire students that went to the same or similar schools that they themselves attended.

Their online platform was great but the curriculum was very lackluster. I completed the program with a few of the same students that I started with and it appeared as if everyone that made it to the final class graduated. I was disappointed by the fact that some of the students that were submitting substandard work at the beginning of the program had clearly not improved their writing or communication skills by the time the last class rolled around.

I guess that it should not surprise me that that the school has a bad reputation. I did have two really good instructors but that alone did not justify the grossly inflated price tag that went along with the degree. I even applied for an internship at Career Education Corporation (CTU’s parent company) and was not even allowed to interview. I guess they also have mixed feelings about the quality of the education that they are providing.

4 out of 5

Colorado Tech refused to accept a single credit hour from my state sponsored Bachelor's degree or my Masters Degree from the University of Phoenix. Aside from this, the admissions counselors were quite unresponsive. They didn't seemed interested in gaining this new student at all. I'm very disappointed they weren't willing to work with me.

4 out of 5

I normally don't like writing reviews, but thought that I should share a couple of things with the general pub,lic.

First, I want to tell you the good. Out of 5 classes, I had 4 amazing instructors. The way that the instruction and website are set up are very good.

Okay, now the bad. I had a question about my financial aid so I called in to speak with a Representative and reached Monica Perez. I don't know if God was testing my patience or what because this individual was very rude. I have never been talked to, like she talked to me at that moment by a school representative in any school.

Unfortunately though, I don't really have much to compare this to because it is the first University that I have attended. The cost of tuition is extremely ridiculous, and I was totally misled about financial aid. I am getting out of there now before I am totally in debt. I did find out that you can go to a community college and do online courses through them for next to nothing. Just thought I would provide some information that may help. ,/p>

4 out of 5

My personal experience was not entirely favorable with CTU online. I was only enrolled for two quarters and was somewhat pleased with most of the instruction that was provided. Problems arose when taking Problem Solving in Computer Programming. The instructor was not suited to present material to students. Although I am sure he is an expert in the computer related field, he is definitely not a good instructor. Having been disappointed with the class I determined that I should withdraw and find a more suitable school for my educational needs. It was at this point the trouble really began.

While I was attending CTU online, my tuition was being paid for through a state agency that provides educational assistance for disabled persons. At no point did I pay any tuition out of my own pocket and therefore was not aware of any of the transactions between CTU and the state agency. As far as I was made aware of, all costs were paid and up to date. This apparently was not the case. CTU contacted me regarding an outstanding balance and wanted me to pay it immediately. I advised the caller that the State of Ohio was the party paying the tuition and that they should cotact the agency that the school had already beeen dealing with. One week after the call I was contacted by a collection agency that did not want to hear any of this and advised me to pay immediately or my credit score will be destroyed by not paying.

Please note that the assumption that there was no balance due was also based on the fact that I obtained my transcripts from the school and their policy is that transcripts will not be released as long as there is an outstanding balance. If in fact a balance is due to the school, I have no problem making sure that it is dealt with. I very disappointed that the means by which the school chose to deal with this by sending it to a nasty collection agency instead of dealing with it themselves.

To anyone considering CTU online, this not to totally condemning the school. But by all means take this under advisement seriously look at all of your options before you make a move that you will be made to regret later.

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