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4 out of 5

I guess CTU would be alright if you didn't have a life. The whole experience was an expensive nightmare for me. I was working towards my MBA in Health Administration. ne prof didn't like it that I am an Introvert--said I didn't belong in Business; another prof barely spoke English and with my hearing problem I couldn't undestand a word she said, but CTU refused to let me transfer; another prof read my profile email wrong and instead of understanding me to say that I was not familiar with the subject, he thought I said that I alraedy knew all about it, suddenly I was failing his class--after getting A's and B's in the previous class taught by him--I had to take the class over with a different prof and I got a B--I turned in the same paper he had given me a D on to the new prof and got an A; then there was the prof who had just graduated from CTU with her Master's, saying she knew everything about online learning because she had done it heself at CTU.

She had no idea how to teach anybody--most of the students made formal complaints. Then let me tell you what happened when my husband died and I had to drop out because we had 3 small chilren. Evidently no one at CTU had planned on that happening and they had nothing to offer me on what to do about school in this situation.

I got behind making arrangements and they had nothing to offer but an extra week to make up two weeks at the end, but only if I could get the last week in within the next two days. When I couldn't do it they cancelled my financial aid and left me personally responible for the complete session. When I returned a few months later to finish my degree, the whole program had changed so much that I was told I couldn't get any credit for the year I had completed before my husband's death. I am left with nothing but a student loan bill of $15,000 and a $4,000 bill from CTU.

4 out of 5

I attended CTU from 2004 - 2008 earning my Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management. I chose the "hybrid" experience wherein I took some classes online and some classes on campus.

The bottom line with my education there, both online and on-the-ground was that it was a very positive experience. Did I encounter occasional problems with Financial Aid, paperwork and administrative issues? Of course! No system is perfect. But with persistence and cooperation I was able to work through all problems to a satisfactory conclusion.

I am now considering returning as an online only student to complete my Master's degree.

As noted elsewhere, an online only education takes a certain amount of self-discipline but I have found that if you're willing to make the effort the instructors will be more than happy to help you achieve.

4 out of 5

Although I feel that CTUO is a good online college, I would definitely recommend anyone going to any college check out the accreditation. Just because a school is accredited, it does not mean that the programs offered are accredited. I started the ASMBC program and with 9 classes remaining, CTUO is ending the program. YES, anyone already enrolled in the program can finish the program and get their associates degree and go on to be CPC certified.

In lieu of ending this program they added 2 others and neither one is accredited.

The program AHIT (Associates in Health Information Technology) for example, is not accredited by CAHIM. In other words, if you wanted to be RHIT or HIT certified, you would only be able to take the certification exams if the program you completed was CAHIM accredited. Granted, these are certifications that are not required, but they are highly favored by potential employers. Keep in mind that CAHIM and AHIMA are well known in the medical world for their accreditation.

Because I chose to go with another online college so that I can take courses accredited by this organization and become RHIT certified, I also found out that most of the courses I completed will not transfer because they were not CAHIM accredited. WOW!! Now I have to retake several classes and repay for them. BUT it was my choice so I pay for what I get and what I want.

Anyone who has completed the ASMBC programs will have to take additional courses that are CAHIM certified before they can take the exam to be RHIT or HIT certified.

Search over 222,000 programs:
4 out of 5

I would recommend CTU Online to anyone who is looking to continue their education at their own pace and on their own time. Of course you will have deadlines but compared to an "in-classroom" setting there really is not much expected. Many people feel that they did not get the full experience but it really comes down to will power and what you are willing to do to get to where you want to be. You are expected to read the reading materials, attend or view archived chats, and utilize their resources such as the library, tutorials, etc. If you do want to take the time to do so then you are wasting your own time and money.

Online schools are suppose to provide an option for those who can not attend a regularly scheduled class room. Those who have negative reviews fail to mention that they did not give their full potential and expect to pass by doing little to no work. I actually enjoy when I have an instructor who pushes us to our full potential because this shows they care and they expect us to be the same as if we were sitting in the class room listening to a lecture.

Online classes are not for everyone and this should be thought about before applying and attending CTU.

4 out of 5

I am an alumni of Colorado Technical University. I received my bachelors and masters degrees from CTU. I must say that the online experience fit my high paced work schedule.

I found the online classroom to be a great learning format no matter if I attended the live or recorded sessions. Teachers had work hours throughout my studies and would either answer my calls or return my calls by the next day. The ability to chat with other students online was also helpful. While doing assignments it was sometimes helpful to run a thought or maybe get some formatting input from my classmates.

Prior to attending CTU I attended the University of North Carolina (Brick and mortar) and University of Phoenix online. I found both the brick and mortar and online experiences had their advantages. None that would out weigh the other except versatility of online education is a plus for working professionals.

I received my bachelors degree in information technology and masters in project management. Both these fields fit within my current profession. Most of my professors were more seasoned in my field or had achieved higher status at the time I attended CTU. I found the knowledge of all my instructors was advanced in their field supported by student grading of professors preceding and after instructional periods.

The classroom knowledge was an extreme benefit to my career advancement but even more importantly was the professional up to date and most of the time currently in the profession details, incite and leadership talks the professors would lead into or talk about during instruction. Don't get me wrong, there were some professors I hated, especially the sticklers for APA and MLA formats. Then there were the professors that would not budge on due assignments.

Of course I can't forget the professors that counted every word on the weekly posts and ensured you were not rambling to meet the word requirement. The administration was also a hassle when payments were due. They would work with me though. Sometimes my job would not post my check for a month or two. But you know what, I got through it.

I went from a systems analyst to a senior systems analyst to a regional manager for two information technology companies.

I appreciate your negative comments and hope CTU staff is reading your negative comments also. Good remarks will never make us better.

4 out of 5

I am not surprised by the mixed reviews, however, I am shocked by the hostile attitude reflected.Your experience will differ because everyone is an unique vessel, to each their own. The best piece of advice I can offer is to find out whats most important for your needs. I love the flexibility, independence, and the fact that my schooling is paid for.

I work full-time, am actively involved in extra curricular activities and have a son so I need freedom. I hate discussion boards because I do NOT like being forced to interact and try to remain positive in an educational response.

However, with all the pros I receive from attending I can bear the pain. I started in January of this year in the 2+2 program and I will be done with everything in April 2012 if not sooner even though I had to take some time off to handle personal issues. I found that the more open communication you have and knowing the correct people to contact makes the process easier.

Over the years, my views have went from "I want to obtain the highest degree possible because I have the opportunity" to "what degree will can I get by with?" But my time at CTU has given me a little more faith to making my first dream a reality. I can obtain the highest degree with this opportunity and have freedom while doing it. Do not get discouraged in your search...

4 out of 5

Prior to enrolling with CTU I did an extensive internet research to get the good and the bad about the school. About 95% of the comments and ratings I found online were positive. The other 5% were ratings coming from students who expected to sign up, play Yahoo! games, and still get a good passing grade.

Lazy people will never achieve anything! Don't expect a handout.

4 out of 5

My own experience with CTU Online was not a terrible one, but it wasn't very fulfilling either. I attended this school as my first post secondary education. That was my first mistake. An online learning program is not a good choice for your first college experience. That goes for any online school, not just this one. I found that my biggest problem was not being able to focus all my attention on learning the material.

I'm not writing this review to bash the school, I just wasn't able to devote all my attention on the classwork. At the time I wrote this review, I had just withdrawn from the school to attend a local community college to learn instead.

I have heard some bad things about when you try to withdraw, saying that they drag the process out longer than it needs to be. That remains to be seen with me, but I feel that it won't take very long. The woman that I talked with when I asked to withdraw seemed a little disappointed, but she didn't go out of her way to convince me to stay. She did prod a little bit, but at that point I had already made up my mind.

For the actual "classroom" experience, I thought it left something to be desired. But, as for all online learning, you get what you put into it and I felt that I wasn't able to put my everything into the experience. I could not get as much out of it as other students seemed to. I didn't want to stay in school any longer and accrue more loans to repay, so I decided to withdraw now. I realize I have to pay back the loan, and I intend on doing so. I felt that some teachers did a less than stellar job of giving feedback after assignments. It seemed like the response given was sort of automated like a template.

I believe I had one teacher who for the grade feedback posted the entire rubric and didn't say anything in particular about my assignment. This isn't true for all teachers, as I had others that gave good feedback and actually wanted me to succeed. There was one teacher who for whenever I did an assignment he just stated what I did wrong and didn't tell me any strong points.

I felt that the live chat sessions were good for information, but they were hard to follow. I think you really have to focus on the material so you can learn it, which I couldn't do. It's not that I didn't want to do the work, I felt if I couldn't focus all my attention on the material, I wouldn't get the full experience out of it. I didn't want to get a job that I wouldn't be at least somewhat happy in. It seems like the financial aid department was a tad slow at getting things done. When I first enrolled, everything was done very quickly and I got started right away. But when the first session was over, it took them more than a month to get the financial aid award ready.

So to finish off, the school is not a bad one, if you have the ability to set aside time and devote your attention to it. I think it's a better option to further your education, not to earn your first degree. If your only a year or two removed from high school, your much better off going to local community college which is much cheaper than CTU Online. I definitely did learn some things, but I felt in the end it wouldn't be able to help me get the job I wanted.

4 out of 5

First off, most of these reviews that are so praising about Colorado Technical University Online are probably written by current employees of the University. I left CTU online back in June of 2010 with one class left to get my associates degree.

I left the school because they supported an instructor who continually lied. I do have all of the paper work and proof of his lies. During the withdrawl the student advising team told me that if I went to another school, it would cost more money and take a lot more time. Ironically, after speaking with the University of Phoenix, of which I am currently enrolled, I will graduate before I would have with CTU online and it will cost me less money.

Aside from the lies there accounting department is a joke. After leaving my account was zeroed out and the money was sent back to the lender. A month later they sent another $200 back to the lender and charged me for it threatening not to release my trascripts. I contacted the lender, and they did send the money back. The problem was that my lender had absolutely no idea why. I contacted student accounts and they said that Wells Fargo did an audit on the account upon withdrawl. After speaking with Wells Fargo and being assured that they do not do that I knew they were lieing once again.

The scary part about all of this is that CTU online teaches accounting. Hopefully, I am completely done with this school. By the way, to those that would say it was my fault, I left with a 3.95 GPA and was on the Dean's and Chancellor's list. Don't make the mistake of enrolling in this school like I did, and listen to the reviews of the people who worked there.

4 out of 5

Wow, some of the reviews given in this forum surprised me. As a recent MBA graduate of CTU, I have only positive feedback for those who are interested in attending this online school. I was very hesitant at first to take online classes since I lacked the patience and underestimated the power of the PC. I assumed that taking onlines classes would be a joke and that the degree earned would be of little value to me as a professional. I now understand that the coursework was probably harder online than it would have been in a traditional setting.

I say this because - as an online student, you must make the time to study and learn the materials given to you. The pace is fast and once you miss an assignment or two, it is very difficult to catch up. This means being able to manage your time effectively, prioritizing tasks, and completing the tasks by the deadline. However, I have had many professors who understand that those attending classes online do so because it is convenient as well as helpful in obtaining a degree without worries accompanied with having a large 'military' family like mine. I have had to suffer the loss of a few points because life is unpredictable and you just can't do everything on time. Instead you suck up the lost points and get it done. I was docked points, several times, for late submissions, but I was made aware before classes started that CTU has a strict policy on late submissions which included point reductions and other penalties. I did the work none the less and it was the quality of work I completed that got me good grades. No whining, no excuses...just good old fashioned hard work.

Now for the cost of an education with CTU... Yes, the fees and tuition are expensive, but aren't most traditional schools expensive as well? Even a great trade or vocational school have high costs associated with being a student. There are lab fees, textbooks, student and maybe parking fees, library fees, and much more! So if you total up your 'nuts and bolts'; the cost of attending a trade school or vocational school will likely cost you about the same or more depending on what you include in the total cost of tuition. CTU's tuition includes the books, technical support, application up-grades, APA pamphlets, and much more. You have to evaluate ALL of the costs incurred with attending classes online versus traditional or vocational schools to understand the bigger picture.

Another plus of going to school online is that they mail the textbooks to your door and offer virtual assistance in various forms (i.e. library, tutorials, live chat sessions, instant messaging, tech support, and so on). I appreciate the fact that I don't have to spend gas driving back and forth to campus and worrying about babysitting fees or daycare fees. Also, I can sit in my PJ's late at night with a snack on hand while I complete discussion board postings to my peers or do research online for upcoming assignments. No need to get dressed to go out to the campus library or pay for snacks at a vending machine or snack bar (which are always over priced). So as far as value is concerned - each student should determine for themselves what they are willing to pay for and trade in terms of overall cost and convenience.

Depending on your financial status, the cost of a higher education differs from one student to the next. I have been fortunate since I was a stay at home mom with five children who also is a military spouse. I was offered a mixture of financial assistance in the form of grants, scholarships (which I applied for and received), and other financial aid, such as student loans. The cost of obtaining a higher education is not as expensive for me as it is for those who may have more financial strength and no children. CTU's financial aid department worked with me and provided me with excellent resources to apply for additional funding such as military spouse scholarships and grants based on my education, GPA, work experience, and military status. The student advisor appointed to me, did not 'sell' CTU's program, rather he advised me of what to expect as an online student. Not one minute did he emphasize the importance of being paid the $50.00 admissions fee, which by the way is nominal compared to the admissions fees required by other traditional colleges. In fact, the $50.00 fee was waived because of my military spouse status. Again, each student's needs are different, therefore the fees and tuition will be different at the end of the program. You cannot base your decision to attend online classes soley on the opinions of a few disgruntled students who may have had to pay more because they did not ask the questions about what they may have potentially qualified for in terms of scholarships or grants. The leg work cannot be accomplished for have to ask and then set a goal to apply for those scholarships and grants yourself. As far as the professional staff, I have taken many classes with CTU over the last few years and can honestly say that there was only one incident where I was totally dissatisfied with my instructor. He taught a business course and provided little to no communication or feedback to the class. A few classmates and I used instant messaging to inquire about overdue grades and the lack of communciation with the instructor to student advisors which helped to expedite the grading process, but did little to encourage feedback from him during the course. Many of my classmates, to include myself completed the course and emailed our negative experiences to the student advisors. The rest of the professional staff and instructors I had were terrific in every way. Yes, they all have different interpretations of APA, but CTU provides you with the links and booklets to get you using APA consistently. Many times, my professors would provide examples of what they expected as far as APA formatting which I used as guidelines to get me going. Now, I can do APA formatting in my sleep. It's not that tough and again, you have to learn the trade, it's not done for you.

Now, as far as the remark about the'no asking questions during a live chat session' from an earlier post; here are my thoughts... I have never had a professor state that those attending the live chat sessions could not ask questions. In fact, every instructor, excluding the one I previously talked about, highly encouraged participation during the live chats so that they could gauge whether or not the students were understanding the material. Each of my instructors provided powerpoint presentations, used the white board, and other tools or applications to get us to understand the course materials in order to accomplish each task. Instructor files with notes or ppt's were always made available on the course home page under the intructor files area, so the need to listen to the live chats not a big deal. It still astonishes me that someone would post the statement that an instructor advised them not to ask questions and that the instructor read verbatim out of a textbook. Not once, did this happen to me in any of my courses with CTU. Not once.

Overall, my experience with CTU has been terrific and I highly recommend this online university to anyone willing to work hard to earn their degree and achieve their goals. On a side note, I graduated summa cum laude in my undergraduate program at UCSD and earned an MBA with CTU with a 3.90 GPA. Nothing is impossible...You have to want it, work at it, and mean it in order to achieve it.

Good luck to those of you willing to take that step towards a higher education! Go get 'em!

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