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4 out of 5

Well I am currently attending CTU for my MBA. I have been reading over some of the other reviews and I found them to be very interesting so I wanted to add my comments.

I have used the live chat sessions during some of the classes and some of them I found them to be a waste of time. When you are on the college level and a responsible adult many times you don't need to listen to an instructor facilitate you learning what you as a student should be able to learn on your own.

I found attending school during my Bachelor's a waste of my time because I sat in class for four hours listening to a facilitator talk and I could have been taking care of my family or working or doing anything but sitting in a classroom. Some students may need this because they may not be on the same learning level.

CTU is an accredited school. The enrollment process was great for me because I knew what I wanted and did my research before I signed up. The working world is growing so rapidly that many should realize that an AS, AA, or even a Bachelor's is not going to cut it. You are competing with so many that already have a Bachelor's so you need a Master's plus experience. I read so of the people that were upset that CTU did not explain that to you. Well when you pick up the newspaper and read that you need five plus years of experience and a Bachelor's or Master's degree you should know for yourself that settling for a AS or AA is not going to cut it, so go into the enrollment process knowing that you need to aim higher than a AS or AA.

I think CTU has provided a great learning environment for me to achieve my own personal educational goals. The facilitators at CTU is not there to do the work for you be they do give you back ground information and help you along the way. I have never sent a facilitator a question in the 1 year that I have been attending and not received a response. I have also asked questions during the live chat sessions and received immediate responses. I love the originality check because it really helps you to be honest in your work and all previous similar work shows up on the checks. I went to another University that offered this service and it was not as thorough as the CTU program.

I know that there may be so questionable tactics behind the scenes that allow some students to get into the online programs that maybe should not be there because my husband enrolled as well and we have had many laughs from some of the poor writing techniques of some of the students that were in his classes but then I begin to think about how were these students able to pass a simple high school English class to get their high school diploma but I believe everyone deserves an education and as educators CTU and all educational facilities should work to help the under achievers become achiever. I don’t believe that this is a problem just for nontraditional schools but I have seen personally first hand some of this going on in tradition community colleges and traditional universities.

This is a problem in general that starts from elementary school all the way to the top level. Students are passed when they do not deserve to, students are passed by that need extra help, adult learners needing to further their education are accepted into a learning program that it not ready for their college math class or cannot properly put together a research paper and properly make in-text citations or create a reference paper.

I have enjoyed my time at CTU and with three more classes to go I want to let everyone out there know that when my work was subpar my grades reflected that and when I worked very hard and followed the assignment requirements my grades reflected that as well. There are no easy "A" when you don't do the work you don’t get the good grades has been my experience. The career resources, virtual library, and many other resources have been helpful and just topping on the educational degree that I will receive from an accredited school.

4 out of 5

I have attended CTU, both on-site and on-line. I have to say the on-line is not much of a learning experience.

The courses are very short, have very little practical applicability and almost no feedback. You are asked to read some stuff, do a paper or a powerpoint,and you get a grade. Why that grade and what did you do right or wrong to get the grade - who knows.

You just get the grade - usually enough to keep you attending, and that's it. You will never get the feedback you need to improve your understanding or do better in your job.

4 out of 5

I find it amazing how many whiners get on a review site and complain about how bad their experience was at a certain school. I attended CTU 2009 - 2010 to finish up my bachelor's degree. The experience was wonderful, contrary to what the whiners say the course work was very challenging and not once did an instructor read from a book.

Look folks, online learning is not for everyone as it takes tremendous dedication to a process that offers much less support than a brick and mortar classroom. For those of you say you had a bad experience my condolences. You probably were lazy from the start and find that you need to place blame on the school instead of yourself for poor performance. Hey I can understand as I have small children that do the same type of blaming.

Finally, I found CTU to be a great school that offers "ADULT" learners the chance to earn a degree in a non-traditional format while continuing with the riggers of real life. Beware of the blamers and whiners as they are lazy people just trying to steer others from succeeding educationally online!!!

Search over 221,000 programs:
4 out of 5

I have read many of the negative reviews here and must say "wow!" I am currently attending CTU Online and have NOT had any of the experiences these negative reviewers relate. I have never once had a professor "read from a book" in the LCS.

I have found that (in my case) the student advisors have been forthcoming and very helpful. I have not had even one experience with someone being rude to me because I needed help. In fact, the advisors went out of their way to help me on every issue.

Once, I wanted to change my schedule of classes at the last minute and it was done almost IMMEDIATELY with no arguments. I needed to scale down to one class at a time because I was overwhelmed due to work (and some other issues) and the school was more than willing to accomodate my request.

I changed one class in the first week because I found that I was unprepared for the material (I went to the Learning Labs to correct this) and the advisors took care of that WITHIN MINUTES. I failed one class (got an "F") due to non-attendance (had a family emergency) but have been allowed to retake the course (getting an "A" in it now) and was able to reschedule with NO problems whatsoever.

BTW, the failure in that class was through no fault but my own. I was completely responsible for this and am now being given the chance to correct it. The one thing I have found annoying up to this point, however, is that it does seem there are lots of people who attend the LCS (By the way, contrary to the claims of one reviewer here, you CAN ask questions in the Live Chats. That is what the LCSs are for!) who are of low intelligence or who are there simply to socialize rather than learn.

It is really annoying when attending an LCS and some students are using the Chat Pod to have conversations that have nothing to do with the subject. This is really disruptive to the classes when allowed to get away with this. The only other complaint I might have would be that I had a teacher recently who seemed to think the class was more like a mission field where she would subtly (or not so subtly) be constantly talking about "The Lord" and other religious stuff.

Spending the first half hour of a chat talking about your religious faith when we are there to learn about Professional Communications is not cool. Other than that, I ahve CTU Online to be an excellent school! You do have to actually work to get your degree here, so be warned of that...

4 out of 5

I have read many of the reviews on this website and others, out of all of them one may notice that a good portion are negative. This is to be expected, most people that are currently attending the school are not posting anything. I believe it is because they are gaining an education and do not have the time to complain about it.

Now,of course, that is a blanket statement; however, I would like to share my experience with the school. A little background... I am a disabled Marine Veteran that decided to go to school after I returned from my second tour in the middle east. Members of the military live under very different circumstances, and with my service connected disabilities my choices of schools were limited.

I started with CTU online in Jan 2005 and was attempting to attend during my last employment. There are not many colleges in the Desert, so online seemed my only choice. After my contract had ended, I returned to Denver with my family and tried to attend Metro College of Denver in a program that I had five years of classes and experience on with the Marines.

And they told me that although I had been performing the job for years and had gained many dept of education accreditted courses, they would only transfer 9 out of my almost 100 credits I earned while serving my country. And no, it was not for my major in airframes it was for electives in marksmanship and physical education.

After that slap in the face I returned to CTU online. Between the age of 24 and 29 I will have been able to complete my BS in Management with honors, my MSM and my MBA. The first two were through the online campus and the MBA I am taking at the ground campus. I have recieved multiple job offers with my degrees and currently work for the city in an upper management position making around 76,000 per year.

The fact is the Degree gets you the interview and it is the interview that gets you the job. In fact, starting in a week I will be accepting a position with a group in Denver that works with developmental disabilities, specifically returning Veterans from OEF-OIF, my degrees may have gotten my application to the right people, but the knowledge that I have brought with those degrees is why I am where I am.

So for those that have a bad taste in there mouth about CTU Online, try looking from the outside in; life is what you make of it. If the only thing you have to offer Boeing or some other fortune 500 company is a piece of paper, you have a way to go. And for those that think that going to school online is a joke, try sticking it out with three kids and a full time job. And from someone that has done both online and ground campus schools, no this, online is far more difficult.

It requires more discipline and more dedication than most brick and mortar schools. Is the school expensive, yes, does it require testing, sometimes, does that make it a horrible school where no learning occurs, absolutely not. Testing can be crammed for and cheated on, but large amounts of homework and group projects give you the crash course on life.

For those of us that live in the business world, we can all agree that the amount of work we do compared to the amount of tests we take is not even worth trying to calculate. The real world wants to know what you can produce not what you can remember for a 45min period after staying up all night cramming.

The best advise I can give is look ahead and find out what you want, trying to find out when paying private institution tuition is not fiscally responsible. In addition, try taking responsibility for your own choices, you are your best advocate, and in the world of business those mean old admission advisors are the least of your problems. I want to thank you all for your opinions, but just don't let it consume you.

4 out of 5

I have just completed my BS in IT at CTUOnline. This is not my first degree and I have attended traditional brick and mortar schools as well. CTUOnline is a challenging to say the least school. If you are not willing to be self motivated and do the research needed to complete assignments and attend class I promise you WILL fail.

For some reason people tend to think that a degree from this school is a walk in the park but honestly when compared to traditional institutions it is much more difficult.

The group projects are horrific but if anyone has ever worked on a project in their job you deal with the same issues of people that work and others that are slack. But that just goes back to there are people willing to work for their degree and those who ride on the coat tails of serious students.

This is my suggestion for anyone looking at attending CTUOnline. If you are serious, self motivated and willing to work for your degree then you will do very well.If you are wanting somewhere that you are spoon fed your education and are given passing grades for poor work do everyone a favor and go to another school.

4 out of 5

I originally wrote on this site and just wanted to add that since my first posting, I received GREAT news!! I will be graduating with my Associates degree in September 2010, instead of August 2011...The reason being...well because this University, appreciated all of the hard college credits that I have earned over the years and applied them to my academic program.

Talk about an incentive to finish and continue on with my Bachelor's degree program..I am HYPED!! Thank you CTUO!! Me and CTU are PERFECT together!!

4 out of 5

I have read a number of reviews on this site with interest. I am not an employee of CTU in any way. I got my Bachelor's and my Master's at CTU. I don't understand how someone could have gotten their Associates and never received the degree as one poster stated, unless they haven't fully paid the tuition.

A standard practice at all universities is to not release the diploma until after full payment has been received. If that isn't the problem then something is clearly wrong. I had no problem receiving either of my diploma's in the mail.

Many have complained regarding grades and instructors. I had some excellent instructors. I also had a few less than excellent. It is like this anywhere you go.

As far as the student who complained that instructors were given too much freedom to interpret assignments and decide on grading, it seems that is to be expected as well. I found it essential to attend the first class live chat in order to get a good understanding of what each instructor expected/required for their class.

I graduated from both my BS and my MSM with a 4.0. This school expects a lot of hard work. They don't just give their grades/credits away.

One thing that is critical to success here is to turn in all assignments on time. It is a demanding work schedule, true. Still to be successful one must be fully committed to keeping this work schedule.

I don't regret my time with CTU for one minute. I am going to pursue a PhD. Unfortunately, CTU doesn't have a PhD in what I want so I will need to go elsewhere.

Oh, group projects absolutely are miserable. Even if CTU had the PhD of my choice, if it included group projects, I would probably go elsewhere. Group projects aside. This is an excellent school.

4 out of 5

I cannot believe some of the things being said about this school on this website. I am wondering if they are talking about the same school that I just graduated from, because it cannot be so. I had an overall great experience at this school.

I had one bad teacher, I called student advising and explained what I thought was wrong, and the powers-that-be took care of the problem. If I had a grade that I did not agree with, I asked for explanation and the grade was either changed due to a mistake, or I was given a proper explanation.

Everytime I called student advising with a problem, it was taken care of right away. I love the learning labs they provide, they offer Microsoft Office learning labs and labs that help you in your classes. They also provide you with Microsoft Office suite, I know I was being charged for it, but it is put into my tuition where I don't have to worry about paying for it for awhile.

My sister goes to Kaplan and they did not provide that software to her, I went and gave her my disk to install in her computer. I did not like the group projects, but the teachers understood and graded what you attempted to do.

This school was challenging and it took a lot of hard work to get my well earned grade point average, but I definately had a great experience at this school. My sister is also paying a lot more to go to Kaplan University, and Colorado Technical University offers much more resources.

4 out of 5

I don't know who the people are writing favorable descriptions of Colorado Technical University Online, but they can't possibly be telling the truth.

CTU Online is the biggest ripoff! I spent over $20,000.00. I have a GPA of 3.56 and no degree.

The story is much to long to put in print, but they screwed me on my transcript by showing I was dismissed once for some silly 150% rule they have about withdrawing from courses. This "bad mark" on my transcript is keeping me out of other colleges and universities.

I say you better check them out thoroughly before you buy into there school. You will get ripped, I am not the only one. If you want further details, I will only be happy to provide them. Feel free to contact me. Don't trust them, I am telling you the truth. I dare them to call me a liar!

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