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4 out of 5

I have read many of the reviews on this website and others, out of all of them one may notice that a good portion are negative. This is to be expected, most people that are currently attending the school are not posting anything. I believe it is because they are gaining an education and do not have the time to complain about it.

Now,of course, that is a blanket statement; however, I would like to share my experience with the school. A little background... I am a disabled Marine Veteran that decided to go to school after I returned from my second tour in the middle east. Members of the military live under very different circumstances, and with my service connected disabilities my choices of schools were limited.

I started with CTU online in Jan 2005 and was attempting to attend during my last employment. There are not many colleges in the Desert, so online seemed my only choice. After my contract had ended, I returned to Denver with my family and tried to attend Metro College of Denver in a program that I had five years of classes and experience on with the Marines.

And they told me that although I had been performing the job for years and had gained many dept of education accreditted courses, they would only transfer 9 out of my almost 100 credits I earned while serving my country. And no, it was not for my major in airframes it was for electives in marksmanship and physical education.

After that slap in the face I returned to CTU online. Between the age of 24 and 29 I will have been able to complete my BS in Management with honors, my MSM and my MBA. The first two were through the online campus and the MBA I am taking at the ground campus. I have recieved multiple job offers with my degrees and currently work for the city in an upper management position making around 76,000 per year.

The fact is the Degree gets you the interview and it is the interview that gets you the job. In fact, starting in a week I will be accepting a position with a group in Denver that works with developmental disabilities, specifically returning Veterans from OEF-OIF, my degrees may have gotten my application to the right people, but the knowledge that I have brought with those degrees is why I am where I am.

So for those that have a bad taste in there mouth about CTU Online, try looking from the outside in; life is what you make of it. If the only thing you have to offer Boeing or some other fortune 500 company is a piece of paper, you have a way to go. And for those that think that going to school online is a joke, try sticking it out with three kids and a full time job. And from someone that has done both online and ground campus schools, no this, online is far more difficult.

It requires more discipline and more dedication than most brick and mortar schools. Is the school expensive, yes, does it require testing, sometimes, does that make it a horrible school where no learning occurs, absolutely not. Testing can be crammed for and cheated on, but large amounts of homework and group projects give you the crash course on life.

For those of us that live in the business world, we can all agree that the amount of work we do compared to the amount of tests we take is not even worth trying to calculate. The real world wants to know what you can produce not what you can remember for a 45min period after staying up all night cramming.

The best advise I can give is look ahead and find out what you want, trying to find out when paying private institution tuition is not fiscally responsible. In addition, try taking responsibility for your own choices, you are your best advocate, and in the world of business those mean old admission advisors are the least of your problems. I want to thank you all for your opinions, but just don't let it consume you.

4 out of 5

I have just completed my BS in IT at CTUOnline. This is not my first degree and I have attended traditional brick and mortar schools as well. CTUOnline is a challenging to say the least school. If you are not willing to be self motivated and do the research needed to complete assignments and attend class I promise you WILL fail.

For some reason people tend to think that a degree from this school is a walk in the park but honestly when compared to traditional institutions it is much more difficult.

The group projects are horrific but if anyone has ever worked on a project in their job you deal with the same issues of people that work and others that are slack. But that just goes back to there are people willing to work for their degree and those who ride on the coat tails of serious students.

This is my suggestion for anyone looking at attending CTUOnline. If you are serious, self motivated and willing to work for your degree then you will do very well.If you are wanting somewhere that you are spoon fed your education and are given passing grades for poor work do everyone a favor and go to another school.

4 out of 5

I originally wrote on this site and just wanted to add that since my first posting, I received GREAT news!! I will be graduating with my Associates degree in September 2010, instead of August 2011...The reason being...well because this University, appreciated all of the hard college credits that I have earned over the years and applied them to my academic program.

Talk about an incentive to finish and continue on with my Bachelor's degree program..I am HYPED!! Thank you CTUO!! Me and CTU are PERFECT together!!

Search over 220,000 programs:
4 out of 5

I have read a number of reviews on this site with interest. I am not an employee of CTU in any way. I got my Bachelor's and my Master's at CTU. I don't understand how someone could have gotten their Associates and never received the degree as one poster stated, unless they haven't fully paid the tuition.

A standard practice at all universities is to not release the diploma until after full payment has been received. If that isn't the problem then something is clearly wrong. I had no problem receiving either of my diploma's in the mail.

Many have complained regarding grades and instructors. I had some excellent instructors. I also had a few less than excellent. It is like this anywhere you go.

As far as the student who complained that instructors were given too much freedom to interpret assignments and decide on grading, it seems that is to be expected as well. I found it essential to attend the first class live chat in order to get a good understanding of what each instructor expected/required for their class.

I graduated from both my BS and my MSM with a 4.0. This school expects a lot of hard work. They don't just give their grades/credits away.

One thing that is critical to success here is to turn in all assignments on time. It is a demanding work schedule, true. Still to be successful one must be fully committed to keeping this work schedule.

I don't regret my time with CTU for one minute. I am going to pursue a PhD. Unfortunately, CTU doesn't have a PhD in what I want so I will need to go elsewhere.

Oh, group projects absolutely are miserable. Even if CTU had the PhD of my choice, if it included group projects, I would probably go elsewhere. Group projects aside. This is an excellent school.

4 out of 5

I cannot believe some of the things being said about this school on this website. I am wondering if they are talking about the same school that I just graduated from, because it cannot be so. I had an overall great experience at this school.

I had one bad teacher, I called student advising and explained what I thought was wrong, and the powers-that-be took care of the problem. If I had a grade that I did not agree with, I asked for explanation and the grade was either changed due to a mistake, or I was given a proper explanation.

Everytime I called student advising with a problem, it was taken care of right away. I love the learning labs they provide, they offer Microsoft Office learning labs and labs that help you in your classes. They also provide you with Microsoft Office suite, I know I was being charged for it, but it is put into my tuition where I don't have to worry about paying for it for awhile.

My sister goes to Kaplan and they did not provide that software to her, I went and gave her my disk to install in her computer. I did not like the group projects, but the teachers understood and graded what you attempted to do.

This school was challenging and it took a lot of hard work to get my well earned grade point average, but I definately had a great experience at this school. My sister is also paying a lot more to go to Kaplan University, and Colorado Technical University offers much more resources.

4 out of 5

I don't know who the people are writing favorable descriptions of Colorado Technical University Online, but they can't possibly be telling the truth.

CTU Online is the biggest ripoff! I spent over $20,000.00. I have a GPA of 3.56 and no degree.

The story is much to long to put in print, but they screwed me on my transcript by showing I was dismissed once for some silly 150% rule they have about withdrawing from courses. This "bad mark" on my transcript is keeping me out of other colleges and universities.

I say you better check them out thoroughly before you buy into there school. You will get ripped, I am not the only one. If you want further details, I will only be happy to provide them. Feel free to contact me. Don't trust them, I am telling you the truth. I dare them to call me a liar!

4 out of 5

I recommend CTU Online for anyone seeking a quality education. CTU Online has been my only online educational experience thus far. I have to admit that I am considering another Online University to obtain my MBA, but have not excluded CTU as one of my choices. I got my BSBA at CTU Online and it was a pleasant but challenging experience.They have an excellent Virtual Campus, everything a student may need to be successful is there. Students have the opportunity to communicate with other students and instructors. The only real problems that I have had with the school is when I signed up for the Master's Advantage Program, for some reason the Financial Aid staff had a problem applying to correct tuition amount to my loans; however, they did get the figures corrected. Another situation I had a problem with, is that for whatever reason, they did not acknowledge my honors in the Virtual Graduation Ceremony in the March 24, 2010 graduation class. Again though, they have informed me that this matter has been addressed and corrected and that I can view it in the May 22, 2010 Virtual Graduation Ceremony. So, they are capable of making mistake like any other institution or human being, but they do take action to correct a bad situation. So I do not understand the negative comments stating that they do not care about the students. All my professors or instructors, except one, were very good at communicating with me and doing whatever they could to help me achieve my educational goals. The course assignments are challenging, and that is what should be expected from a college student. So I would recommend CTU Online to anyone seeking a quality education and believe I will take my MBA Program there. CTU Online faculty, I would like to thank you for everything all of you have done to help me be successful with achieving my BSBA at CTU Online. Please keep up the good work because students that are not looking for the easy way out will appreciate CTU Online educational programs.

4 out of 5

The need to voice an opinion is a right each American is afforded in our country. In an online university this right is handled much differently. The system in place may not be easy to work in or provide the response a student needs in a timely manner.

My experience at CTUO has been great until this session culminating the fourth week of a five and a half week session. I am trying to work within CTUO system of communication which relies heavily on the continuing student advising department. I want to be the person who is part of the change I want to see. In addition I want to realize and achieve my goal to advocate for my self and other students, current and future at CTUO.

I have done well in the CTUO learning environment the first three sessions. Now at the end of my fourth session I am in jeopardy of tanking my 3.7 GPA. I have experienced two instructors who have abused the power at each of their discretion's this session. My degree program is the ASMBC. I have taken two courses in HIT.

My experience last session in the introductory class to health care systems compelled me to contact student advising in regard to the number of chats an instructor must give according to CTUO protocol. I learned that instructors interpret rules and expectations differently. this is a learning experience we all encounter in our daily lives along with in our work environments.

I received replies from Student Advising and a very quick response from the Ombudsman department. The HIT 101 class experience enabled me to see how CTUO does not maintain consistency in instructor compliance and it is the role of the student to bring this to CTUO's attention. The instructor did make up the chats she canceled due to illness at the end of the session the last two days after assignments were due to the university. I was able to get my questions resolved and received phone responses and emails from IQA.

This session has been a new experience. I am a persistent student who appreciated having two instructors who were "on the same page." I discovered that CTUO instructors can be allowed to use their discretion in many different ways. I would like to see consistency enforced "across the board."

An advisor whom I found very helpful stated that change would take time. CTUO has 35,000 students I was told by two different advisors in back to back conversations on Sun and Mon. An example is similarity scores. OV scores were enforced for the first time. Scores of 24% or less were acceptable and my BIO161 professor allowed students to fix assignments exceeding the limit and resubmit them for grading.

Although the threat of having 50% taken off the top of your grade is a big incentive to work on your assignment to comply with OV standards. This professor is a case in point.

She was removed from another section of BIO161 mid session. My section of BIO was informed by email from the instructor if we her students continued to send her multiple emails she would not allow more than one submission in the future. Another point is the inconsistency this instructor maintained throughout the session with assignment (assn) expectations.

She constantly verbally altered the task list. For example on a Ph 1 DB assn she gave us extended direction beyond the two conditions the task list stated to discuss and relate more severe conditions the patient may have. This instructor told us if we did not go further than diagnosing hypertension we would not do well on the assn.

Ironically this assn was related to a Ph 4 IP assn which was appropriate and allowed the student in this class to grow and learn as the session progressed. I was bothered by the instructor expecting performance on a Ph 1 assn to parallel the requirements on a ph 4 assn.

Grading was inconsistent in both of my classes this session. In addition responses to my emails directed to both instructors went unanswered at eh beginning of session well past the 48 hr required response time. Calls to Student Advising appeared to provoke responses to my emails and my classmates emails.

The number one lesson I can relate is to network with your fellow students. If your CTUO instructor does not answer your questions posed in emails, questions during chats, refers you to the archived chats for clarification, and responds to your assignment questions for clarification in his or her grading comments keep asking, contact student advising, pursue the issue to be forwarded to IQA and remember the ombudsman system.

The ombudsman department may seem an "after the fact" choice but I plan to pursue my issues through their grievance process. IQA has not addressed my issues directly, communication has taken place solely via student advising and I have had to initiate communication by phone or by email to get a response from IQA in regard to any decision or communication about my issues.

Today I received a response back to my inquiry due to my HIT 115 instructor refusing to grade assn I was granted an extension on during the third week of classes. Do not depend on an instructor to communicate with you.

IQA's decision is to let the instructor grade assignments at her discretion. The CTUO late policy state the deductions for up to 6 days. This instructor refused to grade any of my assn that were past this 6 day period. Her only communication was placed in the instructor comments in the grade book. She placed the deadline at the sixth day. I later found this statement after submitting my assn on the 7th day. I looked at the grade book to see if she had graded my assn. and discovered the comment 3 days after I had submitted my assn.

Phone calls to student advising produced no response from IQA until I received the email today. I have a D in a class now on my record that I began the session with grades of B, B+, and B. Classes with 8 assn for a total of 1000 pts are greatly affected when two of these assn are refused to be graded by the instructor.

Listen to the first class chat of the session and take heed of the instructors policies. Do NOT ASSUME anything.

My BIO161 grade is in worse shape. I do not know the outcome of CTUO decision in regard to my assn in that class either. I have grades for the first 3 assn but find myself in the same situation with the assn I requested extensions for plus have not received any grades for assn submitted following these assignments. I have continued to check the grade book but have not seen any changes to the 5 Fs for Phases 3-5 assns. I have found this experience very disheartening.

I had professors whom I communicated my family emergency last Dec-Jan who were very different than the two I have had this session. I do not know how these two classes will affect my academic plan. The D grade in HIT is not the kind of grade I view as passing. I did "jump through the hoops" to provide documentation of the family illness, hospitalization and treatment in which I was involved.

I have provided documentation to both professors and obtained a doctors note which I faxed to Student Service Mon afternoon. I learned that there is a separate fax number for student advising listed beneath Tech Support on CTUO campus home page. The phone number, DD number are the same but the fax number is different than the fax number listed under student services for student advising.

Lesson "read the fine" print scroll down, investigate further than the first information you find!

I am confused and plan to follow through in the pursuit of my situation and will use the ombudsman system as necessary.

I agree with many of the opinions expressed in this forum. As individual we must take the time to do research to enable good decision making. CTUO is expensive. My confusion in regard to Financial Aid center around my pell grant. At CTUO I receive a grant slightly over $2000 annually.

At the community college I attended from 2003-06 I received this amount each semester. I cannot get an answer at CTUO to explain this discrepancy.

I agree with the opinions regarding the outstanding performance of admissions advisors. In my case I would not be attending CTUO if not for the exemplary attention I have received from my advisor. He still calls me to check in. His description of my experience with my HIT 101 professor was this is an isolated incidence not the "norm" for CTUO. I agree even more with his statement after this session.

I cannot in good conscience penalize all CTUO professors for the performance of the two professors I had this session.

The online learning environment as a whole at CTUO has been very good for me. I could not have performed in such an environment 4-7 yrs ago upon returning to school to complete a degree. My choices in life led me far astray of my original education plans.

I put my education on hold; married at 20; had my children at 22, 24,26, and 29; divorced at 33, moved home with my parents to pursue my education; struggled stopped school; returned to the work force to have a job I enjoyed as a temp at a animal health pharmaceutical company to be disappointed in the company's purchase/merger preventing my full-time employment; to change jobs requiring relocation; disappointment in an unprofessional veterinarian and work environment; and to discover CTUO to continue my pursuit of a degree.

My children have been resistant and disrespectful in the past 5 months as I attend CTUO. Teens are that way, gotta love 'em. My oldest child, daughter graduates from high school Sat. She was amazed at the homework load I had. Her high school teachers stated that college does not have much homework.

She observed my efforts and the due dates of up to four assignment for two classes on the same day and was baffled by these facts. I told her times have changed. On-site classes require attendance to maintain your financial aid. Students who do not attend class or chats are only hurting themselves.

The online learning environment requires dedication, persistence, time management and the ability to self-initiate along with self-motivation. I compare a students will to wrestling, it is up to you whether it is to be, on the mat it is you, your opponent, a referee and the time clock. You get out of your experience what you put into it. The effort you put forth is your hope of a positive outcome.

In the "real world" life comes in different shapes and sizes. Your reaction to the challenge is what you make of your experience. A person can throw in the towel and walk away or stay and fight for what you believe in. Ultimately anything in life will not BE if you don't put forth the effort to make it BE for you!

The example that you set for yourself, your family, children, co-workers, friends, students and instructors will leave its mark. Proactive steps are available to each and everyone of us. Take the time to decide for yourself and pursue your goal. "If it is to be it is up to me."

Remember to "work smarter not harder." The ultimate lesson I have learned is to prioritize. Working ahead on assignments is beneficial. When and unforeseen event happens you have a fail safe. Don't count on leniency. Vague communication makes for assumptions. Don't ASSUME anything!

4 out of 5

If CTU was terrible for some, that is unfortunate. However, I have been enrolled since last October and the experience has been great. Graduate on June 23, 2010 with Associates in General Studies and plan to continue for Bachelor's in Property Management.

4 out of 5

I enrolled at Colorado Technical University Online (CTUO) after being out of school for 24 years. I was impressed with the advisor and their virtual campus. They have all the tools necessary to help you become successful. I also liked the virtual commons where you get to meet other students and join clubs.

After reading some of the reviews, I became apprehensive about continuing. I immediately decided to withdraw in part because of the negative responses and probably mostly out of fear; not wanting to participate in group projects.

I cannot say anything negative about CTUO because I have not had the experience of attending other schools to say whether or not the way CTUO grade their students is a reason for concern. I can agree that I have worked very hard to earn the grades that I received. I was not pleased with some of the point deductions; but I still received a A.

I agree with those opinions that anything worth having will not come easy. CTUO requires a lot of hard work and exceptional time management. You must be able to keep a manageable file system for all of the task assignments as well.

In closing, I am rethinking my decision to withdraw. I have only attended 4 weeks and my experience has been both good and bad. All of the good is because of the school's virtual campus and the professors I've had so far. The bad part is the amount of stress and time it takes to earn a good grade. It is worth it. I have learned a lot so far and will use this knowledge everyday.

I have to recommend this school for those of you who can handle the group projects that are forthcoming. I probably chickened out, I must admit.

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