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4 out of 5

I have been attending CTU Online for nine months now. I am working towards a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology, and have a 3.90 GPA. So far I have been not impressed at all with this school, and would give it an average rating at best.

One of my main problems with this school has been with the teachers, who I would give an average rating at best. With each assignment you submit, the teacher is supposed to give you a written review of how they graded it. I have found that the majority of teachers just copy and paste the instructions for the assignment into their review, and then only give you one or two sentences consisting of something like “You did a very good job on this assignment.” The instructors do not provide any critical detail on the grading, which makes it hard to correct mistakes when you have them.

Another problem with the teachers is that they are hard to get a hold of. I am pretty self-sufficient in online classes, but occasionally do need assistance. The few times that I have had to email instructors with questions, it has taken days to get a response. Usually it takes 2-4 days to hear back from them, and sometimes I have to send a second email to get them to respond. This is unacceptable in a school where your only form of communication is email.

My final gripe about the teachers is that they have given me grades that have been completely wrong many times. In one class, the teacher gave me zeros three times saying that I hadn’t submitted the assignment. However, I had submitted all three assignments 1-2 weeks before the due date. This same issue has happened in two other classes. I have also had teachers dock points off assignments for not meeting certain criteria, even though I had met the criteria exactly. In all of these cases, I had to take screenshots of my submission dates or the part of my assignment that met criteria to prove that the teacher was wrong. It seems to me like the teachers are just flying through their grading process and are even mixing up students, giving grades from one student to another.

In addition to problems with the teachers, I also have problems with the class structure, and the relevance of some assignments. No matter what type of class you are taking, every single class is broken up into phases, and then each phase will have a Discussion Board assignment and an Individual Project assignment. The problem is that some classes really only need one or the other, not both. For instance, in the programming classes, you may have to write an essay on a programming concept one week, and then program something the next week. For something as complicated as programming, it would be much more beneficial to program something every week, and then maybe comment on other students programming instead of their essays. I have this same feeling about most of the “technical” classes I have taken. It seems like there is way too much theory, and not enough practical application.

My other problem with discussion board assignments is class participation. Each DB assignment requires you to post something, then comment on two other students postings. However, the majority of students do not put any critical thinking into their responses. Most of them just write a few sentences like “I really liked your posting. I especially liked when you talked about blank.” Most students will not point out things that are wrong with other student’s responses. I think this is more a result of people not feeling comfortable criticizing others, but the result is that no one really benefits when no constructive criticism is expressed.

Even though I have a lot of complaints, I figure it is not fair to end this review without mentioning a few positive aspects. The plus side of only having two types of assignments for every class is that you know what to expect. You know when assignments are going to be due, and you get in a rhythm of doing one type of assignment, then the other. Another benefit (which could also be considered a problem) is that you can skip scheduled events like chat sessions if you are already comfortable with a subject. This can help you to focus your time on homework or reading assignments.

As I stated in my introduction, I am not very pleased with this school overall. Since I only have a year left to complete my degree, I am going to keep going, as I feel it would be a waste of a LOT of money to stop now. However, at this point I feel like I am just going through the motions, and am only really learning useful, practical material in a small subset of classes.


4 out of 5

CTUO has provided me with the opportunity to earn a degree while still working full time. Let us be honest not only are we students but we are also customers. Customer service and help for students/potential students at CTUO in my mind is excellent. Any education online requires strict self direction and resourcefulness. This is something they stress and even have a class about with collage credits. Their methodology works for me and has improved my writing and typing skills no end. Never mind the degree itself this will and has helped me in the business world.

So if you like and accept their methodology the experience you will have with CTUO should be positive. The pace tends to be accelerated and to succeed you must be motivated. They will let you control the pace at which you earn your degree if the standard does not work for you.

No school will be perfect this is always a good attitude to have. It allows one to enjoy and learn from the experience while not being distracted by small imperfections. Currently I have a two year degree from CTUO and have one more year left to earn my BS.

4 out of 5

WOW, I am simply amazed by all of the comments made concerning the education that some received (and some apparently did not) at CTU. I started in 2006 and completed in 2009, receiving, no let me re-phrase, earning both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree. I had some rough times, mostly with my own time management but I made it with out ever failing or having to repeat a class.


Through the entire process I did have one, and only one teacher that I would not recommend. The rest were professional, respectful and informative. I never sat through a chat where there was a text book read to me.


I would highly recommend this type of learning experience for those who are serious about learning, want to advance themselves and are not afraid of committing what time they have. It took three years of nights, weekends, holidays and a few missed adventures but it was well worth it.


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4 out of 5

I have attend CTU Online for several years getting my BA and presently working on my MA in CJ. 99% of the Professors are excellent and they are there to assist the students.I really enjoy working on my own and having deadlines such as you would the workforce. If you need assistants then the Professor or other students are on hand for help.


What I totally disagree on is the amount that they are charging for the degree program. I am paying it know as I feel that this is the best school for what I am looking for at this time. The group projects can be done away with but in true it teachs us how to work as a team and build our confidences up.


They say they are military friendly school. Myself and a SGT of mine both attend this school. Well we failed our class and had to retake the class and was charged for it again. We were on orders and was unable to get a reception at the base we were on. The are military friendly for the TA, GI, and a Grant for the military.


I had to serve one weekend and we had a group project due that following Monday. Well, the all around problem was the professor waited 5 days before the project was due to give us the group names, normally the professor completes this about 2 to 3 weeks prior. So I had to inform the professor and the group that I had to serve that weekend. I got grief from half of the group about using the military as an excuss to get out from doing my work. The problem is I was not using it as an excuss and I did not have time to research but the groups deadline. The assignment was complete on time the students need to take a chill.


Which is impossible. Besides these three things I do not have a problem with CTU. I just believe if they would fix a couple of things they would be set.


4 out of 5

There are many schools out today that will "sale" a student on their programs. I went to ITT and would never suggest anyone attend an ITT campus. They are overpriced for the education you receive and they have poor credentials. Before attending CTU Online, I checked out their credentials and spoke to a lot of people about it.


I began my CTU Online attendance in 2008 and in 15 months received my Bachelors degree (my associates came from ITT) then I embarked on the Masters degree and will have it very soon (15 months as they promised. The coursework and learning experience is great and I would hold it up to any brick and mortar university plus they have the same accredidations that any major univeristy should have.


The chats, two a week for an hour each, are very informative and I have never had an instructor just "read from a book". Many take their experiences and guide the students through the program.


It is very tough though and you must use wise time management because if you fall behind it can be difficult to catch up, but that is part of being a student, adult and self motivator. This is a great school and I am even enrolling for their Doctorates program as I am writing this review. It is reasonably priced and will give you a good foundation to stand on, if you put forth the effort to learn.


4 out of 5

When I went to a local college campus right out of high school years ago, I was unsure about my career choices, I basically chose a major from what I already knew, computers. I purchased the book they said to get, I read the chapters they said and did the task they gave. I did not feel like I was learning anything else, but simply doing what they said.


Years later, I decided to go back to college, but as a single parent, it was difficult to attend a campus, so I looked into online schools. I unfortunately chose an online school more interested in money, rather than teaching. Thankfully, I transferred to CTU which I am still attending. After all of my experiences, I can honestly say this is one of the best educational experiences of my life.


I already tried other online schools that cost more and taught virtually nothing. Now after reading a few of the negative post, I have to say I disagree strongly with some of you. CTU is probably the cheapest online universities out there with all course materials included; free tutorials, learning labs and social networking. The live chat area may not have willing participants all the time, but the instructors are teaching the lesson for students to view at their convenience. Every time I’ve attended live chats, instructors taught the lessons, ask questions, ask for suggestions and made it feel like a real classroom, now this was the complete opposite of what I experienced in a real classroom. I've been in many live chats with only 10% of my class present, it wasn't the instructor or the schools fault, the students for their own reason did not attend.


As for learning, gives you the tools you need to succeed, if you're willing to learn. At CTU, I was challenged to learn, express myself through writing, and develop stronger methods of thinking and creativity in different areas. I went with a mindset of only one career goal in mind and now have several avenues to choice from through my experiences there. I always thought that is what college was supposed to be like; learning and developing to become a better you, not simply settling for something. My only problem after starting at CTU was wishing I found them before trying other schools that put me in debt.


It's a great place to learn, the staff has been outstanding and my past instructors were incredible and expressed passion through their teaching.


Now, obviously no one is perfect, but the schools reputation or your experience of the entire school should not be discredited due to one individual within the company. I experienced a disagreement with my academic advisor who is basically the one that helps guide you through your academic choices in the school. He preferred I stick with a certain program and I had my doubts. While it is his job to guide me in the right way, I was unsure about the recommendation. Rather than complaining, I researched the information to understand the advisors choice and see how it would be beneficial to me. Once I was fine with my particular choice, I addressed the advisor with my decision and reasons why. He had to follow my wishes and change the program, but in the end, realized he was pushing the other program to help me academically.


I guess the point is, we’re all adults here, everyone is human, people make mistakes and no one should have enough power to make decisions in your education or life for that matter unless you allow it. Any failures in your education should be addressed first within yourself. Appreciate, respect and fight for your education, it’s not suppose to be easy, you’re there to learn.


4 out of 5

I received my Marketing MBA from CTU Online so I will speak from graduate level experience which I think would be different from an undergraduate experience. As a graduate student you are expecting less direction from your professors because you are expected to perform at a high level. Also, you may be building on skills you have already developed from your job or previous eduction. If you are looking for a traditional college experience then any online institution is not going to be what you want.

For undergrad I had the traditional college experience and loved it but I also liked the online education as well. I will say this when I graduated from high school I would have never survived an online university because my focus or maturity was not where it needed to be for this type of education but as an adult who has a 4 yr degree and been in the workforce for a few years this was the perfect environment for me.

I have friends who did online classes at other "well known" universities, such as Villanova, Regis University, Auburn University, and their experience was very similar to mine so I feel very confident that my degree is a good degree. I finished in 12/2009 and received my actual degree 5 weeks later as promised with my two official transcripts.

Again, education just like anything, you get out of it what you put into it and I know many of my classmates did not put a lot into their assignments and it showed. Also, just because you get a degree does not mean you are going to be showered with opportunities you must go out and market your abilities and use the skills you hopefully learned while in class. Again, what you put into it is what you get out of it.

Good Luck!!

4 out of 5

I am getting much knowledge. I have taken many classes online and I must say this is the best so far. You have the option to attend a live chat or you can get the same live chat the next day archived. It is plenty of writing like any college class. The professors seem fair and knowledgeable about the subjects that they are teaching. The main thing for me is that I am learning. Who wants a degree without learning anything? It is good for me so far thumbs up.

4 out of 5

Well first thing is first people do your homework on all schools! before I went to CTUO I did my homework by calling the school to confirm their accreditation. Then I called my surrounding universities to check theirs, they both lined up and any credits that I will receive from CTU will transfer. I have read all of the posts and found it quite interesting that people are not choosing the correct school to attend. Anything that needs a state license cannot be achieved through an online college, such as professional counseling, RN's, LPN's, dental assisting, well you get the picture anything clinical. I am in the criminal justice program which doesn't need licensure so jobs and schools will honor it. I am doing just fine as a state probation officer in MI making 65k a year. but if you have already attended the university and recieved the diploma check with your state certifacations to be certified they will honor it. so it is not just a waste of time you just need to know the next step. but just dont get impatient or mad just know the next step. check into it. however I am completing my MSM-CJ and i am scheduled for a promotion this winter when my supervisor leaves, so I thank CTU for their school and God for giving me the knowledge to choose the correct one.

4 out of 5

CTU will get you through your degree program fast and thats all they care about. I enrolled in their Software Engineering program and was put in the Advanced Algebra Class after only having a College level Basic Math class over 20 years ago. My advisor told me that is was a simple class and should be no problem. After 2 weeks it was obvious that I was not going to pass. I contact an advisor to switch the class and was told that I could drop it but I was still financally obligated to pay for it. They have a lower level of Algebra class but the advanced is what is required for the degree. Instead of starting me at the lower class they put me right into the higher one. Also a Programing class I was given was to be a prerequisit to Java Programing yet we had to use Java in the class. The instructors english was terrible and when he was asked to slow down and review what he just said we were told he had to much to go over in the one hour we had for the chat and we would have to go back and review it ourselfs later. I would give my money to another school before going back to CTU, if I go anywhere at all as CTU has been a bad educational experience.

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