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4 out of 5

Attending CTU is a good choice. I will graduate in May of 2009. I like the virtual campus and how it is formatted. The teachers are great, well most of them. They adhere to strict policies and late assignments. I wish they offered out of state grants like Keiser and UMUC does. Furthermore, this school will teach you writing skills. You will learn how to write, write, yes more writing. For the Criminal Justice program, they should offer internships,or hands on training. Overall, it is a descent school to attend. All your textbooks are included in the tuition. Most of the books are online called ebooks, which is great to a certain extent.

4 out of 5

I had a very mix experience and have a mixed option about CTU. It is a great school if you are looking for a quick way to get a degree and do not have time or will to go to a traditional school. You have to extremely dedicated to complete you assignments. I personally did not like the lay out of the assignment. It was not what I expected, it is a lot of looking up information on line and writing a paper. You could go the entire term with out opening the text books that they send you if you just want to complete the assignment and move on. I did not feel like I was receiving a true education, at least not as much as I felt I should have even with reading through the books and completing my assignments.

In the end, I found that I was not online learning material and have dropped CTU and now attending a local university. Though I now have to take finals, test and attend a class in a person, it is what works best for me. When looking into an online school make sure that you are prepared for the different learning styles. CTU is a good school if you are prepared and dedicated to the online learning experience.

4 out of 5

The truth about CTU is this. CTU is what you make of it. I was hesitant about joining CTU because I was already taken for high price ride by ITT technical Institute. At the time I wanted a technical degree and did not want to go to a traditional school I wanted it fast. Well there is a price for fast degrees. This is one thing you must understand about any online school they are doing this at fast pace for YOU, that means the cost is greater for that service.

Second thing about CTU I like is that all of their credits are transferable, when I finished my AS degree at ITT they did not tell me till I signed up that all of my credits might not be transferable. Yes I was pissed, but that was my fault for not doing the research. I spent 3 years after graduation trying to find a local school that would take all of my credits without starting me over. I could not find one. So by the 4th year, I decided to go back to ITT and pay the price for the online program to finish my 4 year. Do you know that the lady at ITT would not tell me the price of the program till I signed a document that I would attend. So I lied and told her I would sign if she e-mailed it to me, I look at the price and I told her to go ride whale. Lets just say the cost is around price of 2008 BMW 745I. That’s when I began looking for online schools

I don’t care if you don’t like CTU you could like National university or Kaplan. Ask questions before starting the school. I asked the person they assigned to me at CTU how much it cost. He tried at first to skirt the issue, I told him look I know how much ITT cost. If you beat that price I would heavily consider joining, but in-order for me to do that I need to know much it cost. He told me, and I said I could go to CTU three times for three different degrees vs one time at ITT. Ask questions people I cannot stress that enough.

Now on to the classes, like I said CTU is what you make of it. If you are not use to online classes your first set of classes may be hard. I did not do well my first set of classes. Why, because I was looking at the letter grade and not the total points earned. Yes you get a letter grade for the assignment but that grade carries a point value. Each class has a 1000 point max. Some assignments are worth 60, 150 and 250. A grade of A on a 60 is worth far less than the ones worth 150 or up. So my first 2 classes I pulled C’s as my final grade and I was mad because I had letter grade of A’s sprinkled around my grade book.. I then decided to read, yep read the rules and how grades are assigned and how total grades are calculated… Then I said ahhh ok my fault.

Because the classes are only five weeks you cannot afford to mess up too much. 5 weeks is all you get. And trust me you do not want to repeat a class. So now I am two classes away or 5 weeks from finishing my BS degree. I have already signed up for the master program starting later this year. Financial aid took care of 96% of my BS degree and I expect 93% for my masters and I have my employer kicking in 3% and the rest I will cover.

It is doable people; education opens doors for many things. Like I said, I like CTU, but this could have been a I like Kaplan reply or national university post as well. The point is read the rules, ask questions before you sign anything find out how much it cost. Do your own financial aid research, they use the same number off the government financial aid website so you can see before you sign up how much your are going get, but you need to know much you need to cover, and in order to find that you, you need to ask the question how much does this program cost…. Ohhhh and I love how they deliver your books to your house…Congrats to all graduates of 2008 from every school, I am so happy I will have completed a goal that should have been done 6 years ago, but hey they say better late than never..

Sorry the long post I just wanted to get some realism out there.

Search over 223,000 programs:
4 out of 5

I enjoyed the online experience. It allowed me to do finish my degree and still manage to work full time and raise my children. I liked that there are interactive chats. It was almost like being in a classroom only better. If I was not able to attend the live chats they were there for me to retrieve later. This was extremely helpful if I needed information to be repeated or if I wanted to fast forward through informtation. I would improve the virtual commons. This is an area where we can sign up for clubs and interact with other classmates. Some of the groups you can sign up for are not active and there is not much activity within the groups which defeats the purpose of joining the club in the first place.

4 out of 5

It was great at first. I worked on my projects in the middle of the night if I needed or wanted to. I wasn't bound to a set schedule or having to go into a school - which works for me with my disability. However, even though with all the calculations done for tuition they assured me that my financial aid would cover my degree program. Then they informed me I would have to pay 50$ a month for 11 months to pay the rest of my program.

I paid the first two payments. Then they got my Pell grant and Stafford loan, and I logged in to find out I was withdrawn. A few days later I got a letter in the mail telling me I owe them for the balance of my degree program. They said I wasn't logging in frequently enough. Twice, sometimes three times a day apparently wasn't enough for them. I attended the lectures three sometimes four nights a week, and kept up with my assignments. Only one was late. This was midway through the second session.

I ended up going back to my Community College and am taking distance learning this fall. On top of everything else, I told them I wanted in the Bachelor's program, because that's what I needed -A Bachelor's Degree- in order to advance in my current job. They put me in the Associate's instead. I can get that at the Community college for a fraction of the price, and they won't take my financial aid money and run.

I wish it had been a more positive experience. I was so excited going in. As for my Community College (Dallas County) I have always been very happy with them and wish I'd never left to try to get a higher degree now. So now I have this loan I have to pay back six months after graduation that I didnt get ANYTHING out of.

Months later, I was looking up something else on [website redacted] and found that one of the top complaints were against this place. I wish I'd checked there first!

4 out of 5

I'M ALREADY AND STARTED IN THEIR BACHELOR'S PROGRAMS AND WILL BE DONE BY 9/09. Its 5 1/2 weeks of online school per term with optional live chat; you have your due dates and assignments laid out for you; you just have to commit to finish them on time and study on your own. Its pretty quick and fast. I like the 5 1/2 week program the best versus normal online school that are approx 8 to 12 weeks per semester. What I would improve would be that it should be lower tuition - it really is pretty expensive to go to this school however, its reputable and acceptable in the business world.

4 out of 5

I finished my bachelor's degree at CTU. While the taking of two subjects was very intense in the accelerated program and then working two jobs on top of it the experience at CTU was worth it.

I enjoyed the virtual classroom environment and the variety of subjects offered in the degree program. Many people think of online colleges degrees as gimme's. Maybe with some colleges but not this one. You have to work hard for that grade. I have attended both traditional and online campus colleges. I have found the online to be harder. It requires a lot more discipline in order to get your studying done. If you are not good at time management online classes may not be right for you.

I chose another online college for my Masters as CTU did not have a Master's program at the time. I wish they had and I would have stayed with CTU though I do like the college I am attending online for my Master's degree.

With gas prices so high and some distances so far for traditional colleges I can see online colleges becoming more popular.

4 out of 5

CTU was a great experience for me. I had looked in to other online schools and found the way CTU operates worked best for me. What I enjoyed the most was the virtual classroom. We had lectures twice a week for each course which were live and interactive. If you couldn't make the live session the chats were archived for viewing later. Those chats made asking questions much easier and you got your answer right then.

It was a lot of hard work but you will learn a lot! Coursework consisted, usually, of a discussion board posting and an essay due in each class each week. With two classes at a time, this meant a lot of work. I learned how to write better papers, critique others in both their pros and cons without being cruel, and how to find great references.

Good grades are not handed out. You definitely have to earn them here! The cost of an online school may be higher than many brick and mortar schools, but it was well worth it to me. Having to work hard to get the grades I got made the cost even more worth it! I don't have any regrets and I plan on going back for my MBA in January 2009. Wish me luck!

4 out of 5

I attended CTU online and completed my bachelor's degree and I am 3 classes away from finishing my MBA at CTU.

Thank God for online education, otherwise trying to fit in Brick and Mortar classes into my work schedule, I may never have gotten a well needed education. I like CTU because it offers the ability to learn through research.

The courses are rigorous and the expectations and standards are high. I have to fight for every grade I get with my professors and at times I get discouraged because I don't always get a grade that I love, but then I realize that CTU is not in the business of giving away their degrees, you have to work hard and earn every bit of your grade.

One of the great features of being a student at CTU is that you have lifetime access to the Virtual Campus, lectures and tutorials on a variety of subjects. It's like you can keep on learning forever for free. I can listen to subject lectures on MS Project 2003 and 2007, MS office suite and Math tutorials, not to mention the great online library available 24 hrs a day.

Also, there are many clubs focused on real world situations like the entrepreneurial club, the project management club and many more clubs hosted by top notch professional in the industry.The cost for attending CTU seems about the same and these days with $4.00 per gallon gas, it even seems a whole lot cheaper.

If your goal is to get an education with out all the other distractions of life, get to the meat of subject matters and gain certifications through higher education, Colorado Technical University affectionately known as CTU is the place to be. The 5 ½ week classes are intense and can often be kin to a mother in child’s birth, but at the end, you learn, you appreciate and you can stand up to any rival on subject matter. I am glad I attended CTU Online.

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