CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice Reviews of Master's in Criminal Justice

  • 6 Reviews
  • New York (NY)
  • Annual Tuition: $20,962
100% of 6 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Reviews - Master's in Criminal Justice

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  • Reviewed: 4/30/2018
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"John Jay College is an excellent academic institution. I liked that it was in the heart of the city while at the same time in an area that was not extremely busy and overwhelming. There are a lot of activities and clubs and this is the perfect school for international students. The school is a great transition to city life because its not overwhelming. At the time, the classes were not extremely big so students received a lot of attention. I always thought the professors were quite helpful, competent and, most importantly, available. Overtime, I think the reputation of the school has grown and Im delighted to have obtained both an undergraduate and graduate degree from John Jay College."
Eduardo Lopez
  • Reviewed: 12/27/2017
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"I was an international student in JJC from 2015 to 2017. The kwnoledge received in the clases, sharing experiences with other student -from the six continents- and the articles dicussed durign classes were exceptional. Actually, im very proud and happy for having this outstanding exprience in my memories. Now, from my country, i just want to say thank you so much JJC."
  • Reviewed: 2/1/2017
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"John Jay College is a great college that offers various degree programs for all students. Currently, I am part of the BA/MA program and it is the best program because you can get your bachelor's degree and Master's degree at the same time. This program could save students a lot of money if they are interested in receiving a Master's degree."
kathy boyd
  • Reviewed: 9/15/2013
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"Pros: lots of diverse faculty that are willing to work with students Cons: NYC is expensive, but a GREAT place to live"
Aryeh Halevy
  • Reviewed: 7/16/2013
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"Perhaps the biggest pro of the John Jay Criminal Justice graduate program is that the courses that are offered are very practical in the sense that they don't just focus on theories. They focus instead on pertinent issues facing the criminal justice system today and how they can be explained and/or addressed. What's more, the research components for these courses are enjoyable because of the large degree of flexibility afforded to the students in terms of the subject(s) we wish to research. Not to mention that many of the professors are also criminal justice professionals, so their insight can be extremely thought-provoking during a lecture. However, if there is any major flaw with John Jay, I would have to say that it lies with the administration. This is mostly due to the fact that there are so many students attending John Jay that complications can arise in the administration process. Yet, while mistakes can, and have been made, if you are able to point out an error made on the administration's behalf than they are willing ti work with you to correct it."
Enrique Santos
  • Reviewed: 6/10/2013
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"Professors are all current or former experts in their own fields. My professors consisted of former FBI Agents, lawyers, academics, and even a former NYC Corrections Department Comissioner. Evening classes are convenient to working professionals. Only downfall was a lack of school spirit/cohesion. Very much a cummuter school. Lacks any real identity. Overall, the CJ Graduate program was a great value for the price."