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Degree: Secondary Education
Graduation Year: 2016

Growing up, I had always been taught that college would be costly. I had seen employed adults around me, whom were still paying off their student loans, most who were over the age of 40. This always made me weary of what college I would choose, and what career path I would dedicate my 4+ years towards. Being scared to make a commitment towards a school, let alone your dream, because of money is a terrible thing. However, during my senior year of high-school, our guidance counselor introduced me to the idea of community college. From what I had previously known, community college was for "dropouts" and "losers." The thought of going to a community college did not sound appealing to me at first. However, over the course of my senior year I looked more deeply into the programs that our local community college, DMACC had to offer. I was amazed at how many programs this small school had to choose from, and was even more astounded at how much money I could save by taking this step. With the help of my counselor, I made the choice to attend the local community college. During the first semester of my freshman year, I took several courses, which would all transfer into my future major. The help that I received from my DMACC advisor cannot be compared to any help that I have received since. I felt not only comfortable with my future, but also that I was valued as a student. My course-dirrectors were all willing to help me before or after class, wanting me to fully grasp the material before moving forward. There was no fear or hesitation when it came to asking for help, whether it be from teachers, classmates, or advisors. Everyone I met was friendly and polite, always eager to help out if I was in need. Also, knowing I saved thousands of dollars on my prerequisites was one of the greatest feelings I have ever had in my life. Not having a financial strain from the get go was a great start to my college career. After transferring to a large university, I tend to miss the small atmosphere and help I received from DMACC quite often. The education is not the same, and I feel the teachers at DMACC were more personable and caring towards my future. The schooling from DMACC is truly the best education I have ever received. My credits transferred over without any problem, thanks to the help of my DMACC advisor. The transition to a larger school went as smooth as possible, which is comforting when you make such a large change in life. Overall, I would recommend DMACC to any student, which I mean with all sincerity. Saving money is nice, but the education and relationships that I received from DMACC cannot be replaced.

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