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  • Annual Tuition: $15,100 - $15,498
33% of 110 students said this degree improved their career prospects
26% of 110 students said they would recommend this school to others
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  • Reviewed: 8/1/2014
  • Degree: Pharmacy Technician
"If you are lucky you are on this website researching Everest Institute BEFORE you enroll. If you are unfortunate you have already enrolled or graduated, completely dissatisfied and wondering if there are others like you. Well yes, and here we are! I am very sorry if Everest burned you (welcome to the club), but this review is primarily for those who are were smart enough to do some checking before signing their life away. I am the dumbest of the dumb because I was forewarned and I enrolled anyway. I was somewhere between desperation and just being anxious to get into a career when I made the poorest decision of my life. But before I get into my story let me hit you with some cold hard facts. First, no doubt your interest in Everest most likely came as a result of all the commercials and online advertising they do. FACT 1: When something is truly good they don't need to advertise. The product speaks for itself. Advertising is for something new that they want you to try or to mislead you and get your money. Think about it, have you ever seen an ad for a Rolls Royce? No, because they know they are the best, their reputation speaks for itself. You may see an ad for U of M during a televised game, but never during the Maury show. The same goes for any reputable university. FACT 2: One of the best ways to tell if a college or university is worthwhile is to look at the stats on how many students default on their loans. The science behind this is if you are graduating people with a quality education they will find jobs and thus be able to pay their loans back. If a school is just full of crap students just get loans to pay for degrees that make the school rich while not improving their own lives one little bit. Everest is part of a large system of institutions run by Corinthian Colleges Inc. At an Everest campus in Texas, more than 57% of students with loans defaulted in 3 years. At Everest campuses in Colorado, Michigan and New York, the default rates were all greater than 48%(the figures were valid as of 9/13/2012). This school is not doing its job, at least not for the students. FACT 3: Look at the reviews on this site regarding Everest, not the complaints so much, but the numbers, the stuff that can't be faked. Including myself, as of today 8/1/14, 95 people have reviewed this institution. Of those only about 27-31 actual people would recommend this school or agree that the degree improved their career. They report the numbers as percentages but the math is easy to do. Or better yet think of the reviews as a test. 95 is the highest they could score, everyone who reviewed would like them. But they did not get all 95 or 100% to like them. They only got 28-33%, even a fifth grader can see they are flunking miserably. And here is another statistical tidbit according to Lee Resource Inc. for every customer complaint their are 26 who have remained silent. As for my personal experience make the setting Everest Institute in Detroit, MI on Jos Campau, right off of East Jefferson, add that the staff violated my Constitutional Rights to the degree they got a nasty letter from a legal body promising them litigation, and you can read any of the other reviews. The story is the same. It has been awhile. I was prompted to write this review as I was home ill today and was bombarded with Everest commercials. It is school season and the vultures are out seeking more victims. I wonder how many of those damned commercials I'm paying for? They say you just have to chalk it up as a life lesson. I say 12 to 20 thousand dollars is a lot to spend for a lesson I could have learned by listening to what I was told and/or clicking on this website."
  • Reviewed: 6/9/2014
  • Degree: Pharmacy Technician
"I would never recommend this school to anyone. I completed my program and I like what I'm doing but I would never go through that "school" experience again. No one in the admissions really care about anyone they let EVERYONE in. The way the program is set up is horrible they let people come in every month instead of doing it linear, which would make no sense but nothing in that school makes sense. Most of the teacher there are not professionals themselves neither the less the students. It's makes no sense to me how student want a professional job but can barely speak in a professional manner ! It's not worth it, and I hate that I'm even associated with that Everest."
  • Reviewed: 6/6/2014
  • Degree: Massage Therapy
"Waste of money!!!!!! First of all, they will tell you all sorts of lies and half-truths to get you to enroll. When you go in the school, the people there are like car salesman. They could care less about your academics and needs; all they want is the commission. They do not work around your schedule. they kick u out if u miss 5 days no matter what the excuses is. (ex.if ur car broke down or if you cant find someone to watch your kids.) There only one best Massage Teacher in the school MIss J.. Dont even waste your money!"
Cynthia Robles
  • Reviewed: 3/18/2014
  • Degree: Dental Assistant
"I went to the school in city of industry and they promised a job well they never helped me get one and I had got one on my own so they used it to say like hey I got this job for you . Our teacher quit mid course because she couldn't handle how the school was ran by the director . I would try somewhere else that is willing to help."
  • Reviewed: 1/7/2014
  • Degree: Pharmacy Technician
"I attended Everest Institute the Hialeah, Fl campus. Four months into the program they announced to us that the school shut down and we either had the choice to go to another campus or get a refund. We decided to go to the Miami campus but the school dropped us from the program and reinstated us back in charging us nearly $ 2,000.00 each. We complained and Everest Institute along with Corinthian Colleges said it was a mistake and would be cleared. This started in June and it's now January and today my classmates and I all received letters stating that Everest Institute/Corinthian Colleges has put us in collections. All the employees are playing playing the "I don't know" game."
  • Reviewed: 6/27/2013
  • Degree: Medical Billing & Coding
"If you are going for medical billing and coding you should know this be prepared to work your butt off to find a job yes some employer's won't give you the time of day at first because of the schools reputation but if you work hard it will work out for you also know that this field manly cares about actual work experience. So it really doesn't matter what trade school you go to unless you are getting a aas degree you will be going through the ringers just like the rest of did and actually the degree will land you a coding job and not billing collection insurance etc and yes Everest will not help you after you have been placed at a site and yes the majority of students that attend there are a hot but if you push through it will be worth it also I graduated in 08 and have been working in the field ever since good luck to you all"
  • Reviewed: 2/14/2013
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"I currently attend the nursing school at Everest in Brandon FL. It is horrible. Teachers do not teach, people cheating on tests.I'm about to switch schools because I met a nurse and she literally laughed in my face and told me I'll never find a job-I'm not paying 50k to receive a sub par degree and trust me I haven't learned anything."
  • Reviewed: 2/4/2013
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"Upon coming to the Marietta campus, I did some research on other accredited schools as well. Lets get to the point. Here is my experiece with Everest, Marietta.The PROS:1. It is a 7 months program and 200 hours of externship (depending on your hours you put in 1-3 months on top of the 7 months in class, do your calculations its less then 11 months)2. Can not speak for other instructors, buy my instructor is great, very knowledge about about my course of study and made it a fun, learning environment.3. Financial Aide4. Assist with potential career (so they say)5. Convenient, close to highways.The CONS:1. Pay tuition way more then other 2 year program schools 2. Admissions reps will get you in quick(all bout their numbers) so be sure if this is where you want to be or you will be forking out your portion for your short stay. YES, even if you slip on those scrubs on your first day or peel the plastic from those books. If you not sure of your vacancy, don't do it.3. School is unorganized, no consistency.4. Career service department, maybe one or two reps actually knows what to be expected for you to be ready for extern ships.5. Career service reps (some) are not even knowledgeable about your areas of study, so how are they able to assist with your résumé? Not good idea Everest. Educate them before they try to educate or assist the students.6. Break room so small, can not even fit 20 students in there. And get this, everyone goes on break se time! (10am-2pm class). Guess you have to take your lunch outside.7. Wellstar(their contracted extern program with the hospital/physician group), did I recall the school is very meticulous on who gets to get on board? Not what I've seen. Supposedly only the "best" can represent the school. I've seen student that gets on board when you would least expect. Do whayever it takes to get the students to finish the hours right Everest?8. And YES!!! ..the name Everest has been burned by students who messed up the sites. So, if you are not anywhere near those kinds (high standards) try VERY hard to obtain a site or PLEASE a site! I know I had too!!As far as my education from this school, it's OK but like I mentioned earlier, I was blessed to have an instructor who has taught me everything I needed to succeed. I went on extern, finished with an "OK" experience, but wasn't worth the $18,500 I will end up paying for."
  • Reviewed: 2/4/2013
  • Degree: Dental Assistant
"Starting this school, I loved my teacher and everything about the staff and school. I was making A's and B's. well when it came down to getting my extern site, I was asking for a site by my house. I have to cross a bridge everyday in order to get there. I was probably asking for about 4 months. instead they tried getting me an extern 45 minutes from my house. I declined. then they got me a site that had 5 different offices all ranging from 30-1 hr and 35 minutes away. I had really no choice but to take it. then I got offered a part time job and due to financial problems I need to take it. considering my extern is full time and so far away, I can only work weekends when that will not get me far. I talked to the career service advisors and they could only tell me that they are not able to get me a new site and I would have to work around extern hours. needless to say, don't go to everest unless you enjoy having people thinking your life isnt important."
roberta bale
  • Reviewed: 10/13/2012
  • Degree: Paralegal
"If you want to succeed you have to work for it. You spent all this money and I expect what I pay for. I will even go to the point (evening classes) of staying later after classes bugging the teacher with questions and he had no problem with that. I loved the small classes. And be the first the ask a question if you don't understand? Why not? That's what's what you are paying for right? Get rid of your fears of asking a question in front of your classmates KNOWLEDGE IS POWER - WORK FOR IT !!!To: Takela April 19, 2012 - I totally agree. And the career department goes as far as telling your about your interview and even what to wear!! I find that going out of their way!"
Ms Wise
  • Reviewed: 7/1/2012
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"When I started off in school I was doing great, passing with A's until my childcare fail through. I went from being a A(98) student to barely passing the course with a 71 because I missed 4 days of class. I went to my teacher who'd been on vacation and asked him to make up my work, but he said it was too late. I swallowed hard, and accepted this mark and went on to my next modular. I was unexpectedly hospitalized for surgeery and came back to fail the course. Sadly, I found this out on my own, my teacher did not acknowledge me or attempt to assist me in making up work, and when I tried to she became agitated. They have a attendance policy that they enforce, however they never enforced the dress code, as I had classmates with green hair and hot pink nails, wearing their scrubs with flip flops and house shoes at times. I tried to withdraw from this school and they ignored my calls and emails. I contacted 3 different people, no one contacted me back. I was dropped and am now enrolling with a different school. For the record check everest's accreditation, you'll be surprised at what you find, and realize why so many of their graduates are still without jobs in their field. Good Luck!"
  • Reviewed: 6/15/2012
"Everest is such a waste of money. I graduated from it in 2007 with honor. I did my externship and got dismissed at the site for something that I didn't do. As a externship, we weren't allow to do vein puncture but only the staff. I was blamed for something I didn't do. I was disappointment, but once again I did finish the program and couldn't find a job afterward. Because of Everest's reputation, not a lot of places would hire student from Everest... I already give up. Now I'm attending community college for a nursing degree. Everest is such a waste of money."
Isis Min
  • Reviewed: 4/19/2012
  • Degree: Surgical Technician
"I was so looking forward to becoming a surgical tech until I realized that i was in the wrong school. Not only do they have unreasonable expectations of their students and policies, but it wasnt until after they had me in debt that i realized that i made the wrong decision when i chose to persue my career goals through everest. the admissions reps are the most convincing because they get paid to enroll you, but PLEASE do your research!!!"
  • Reviewed: 4/19/2012
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"Everest was a good school for me. My teachers knew what they were talking about and they taught us only what we need to know in the work field and certification exams, which was awesome since reading and learning from eight books can be overwhelming. Not only did they help me in advance to find an extern that was hiring, I SEARCHED FOR MY OWN. Iam proud to say that I recently got hired for a MA position and I still have one more month of school left including my extern! Everyone who enters Everest is considered an adult just like at any college, so you have to put in work and stand out. You have to have something more than good grades.. You're competing against your own classmates and other schools that teach the same program. It is indeed costly and maybe they should do more but no one is going to hold your hand at all. If you desire Ig bad enough then you will succeed. I didn't wait for any of the staff to come to me, I went to them. I got on their nerves too lol. But I got hired because of that. It's expensive but if you do everything you can plus more, it will be worth it. To each it's own but it worked for me, my best friend, my cousin, and others."
  • Reviewed: 4/3/2012
"I thought i was the only one who was unhappy with this school....boy am i wrong. I started my course in Feb 2011. The orientation had me extra excited about being around people who truely cared about my succcess in my field of choice. To cut a long story short. I felt like I was in high school. all the gossiping, and drama....from my instructor on down. Very unprofessional in keeping business and ppersonal affairs seperate. I don''t feel like I was properly trained. During my extern they sent me to one of their Favorite sites, that they knew were a nonhiring site. I guess its good for a recommendation but if I quit my job in hopes of being hired I would be a fool. Whenever I go back to the school for further assistance i am directed to someone who i can not get in touch with. (maybe their busy....they could at least respond to my messages). I just feel very disappointed at how much help I REALLY recieved from the staff at this college. I don't feel prepared for my course of study. I would not recommend this school to anyone who really wants a better future. Now I am stuck paying student loans and the only thing I have to show for it are my books....sad"
  • Reviewed: 3/12/2012
  • Degree: Nursing
"The instructors are not professional. You are disrespected, talked down to. Most instructors act bipolar.You never know how to approach them.You spend $34,000 for their nursing program and subject to be kicked out for anything. With that kind of money of money spent,no body should fail. This have truly been the worst school that I have ever attended.I am not telling you this out of spike,but just to warn you,to stay away before you lose thousandths of dollars and have nothing to show for it"
  • Reviewed: 12/13/2011
"So to start with I really liked the instructors and the curriculum. I went for Medical Assisting and graduated in 2007 with honors and pass my certification exam with high scores. So why am I working at a coffee shop? Career services is a complete joke. I have no clue is the even sent out my resume. For my internship I was placed with a dialysis company where I was not allowed to use any of the skills I learned in school, I was only allowed to watch. I was told by Manager of the place that he would hire me on to just fill out application. So I filled it out and spent my internship reading new employee handbooks and then was never hired. I will say no skills gained there. I have talked to hiring managers in the medical field well working other jobs to get told that this school is what has caused me to not get hired. It has now been almost 5 years and I have all but given up. The only thing I can give this school credit for wasting my money and the monthly payment to get out of debt with nothing to show for my hard work."
  • Reviewed: 11/28/2011
"So I went there full time and was doing great for a while, til some problems and losses accrued in my life. So I had some trouble getting to school every day. I made it most days and was doing great on my homework and tests. I got dropped from the program on the very last day, when i was going to take my final and start my ex-tern the following week which has already been assigned to me. I came in on time before some teacher pulled me out of class to tell me that I cant continue on with the final. I had got into a car accident earlier in the year so I no longer had a car. I had to wait in the cafeteria for 4 hours till the shuttle bus came. So this is by far one of the worst schools any were I would NOT recommend any one go there because besides the shitty service their staff are far from professional. This school is a complete waste of time and money."
  • Reviewed: 11/15/2011
"I am studying to be a MA, and i enjoy going everyday. My instructor is very knowledgable AND helpful. I will agree some teachers are unprofessional but i got lucky to have her as a teacher. IN THE VERY BEGINNING OF ATTENDING SCHOOL, BEFORE ATTENDING SCHOOL THEY SAY ATTENDANCE IS MOST IMPORTANT, so if you extern site doesnt want you then YOU did something wrong. i have to add there are alot of different races and ages really gets people together i love my class , instructor, and alot of the staff they are all very friendly and nice. The dean is the ONLY person im questionable about besides a couple of people down in the career services. I think EVEREST should evaluate who they hire, thats the REAL problem.Since I've been here numerous people have gotten AMAZING extern sites and a lot has gotten hired. And for the past graduates they held a job fair for all graduates to get a job .. many got interviews, some got hired on the spot. all about professionalism in personals. also knowing someone in the field you want to go in is a plus. hope this helped, i would reccomend the Everest school im at."
Deborah Zahm
  • Reviewed: 11/14/2011
"I graduated from Everest over a year ago & am still trying to find a job. I've gone multiple times to have "Mock" interviews--cut me down sessions would be better. Am on my 3/4 Career/Student Service Rep. with no avail. Every time I get a new rep I get a new/revised resume.I actually had someone(a friend) who works in the medical field look at my resume & tell me if there was something/s that needed changed-- To quote them "everything after your personal info" as they laughed uncontrollably & they send it to others with the same outcome. I went on my externship & was told when the owners weren't there & I had nothing(when whatever I was given was done) to do I could play or surf the net, when I advised Student Services they said that was ok, later to find out it was not & my program director was upset.So if you have money to throw away or want to go to a school where they get you financial aide & private loans & find out as long as Everest Institute is on your resume as training/education you will be unemployed. Also be VERY aware of how much your total for books/supplies/lab fees etc. cause if anything increases while you are in class you owe when you go in to grad out.Have been told by far too many people after I graduate that I will have a snowball chance in hell of getting a job while Everest is on my resume."