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  • Annual Tuition: $15,100 - $15,498
33% of 110 students said this degree improved their career prospects
26% of 110 students said they would recommend this school to others
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  • Reviewed: 6/3/2010
"Hey, Current student at the Everest Cross Lanes, WV campus. Where do I even start? I take electronics and the electronics course is divided into 10 modules. 1-10 in order according to them is the way to graduate, but seeing as how the school is becoming financially strapped from imbeciles running the facility myself and my class mates are unfairly thrown into classes that we've never been prepared for to suit their population needs. Upon joining I was told that I could take the degree I'll be getting from this place and only to find out colleges give you ZERO READ AGAIN ZERO credit for your degree and want you to take the entire 4 years over again. This past winter there were times that I was unable to even see the lines on the road and yet they still keep school open giving us the altimatum that we either show up or are counted absent. The reason being that all of the descision makers are day-time staff, so after they get home they could care less if I wreck and die on my way to their pre-school redundant "institution." Recently we were told that they'll be extending the days I'm supposed to be there to 5 days instead of 4 per week, even though I was told this was to be my schedule for the duration of my time here at this school. They didn't even have the decency to dig out the legal documents that I signed to show me where it says they're allowed to do that in the first place. It really warms my heart to know that I have to spend EVEN more money now on a weekly basis just to go. I can tell anyone reading this with the utmost honesty and sincerity that as soon as Everest gets your first 6 months tuition they dump you to the curb. I can't believe how badly I'm in debt now over this place --even worse it's looking like if I can even manage not to wreck this winter and can afford the gasoline it will cost to attend an extra day per week that after I graduate they won't find me any decent work. From the bottom of my heart I pray that no one else makes the mistake of feeding your money to these dishonest bafoons. Also remember how in the commercials they promote smaller classes so everyone gets more personal attention? CRAP, a mod or two into my schooling they even fired an instructor making the classes even bigger/harder to get any help out of. I'm in a class right now with nearly 30 people and I can honestly say there's nights that I can't even turn in my "in-class" assignments for a single teacher having to go prove every circuit/calculation of everyone's work.AM I GETTING THROUGH TO YOU YET?!?! You would be better off using your money as wallpaper, making confetti, giving to charity, or even burning it. They've scorned me for the last time, every waking moment of my life will be devoted to networking against these tyrants. Take a stand, make a webpage--fliers, whatever it takes to humble these meager children. We put food on THEIR tables so they can treat us like dirt, it's time to put a stop to it for good."
  • Reviewed: 5/20/2010
"I attended this school as well. I made a very bad choice. This school use to be Georgia Medical Institute(GMI. They changed their name to Everest. They really have a bad name. I got my first internship and the office manager told me that they didn't want anyone from this school. He even went on to tell me that this school really has a bad name and that he didn't even know why they were sending anyone from the school to the office. I finally got a internship 3 weeks later. They staff at the school are unprofessional. They claim that they have a excellent job placement program but they don't."
  • Reviewed: 4/22/2010
"Last day in my Pharmacy Tech program, and the school to say the least is nothing but unprofessional, rip off and completely incompetent! The director of the program was a complete Idiot who half the time didn't know where he was standing, and the Dean even less. I had some good teachers, and when I mean SOME its because there was a new teacher quitting every other week. Teachers who get paid to go there don't even stay....go to a community college instead!"
  • Reviewed: 4/14/2010
"i love it here, my teacher helps me all the time, everythime i ask. weather its the most stupidist thing in the world, she will take time out and explain things to me no matter how long it takes. i go to the dearborn campus every weekend. the students their and my teacher have fun while learning every weekend. i made great friends and learn so much. MRS. A YOUR GREAT!!!"
  • Reviewed: 4/2/2010
"This is a technical school, you should pretty much know what you're getting yourself into when you sign on. Most technical schools are overpriced and the "instructors" that are hired on have little to no teaching experience, let alone have teaching certification. You are "taught" the basics, and you really learn the field through your one month or 160hr internship. This isn't high school, you can't expect things to be handed to you. You have to take initiative! There were times when I went to school, and felt like I was in a daycare. I was one of the younger students in my class, and had more sense than people in there that were twice my age. I attended Everest for dental assisting a little over a year ago and found employment not long after I finished. But I did deal with lots of rejection because of my association with the school. Was I ill-prepared? No, because I took initiative to learn. We had an intern in the office I work at a few months ago who did a dental assisting program through a nearby community college. She paid thousands less, but knew absolutely NOTHING! All she did was bookwork, no hands on training whatsoever! Would I recommend Everest? Yes, but to someone who is going in knowing that you are really going to have to work hard for yourself and make the best out of whatever is given to you (call it settling if you want to), but if you're lazy and expect things to be handed to you. ABSOLUTELY NOT!"
  • Reviewed: 3/31/2010
"But not from Everest! Experience has shown me the majority of the graduated students are not well prepared. This is not to say all students weren't capable. They were few and far between though. I do not have the time or financial resources to interview, do a pre-employment check, hire and train a new employee for a month only to find out they are incompetent. Sorry, but this school has the reputation of being a diploma factory. Good Luck to you if you attend there because it's doubtful you will find gainful employment in your field any time soon."
  • Reviewed: 3/23/2010
"Honestly i don't even know why i wasted my money going to that school.Here home with 2 kids and still paying back them stupid loans . They make those stupid commercials interesting for a reason ,they wanna make u believe they are a good choice.Honestly these dumb 9 months programs are a waste of money better of going to a real college.Instead of changing my life it left me with a huge bill. They don't really help u find jobs either. Plus i graduated in 2008 and is 2010 and i still have no job."
  • Reviewed: 3/21/2010
"I'm a student at Everest i have been going there for 3months i entered the medical admin asst. and the teacher does not teach anything she just there for the pay check i tried my best to learn but i need someone to teach me so i can be successful out in the field. My other classmates just show up to school to talk about there drama and they cheat on there homework and on the test all the time.. I HATE THIS SCHOOL!!!!so I'm done with this school going to find a better school. if you value or time and your money DONT GO TO EVEREST!!!"
  • Reviewed: 2/23/2010
"I went on 2 interviews for the Decatur campus and after reading these reviews i believe my instincts were right. While on one the interview, the recruiter whsipered under her breath that I was too "uppity". Now, for someone who is trying to bring business into the school, approximately $28,000.00, that was a stupid and unprofessional thing to say. If you were trying to bring in a paying customer worth $28,000.00 in business to your school, would you insult the customer? I think not. I figured if the administrative staff was that ignorant then how ignorant and unprofessional would the instructors be. On the second interview I was attempting to apply for a loan while the financial aid rep was busy playing around and partying with the rest of the staff while I prayed she did not make a mistake on the application. Since then I have decided to go to a college and after reading these reviews, I am so glad I changed my mind."
  • Reviewed: 2/16/2010
"I finished my dental assisting extern over a month ago. When i went to pay my remaining balance of $60 and pick up my diploma i was told i have to pay an additional $120 because a payment from the state didnt come thru. but they were supposed to tell my this during my last mod of class and didnt. So until i can come up with the money i cant graduate. The school lacked the necessary supplies we needed to learn effectively. We couldnt keep a teacher. now my job search is horrible because they dont certify u in xrays so i have to pay $300 for that class in order to have a chance for employment. It was horrible. I wouldnt recommend this school to my worse enemy."
  • Reviewed: 2/15/2010
"they give you a loan 15 thousand but if u cant find all the money to pay it you cant graduate but they are suppose to help you learn and get the job you came in there 4 what a lie everest is. lets be real if they where really guaranteed then every one should come out on top, half the people that be on tv got the stuff free from dr phil or some 1 like that i feel if they are teaching the right things once you go to exturn or what ever it is you are going 4 then once you get your job those traing skills will pay off and once you actually get the job then exceeded so much in that they are teachin you so well in that 15 thousand will come right back paid in full plus more yrs of success and loving your career and fellow teachers who took time out to teach you i jus dont understand if they say they are guaranteed then prove it please prove it teach us get us there give us job placement give us our jobs let the hard work you put in teaching us come out in our real job you taught us how to do and once the checks start rollin in deduct school fees that way make a payment plan this way every school is guareenteed to get what they paid for and every one is happy no time or money is waisted thank you"
  • Reviewed: 2/2/2010
"this damn fake as school said that they would find student a job thats (b.s) they also want you to pay ncct to supposedly be a certified medical assistant and that another lie i got hired on my own in a decent company and my administrator had a talk with ncct and they had just stated that if u pass the ncct exam ur onlt certified with ncct yall suckers are thieves.... never again"
  • Reviewed: 1/27/2010
"I went to Everest and I still can't find a job. I am here sitting at home and I am not doing anything. WHY! Because I can't find a job. Everest does not offer any help and they don't care about you. The teachers there are a joke. They don't teach. If you happen to find a job you will be making very little money. You will make about 7-10 dollars on hr. Which is nothing!! They don't even care about the students. I am not happy at all. I only had one interview in a whole month. I applied in 20 different places. And still no response. Everest will tell you how you should go out there and look for a job. But they will not go and call you and tell you where the jobs are at! or what places to go to. Right now I will probably have to go and work a regular job. That's my story! Please if you happen to read this it will safe you time and money. But just don't go there! Everest Needs to CLOSED DOWN !!"
  • Reviewed: 1/24/2010
"First off let me start off by saying that I'm a former student of Everest. I went to the Paralegal program and graduated with an Associates degree. It cost me $28,000 dollars to go to this school. So the person that said it doesn't cost that much you are wrong!! My school payments were 500 a month and I got them lowered to 300 a month thank goodness. Also the same person said that the teachers who teach the MA program have to have an RN or LPN degree, I don't know who told you that but you are wrong. How do I know that? My best friend is a Medical Assistant and she taught the MA program at Everest. She did not have a degree as an LPN or RN!! As for me, I was on the Dean's list the whole two years I was at Everest. I don't have tattoos and piercings all over my body. I worked very hard and studied very hard to earn my degree only to be VERY disappointed. Once I graduated it took me awhile to find a job. Every interview I went to wanted to pay me $9.00 an hour!! I have a degree and if I wanted to make close to minimum wage I would work at a fast food place. I'm now going back to a local commnity college to start all over and get my Bachelor's degree. Thank goodness I work for a family owned business so I can pay for my loans and afford to live. $9.00 an hour is a slap in the face when I have to pay $28,000.00 dollars in loans.I also did lots of research on Paralegal jobs and the outlook was well and the pay was decent, boy was I wrong. To everyone who thinks this school is good it's probably because you got grants and don't have to pay any money out of your pocket. Anyone else who is considering on going to Everest don't go there."
  • Reviewed: 1/20/2010
"The first day that i called to register in the M.A program they called me back like 100 times, it was ridiculous. Later i changed my mind about coming to this school."
  • Reviewed: 1/8/2010
"In the state of Michigan you are required to attend an ADA accredited program to take the state board testing to become a Certified Dental Assistant. The Everest Institute does NOT offer an ADA accredited program. This means that if you attend this program, you will NOT be able to be certified in the state of Michigan as a Dental Assistant.I do not have any information on the other programs, but for $15,000, I would find this a great waste of time and money if I were expecting to work in Michigan after graduating."
Albert Whitfield
  • Reviewed: 12/1/2009
"I attend right know and I'm telling everybody don't come here. My girlfriend and I are having a problem with a teacher that is not are teacher and she don't evening no us she lied on us and know that have suspended us from school (yes this is a college with adults in there and nobody want to hear what we have to say). They wanted to call the police on us like we were killers they dont know how to talk to people they think just because u have a good job position that u can down talk us when I say us I mean the student THINK FIVE TIME'S BEFORE U COME HERE it is the most DUMBEST SCHOOL EVER I HATEEEEEE IT!!!!!!"
  • Reviewed: 11/25/2009
"I took massage therapy at NIT which is now Everst. It was a waste of my time and money. The insturtor was not helpful at all. She told the class to read the chapter and answer the questions. There was no lecture time. I graduated in 2006 and I am still looking to take my national certification exam but feel like I was not properly trained. Now I am in debt pretty badly. PLEASE THINK TWICE ABOUT GOING TO THIS SCHOOL."
april angelides
  • Reviewed: 11/18/2009
"you teach yourself. the teachers all hate the school the staff are okay but they dont push for change. they let the school go down the drain while they waste your hard earned cash on stupid little meetings parties and promotional perks instead of working on education. ITS A WASTE OF TIME. WERE DEBATING TAKING THEM TO COURT FOR FALSE ADVERTISING. i have yet to get ANY certifications and im three weeks from graduating. its not worth it."
  • Reviewed: 10/28/2009
"I am in the Pharm. Tech. program here in MI and can't believe what I'm reading. Everest has and is preparing me to work in every kind of Pharmacy. My instructor has 12+ yrs in the field, and still manages to work once a week to this day. She was also named Best Pharmacy Tech within her Facility, which is Henry Ford Hospital main campus. Her knowledge and expirience in the field are all mine for the taking. I dream of questions to ask. I am an Ambassador and have been on the Presidents list since my first MOD. Believe me this was and still is a challenge.I also Homeschool my 15 yo son. Studying is a must. There are no if's and's or but's about it. There are nights when I fall asleep studying. I do this because I want to know my field inside and out. You cant excpect to enroll in an accelerated course and breeze by. It doesn't work that way, LIFE doesn't work like that. I researched my field, the school, and my instructor before I enrolled. This isn't high school. If what you want is an education by expirienced knowledgable instructors Everest is for you. Everyone isnt cut out for this type of eductional structure. By this I mean one that requires you to multi task, take intitiative, and except nothing less than Excellence. If it wasn't for you, it's because you weren't FOR yourself. You have to want it! Want it bad enought to stay at home and study when everyone wants you to do anything but. Enough to get up an extra hour early so you can study because this might be the only time you can get the silence you need to do so. The school has everything you need to become the top in your field. What you do with it is solely up to you. If your the type to drop out,Everest isnt for you. If your just going to make whomever shut up,Everest isnt for you. If you think you'll be able to cheat your way through Everest isn't for you. If you are inflexible, Everest isn't for you. If you hate tests, Everest definatly isn't for you. We have a test every Monday and Thursday,and finals once a month. I strongly recommend Everest if what you want is to change your life because it's already changing mine. Not for the better but for the Best!"