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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 11/8/2012
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
  • Graduation Year: 2013
"First off, take a closer look at the individuals posting negative reviews about this school. NONE of them can even spell correctly! Second of all this is my fourth year at Everest Online and I will receive my Bachelor's in Criminal Justice in January. I have had no problems whatsoever with this school.I always received my checks on time and the courses were wonderful. The instructors (most of them) are very helpful and I thoroughly enjoyed my 4 years with Everest. Ive maintained the President's List the entire time I have been with Everest. The course are easy to understand and follow."
  • Reviewed: 10/29/2012
  • Degree: Accounting
  • Graduation Year:
"I am still attending this school and it is a great school and if you need help they give you all the help they can. I never get calls for money and when i call they never bring up money they help me through everything i have needed so far."
  • Reviewed: 10/24/2012
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
  • Graduation Year:
"I went to this school in 2012 and i gradeuated on July 14 2012 so i been out of school for about a year now and still they cant find me a job.. All they do is call me about money money money.. I am so over it.. I didnt go to school jus to give them money.. I went to school to be a Medical Assistant not fork out money.. So please do not go to this school its a joke believe me..."
  • Reviewed: 10/21/2012
  • Degree:
  • Graduation Year: 2013
"I have been attending Everest for about 2 years now. I haven't run into an problems that would change my opinion about the school, just some of the people they employ. Overall, I have got a lot of help form this school, the instructors and the other employees that I've talked with.I have been to two other colleges other than Everest and Everest fits my very busy life extremely well. When I call for a simple question, the people I talk to are very friendly and helpful. I am attending to obtain my Bachelors in Criminal Justice and I feel that I am getting my moneys worth. I have noticed that the more time and effort i put into learning not just about the course i am taking but also by asking about my future career choices etc, the better the experience has been for me and those who i've recommended to the school as well."
Tabitha N
  • Reviewed: 10/9/2012
  • Degree: MBA
  • Graduation Year: 2012
"The coursework was made fun and in a way to be embedded into my head instead of memorizing to pass. The learning tools I found most helpful were the LIRN Library and Smartthinking. I have had a lot of positive interactions with classmates and have had nice open discussions in which I learned a lot from their point of view.All of my instructors have been awesome and even given me quotes to be remembered for my journey through my degree. My overall experience has been fantastic, my advisors to the instructors have been awesome in helping me attain my goals and degree which I am now continiuing.Anytime I have had an issue or concern they have always returned my calls right away and have helped with a solution. I have been a part of the NSCS, Presidents LIst and International Laureate Program, as well as the Ignitor Ambassador program which helps the new students adjust and get mentoring they need."
Brittany Admas
  • Reviewed: 10/9/2012
  • Degree: Paralegal
  • Graduation Year: 0
"I transfered to Everest University Online. I already had my Associates Degree from and ABA accredited paralegal program and wanted to work on my BS Paralegal.I did not receive ANY credits for the paralegal courses I had already taken and the first session is already over and they still have not figured out my financial aid... how hard can it really be?Everyone I talked to told me something different about my financial aid and I jumped through hoops to accomplish the tasks they told me needed accomplished only to be told that I didnt really need to do it in the first place. VERY frusterating experience. I will be transferring to Kaplan University Online."
  • Reviewed: 10/8/2012
  • Degree: Medical Billing & Coding
  • Graduation Year:
"I went to this school for about a year and a half! I tried medical billing and coding and homeland security! This is the WORST school ever!!!!! They say you can earn your degree on your own time! Ha yeah right! I have two young children and can not get online every day to go to class so they dropped me from the school!They are now saying I owe them a ridiculous amount of money because they failed to turn in the papers on their end for my financial aid! I am a single mother of two and should have had my schooling paid for but no now I have so much debt all because they couldn't do their part! DO NOT ENROLL IN THIS SCHOOL! They are scammers and charge you double even triple for books and courses!!!"
Tanya Fagan
  • Reviewed: 10/6/2012
  • Degree: Information Technology
  • Graduation Year: 2013
"I started at Everest Online this year. I'm a single working mother. I work a full time job that has rotating shifts. Fitting in a scheduled time to be in class was not an option for me. I have made the dean's list. My instructors always replied to my questions within a few hours. They were very supportive if I needed help. Their Student Services also helped me in areas that were not school related. I received calls to check up on me and to just say your doing a good job. Keep it up. The platform was easy to understand and access."
  • Reviewed: 9/7/2012
  • Degree: Nursing
  • Graduation Year: 2013
"I am in the Nursing Program and I feel that this school is not equipped to teach Nursing students. I have had rough bad experience at this school, but im going to try to keep moving foward as much as possible bc ihave so many loans out its crazy. I would reccomend going with a school whos had Nursing Experience for 10 years or more.The Nursing staff is okay but I feel that its too expensive and there not teaching what you need to know to graduate. for example there is a day program that is about to graduate they started with 30 students and now only have 18 graduating theres something wrong with that picture they should have there students ready and prepared to be an RN is what there goal should be. And if you want to come back you have to wait for another rotation if theres room. Meanwhile your stuck waiting and paying the bill."
  • Reviewed: 9/4/2012
  • Degree: Medical Billing & Coding
  • Graduation Year: 2012
"I have been with Everest Online since May of 2010 and have always been on the A+ honor roll with a 3.67 GPA and let me tell you I have had more trouble out of this school than any other thing in my life period. It started out good where my advisors would call me and checkup on how I was doing it was going really well then all of a sudden I stopped getting phone calls I stopped getting help from my advisers then they started switching them in and out I am week 8 of 12 before I graduate and haven't heard from career services once.I was promised an externship when I enrolled in school and a year later they changed the program and no longer offer them but I wasnt told until a year and half into my degree. If you are just starting i suggest you research more into local schools where you can get different grant money from your state paying $30K for this education is not worth it!"