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  • Reviewed: 1/19/2010
"I have attended Everest on and off since 2001, somtimes life just can't stay out of the way of your education. At Everest they understand this and always work with you to find the best solution for you at that time. It may have taken me twice as long but I will have my BS by July this year. However if you so choose to accelerate your education you can achieve an AS in as little as 18 months, I have had friends who did this. My only problem with the online curriculum is that I am not disciplined enough to keep up with it, it is a lot of work and very challenging. I like that they are innovative and stay current with the always changing environment of the business world. Sometimes it is difficult to get the classes you need when you need them, but they can only schedule classes that they have the staff available to intruct at any given time. I had switched to Everest from community college because I was looking for more structure in the way the school operates to guide you through your courses and the process of choosing classes. While attending comm. coll. I felt that no one really cared if I was achieving my goals or even taking classes that pertained to my degree major, you could pretty much register for anything that you want to take at a comm. coll. I took ridiculus classes like pottery and wasted a lot of time fooling around while at HCC. I definitely was a person in need of guidance that a comm. coll. could not offer. I've seen a lot of complaints about the cost of tuition and will admit that it is more expensive than a community college or state university, however you must bare in mind that this is private school and if cost is an issue for you, then you have the freedom of choice not to attend. There is no way that its possible for 3 classes to cost more than $15000.00, that claim is totally bogus. In reality 3 classes and books and online fees might run about $5500.00. I have only been able to take 2 classes a quarter because they understand that I can not afford an out of pocket expense, so they are willing to work with only the FA I that I do receive and typically stretch it all out over 3 quarters. I rarely have any problems with the staff, and if a regular student advisor is not available to help me the Dean of Academics' door is always open and they incourage students to stop by and visit him even if its just to update on your progress. Its not everywhere that you can just walk into your dean's office just to have a casual conversation and no appointment necessary. They really get to know their students on a first name basis, and are always willing to provide students with a support network for any issue that may arise in a students life outside of school. Overall I have far more good experiences with this school than I have bad ones, and this is coming from a person who really hates going to school."
  • Reviewed: 1/12/2010
"I have been attending Everest since April 2008 for a degree in MIBC. They walked me through the whole process of enrollment, and even stayed on the phone with me while I filled out my FAFSA. The only problem I have had is that I got a new student adviser right before my second term. It was seamless, and I was still enrolled in the classes I chose, I just liked the old one better. That is not to say, however, that there is anything wrong with my current adviser.For me, online college was the only option. I have 2 kids at home, and no intentions of putting them in daycare so I can go to school. Yes, it costs more than a campus education, but it saves you the hassle of schedules and commuting (not to mention the money saved on sitters and gas). At the beginning of each week, I look to see what will be due that Saturday. I'm typically done with it by Tuesday and don't have to worry about it. There are class discussions and teamwork, as well. I'm very shy and would never be able to do these things in person, but being online makes all the difference.Everyone I have dealt with has been especially kind and patient. Even when there was an error on my FAFSA that wasn't caught until after I started classes, they worked with me (at 9pm after the kids were in bed) to get things done. My classes were never interrupted.There was one issue with an exam. There were 2 answers that were correct for the question, and were both in the textbook. I was marked wrong for my answer. I emailed the instructor and she quickly changed my grade and informed the university that the exam needed to be amended.I would absolutely recommend Everest to anyone interested. Not all credits may be transferred, but this is true at any college or university."
  • Reviewed: 1/12/2010
"I would not recommend Everest to anyone! I started in the Nov 2009 - Mini Term with two courses. My books arrived 3 weeks into a 6 week session (only after calling every day to complain about it.) One of my classes was actually okay and the staff did their job. The other class was taught by a nurse (an Accounting class) that stated in her bio "I am here for fun and will be here in my free time." At first this did not bother me, but it soon did. This professor (Jennifer Whitley) did absolutely nothing the entire class! We had teamwork assignments each week and out of the 6 people in my team, 2 of us participated and had to pull the weight of the others. When I reported this to the professor, her response was "I'm sorry it worked out for you that way. Better luck next time." Financial Aid? That is a joke at this school. I had to speak to someone regarding my account balance (which is not available online, you have to call to ask about it) and I could not understand her english. She just kept saying it's coming "one of these days." As far as transferability of the credits is concerned. Someone here posted that just because another school will not accept the credits does not mean the school is bad. You are correct, however, if the school is not regionally accredited, you can be 99% sure that they will not be taken anywhere other than another nationally accredited school (which is primarily the for-profit schools.) At a rate of almost $500 per credit hour, this was not worth it at all. You can attend a state funded school for much less and have regionally accredited hours that will transfer easier."
Tina Diaz
  • Reviewed: 1/10/2010
"I have been an Everest Student for the past 2 and a half years online. I find this school to be great and I would recommend Everest to everyone. The Staff has been great, and I had no problems in any department from Financial Aid the help desk. All the Professors are excellent and I have learned so much from the Criminal Investigation Program. I graduate this month coming 2010 and I will miss this school. I'm thinking about further educating my career and this school will be my first choice if I do so. There no negative aspect of this school and anyone who thinks so needs to get a grip."
Not telling
  • Reviewed: 12/31/2009
"I have been attending this school for a year and when it comes to the basics they are ok. But I have been waiting for months for them to send me a residual check. Firstly they lost my financial aid information then they sent the funds back to the lender!I had signed saying I wanted it sent to me but the financial aid department didn't review that part. I have been on the phone with them everyday for 26 days straight now. I am still waiting because of the inproper staff can't get anything right. They have blamed it on the coporate office but then the coporate office says it the campus' fault. They tell me something different every time I call. One day they said the refund was being mailed out then a couple days later I called again and they didn't know anything about it!This school is good except for when it comes to the paper work. And we will be making payments for the rest of our life because it is so expensive. They don't know anything everytime I speak to them they either play dumb or they really are. I hate this school and just want to hurry up and finish so I never have to speak to these idiots again."
  • Reviewed: 12/25/2009
"Let me first say that this school really charges a lot of money for their tuition. As an Associate Degree student paying residential priced tuition, I ended up with a $10,000 bill after taking about 7 classes. The books are about $200 each and registering for classes is an even bigger headache. They don't give you any real freedom to choose the classes you want to take for a particular semester and you need about four different signatures from different department heads on your registration form.Finally, the degree is nationally accredited which isn't so great. This is where most people get confused. Let me tell you that regionally accredited is far better than nationally accredited. Even going to a community college is better than Everest because they are usually regionally accredited institutions. Now a lot of employers might not investigate the accreditation but when it comes to transfering credits, you will almost always have better luck transfering regionally accredited credits. I received my associates degree from Daytona State and it only cost me $8000 for 20 classes. If I were to get that at Everest I would be looking at a $20,000+ tuition bill."
Melinda Wilkey
  • Reviewed: 12/16/2009
"I have now understood why some of the people that have posted are talking about the financial aid stuff... I went through my whole two years every month sending in my financial stuff because they lost it or couldn't find etc... So for a whole year I was sending this info non stop and they didn't FILE any of it... Now I owe over 13K and they won't release my transcripts or degree until I pay!!!! What a RIP!"
  • Reviewed: 12/7/2009
"I think that this school is very good. and after reading everyone else's opinions and views I too love the teamwork at Everest university because even if everyone dosen't participate you still recieve awfull grade.I think the staff is excellent including my student advisor Ms. S., and she is great because she keeps all her students advised of her days off, who you can contact on her days off, and answer any question you have and if she can't she'll pass you down to the appropiate person for that particular question.Financial aid is great because even though I lost my job in March of 2009 I thought i may have money difficulties but by speaking with a financial aid rep they advised me that i could apply for additional loans and have money in my pockets to pay off school expenses and still have money in my pocket even thou majority of it i have to pay back. But still a blessing for me as a single mom loosing my job and needing money.So I would definetley advise people for this particular school and tho i know i have to pay money back it's all worth it becasue no matter what college or university you go to you still have to pay back loans, but at least i will have my degree from people who care. Thanks Everest online."
  • Reviewed: 11/30/2009
"I don't know what school everyone else is talking negative about, but it's not Everest. I have been going for my Associates for the past year and I have NOT had a SINGLE problem. The work load is perfect, not to much not to little. As with any other school you only get what you put into it.The team work is great, it dosen't matter if you and one other person does the work yourself, you get the grade based upon what YOU did, not as everyone a whole.I did have a situation with one professor where he was kinda of rude, but you get that at every school, not everyone is going to like every professor. I think they grade very equally, they let you know what's going on and what you did wrong. They are very picky about spelling and the APA format. Which I agree they should be because you are attending college, not highschool.Everyone I've talked to has got back to me in a reasonable amout of time, like within 48 hours if I don't speak to them the first time I call or e-mail. They do switch up employees a bit, but it has never been a problem with me.I use to go to university of phoneix and I'm telling you I love the university so much more!!!!! So if you are considering Everest University Online go for it I love it and it's been the best decision I've made this far!!!"
  • Reviewed: 11/29/2009
"I have been attending Criminal justice classes through Everest and will have my associates 2010. The teachers are fair and friendly. If you have an emergency, and you need an extension, they will work with you! I get financial aide, and YES, the school IS expensive, but who cares, the classes are paid for! I get a little money in my pocket from my classes, but as long as you know the classes are paid for, why complain?"
  • Reviewed: 11/23/2009
"Plz don't attend Everest University online at all I made the huge mistake of leaving another online college to attend this school and believe me when I tell you that has been the biggest mistake I've ever made in my life. If you're ever having to contact anyone with a question or a problem such as any advisors you may have whether it be academic, financial whom ever they are never there to answer their phone calls or emails. But when ever they need you for something they're hunting you down like you're a criminal. This school is truly a joke and I don't see myself attending much longer cause I truly don't have time for this at all."
  • Reviewed: 11/12/2009
"I read all of the comments, my experience with Everest was not that great. 1. They will hunt you down and call you everyday to make sure all your paperwork for finicial aid is complete. 2.It took several weeks for my books to arrive, I was pleased that they put the chapters online for you to read. 3. I was promised a laptop for my classes as long as I was enrolled in the school, and was told I could keep it as a gift when I completed my degree. Well, it's strange that I never received a laptop, even after making several calls to my advisors. Seems like nobody knew what the other person was doing. 4. At midterm I get a voicemail telling me that I could be doing a lot better, I felt that was unprofessional considering that I was taking three classes and at midterm I had a grade of a B, in one class and two A's in the other classes. 5. Still no computer, and no one returns your calls. 6. I completed all three classes and have a GPA. over 3.33, I was sent a email to sign up for 3 more classes, I kindly told them that I wouldn't be signing up again ever, due to lack of communication with the staff. 7. Three classes we over 14,000, close to 15,000 which is to expensive for the service you get. 8. I had some good professors and had a great group of class mates. The homework was fair and the grading scale was good. I got my report card and was happy to end with a final grade of two B's and one A. 8. Tell me why I get a call from the collection agency for Everest telling me that I owe $142 for dropping a class? I signed up for 3 classes and completed 3 classes. 9. Of course no one can tell me why I owe the money, after calling and still waiting on someone to look into it and call me back. 10. When it comes to getting their money they are so sweet and nice, but when it comes to handling your issues they act like they don't even care. They hold your hand and walk with you the whole process of being enrolled. I finally got a call almost three weeks later asking me why I wasn't returning because they didn't want to loose a good student. I told the nice advisor about my concerns and I was done with Everest.They have a lack of problem solving, and I wouldn't suggest this school to anyone. I'm sure my credits won't transfer from what everyone else saying in their review."
  • Reviewed: 10/31/2009
"I went to this school when it was the National Institution of Technology. Let's just say that you passed no matter what, because they need to make sure they made their "quote". There were people in my class who showed twice the whole semester and they received a B for the class, and it was not an online class.I was there 9 months and had 6 different teachers. 6 in nine months! 3 in one semester alone. I knew more then the teacher knew.The cost of this school is ridiculous! None of of your credits from this school transfer to any school! NONE!!!!So after I wasted $15,000 at this school and 9 months of my life, a few years back, I finally finished my associates degree at a community college this year in May. And I must say the education at the community college was 98% better then this POS school! And some of my credits from the community college will transfer to other schools to earn my bachelors. The only cool thing about this school was I met some new friends.So don't waste your time, your money, or anything on this school! Go to community college it will be better in the end."
Elena Breedlove
  • Reviewed: 10/4/2009
"I recommend Everest online for those that want to increase their knowledge in an specific field and do not care about the money they spend, I have learned a lot I did not know before I entered their Business Management program; however if you are a person seeking to obtain a higher education to earn a degree to advance in your professional goals and you do care for the money you spend in education then I say please look for an accredited school, one that if you are not happy with then you can move on and transfer your accululated creidts with ease, becasue Everest University credits are not transferable, so if you start a career here you must end it here wheter you like it or not, or you will loose your money and your time and will have to start all over again if you do not like the way they teach."
  • Reviewed: 9/9/2009
"The classes went well, I only had one instructor that was rude, and I would never want to have again. THe work load was fair, grading was fair, my student services advisor was awesome. Financial Aid is inefficient. I was allowed to carry a very large balance for months, and no one said anything. I had the balance, and still received official transcripts. They do not keep track of records. All of a sudden, 24 weeks before graduation I get a call from student finance saying I have a large balance because I did not fill out the fafsa for last year. I have the email confirmation for the fafsa they say I never completed. No one calls me back, and it is very rude. I even left a message with the Regional Fianancial Aid Manager, and she never called me back. It is pathetic. I wish I never enrolled at this school."
  • Reviewed: 7/14/2009
"I have been with Everest for about 2 years now. I can only tell you of my experiences with Everest compared to University of Phoenix. I earned my associate's degree at UoP but transferred for my bachelor's degree.Both schools require teamwork. However, UoP's team assignments were based on all team participation. If someone didn't do their part, everyone's grade was affected. My husband was already enrolled with Everest so he told me how the teamwork there works. Everest's teamwork is based on individual participation. So it doesn't matter if someone doesn't do their part; you're grade is based on the work you do.Throughout my time with Everest, I've only had 2 problems. Both of these problems were with professors who thought they could pull the wool over my eyes, so to speak. However, I was able to work them successfully with the help of my student advisor and student services.Depending upon your financial status, you can take 2 classes or more per semester. 2 classes is considered full-time. Each semester is 12 weeks and the classes are broken down into 6, 2 week units. You have to meet participation and attendance each week. That means you can't do all of your work for the unit in 1 week and post it. You still have to post something during the second week of the unit.The one drawback of schools like Everest is that their programs will only transfer to another school like it. For instance, I can't transfer my credits to University of Maryland because they wouldn't be accepted. It's just an accreditation thing. The institutions are accredited differently so their programs don't match.Over all, I would recommend Everest to anyone who's looking into to going to school online. The classrooms are user-friendly and the requirements are straight-forward. I'm getting ready to graduate with my B.S. and just scheduled my classes for my MBA. So, they must be doing something right."
  • Reviewed: 7/14/2009
"There have been many reviews about the school because of misunderstandings in the past. I have went to school there for 3 years and it is a great school. I have no complaints. I will be graduating this year with my associates and they were really helpful when I needed them. I am the type of person that if I do not think something is good, I would not recomend it because I wouldnt want someone else to have a bad experience. All I can tell you guys, is jump in feet first."
  • Reviewed: 7/14/2009
"It has been a long 4 years for me. I had a hard time with Everest in my 3 year. What I don't like about the college is that they change staff like changing underwear. The courses they offer you cannot beat. I was on the verge of qutiing and was talking to another college about transfering. subsequent, I was 6 months to finish with Everest so, I decided to tough it out. Now! I graduate July 02, thank God!!! If you decide to go, stay on top of things because 3 months down the line you might have a new advisor and want know it. Their courses are well worthty the try. keep in touch, and if you decide to go with Everest let me know and I can get you the hook up."
  • Reviewed: 5/29/2009
"I have graduated from Everest College Online in 2007 with an Associate in CJ, and I have had a very good experience with this school. Not only do I value the program but it also gave me the chance to start a new career(where I had no previous job experience in the field), and I was able to transfer all my credits to another school to earn a BA in Legal Studies. I think that all schools have their problems, and positive and negative reviews will be based on the personal experience of everyone!"
  • Reviewed: 5/8/2009
"The staff was very helpful from the start to end. I received my MBA online and it has helped me advance my possition within the company! The whole deal with credits not transfering isn't all true. NOT ONE college can garantee that your credits will transfer to another university. It is all up to the receiving college. I did transfer a lot of my undergraduate classes into the school before I moved on the the MBA program without a problem. The education has really improved my life all around!"