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This school is closed and is not accepting new students.
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4 out of 5

I have graduated from Everest College Online in 2007 with an Associate in CJ, and I have had a very good experience with this school. Not only do I value the program but it also gave me the chance to start a new career(where I had no previous job experience in the field), and I was able to transfer all my credits to another school to earn a BA in Legal Studies. I think that all schools have their problems, and positive and negative reviews will be based on the personal experience of everyone!

4 out of 5

The staff was very helpful from the start to end. I received my MBA online and it has helped me advance my possition within the company! The whole deal with credits not transfering isn't all true. NOT ONE college can garantee that your credits will transfer to another university. It is all up to the receiving college. I did transfer a lot of my undergraduate classes into the school before I moved on the the MBA program without a problem. The education has really improved my life all around!

4 out of 5

I have been going to Everest University (Tampa Campus) since October 2006, and the truth is that you are going to get out of it what you put into it- whether you go to a regionally or nationally accredited school.

My cousin graduated from Hillsborough Community College with her degree in Mass Communications, and is currently selling insurance. I am currently working as a Legal Assistant, and have been since July 2007 (less than a year after I started the program). I do voluntary work as a legal assistant as well for Saint Michael's Legal Center (which was recognized on the Fox 13 news).

I can't speak for all the programs, but I am very satisfied with the education I am receiving. I graduate in July and then I will be sitting for the NALA exam to become a registered Legal Assistant. A few of my friends that have already received their Bachelor's from Everest are currently sitting for the LSAT exam. It's a shame people speak so badly about Everest. It has really boosted my marketability as a Legal Assistant.

If you are looking to attend this school or any school, realize a career isn't going to go looking for you just because you're receiving the education. You have to go out there and get it!

Search over 221,000 programs:
4 out of 5

I started Everest University 3 weeks ago for paralegal dispite what I heard about the school. It was so much easier for me being that I am a single mother of 3 kids. I started to check out reviews for the school yet I couldnt find any because the name changed from FMU to Everest(maybe cause the FMU reviews from former students were not many positive ones).

When I met with the Adminisrative Officer to talk about the school I asked all the right questions "is this an accredited school? If I wanted to further my education to another school are the credits transferrable? Are the classes the same as Valencia or UCF?" And I got all the answers I wanted to hear. They straight up lied to me by not telling me the WHOLE truth. After I researched it by calling other colleges I stood to be correct.

In order for any credits to be transfered from/to a regional or national accrediting school courses must be offered, have the same prefix and LAST 3 digits. Which says so on The Florida State Board of Education Florida Staute Section 1007.24(6) as a matter of fact was given to me by Everest University themselves. Of course I found that part on my own.(Not sure if they thought I was an idiot to not read the entire Memo and Staute).

I compared the courses from Everest and Valencia and WOW from about 20 something classes only 7 would be able to be transferred. I am in the process of withdrawing from Everest University and enrolling to Valencia Community College which may take a little longer, yet I wont have wasted my time, money and will have a lot more options for furthering my education.

I saved money (over 10,000.00)I saved 2 years of my life, I saved being discouraged from having to start over again, I saved a lot and it means that much to me due to the fact that Im 30 and a mother of 3. I dont have time nor money to waste. Be carefull, Good Luck and God Bless

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