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John Robinson
  • Reviewed: 4/9/2012
  • Degree: Cosmetology
"My review is pretaining to this schools barbering and cosmetology programs. Ive only gone for a visit to speak to a recruiter and have a walk through and all seemed ok until I asked about job placement rates and successful graduation rates,, then things got very cagey.. And basically I was directed to do my own research. Even the director of the school couldnt find the figures for me onlne! But whats more disturbing is, I was mislead, in order to upsell their tuiton. They told me I needed the full on cosmetology program to open a barber shop in Florida. Im only interested in barbering, not nails etc.. Well the Florida State Barber Board says you need to complete a Barbering program. Not cosmetology.. So they lied out n out. I mean wouldnt they know at this school? They had to. I am not impressed, if this is how they treat people looking for basic truthful information, then what are they teaching people? It smacks of very little credibility to me. I will tell you.. Think twice before you choose a healthcare course program with a school thats also teaching how to do nails and makeup... It behooves you to go to a school specializing in your chosen field, does it not? Not some career clearing house. This is your life people."
  • Reviewed: 9/12/2011
"Usually the competition, students who do not honor their financial responsibility and have consequences they dont like..students that did not get along with an instructor because they wanted the degree handed down to them. X employees that were fired or could not handle the pressure of everyday work and quit. My advice- go to the school you are thinking of enrolling in, talk to the instructors and the current students there. Listen to your gut instinct. Its nothing new that the internet is full of fraud so why would you put so much faith on a review that's on here."
  • Reviewed: 7/12/2011
"I recently graduated from this school and still do not have a job in the field i went for which was medical billing and coding. I can't get my diploma from them because they say you can't get it if you owe any money to them what kind of crap is that. the career services was no help at all only with putting together a resume but for finding u a job no way. and it gets worse now i have theses student loans to pay back and only working at a minimum wage job part time which barely pays my bills i thought i was better myself instead i just got myself in debt because of this i really wish i didn't listen to that recruiter."
  • Reviewed: 6/22/2011
"This school is alot better then everest ... there has been soo many people coming from that school because they are not a good school at all!! Fcc is a great school, I have been attending this school for a few mths now and I really enjoy this school, when I can to this school i didnt have a high school dip or ged but this school has a test that you can take which is quite easy it you passed the 7th grade.. well after i had taken this test and passed the new mod was too start in 4 days by the time it was time to start I had recieved everything I needed. Any school that you attend is going to be costly you cant expect everything in your life to cost hardly anything..if you actually added up your books your supplys the dummies that you use the uniforms and etc it pretty much equals out to the money to go to school and its really sad how people can bash a school for the money if it wasnt for these kinda schools people like us that couldnt go to college or graduate from high school what kind of jobs are really out there for us? These schools re out to help you some are going to cost more or less then others but you cant just hate a school because you get one bad teacher or whatever... I think this is a great school and with us having a new dean ms. w. which i find a wonderful teacher and also some new teachers mrs.r. ms.B.! you def have to come down and check us out cause when you leave I bet your gonna love it!"
Fool Me Once Shame On You
  • Reviewed: 5/31/2011
"Few years ago I had attended Florida Career College, while I was a student there things were going fine, I had earned my A's and B's, made the President List a few times also made the perfect attendance list for I did not miss one day of class. At the time I had enrolled in the Medical Billing and Coding course.Things started going wrong as graduation was approching, the Career Services had set me up for interviews that were not related to Medical Billing and Coding, I had taken the initiative and spoke to the Career Services admistrator at the time and had asked her as of why the interviews were not related to what I had went to school for I had also told her that I was not going to the interviews the reply to that one was that I had to for it would make the school look bad I told her that was not my concern for they should have kept there word.So as you guessed I was not able to pursue my so called new career, I was the one that had set my interviews with potential employers, I would pass the interviews but did not get the jobs for the simple and idiotic reason that Florida Career College held my diploma hostage and all for the insane reason that this "SMART BRAINS PEOPLE" have the idiotic idea that if the student DO NOT FINISH PAYING the out of pocket portion of the tuition which they call "ECLIPSE" the student is not entitled to the diploma. This is the most insane, dumb, and a-- backwards excuse I had ever heard.Few months after I had graduated Florida Career College was on the news, in the news the reporter stated that Florida Career College was under Federal investigation for mishandleling Federal Grants and Funds. If you are thinking of attending this bad school my advice to you is to please rethink, and if a recruiter ever get in contact with you from Florida Career College just hang up do not allow them to fill your head with so much trash and empty words for it's a scam all they worry about is about the Federal Grants, Funds, your money out of pocket, and the Private loans.The logo that they use "The College That Cares" it is misleading, yes they do care they care about the money that comes from you, your parents, private lenders and of course from the Government."
Jenny Lopez
  • Reviewed: 5/11/2011
"I know some one that is going to Everest they just started actually. I want to get in for Medical admin. but after coming here no way! So many bad reviews my god and i sure believe it. I also went to the florida career college reviews "the college that cares" also so many bad reviews and it's funny I go to the miami dade comm. college and it's five and four stars I rather go that and be there longer and know in the end it will be all worth it! Thank guys for be honest and posting those reviews of everest u save me money and time Thank you!!!"
jane anonymous
  • Reviewed: 5/2/2011
"graduated from this piece of crap school. Mind you with an A.S. degree in MOA no one has eva heard of the school especially people who are in the business of education. personally it was a big waste of my money. Now I sit here typing this review wishing I had done my research firsthand. The teachers really made a big difference and alot of the good ones have all left because of what the administration were promising students with no regards to their backgrounds financially,criminal, etc.... Just as long as they kept their jobs. Now what about the rest of us that are stuck with an enormous and unnessacary debt which by the way could have gone towards purchasing a home for my family. I hold a degree that is not working at all for my family."
  • Reviewed: 3/23/2011
Carol Marren
  • Reviewed: 3/22/2011
"I am not a student. I have no intrest in this school. I just want the Admissions Dept at West Palm Beach to leave me alone and stop the constant harrasing phone calls. They have been calling me for the past two weeks asking for a person I do not know. I have told them repeately they have a wrong number. Still the calls keep coming. Obviously someone gave them a wrong number to get rid of them, unfortunately it was mine. What kind of a school is this if they are so hard up for students they hound strangers just because they have a phone number. How do I get out of their system? If I were looking for a school it certainly would not be this one.Very unprofessional."
  • Reviewed: 3/8/2011
"Mostly when you call to find out information about the school they try to quickly persuade you into the school and try to enroll you quickly as possible. All the admissions care about is getting calls mostly telemarketing and some of the admissions will ask students for phone numbers so they can have a certain amount of calls a day. Think about telemarketing and trying to sell you crap!! The Teachers I first started here when i was 18 around may of 2008 and well mostly when i went into the school some of the teachers were horrible. Some will just give you bookwork and won't even care they just sit around and earn a paycheck. In the computer repair program i had to learn the material myself. There are/were only two teachers for IT that i learned a lot from that really went ahead and taught me everything they knew so they can prepare me what was going to be up ahead Mauricio Gongora and Lazaro Diaz were the only IT teachers that really taught and were always on track. This depends on what teacher you get!! GradesIts really funny that students can easily pass a class if you show up everyday and not do anything. You even get some bulls* diploma which pretty much is a piece of paper telling you came to school everyday for that specific module. Some teachers can help you when your in need give you some extra credit work or etc.. but mostly they are idiot students in the classroom and they come everyday to class and just pass. So basically i need to learn everything but the students come everyday do not learn anything but yet they pass?? wow dude not even real college works this way hahahha!!!Schedules And Classes!!Okay there are some students when they entered in school do not know what they are going to be studying be prepared when you enroll for the IT program they will try to give you advance classes first and then give you basic classes last. Even though its the other way around for some students and especially teachers get really pissed off when students do not know anything get into advance classes. so the teacher has to waste time teaching students the basics before they get into the advanced and by the time they try to get into the advance stuff the module is almost over.Materials and Equipment The equipment for IT is really and i mean really old!! some of it was not working at all or when had to share with 4 other people when the computers were not working correctly. If this is an IT school why the hell did it took so long to get new computers?? if this school says that they teach the students the current technology why the hell do they still have windows vista even though its supposed to be windows 7?. I don't understand how much money this school is being given but yet do not have proper equipment to work or equipment that students should have so they can do hands on. Where the hell is that money going to? i have the right to know because is my money!!! money that i don't even have!!!Starting a Club!! The dean of the school is just one of those lazy people that you even realize your talking to a brick wall. Me and a friend of mine were trying to start a club it has been over 3 weeks when we first when in and talked to him about it. He kept telling us wait until Monday then Thursday,until the end of business Monday we have to wait a month which is bulls* because a club can get started after its approved but yet we have to wait a month!! yeah okay i quit!! so if your thinking about starting a club yeah good luck with that!! This is only for IT i did however learned a lot try to learn put some effort into it and try to get whatever much possible out of it. A lot of people say that vocational school are garbage than a traditional college. But yet they have book smarts but not hands on. Yet i have both and experience who do you think knows more traditional college or a vocational school. to me it does not matter as long as you know your stuff and know how to do it. Then your life will be a lot easier its a fake school and not a real college but i learned a lot so the school being fake is not an excuse. Overall i would not recommend it go to a real school learn, train or whatever you don't have to deal with so much bulls* from the school yes its expensive but i got a lot from it. so depends but i won't recommend it!! Stay in school, get a descent education this school may look small and good but never trust the commercials nor never trust the smiles on their school website nor on TV!! Hialeah Campus am enrolled in MIS might as well take it.."
  • Reviewed: 3/3/2011
  • Reviewed: 2/15/2011
"They are not about helping students. I work for FCC for about 2 yrs. I thought it was a school that cared at first. I was so wrong. We are forced to make 240 calls a day, give them 3 personal developed referrals, make 5 appts everyday and at least 1 enrollment a day. We have audio and visual in our office, which means no privacy at all. After you enroll a student and call them every 2 days until they are in class for 2 wks, then they don't care anymore because at that point they recieved the funding. They want us to fill the programs and it doesnt matter if its good for the student or not. The amount of these programs are thru the roof and your left with a loan, 20k and up, leaving there and hope to get a job making $*. an hour. They want us to re-enroll students in other programs when they are finished. I hate that place and ish I can find another job. I dont enroll like I did in the past becauase I know better now. Im sure they will let me go soon because of low enrollments. The school is all about the money, not about the student."
Person that Cares
  • Reviewed: 1/27/2011
"When reading the reviews it makes me wonder on the ones that were negative what happened. There is so much to offer at FCC. The class sizes are small you have some faculty that have been there for three years where if they left they could make at least 4 times the amount they are making there. There are physicians that have come here and have stated they would only hire students from this school. The career services has gone through wonderful changes where the placement from extern to full time is amazing and this is placing students with only the year of experience that they have received here. The pass rate for certain programs for certification is at a all time high. There is a billing instructor there that with the help of the school has started a mentoring program. This is where students are a liason between the faculty and students. The school has revamped the classrooms where they are more up to date both in the IT classrooms and the MAT classrooms. They have a wonderful PTA (physical therapy assistant) program along with a PCT (patient care technician) program. Don't get me wrong for the Billing and Coding Program and the Medical Assistant Technician program in the beginning the classes can be upto 30 students in the classroom but once you go to your core classes you might have 11 in the class to one teacher. The quality of the instructors has increased greatly sense 9 months ago and the nice thing is that you see more happy faces. I think if you give the school a chance then you will be suprised what you might get. I just want you to think about this when you come here it is better to be a leader than a follower. In leading you will make a difference. There are those who are never happy with anything and there are those who sabotage themselves and try to bring others down with them because they have always been told that they would never make anything of themselves. I will let you know that there is enough instructors here that will build you up and you will succed. I found that I am stronger of a person now sense I was at FCC then I have been in a long time."
Karen DeJesus
  • Reviewed: 1/26/2011
"I ama grad of FCC class of Oct. 2010, and let me tell you about the Teachers that Care!!It Is the school that cares, Mr. Lim, Ms. WARNER, Mr. Puga, Ms. Stinson, Mrs. Ramos, Mrs. DAVIS, Ms. Hill, Ms. J. Perkins.....They all have been a big Impact in my schoolig and Im my NEW CAREER AS A MEDICAL ASSIST. TECH. I was in a bad car reck and almost lost my life June 12 2010, FCC was there for guidence and with their support,I only missed two days of school and still Graduated with HONORS! I have found a job that I Love and the patients are wonderful! Thank you FCC for everything!!"
  • Reviewed: 12/16/2010
"I am a student at the Brandon/Riverview campus and I absolutely love it here. Professor Alexander is excellent and truly is an asset to the campus. The other instructors believe in what they teach and it shows. Career services has helped out a lot and I am well on my way to a career in IT. Special thanks to Alexander, Mr. Voightman, Ms Hill, and Mr Lim.J"
FCC Employee
  • Reviewed: 12/3/2010
"I would not recommend enrolling in this career college, especially Jacksonville. Some campuses are better than others, but the programs themselves are not organized, or going to truly get you knowledged to find a decent paying job. Executive Directors have no clue. Bursar will withhold money from you, after completing your portion of tuition, Admissions will admit anyone and currently Jacksonville campus is under investigation with the FEDS. No Federal Aid money is being distrubuted to the campus from the government until investigation is complete. AFTER you are enrolled, and have started the Bursar will expect you to pay, what you are entitled to from the Federal Aid money. Most graduates will not receive the proper assistance in getting a job."
  • Reviewed: 9/25/2010
"Is anyone enrolled and can provide me with info on the RN program...is it accredited and what is FCC reputation in the working world as far as RN goes?"
  • Reviewed: 9/1/2010
"i am a grdauate from fcc and they have screw up my hrs , services, ive been lied to, the dnt never do there jobs and they dont care. they main concern is a pay check"
  • Reviewed: 8/20/2010
"I was initially interested in this school because their Massage Therapy and Clinical Skincare courses sounded pretty good, the admissions officers on the other hand were senseless incompetent people who basically tried to swindle you into applying for the course. They couldn't give me any answers to my questions and they flat out lied to me during the interview process. It was very unprofessional and disorganized... if you are an international student I caution you about this school because apparently no one at the PP location knew anything about international students. If the admissions officers are this clueless about their job roles..can you imagine the professors"
Lori C.
  • Reviewed: 8/18/2010
"This school took over a school called EduTech which was a wonderful school. I attended FCC in 2007/8 and saw their best instructors quit or fired. They dropped their best program, Paralegal and it went down hill from there."