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4 out of 5

I've spent two years in an undergraduate program at FIT. One of the problems with the online classes is that your assigned professor is essentially a study hall monitor. Don't get me wrong, I've had some really good professors that were excited about their subjects. They simply have very little control over the class. Not only do they not do the lectures, they don't prepare the tests.

The work load is not conducive to a full time job, which is the main reason most people choose to go online. There is a very high rate of dropping out of classes. If you are single and have a lot of free time, go for it. If you have children, please don't. The math and accounting classes especially, have a ridiculous amount of homework (college algebra required 142 homework problems in one week-all done in their online lab and each taking anywhere from five minutes to twenty, depending on the steps required to solve the problem). You only get two breaks a year, three weeks at Christmas, and one week between Summer 1 and Summer 2.

I'm not sure if this is only FIT or the entire University Alliance. Maybe the whole system needs a little overhauling.

4 out of 5

I am a current student working towards a bachelor's degree and am very satisfied with my experience. The financial aid department is a bit slow, but seriously it is a great school! Did someone say that all of the students get A's? What classes did you take? Cause that is not the case. The courses are hard, just like a brick and mortar campus. You work for your grades. Sure they start out easy, I was pulling a 4.0 the first 3 terms.

Then I started the courses directly for my major. This is not a degree mill. If you don't put in the effort, you will get a horrible grade. If you have a problem spending the money on books or with your advisor, ask for another one. There was a post on this board of someone that was "forced" to purchase a book. He stated that the advisor's supervisor was not in the office when he called. Did you call more than once? Sounds like you didn't. It's easy to label things as a scam when you refuse to put effort into anything.

Remember- The major plus about this school over the other online schools is that it is accredited by the US Department of Education. Try looking up the other online schools and see what you get. If you are looking to spend thousands of dollars on a piece of paper that is only worth wiping you butt with, then by all means go to the University of Phoenix. If you want a degree that is recognized nationally by a federal agency, then stick with FIT.

4 out of 5

I am currently a student at Florida Tech online doing the MBA program. I have finished 6 courses so far out of the 12 required for the MBA from Florida Tech online. People have alot of questions regarding if it is easy.

Is it easy. No. What do you have to do. You have to take exams usually 3 or 4 per course. Write papers and do research on different topics. You also have to do homework problems. You have to actively participate in dicussion assignments. Aside from this you might even have to do group assignments or different projects which require researching a company or doing research on a particular subject.

Lot of students drop out of the class within the first two weeks usually after the first exam. I was in a class where 6 or 7 students dropped out after the first 2 weeks of class. thats around 35 percent of the students rougly who dropped out within the first 2 weeks. We are given class details regarding the mean median and mode as well as the highest and lowest grades for each assignment and exam.

Most people dont do well on the exam usually. For instance the class I just finshed had a class average for the first exam of 50 percent. The highest grade for that exam was 90 percent. It was a finance class and we had a CFO from GE in the class with like 20 plus years of experince so I guess he got the 90 percent. The exams are not easy.

Ofcourse the exam average went up after the first exam because lot of people dropped out though the exam average for the last exam of the class was around 70 percent. So the exams are not easy at all. If we just went by the exams and no one was allowed to drop the class then I am guessing that the average class grades would be very low and at least more than half would probably not even pass the course.

This does not happen ofcourse because lot of people who dont do well in the first exam quickly drop out of the course. Second the grading for the discussions and other assignments varies from professor to professor. Some professors are very tough on the assignments you do while others are easier with their grading of the assginments.

The only part of the course which I feel is relatively graded easily is the discussion assignments though again this will vary from professor to professor though people do better on the discussion assignments than on the exam.

If we went by the disscussion assignments most people would get an A though the discussion assignments only make up like 20 percent of the grade usually so dont get too excited. I think the discussion assignments are more focused on participation. Though some professors are very tough grading those assginments too.

Here is my break down of the grading and the amount of work required for each aspect of the class. Keep in mind this usually varies from professor to professor though this is just the trend I have seen so far.

Exams: HARD require alot of work

Disscussion Assignments: EASY require decent amount of work

Papers and projects: MODERATE require a lot of work

Homework assignments: MODERATE require decent amount of work

Other Projects: HARD to MODERATE require working toghter as teams and do require alot of work

Some aspects of the class might be easy though you still have to do alot of work for those parts of the class. It is just that they require lot of time. It is very time consuming and you should give yourself at least 15 to 20 hours a week. If you have that much time and are of decent intelligence you are going to get an A or B most likely or at least most of the times.

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4 out of 5

I'm totally satisfied with the education I've been receiving through Florida Tech. I wish I could attend a public university in person, but I'm studying at my own pace, fitting it in between my current challenging work and home schedules. My opinion is highly favorable thus far. This is NOT a degree mill.

I have been enrolled in the graduate business program at Florida Tech since December of '09. I had to go completely online with my studies because of my awkward work schedule and the fact I have two children. I am finishing my third class now--Managerial Economics--and it's not been a cakewalk by any means, but I got a lot out of it, primarily because I study hard and committed myself to doing well in school, making my investment worthwhile.

I've read plenty of negative reviews about this school, and it's a shame those people feel jilted, but I don't believe it's a scam. A business, definitely, but not a scam. Yes, it's a bit expensive, but that's what you get with a private institution. I could have enrolled at the University of South Florida or Florida, but those are blended programs that require weekend attendance. I work weekends.

If you think about it, Florida Tech utilizes the University Alliance, run by Bisk Education...which was founded by Nathan M. Bisk, the person whose name is branded to the Florida Institute of Technology College of Business.

The texts they sell are the same ones used by other schools around the country. A little expensive, yes, but you are paying for convenience. Someone's doing the shopping for you and they have to pay to store the books, have a person to ship them, and to ship via FedEx. All of my course materials have arrived about four weeks prior to the start of that class.

All universities and educational institutions have dud instructors. I had plenty of them as an undergraduate years ago in another state. My first class with FL Tech had an instructor who was slow to respond to my requests and she did not participate in online discussions, but the two courses that followed had professors who were immersed and engaged. They responded to my emails and participated in the discussion boards.

My last class, Managerial Economics, had a fantastic professor. He pointed us to outside tutorial resources in addition to the discussion boards, the pre-recorded studio lectures, and the book readings...and homework. All of it helped me absorb the information. I had encouragement when I discovered I was having trouble and my homework came back to me with comments in red to help me better understand what I had done incorrectly.

People need to know they are responsible for the outcomes of their education and online learning requires discipline. Perhaps those disgruntled posters should do a better job at doing their homework, so to speak, prior to enrollment. I spent a considerable amount of time looking in to other alternatives. I sought information from Florida State, UF, USF, Arizona State and even my alma mater, Bowling Green State University. None of them were going to work for me because of my work schedule. One of the most useful discoveries I made while interviewing with these schools concerns accreditation.

Florida Tech's College of Business IS accredited. In fact, the university itself is aligned with all those major schools I just listed. The difference in accreditation lies within the College of Business. Each separate college or department of a university receives accreditation that states the school meets a fairly high standard for teaching in that area.

Florida Tech is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), where you will find such schools as Florida State, University of Miami, University of South Florida, Georgia Tech, Louisiana State, and many more major schools from North Carolina to Texas.

Here's where it gets confusing for some. The Florida Tech College of Business has a REGIONAL accreditation from the SACS (mentioned above), but it does not yet have INTERNATIONAL accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). What's the difference? An international accreditation means your credits are more likely to transfer and your education MAY carry a little more gravitas on the job market. The AACSB accreditation is difficult to achieve and claims only 25% of the business schools in the U.S. achieve this accreditation. Florida Tech is not on this list.

When I was interviewing with USF's College of Business, I was warned that my Florida Tech credits would not transfer over since they did not have AACSB accreditation. I understood the consequences in advance, but chose to continue with Florida Tech because to educate myself at 48 years old was more important to me than waiting for who-knows-how-long before I could make a move and attend a bigger business school. For me time is valuable and I can't afford to waste it simply waiting for things to change.

This does not mean that an education from Florida Tech is any less worthy than an education at UF, for example. It's what you do with the knowledge given. I honestly do question how some of the people that have been in my class will fare in the real world. And I wonder how they got in to a master's level program with such poor grammar and writing abilities.

Some of the postings have been laughable. I have no idea if those people have been excised or graded for their poor performance, but that is not my concern. I am focused on absorbing my education and making the most of the opportunities I have before me.

I hope this helps you make a decision on whether or not the Florida Institute of Technology is right for you.

4 out of 5

Some of you are comparing older, established universities with FIT. It can't be done. I'd just like to say that I attended FIT (the actual school in Melbourne, FL) for my freshman year of college. All of the mundane complaints that you guys have about the online college were valid with the actual school as well.

All of the freshmen overpaid for our books, we all had some good professors, we all had bad professors, and we all paid obscene amounts of money to attend. So stop feeling cheated. It's a relatively new college, so it's going to have issues. You can't honestly expect to compare colleges that have been around for hundreds of years with FIT, which has been around for 50 years.

I am only in the application stages of FIT's online program, but I can already tell that these are similar to the people that I worked with during my brick-and-mortar application. Heck, I showed up on campus with no dorm room because of a glitch in their computer system. Did I complain? YES. Did they fix it for me? YES. So chill out.

Bottom line is that when you're attending college anywhere, you have to get over the fact that there are thousands of other students who need the same things you do, and you may not come first. Sorry. That's life.

4 out of 5

I am currently taking the MBA at florida tech online. I am on my 5th course right now.

First of all to debuke the myth that it is a diploma mill. When you get your grades you also see the class grades as well. You see the mean, the median and the mode grades as well as the highest and lowest grades. I actually wanted to see if everyone was getting an A so I calculated the class average for each course and it was around 80 percent or so varying by a couple of percents points depending on the course.

Lot of people do not pass the courses online. I have talked to other students on there who have have scored around 30 percent or less on exams. So this myth that they give out easy grades is not true because I have calculated the average grades for the class for each of the previous 4 courses I have taken at Florida Tech and the class average is around a low B or a high C.

Now I have to add though that the teaching has much to be desired though. They dont teach well. The professors are not always responsive and dont always give good feed back. Some respond quickly and some give decent feed back others dont respond in a timely manner if they do at all. The next thing is the lectures are around 5 minutes per week. You dont get much teaching from them.

To sum it up if you think it is easy think again. The exams are not easy and to top it off they dont teach that well so you have to study alot harder by yourself. For some courses I even went and brought additional books to supplement my reading.

4 out of 5

I'm half way through my MS in Information Technology at Florida Tech (online). The professors that I have had have been courteous and communication has been great! You get out of it what you put into it.

The workload is more intense in some classes than others, but overall is what I would expect for a Master's degree. Yes, a lot of the learning comes from the book, but all of my professors have been great about scheduling online chat sessions and discussions. It's a wonderful alternative for those of us who are not able to take time to attend traditional classes.

4 out of 5

I am on my 4th class within the MSIT program and here is my experience. Out of my 4 professors, only one of them has actually engaged the students, others took days to respond to emails (and sometimes didnt respond at all). Grading is a joke, Im pretty sure that every person in every class gets an A. I work very hard on my assignments, yet I see people blatantly ignore the directions and still get a B or an A on their assignments (they give you class grade statistics for every assignment, mean, median, mode averages and lowest grade). The work can be done in a matter of minutes (half the time the assignment is to write a paragraph about something).

Quite frankly, for $2000 a class, I am NOT getting a quality education. If you want a degree and dont want to work hard for it, this program is for you. If you actually want to work hard and learn, I suggest you go elsewhere.

4 out of 5

I am one class away from graduating with an MS in Information Technology. As with any school, there are some very good instructors and some that are not as good. For the most part, my instructors have been top notch - very quick to respond to questions, and engage with the students effectively.

The video lectures which accompany the courses are available either online, or on VCD (included with the textbooks) so it is very convenient. The lectures cover the most important aspects of each class, but you must also read the books to get the full benefit. I found the message board and chat room interactions to be quite satisfying, and even though I have never met any of my classmates in person, I have formed some good friendships.

As with anything, the value of the degree is directly related to the amount of work that is put in. I will be very proud to get my degree, and I would recommend the program without hesitation.

As for the reviewer with an objection to using, I would hope that most would see the value of making sure that his or her words are not plagarised.

4 out of 5

I am three classes away from finishing my MBA degree. I can tell you that I worked for it. It is not an easy school, but I do not think it should be. The MBA program should be challenging and that is exactly what it is. I am glad that I selected this school. You get out what you put in. If you study and put in the time, you will learn. Some professors are more engaging than others; however, I never had a professor not respond. I had some that even held conference calls to make sure that the class was understanding the course and to answer any questions. I am glad that I am almost done. It will be good to have my weekends back. I spend approximately 16 to 20 hours a week working on school work. Also, this school has a great on-line library. You can access a lot of information and you can obtain help if needed. If you are looking for an easy MBA program, this is not it.

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