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Reviews - Associates in Licensed Practical Nurse

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  • Reviewed: 6/29/2018
  • Degree: Licensed Practical Nurse
"If I could do it all over again I would not have chosen Fortis. Felt like I had to do the classes on my own. Was a good student and missed one class in my final term by one point. I appealed three times and was blown off. Then recently I get a letter from a collector saying they were going to garnish my wages over 800$! I later found out after I left Fortis billed me and never told me instead quietly sold it to collections. My advice;stay away from Fortis and for all you folks that got screwed like me-get a lawyer."
  • Reviewed: 10/10/2016
  • Degree: Licensed Practical Nurse
"I wish I would have done research more thorough then I did when I enrolled. The reviews for this location are on point to the truth. It is sad how many students are just being tossed around at this campus, having the exam answers given to them from the instructors right before the exam. I have taken 6 or so HESIs now and the last 2 my instructor willingly helped each of us on any question we need, just so she'd have a higher pass score. When I tried to confide in the director of nursing she said I was over exaggerating and I should be thankful I got the grade I received. There is a lot of false advertising at this school in regards to the evening program, they don't have enough instructors so the schedule changes between day hours and nights. The whole point in evening classes is to be able to keep your job to support your family and pay your way through school. I had to go from 40+ hour work week to 10. How is that fair? It's impossible to live like that. I know several students who are having the second problems with their jobs as well and some of them are no longer able to work. The clinical locations are far, which isn't that big of a deal most of the time, but when they are 8 hour days it can become a struggle. ESPECIALLY when you show up and do 4 hours of clinical work at a cute and come to find out we weren't even aloud to be there due to the school failing to sign contracts. We, as students were working, doing treatments, imagine how much trouble that could've caused!!! Unbelievable and of course once again, the instructor said we need to act like it never happened and to not talk about it. Sad and unprofessional. The lab hours are a waste and a joke as well, lab is required so when we have lecture in one room we stop mid way through, go to the lab and continue the lecture there. No lab work is ever done, they can just write it off that it was since we were in the room. Great learning experiences. Not. I don't understand how a school that lies, hides and cover their mistakes, give students exam and HESI answers can keep their accreditation. I am 100% ashamed to say that I attend this college. I sat in on an NCLEX review class, they didn't realize I wasn't even supposed to be in the room, they were reviewing the questions and answers from the 2015 exam. Never did they review what they learned, but they taught us how to remember answers quite well. The president is aware of all that is going on and yet he refuses to address any issues all he worries about is someone eating a salad or chips in the classroom, not the fact that he is running a fraudulent school. I have also, like others have stated in their reviews, contacted the Ohio board of nursing and education. I would much rather start over from a real institution who truly cares about more than their pass rate. This is what causes schools to lose their accreditation and close their doors. Nothing at this campus represents any sort of professionalism or honesty. It's crooked and the audit they just had was rigged and we'll prepared for. Funny how the students know about that isn't it? I know 3 students who aren't up to date on their immunizations who are in clinicals this quarter, they just lied and printed off fake ones because they didn't want to pay to have them. Those forms look like they were written by a child and how they got overlooked is scary. I feel as if I have been wasting my time and money at this place. I know many will ask why I stayed if it was so bad, the answer I have is because ITT closed, hondoros doesn't have better ratings and it's "fast tracked". I hear every year how things are getting better, the only thing that's improving is the Dean, director of nursing and instructors hiding issues and lying. Let's not forget about the improvement on exam grades. So thank you Fortis, for my great exam grades. Our exams are over 7+ chapters at times, the school doesn't make the exams so they don't know what to teach. In one book that has well over 25 chapters, we honestly reviewed 4 chapters in a quarter. Can anything be done about any of this? I would really like to know what I can do. I am going for my RN in Jan so I'm glad I won't be a LPN with no education out in the field, I feel bad for patients out there who may have some of these students as their nurse and caregiver."
Robert L Anders
Responded: 10/17/2016


Please email your contact information at


Robert L Anders, DrPH, FAAN

VP of Nursing

Robert Anders
Responded: 11/2/2016


Making a decision to apply to a nursing program is indeed a critical one. The major is very challenging and unfortunately not everyone will be successful. I encourage you to visit the school with a set of unbias eyes. The visit could include an opportunity for you to potentially meet with current students so you receive a balance review.

Best of luck on your journey towards being a nurse.


VIce President of Nursing

  • Reviewed: 7/18/2016
  • Degree: Licensed Practical Nurse
"I hope people read these reviews and actually take in what is all said. I regret ever enrolling to this school. I am currently in the lpn program at the Centerville location. The instructors are basically non existent and don't know what they are teaching. Students fail classes and are told if it's close enough to a passing grade all they need to do is "file a complaint about how you should've passed" and magically you move on and have a higher test grade than what was earned. They can't keep clinical sites, they have us drive an hour to do 3 hours clinicals, at a place that has nothing to do with nursing to begin with. You get charged for things you never get to use, such as sims lab, scrubs you didn't order, extra books. I'm not generally one to complain or make complaints but it's getting worse and worse as time goes on. I am in my 3rd quarter and credits don't transfer anywhere or I'd be gone. Good luck to all of you on your future. -A-"
Robert L Anders, DrPh, FAAN
Responded: 7/25/2016


I can certainly appreciate your concerns and as shared our goal is to assist all students in being successful in their educational program. Unfortunately in some situations this is not always possible. To make an informed decision that might be reflective of the experience of the majority of students I encourage you to obtain from the Ohio Board of Nursing web site the current NCLEX pass rate for the Practical Nurse program. You can also find the historical data regarding pass rates. Again I am sorry to learn of your experience and will be glad to discuss with you your observations.

Robert Anders

VP Nursing

  • Reviewed: 9/29/2015
  • Degree: Licensed Practical Nurse
"This is by far the worst school to attend to get a nursing degree never have I ever in all my years of going to school have I ever had a teacher tell me should would not answer my question.... I thought that's what I paid you to do answer my questions"
Fortis Institute
  • Reviewed: 9/25/2015
  • Degree: Licensed Practical Nurse
"I would never discourage a person from going to Fortis. My reason being is that everyone has their own experience there. I would just like to share my story. I was a senior in highschool, also a mom, and so confused about what to do. Fortis came into the highschool and gave their last speech for the year. I decided to sign up and went in for an interview. I was accepted, loved everything I heard and had everything ready to go, for 2 weeks after I would graduate highschool. I started school in July, would of graduated in Dec. 2015. My first mod there consisted of English, math, informatics and human phys.- pretty much a breeze through those. Second mod was nutrition, psychology, nursing basics, labs, math. I ended up failing nursing basics and math, they were a combined grade so I technically failed both. Discouraged and sad, I decided to just try again. I ended up passing, pushing my graduation date 3 months ahead to March, ended up with a different mod and class. Moving on to 3rd mod, we started clinicals twice a week and another fundamentals to nursing, geriatrics, labs and pharmacology. I passed ultimately and moved on to 4th mod. That was clinicals 3x a week and classes, med surg, labs and obstetrics. I went halfway through the mod and dropped. I was failing, I was way behind on what I should have known. I didn't feel prepared at all. So as though everything seemed well Ill list everything wrong. -A teacher was let go because of budget cuts, we have 3 different instructors for 2 weeks and then they hired the original teacher back. -We were 6 weeks through 2nd mod, and because of the fire of our original teacher, we had to relearn everything from week 1-6 because the new teacher didn't think the original teacher was any good at teacher (her words pretty much) -During clinicals a teacher was coming in and telling us to go home instead of doing clinicals, which we got in trouble for. Noone told because we didn't know what to do. We were told to follow what the instructor did. She ended up leaving after that. -We lost our dean, and the new one came in clueless trying to readjust everything, screwing up schedules. We started our 3rd mod with no schedule for a week, and they were still wrong. -We went 10 weeks through pharm class missing a book that would have really helped us out, mind you people failed pharm and some were very very close -A teacher resigned her position, leaving us with a lab teacher who had no idea how to run the lab, because training was done in another state for 2 weeks and she was the only one that learned it. - They switched our schedules multiple times during the mod - The new dean made a new rule if you fail 2 classes during any mod you have to leave the program, making one of my friends start mod 3 over and then 4 weeks into the mod, she was kicked out of the program. Mind you, the seniors about to graduate, many had failed multiple multiple classes. - Study guides were no longer being able to be given, because teachers were supposedly teaching to the test, when in my class, passing was very hard for many of us almost failing. - When we took a HESI, remediation was done online for up to 6 hours, and sometimes the computer didn't register your time, and remediation barely helped many people. -Multiple accounts, we were told they expected more people to fail from our class, that at the end we would graduate with a class of 10 the most, when we started with 26 -Only a few teachers really gave a crap about the students, and it was against their rules to really help us out as best as they wish they could. - Favoritism was definitely played a lot, exceptions weren't the same for each and every student. -Printing was limited to 10 pages a day. If more was printed, librarian often got very frustrated throwing a fit. I know many student have had trouble finding jobs or passing the state board test because they felt completely behind. I felt myself we were expected to know more that we never did or learned. I was thrown into clinicals in a situation that I was suppose to know and I had never done before. One teacher was very very rude when he talked. He often embarrassed me during clinicals, and very unprofessional. Like I said though, my experience was horrible. I wouldn't recommend anyone, but its your loss or gain."