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1 out of 5

Dont be fooled with their nonesence of how they are a great school. They are not. They give you answers to your tests so when you have to take the hesi you wont pass. they dont teach you, you are ther to warm a seat so they get paid. They say they provide tutoring but when you ask nursing teachers for it the teachers never set up a time and never even reply to your email. When you ask them a question they avoid it or go around the bush and never end up answering them, teachers favor students. teachers are unprofessional.

I would recommed ameritech or provo college even thoug their education might be a little bet more expensive it is well worth because once you graduate you will be well educated or if not first get your lpn and then your Rn. I wish there was something I could do to get my money back

2 out of 5

Just started my first 6 weeks of school, We are told to follow a very strict dress code but the instructors come in looking like slobs. homework is 32 hours a week and 4 classes are crammed into 6 weeks. Regardless of how great people tell you about this school teachers read directly out of the book and you learn very little. You will be unprepared for your career if you stay with this school. Unless your an excellent self learner, if you are why are you paying over 20k to teach yourself.

The class before me started with 28 students in their class there is currently 5 left and 2 are dropping, so 3 students left in a 28 student class. Terrible, my current class has already had 4 leave before I know it I will be the only student left or I will be in a class with 3 or 4 students.

What do you do? the school is not accredited and you cant take any classes with you so your stuck there. The library is way to small and the internet is dial-up at best. We took Hesi exams and students computers constantly turned off which caused the students to have to retake there test over and over.

If your looking for a school go to HCC much cheaper it may take longer but your will get a quality education that is accredited that is what I'm doing! I'm going to lose my money on the classes that i took the first 6 weeks but I learned nothing anyways. Good Luck to all who dare.

P.S. for all those people who "SAY" its great look at the negative to positive comments! 10 say it's terrible 1 says its good. judge for yourself either there are 3 students out of 28 there are really good and 25 are bad or the instructors suck! Good Day!

4 out of 5

Went into this school with high hopes. I'd been out of work for over a year and decided a training in something different was what I needed and at the time there were dozens of jobs listed on all the web sites I visited. The major deciding factor was when I talked to a counsolor and was told they had a job services dept that would find you a job upon graduation.

"NOT" HELP YOU find a job, but "FIND" you a job. I was told that that had medical offices they worked with ALL over the local area and billing and coding was in great demand. Then a month after class starts I'm informed to start sending out resuems now not to wait. Then I'm told that they will assist you in finding work, that if they receive a call from a medical facility they'll send you out on an interview!!!!

NOW I'v forgotten everything I was taught becaust I haven't been using the info I spent 9 months learning. I was called and told because of my GPA and perfect attendance that I was to be the valivictorian for the graduating class.

Then I guess my questioning and complaining got to people in the office and I get a call a week later saying, "We're sorry but we made a mistake you're not the valivictorian you're going to be the salutarian. How do you make a mistake like that?!?!?!? Now, I'm still without work, no interviews to look forward to and student loan payments are due. GO TO A REGULAR COLLEGE IT MAY TAKE A MONTH OR TWO LONGER AND ITS CHEAPER !!!!!!!!!

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4 out of 5

A waste of time, money and space. Would not recommend anyone to go there. They don't guarantee jobs.

4 out of 5

I am a current student in the LPN program. This past semester was hell. Not because I couldn't handle it its because the teachers have no idea how to teach and really are undeserving to be in such a position. For 15 weeks my labs consisted of doing worksheets. Now that's a learning experience. The medsurge teacher for her class focused on lab values for every chapter we went over. That's fine and dandy but she would always come up with different numbers than we had in our books.

Granted if we as a class threw a big enough stink and showed her what we found in the book she would remove those answers off the test. So yes she was fair, but she couldn't teach to begin with. There was a lab instructor who literally decided to pick on or "bully" if you will ,certain students all semester long. I've witnessed her do this for 2 semesters now. The biggest problem this semester was the iv class. That was the biggest joke I've ever seen in my life. How the grading scale worked at fortis was you had to reach at least 580 pts. With your test scores alone before they would count any of your homework grades. Which in combination you have to have 780 points to pass the class.

Well with the grading scale of going off of test scores alone there were only 2 people passing the class by the time 4 tests and the midterm were takin. The school knew this would look bad for their accreditation so they decided to take all the scores of the homework and tests combined so it looked like more people were passing. Still after the final was taken over half of the class failed. The teacher's name is Jicel. Her first language is spanish. You can hardley understand what she was lecturing on. She spoke to the wall instead of facing the class and talking. She was supposed to give study guides and print out her powerpoints because the administration told her she had to when they realized everyone was failing. Guess what she didn't give study guides or her powerpoints. She would show up every class 10 mins late. If you asked her questions she would roll her eyes and give you attitude and make you feel stupid for asking to begin with. Whenever she had an important announcement to make about the class she would text a random student and expect them to announce it to the rest of the class. Also a lot of times you would ask her questions and she wouldn't know how to answer them.

You could read the book forwards and backwards and it still wouldn't help you for the test. It's because she would make up questions from god knows where and they wouldn't be written correctly or in proper english. Students shouldn't have to guess what the questions were asking on every single test. Sad thing is from the day of the first test we had gone to administration and continued to go everyday until the semester was over and they refused to do anything about her. She is still continuing to teach this semester. Jicel is one of the rudest people I've ever met and she is truly undeserving of being a teacher anywhere.

Even the students who passed will tell you the teacher was horrible and shouldn't be teaching. And for the students who failed a lot were moving to night classes and for some strange reason administration was telling the students Jicel was moving to nights too so they wouldn't transfer to nights. Why I have no idea? They lie all the time. Administration before you enter the program tell you that the latest you would be on campus in class is 5pm. Well first semester we were there til 530 which I can live with. But this semester we were there from 8am to 630 pm with only a half hour break between. They also lie and said they were accredited. They just got it back. They were on probation for my first and most of my second semester. They lie to get you in the door just for your money and you can feel that vibe everyday that your there that they just wanted your money and don't care about the students well being.

Now some teachers here are excellent, but they are far and few between. Also a lot of the "good" teachers have left, or are leaving, because they agree that the school is really bad. It is true that your credits from forts will NOT transfer anywhere else. The only thing saving you from wasted time is once you get your license other schools use that instead of classes to be accepted into an RN program. I have been to other colleges so I do have other schools to compare this place to. Over all the place is a mess and disorganized from every angle. If I could go back in time I would never have gone to fortis. My only option now is to finish or eat my money. My advice for anyone interested in this school is find another option. This school is barely good enough to be considered for a last resort. If you are willing to spend this much money on a place you should be getting a bachelors degree instead of an LPN. Please look into other schools. The thing that scares me the most about this school is that these are the nurses out there that could be working on you one day. This school doesn't teach much. And this is sad to say when I'm gonna end up being a nurse from fortis. I can tell you this much, it will be one of your BIGGEST mistakes coming to forts and when I'm done I want to forget that I went to this school.

4 out of 5

Not sure which location everyone is talking about, but in regards to a few of the complaints about the nursing programs:

1.) Fortis is accredited by ABHES, the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (go to or just Google Fortis ABHES). This is in the course catalog.

2.) No college will print a transcript if you owe a balance!

3.) With any college, you have to drop before a certain date; otherwise, it is considered a fail and you could owe a balance. You have to check your course catalog or the academic calendar to see when that date is.

4.) I attended another nursing school and labs there were the same as at Fortis – teaming up and learning skills, reviewing your book to practice, and waiting to get checked off. I’m confused what the big deal about this is!!!

5.) I always get my books from again, not sure why people think they have to buy books from the school!

It seems like the people that are unhappy have unrealistic expectations and are truly not prepared for school or the real world in general. Judging by the language and grammar usage, it’s no wonder they had trouble. They obviously did not read their contracts, catalogs, or handbooks which would have told them all about these things before they happened. Do research, read before you sign, have some common sense, and take your life into your own hands.

There are a ton of students here who spend their time being negative, disrespectful, complaining, and gossiping. These students also have a sense of entitlement and are disrespectful to teachers and classmates. Naturally, they are miserable, make everyone else around them miserable, and have trouble. When things go wrong, surely it isn’t THEIR fault – it is everyone else's fault! I feel sorry for these people and have no idea how they make it in their day to day life.

Then, there are other students (like me) who are respectful, patient, and do their work. If they have to drop, they READ or ask the DON what will happen so that they are aware BEFOREHAND. They participate in the Student Nurse Association and get involved. If they see things they don’t like, they come up with ideas on how to make things better. Guess which group maintains an A average and is all-around happier about their experience?

4 out of 5

I attended Fortis LPN program from September '09- August '10. It cost me $22,000 to enroll. I was not allowed to pay for classes as I took them nor opt out of paying for certain books I could have bought much cheaper else where.

The program was mediocre at best. A lot of professors obviously did not know how to teach and most of the program was self taught. The 'labs' are a joke. Instructors would spend about 15 minutes explaining what they wanted you to work on, then the rest of the two hours was spent on your own trying to learn the skill out of a book.

I became pregnant at the end of the second semester and needed to drop a class or two because the course work was too much to handle for me in that state. I was not told however, that by dropping a class, it would be considered as a 'fail'. You are only permitted to fail two classes before you are kicked out of the program. I went through to my third semester only to find out at the end that I was being kicked out of the program for failing the two classes I dropped.

I am now attending a new nursing school and called the get my transcripts from Fortis. They just informed me that not only by dropping those two classes they counted as a failed course, but I was also charged $1,867.00 because I was forced to withdrawal from the program. Until I pay them this money, they are holding my transcripts hostage. Oh, and just like the dropped classed counting as failed classes, they never told me about any extra charges by letter, email, phone call, or even face to face.

Even while I'm thankfully out of this horrible school, they are still trying to get all of my money. They are liars and sneaks. They with hold important information until it is too late and there's then nothing you can do about it. DO NOT GO HERE. Please, look into any other program other than fortis. Believe me, you will be so grateful that you did not waste your time or hard earned money on this joke of a school.

4 out of 5

I 2 myself am a former student @ fortis columbus campus & just as the first post "run like a bat outta hell" states it is EXACTLY the truth. Although I have never met that student I did have those same instructor and OH MY GOD!! She couldn't have said it better.

#1 they charge you $22,000 to go to their school #2 they don't have all your materials ready by the start of class. #3 Pro O is a nice guy but he should not be a teacher-at all, Professor Mullins does not know how 2 teach as well..ur better off doing an independant study. #4 their credits DO NOT I repeat DO NOT transfer anywhere unlike what the admissions rep told me. Just look at it for what it is...A BUSINESS people..they just want your money and a lot of it by the way.

I also researched CPS Adult Ed's PN program and it is only $11,600 for a quality let me say it again quality program. The instructors care about your education and you get your money's worth. The classes are mon-fri 8:30a-3:30p.

You also have to have your stna before you begin if not they offer those classes as well. Iam just so pissed that I found out about the school after I had started attending fortis but once I researched the school which I should've done before I went to fortis I immediately withdrew from fortis and applied. And yes the CPS program is accredited.

The final decision is up to you...its gonna be your time and money..decide where you want to spend it for a year. To all my fellow students at fortis..good luck with your classes, wish you all well.

4 out of 5

Seriously the worst school I have EVER been to! There are NO words to properly describe this shit hole they call a school. The nursing labs consist of building a team and doing team clinical skills. The classes are self taught,and your completely screwed if you get Pro O for Anatomy and Physiology. Professor Mullins will teach you the most boring psych class ever with lots of pointless discussion.

Then on the administrative side... for 3 weeks I didn't have a nursing book, a math book, or a lab book because they "ran out" and still didn't have any books for 3 weeks!Then the accredidation I still don't know if this school is accredited, they say they are but I find it highly unlikely.

Absolutely horrible! I would recommend Hondros or CPS Adult ED. Way better, more organized, and not to mention I'm actually learning something for the money I've spent and it's over $11,000 cheaper for more quality education. I feel soooo bad for my classmates that are still attending Fortis...Good Luck Guys

4 out of 5

The truth is, Fortis is not a good school, are very unorganized, poor management, just got creditation back a few months ago (after loosing it). Some instructors care as some do not, no one knows how to answer basic questions regarding the program of choice, most things are guessed. Little to NO structure, and yes you will spend most of your time being self taught.

I too have been to other colleges and I have to admit this is by far the WORSE school I have even attended. Yes I regret enrolling however I have paid and will most likely finish. Some of the students act like children, are loud, and abnoxious. No not everyone who enrolls will make it through. Yes, this like most experiences this too will be what you make it, do not expect anything outside of the bare minimum out of the faculty.

I strongly suggest looking at every and any other school before attending Fortis. Until they get rid of some of their current employees and hire in adminstrative, instructors, and management smart enough to do basic functions, this school will most definitely be a poor choice for anyone.

Yes, their credits are worthless and can only be used at their school, which also means if you want to continue to RN you have to do it there. I sooo wish someone/anyone would have told me how shitty this would be, I know I would have NEVER enrolled. Be smart look elsewhere...

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