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Graduation Year: 2014

Deciding on where to attend college is a major decision - it can affect where you live, work and who you meet in the future. I am extremely satisfied with my decision to attend Georgetown University. Located in the Nation’s capital, Georgetown is a hub for intellectual talent and interesting people, and a beautiful city!

Georgetown offers a wide range of courses that appeal to just about any interest- from government, the sciences, preforming arts, law and business. Classwork is challenging yet engaging, but the professors really want students to think outside the box and challenge the status quo. In addition, I was pleased to find that a decent number of courses actually have small class sizes which means more personal interaction with instructors.

Overall, Georgetown is a great environment to learn, grow and meet very cool people. There are always student-focused events going on around campus each day and tons of student-led organizations that make it easy to get involved on campus. It is also a plus that the university is (in my opinion) in one of the best cities in North America! If you’re struggling with the daunting task of narrowing down your college search, I would definitely recommend Georgetown University as it will always feel like home.

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