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  • East Hartford (CT)
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Student & Graduate Reviews

Dana Wine
  • Reviewed: 12/7/2022
  • Degree: Nursing
"Overall the school is very good. However, this past semester I had to take Anatomy I and while my professor is great and will meet online with me to help, the departmental structure of this class is terrible. I believe this semester is a new style of teaching for online courses in this subject. In the past they offered extra credit and would round the grade. This is no longer done. Since this is an excruciatingly difficult class I feel taking those options away is ludicrous. Over the Thanksgiving week I had for just this one class I believe it was 9 assignments and a major exam. I don't know how students who were traveling for the holiday could possibly have accomplished this. This put me at about 35 hours of homework and study time just for this one class, while I still had two other classes. There are very difficult trick questions on EVERY exam. Exams are very difficult. Read all the fine details in your book, because the little trick sentences that are easy to miss, will assuredly be on the exam. The majority are trick and it feels like we are being set up for failure. I cannot imagine many students are doing well in this class. I am a good student and I am really struggling. The amount of information we are expected to retain in such a detailed topic is insanity. First, expect to be way overloaded with assignments each week. So many that you are really not retaining information, instead you are just going through the motion to not fall behind. (Mind you we all still have other classes, full-time jobs, and families). Overloading assignments does not teach the student. It is a game, and process we go through to get the grade, then sit back and think, "What did I learn this week?" I've been happy with my other classes at Goodwin, but this one is a nightmare. I can see why there is a nursing shortage. I am a good student but I am not a strong tester. With overload of detailed information, high number of trick questions on exams, overload of homework, it is very difficult to pass this class. I work at another university and I have taken classes at 3 universities and already have a bachelors and am working on my Master's at the same time as this undergrad Anatomy class, that feels like a master's class. This is by far the most ridiculous and hard class I have taken. I guess if most of us fail the university will profit off of us as we all will need to take the class again. Maybe that is the idea? I don't know why this class is designed to make us fail. Again, this is not a single professor issue, my professor is wonderful, this is departmental choices that are not creating success. Overall, I have been happy at Goodwin. However, I am considering transferring after taking this class. I want to spend my thousands of dollars and precious time at an institution that is helping me pass so I can get into the workforce, rather than testing me with insane trick questions and way overloading me with duties that are not helping me to learn."
Kelly Sorrow
  • Reviewed: 2/27/2017
  • Degree: Early Childhood Education
"Goodwin College has a great way of developing strong relationships with each and every individual who attends the college. Everyone is extremely helpful and friendly and work together to create a coherent community that is supportive of everyones' success."