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4 out of 5

G.C.U has no idea what they are doing, just today I spoke with my counselor and said I had to take certain classes. I told her I already did, after a few minutes she did see that I had taken them.

Because of G.C.U I owe the VA a termendous amount of money. They have no idea what they are doing and they never get back to you (with the exception of 2 people who finally are doing something with my mess of an account).

It's been 18months since I have attended this nightmare and they still don't know what I'm doing. I can't stand them!!!! but i must finish what I started, the teachers are way awsome though, so if you can get past the nightmare of the counselors who dont care about you at all...I say go for will learn alot from the classes. But I tell ya, they are terrible people.

4 out of 5

There are many reasons to choose traditional versus online school in the opinion of this author.The main reason is being computer literate and able to figure out the school's program. The computer is one of the most intrigate pieces of equipment on earth.With saying that navigating through the assignments can be terrifying for anyone with just basic skills.If I had to choose again I would enroll in a traditional college to complete my degree.

The faculty (advisor's & professor's)are essential to college academia with in person accessibility to resolve issues.As a student there will be road blocks, glitches and mishaps that can not be handled on the phone. This again are key elements why students should decide to go to a traditional school.

Then there is peers the people who can relate about the happenings at school.With college peers there are people to go to games, movies, cheer with at pep rallies and discuss class assignments.These activities can not be done at a online school.But,on the campus of GCU these activities are happening with students.

If I had to choose again I would enroll in a traditional college to complete my education. Now it may not be for everyone but, for me it is the way to go.

4 out of 5

I began attending GCU in February 2010. I am in the Accounting Bachelor program. I wish I would have never signed up with the school. I get nervous because in 8 short months I have had 3 different academic counselors and 3 different financial aid counselors. If you were to seperate the academic and financial aid counselors, I would most definitely recommend the school if you are capable of teaching yourself.

However, the inconsistencies when it comes to money makes me nervous. I noticed that tuition went up and I was never told. Their excuse for everything is that they are expanding so rapidly and it causes alot of changes. They need to focus on their current students or they wont be getting any new students in. I am working with another school to see if they will accept the classes I have completed at GCU for transfer. If not I will be stuck. So if you have not began at GCU, dont bother. It is really a headache.

Search over 219,000 programs:
4 out of 5

I am at the end of my matriculation at GCU pursuing a MS in Elem Ed with certification. I have one major concern and that is the consistent changes that we as students have to adjust to from class to class and handbook to handbook. I have a friend that begin her matriculation in January 2009 and I began in May 2009 and she is not required to take all of her content test prior to studnet teaching but since I began in May 2009 it is mandatory before I can student teach. I have to successfully pass my test along with locating a placement for myself to student teach. Additionally, the 500.00 stipend that goes to the mentor teacher should come to me since I have done all of the leg work for my observations and my student teaching placement. No concessions or waiver on allowing me to take the content while student teaching....I do look forward to completing my time at GCU. I have had good reports and I have also experienced negative episodes there as well.

The coursework requires a lot of reading and research on your have a facilitator but teach yourself as you progress from one class to the other. The instructors act as facilatators. There are some that are really knowledgeable in the area taught.

4 out of 5

I have been attending GCU for two years. I am about to finish up in March 2011 with a masters in elementary ed. Early on I noticed that the field placement office had no real political clout as far as getting me observations in schools. There extent of help was to tell me to go to sylvan learning center if I couldn't work my own contacts.

They re-assured me I was not suppose to worry about student teaching because that is their expertise, even though they failed me at getting observations and I did this on my own throughout the various classes.

Now I am faced with them telling me that they cannot find me a student teaching position because the Columbus Public School district has currently changed their policy working only with MCATE certified schools. (what the hec is that?) I'm at the end of a mess. I would not advise anyone going to this school for an education degree, I can't speak to the other offerings.

The materials taught are up and quality reads and the classes are typical on line classes, never as good as a face to face class.

I made the most of it by finding my own observations in various schools that I work in as a sub but if you have no contacts your up a creek. Now I am faced with a hurdle that seems insurmountable. Don't put yourself in the same position.

4 out of 5

I attend GCU online (majoring in English) because I have a work schedule that varies from week to week. Much of what I have to say is already covered in the other reviews, so I'll stick to things I didn't see mentioned.

First of all, be prepared to relearn the ANGEL system with every new class you take online. I've completed four terms now, and ANGEL changes every time. The alterations seem arbitrary, often making it more difficult to find things in the name of organization (which seems to truly be a monkey putting links inside folders).

Secondly, some of the professors' grading confuses me. I've seen full credit given to answers which barely relate to the discussion question so long as the student somehow manages to mash their faith into the response. I understand that it's a Christian university, but an incorrect answer is incorrect no matter what. This isn't true of every professor, but it's happened with more than one.


All of that said, I've enjoyed a few of my classes immensely. Some professors respond to answers twice per day in great detail, making the process a genuine learning experience.

4 out of 5

I started at GCU back in 2008 in the MBA program. In early 2009 I was called back to active military duty for deployment to Afghanistan. Because of this I had to make a formal withdrawal from school. It was a real nightmare to get that done. I believe I had to send about two dozen emails and talk to about a dozen people to get that done. When returned early this year, I emailed the school informing them that I had returned and would like to finish the program.

I was informed that my Tuition had increased almost 100%. After complaining and sending emails to many different people. I was finally contacted by M.M., the assistant director of finance director promising me the old tuition rate because of my circumstance. He also said that someone would contact me the next day to guide me through the enrollment process. This was back on the 8th June this year. Today is 30th Sept 2010 and I am still waiting for someone to contact me!

4 out of 5

I have been at GCU’s business program for a while now and I can tell you the teachers are great. You learn a lot and have a sense of accomplishment after you finish each class. I could do without all the CLC projects however I realize that working with people as a team is a part of the business environment.

My only concerns are the lack of communication between students and counselors, how GCU leadership often makes decisions without passing that information on to the counselor, and the high turnover rate of counselors. You can call your counselors (not all of them) as much as you want and you’d be lucky if someone answered or returned your call. Those counselors who do answer the phone and provide honest help are nothing short of Saints! Sometimes I think that the leaders in the academic and financial counselor departments could learn something from the business school program. If they could simply fix that problem this school would be among the best educational experiences I have ever had.

Again MY experience in the Ken Blanchard School of Business is great along with the instructors and students. Lets get the administrative side of the house fixed

4 out of 5

I have been attending GCU for over a year. The only reason that I am staying is that I am very close to graduation.

One disappointment stems from the lack of support from the academic and financial advisors. I have had at least 3 academic advisors (I've lost count), and they have consistently been unresponsive and difficult to work with. They do not return emails or phone calls and often, are not able to answer simple questions when the advistors are available.

Another disappointment comes from the quality of the students in the classes. This would not be a big problem for me, except for the ridiculous CLC (team) projects that are required in almost every class. There are a great many students who cannot put a college-level sentence together, much less a paragraph. This makes the team projects more stressful than necessary, and, as my writing skills are better developed than many others', students without the same level skills get higher grades based on my hard work. This is very frustrating. The flip side of having extremely low quality students, is that excellent grades are very easy to achieve.

I read with great interest, the review from the faculty member. It seems as though the faculty can be as frustrated as the students, but it makes me wonder why the faculty member would continue "teaching" at a unversity that is overtly disrespectful to their staff.

Regardless, my experience has been that most instructors "phone it in". I not seen a great deal of subject enhancement from the instructors, either through the discussion boards or through the papers that are turned in. The good thing, though, is that I get consistent positive feedback on my work, so that is nice.

As far as the schools reputation in business, I have seen that some employers are not interested if a degree is achieved online or not, and some that care. It just depends on the employer.

4 out of 5

I am in my third year at Grand Canyon University at the Master's Level. I began getting my Master's in Addictions Counseling and recently decided to also get a Master's in Professional Counseling. I work full time as an Addictions Counselor now, and wish to become a licensed therapist.

The resources are very good--especially the textbooks. Some instructors are better than others at giving feedback and sharing experiences, but overall I enjoy the classes. Be prepared to do A LOT of writing--usually every week there is an assignment. Most classes have a group project, which can be frustrating getting everyone to do their part--you will have some that do very little, but get the group credit, oh'll have slackers everywhere.

Financial aid has been fine until recently when GCU changed their system. I usually get my refund around this time, and have not, which has caused a hardship for me, because I buy my books with that money. I contacted my financial advisor, Sara, who explained that there was a delay this semester. She called me the same day after I left a message, and explained that they are having to re-enter data and to watch when the funds post to my account..then it would be up to two weeks until the check is sent. Of course this is an inconvenience, and I would have appreciated some communication or notification that this was going to occur so I could have planned for it, but nothing is perfect. I was satisfied that she called me back quickly and explained the situation.


Suffice to say, GCU is a good school. You should be computer literate, like to write and read, and basically be motivated to be a self learner, and assertive enough to ask questions when necessary.

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