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4 out of 5

I wasted over $11.000 trying to get a BS. I was assigned 3 counselors who gave me a graduation date of 12-2010. During the course of my studies, the counselors were changed on me 3 times. Thier employees were coming and going like a revoloving door. I had 9 different counselors who would all request documents that were already sent. I ended up re-sending transcripts in on numerous occasions. They never knew what was going on and would not answer emails or phone calls for weeks at a time.

The classes are rediculous. All you do is read their way over priced books. There is no teaching going on. I found many of my books on ebay for 75% off of GCU's prices, and they were in new condition versus used from GCU.

December came along and my graduation never came around. I was told that they were still trying to review my transcripts. Meanwhile I had another 4 months worth of classes to take while they reviewed what was already accepted by my original counselors.

They tried to milk Thousands of dollars from me, and for what. They are worthless. I could get a better education from watching the Discovery channel. To top it off, they raised their tuition rates, then said that it will most likely raise again in July.

There are good schools out there, but GCU is NOT one of them. The good comments on this and other sites have to be generated from an inside source, that is probably not even students.

GCU is like a black hole that you throw your life savings into. I would recommend get credits from a local college, which is wasy cheaper, then transferring the credits to a real University.

4 out of 5

I have had some bad times at GCU. Like many, I choose this school because it is regionally accredited. I have seen this school change curriculums, which cost me money, because I took classed that apparently are not required anymore. So it's like I had to start over, even after a year.

Now comes the bad part. The Financial Aid Department!!! I have another masters from another school in Louisiana and had no problems with their financial aid office. GCU on the other hand, is a nightmare. They have continully messed up my financial aid. Now they are saying, that somehow I was over-awarded and I owe the school $5228. Are you kidding me, I don't work for Financial Aid, they do. How do I get over-awarded, when in fact they are the one's requesting the amount needed for school. Also, this is my last class before graduation, so of course they need that last bit of money to help them out. They claim to be military friendly, I promise you they are not, because I am in the Military (U.S. Army-R). They care nothing about students and only care about money..The funny part of my financial aid problem is that they sent me my refund checks, and I was at a zero balance and now all of sudden I owe them $5228 (really). I guess because its my last class they need more money from me.

I was thinking about starting an Ed.D program with them, but after this, I will find somewhere else to go. THEY SUCK!!! Please stay aways, as I know that I will finish this course, but I will probably never see that Masters degree until they get $5228 they say that i owe them.

4 out of 5

This school is the worst. Read all of the bad reviews and pay no attention to the good ones because stupid people love this school.

Stupid people can skate by on the group projects (CLC's). There is at least one CLC for every class. The stupid people will slack and two out five in the group will do all of the work for every CLC in every class you take.

The advisers are horrible. I was took classes and had 4 of them and they hardly ever return calls and give bad information.

If you do not live in Arizona and are getting a teaching license, they will tell you to check with your state's requirements about what tests to take. What they don't tell you is that many states require the Arizona license and to get your own state's license.

What this means is that you not only have to take Arizona's tests for teaching, you also have to the tests that your state requires.

There is nobody to go to above your adviser if you have a problem unless you complain for about 6 months like I did. When you finally get an administrator, the put you on conference call and they speak between each other as if they're socializing over a cup of coffee and your 6 month quest to get an answer or action is meet with no urgency; in fact, I had to speak with them several times and still got no help. They said they would call my state's department of education to help. Never did, never called me back.

The school has very nice teachers. I had one really bad one and the rest were caring professionals but they are hindered by the school's idiotic rubrics. I had all A's for MA and credential. But the advisers, are horrific.

The assignments are maddeningly obtuse. The teachers have nothing to do with it. The one bad teacher I had responded to a student's request to clear up a question about an assignment simply copied and pasted the assignment directions that we already had access to. What was worse is that she called her response "my interpretation of the assignment".

I have heard people having problems with financial aid, however, I did not.

I did get my Masters and teaching certificate but it was a brutally frustrating year and a half. Honest, with no hyperbole.

Please, save yourself the trouble and heed this warning!

If you have to do your program online, pick somewhere that has a satellite campus within driving distance. Speak with the dean and at least one other administrator before you enroll.

Good Luck

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4 out of 5

I was pretty nervous about doing an online course, but it certainly has been a great experience. It does take getting use to, but once you understand how it works it is great. Those who are negative about their experience probably just didn't do what they needed to succeed. You cannot blame everything on the school. I would definitely recommend this University.

4 out of 5

Lied to in getting in, lied to upon getting in, lied to over and over again by admissions, by "advising" by financial aid and by the office of field experience. Not one employee knows what they are doing. I am told this is because of the high turnover in staff. Each person you talk with has a different story and no of them pan out to be true.

It is a constant guessing game! The class grading "system" is inconsistant from one to the next and there is no taking this up with adminestration. They talk but don't walk and ignore documented facts. A student has no control over their grade due to these inconsistencies and due to CLC requirements. CLC's are "group" projects. Each student does their part (hopefully) and the group gets a grade.

One student cannot change another's work to be acceptable to the group. (People from all over the world with varying levels of skill in written English participate in screwing up other people's grades.) Some student's don't do their part. Others are penalized for doing more than their part to make whole project fly. You just can't win in the CLC's. I get 98-100 on all my individual classwork and participation, but I have taken such serious hits from clc's that I have 2 B's and even a C because of CLC's I had no control over yet cost 40% of my class grade.

There are no checks and ballances at GCU, just students plugging along as best they can in spite of a horrific system. Unfortunately, these students thing they have less ahead than behind so they continue. I have heard it over and over, myself included. Now I have completed ll my coursework and I can't get an internship! GCU does not have contracts with agencies. They sent me to a couple and I interviewed and got a contract in three different places, only to have GCU turn down the internship contract! THEY are the ones who sent me THERE! I spin my wheels over and over and cannot get ahead, cannot finish to graduation. GCU won't let me!

I am now at a dead end, but responsible for repaying loans that never lead to graduation. I can understand if I am the one who chose not to continue, but I am PRESSING to continue and not getting anywhere! There are no more classes for me to take in my degree program. By not being enrolled I am forfitting my right to graduation. I have NOTHING positive to say about GCU, any aspect of it. The classes are pathetically easy and redundant, using 30+ year old (outdated) material!

4 out of 5

I am currently enrolled at GCU in the Professional Counseling Masters program. I have not been in school for many years and I hope that not all schools today are run this poorly. Since day 1, the staff has done nothing but screw up everything from my financial aid (bigtime) to dropping me from a class to which I actually had attended 2x already in person. I feel like this is really one big sales pitch and no one in Admin is really qualified to work in academia. They do not have an adequate teaching staff and fly by the seat of their pants.

I am looking to move to a not for profit school for the remainder of the program so I have less stress during this process.

The one positive has been the friends I have made in class.

4 out of 5

Although, I cannot speak for any changes since Aug 2009, I can say that my online experience at GCU was a very positive one. The course was professional and challenging, the LMS (ANGEL) was very usable and stable most of the time, the instructors on the whole appeared knowledgable and reasonably accessible given an online environment.

I only had to register once and everything was automatically plugged-in throughout the ten course program. The biggest sacrifice one makes is the lack of personal contact with fellow students and instructors. Along with that is the demands on your time. Often, you must make decisions regarding an assignment without the help of your instructor's guidance and one must be prepared for that. Overall, I definitely would give GCU an 'A' with respect to my pesonal expeience.

4 out of 5

The choice to attend Grand Canyon University seemed like a great fit for me, a self-motivated computer savvy person. The staff initially SEMMED to be very helpful and attentive and worked with me on a near daily basis to help me with my enrollment. Once classes started, however the support stopped and I was all on my own. For a while it seemed to go OK. I worked very hard and maintained a 4.0 average.

Then, I ordered books that I could not get for my classes. Despite contacting the school I wound up passing the class without the required reading. Then, I began getting teachers that offered little to no input whatsoever. This made me furious to think that I am working so hard with little to no guidance whatsoever.

Teachers are paid to TEACH and those at GCU hardly qualified. I feel ripped off, that I was promised an education and despite my hard work Grand Canyon University could not deliver. I think that both myself and the state grants that the school received on my behalf should be refunded.

I am very dismayed to know that scholarship money was wasted on this sorry excuse for a "university", and I feel sick to my stomach with each payment I make to my student loans that I had taken out to attend it.

4 out of 5

I read many comments about GCU. I just graduated with my masters in accounting. I'm a very reasonable person, so I see both sides of the good and bad comments. My overall experiece with GCU was ok. I can't say excellent. My enrollment advisor was kind and courteous.

My other advisors were great, too. The only complaint about communication with the advisors was the disconnection from them. They didn't know me and didn't address me like they knew me or wanted to know me. I would get check-up calls from my enrollment advsior, which was nice, but he would then call me again the next week. Did he not remember calling me already.

I had the same thing happen when someone called about graduation. She reminded me to apply and then called me the next week to harrass me about applying. I had another 2 weeks before the deadline. I did like the convenience of online schooling to fit around my busy schedule.

However, I don't ever recommend only online school for anyone persuing their undergrad. It's important for an undergrad to be physically at the school to get the best learning experience for someone who knows hardly anything to nothing at all. Anyway, I question the competency of some of the teachers. I noticed too much bad writing and grammar from teachers and other students. Hello! You should know how to write when you are obtaining or already have your masters degree. Honestly, if I had to do it over again, I probably would choose a different school. I chose this school because it was a Christian college and it was cheaper than the Univeristy of Phoenix.

4 out of 5

After a long period of researching, I decided to enroll in GCU. This online University is awesome. The enrollment team is great. The Financial Aid department is where this University needs to improve on. The Financial Aid department needs to learn how to communicate with their online students and needs to know more than the students do when it comes to financial aid. Since June, I have had a total of 3 Financial Aid representatives and they all have been horrible. As far as my experience with the classes and the teachers and the enrollment team, I would give them all a A+.

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