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4 out of 5

I just graduated. GCU is the most unorganized institution I have been part of. I am flabbergasted that this place passes as a university. I am embarrassed that my degree comes from this joke.

"Where did you get your BA?", someone will ask. "Disneyland", I will reply. "How was your experience?" "Well, I got to talk with Mickey Mouse- he was my academic counselor."

I cannot say enough... there are other online programs out there. Be patient, do your homework and stay away from this place. It's like getting a degree from Wikipedia.

4 out of 5

I'm about half way through my Masters in Organizational Leadership.

The Angel Learning System had some major issues for several weeks, but those seem to be resolved.

Some professors are great, others are barely visible. Some classes are tough, others are a cake walk. Geee this is similar to my Brick and Mortor undergrad school.

You (yes that means YOU) need to be very sure to remember the cutoff dates for cancelling classes. On the other hand you are in College. You need to take on some personal responsibility!

GCU has been a very good fit for me as a mature learner. I've gotten a lot out of my classes. The class discussion boards are usually interesting. I've been able to relate a lot of my classwork and papers to real world problems.

It ain't Harvard, but in another year I will have a Masters and will have learned a lot. Overall, I'd give it a "Thumbs Up."

4 out of 5

I have very mixed feelings about my experience with Grand Canyon University. My major is Addiction Counseling (BS Degree Program). The education is online. There have been a lot of unpleasant surprises for me with GCU.

The first was all my drug and alcohol courses are subcontracted to a local community college in Phoenix called Rio Salado College. My very first two courses had a textbook glitch.

I ordered my textbooks from the University Bookstore and yet the instructor and the course were written for an earlier addition. We as students noticed this a couple of weeks into the course when our reading assignments did not match our text. The glitch has occured two more times over the course of my education. Fortunately, we could work around it and no serious damage was caused but it sure has been annoying.

Make sure you check your syllabus for the proper text materials and editions since you cannot trust the bookstore.

Be advised you will be a self-taught student. The instructors are just their to grade papers. They facilitate the course but no teaching is involved. This suited me fine since I can learn what I need from a book and write papers. This is why I took an online degree anyway.

One more problem I have to share is with financial aid. Everything went fine for me until here at the last just before graduation. I am still waiting for my excess loan money to come in. In previous modules it did work fine. It is two months overdue and I am getting the runaround.

Another problem that I have to call about tomorrow morning is a grade of 'A' and credit for one of my courses last module has not appeared in the grade records as it was supposed too. I believe this happened because the instructor did not summit her grades on time and the system is not registering them.

All the courses of the curriculum are good and apply to addictions counseling except for one---Spirituallity in Healthcare. This is a course written for nursings students not addictions counselors! You will just have to plod through it.

On the plus side, I have a 4.0 and will have an accredited BS degree in Addiction Couseling soon. I live in California and I found that Grand Canyon University is listed in the Drug and Alcohol Counseling licensing programs out here. So you can get what you want but you are likely to have more than a few bumps in the road. So I leave with the following words: You decide.

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4 out of 5

After a year at GCU, I can say that I wish I had never started here.

Some of the reviews below are quite accurate, you basically have to teach yourself. The instructors are all but non-existent, they are only there to grade your papers.

I cannot change schools now, I am too close to graduating. But if someone were to ask me, I would advise them to find another school.

I continue to be amazed at the students here, I am taking 300 and 400 level classes, and there are still a large number of students who cannot spell. That bothers me, because there will be GCU Grads that are in the job market that have not the least grasp on grammar or spelling, and some employers are bound to notice. GCU online exist only for the money.

GCU at the campus is probably a good school. Online, it sucks.

4 out of 5

I have been attending GCU for just over a year and I have had many experenices that would push someone out of GCU. I am not all that sure if I am going to stay. The classes are shorter (for me) 7wks now, but my husband is still at 8wks. The units have went up to 4. Yes, it may have increased the price but it also makes the over all general time frame is shorter.

The classes are half and half. Some are way out there and others are right on. It's all based on what you already know. Most of the time I never open the book I bought. I never buy a book from their website. Amazon or Ebay. The books are overpriced.

As for students services. They are the downfall. Last summer, my husband joined and they messed up the pell grants. The sent my husbands to an address he had not lived at for 20 years and they just never processed mine. I fought for four months over this. I never had a visior over a month.

All I can say is save every email that you send and recieved. No they don't like calling you back or email you back. I keep calling, that is why they don't like me. I finally threaten higher issues than me calling they sent the refund and that was messed up so the next three months I received a check that should have been with the pell grant. They still did not have this done in Jan.

Again I had to fight over my and my husbands accounts. It really looks like there is problems again. If it goes to leave a message I just hit number two and wait for someone else.

With it being a Christian school they really push the christian schooling. They have come up with you need to satified Global warming christian studies. That does not make sense.

I do enjoy the ease of the classes, they are not so bad but this was not my first choice of school and I am sad that so much has went on that I feel this way over a school, I have met many wonderful teachers and students.

4 out of 5

I am a first year doctoral student at GCU. From the first day of class to right now, I am glad I selected GCU. The coursework is meaningful, rigorous, and interesting. The professors demand a high standard of writing. You get what you work for.

The support service of the library, the enrollment counselor, and financial aid counselor are fantastic. My enrollment counselor continues to keep in touch. I attended my first residency in June. GCU has an actual campus. More importantly I learned information and research techniques that will prepare me for the dissertation process.

GCU is not for everyone. The doctoral program demands time, scholarly effort, committment, and the ability to think critically and write well. Organizational skills, positive attitude, and self evaluation are a must. This is a great school. I researched seveeral other before making my choice and I haven't looked back.

4 out of 5

I just finished my degree at GCU on Sunday. It's not a great school, but it's not bad either. It's okay.

If you are considering the online school, be prepared to learn the material by yourself. Except for a few classes, the discussions were not very enlightening. This is due to the students at the time and the engagement of the professors. It is not easy to make a blanket statement on this subject, however, quite often you will be on your own. This isn't Harvard, so don't expect really engaging conversations.

There are a lot of papers. One every week in every class. I appreciated this because I like writing and I improved from it. However, it does get tiresome. Yet, because this is the main source of the grade you have to buckle down and get them done.

There are good professors who really take care of you, but there are some who apparently are just pulling a pay check from their home computer in Ohio or some where that don't seem to give a rip.

The students are okay. I only had a few that seemed like they knew much about the subjects we were studying- that is, the ability to apply the knowledge in useful conversation and writings. I had a CLC thing where we had to write a paper together. I did the majority of the work and totally re-wrote my partner's work. Whatever. You do what you have to to get it done.

To the person who says that getting a hold of people doesn't matter- wait until you deal with GCU. If you need to get something done, as with almost everything at GCU, be prepared to push and pull for yourself to get what you need. I have had 4 different people that were suppose to be my academic counselor and 3 different financial aid counselors. The phone numbers change constantly. I have had to follow up on everything. Everything. For almost two years. Everything.

To that person who said that that isn't a legitimate issue, just wait to see how annoying it becomes.

The Angel system is really bad. It is constantly broke somehow and it is not easy to navigate.

You don't get a day off. Class ends on Sunday, the next quarter starts Monday. This was really lame at first, but then I realized that my degree is going really quickly. That was awesome. It keeps you engaged and tired and it is weird that I don't have class anymore.

I just graduated and last month I received my acceptance letter. This is an indication as to the logistics issues of GCU.

So, I would recommend this school for people who don't care about doing everything alone. I for one learned a lot, but only because I was proactive. There is a lot, a lot, a lot to say about why this school sucks. But, it is recognized in the graduate school level (for how long is questionable).

Apparently, GCU sold out somehow and is less stringent on its requirements. I'm done. GCU is okay, I guess.

4 out of 5

I enrolled in this school in june i have a masters in leadership and want to teach at the college level and I enrolled in the masters of elementary education program. From the beginning there were problems:


financial aid nightmare

books out of date by 5 years!

angel network nightmare!

turn it in format down or doesn't work

task stream a joke why would you pay $75 for a program you will run for 1 month duh wouldn't you have to purchase the program afterwards to view your information?

nice people who appear to read a script except for the very rude individual in the teacher certiication program and my advisor

don't register because once its in the system and you try to drop they will charge you $2,000 for one class that why I am still there I can't leave

course work consists of papers and online discussions for every class and a collaborative group project that's a joke remember I am in the teacher certification program its the summer teachers don't work how the heck can i interview staff!! are they crazy! we don't work in the summer that's why I enrolled in this program!

ebooks you better download to your computer why they will disappear however they will charge you even it you buy the book why!!

in case you don't know they charge you for a block of classes therefore, it is next to impossible for you to drop out because you must formally drop all the classes and good luck getting the form i tried they told me they would make the form out for me why!!!!don't they think i can read and write on my own something real fishy here

when I received my loans i received a call and I was told to be very careful with online classes because they will overcharge you and use your money up and then tell you there is a balance owed now you have no money to go somewhere else this is why I am still here!

help!!someone needs to report these criminals!!

all responsibility for enrollment transcripts oh yes that famous back ground check through the fbi why!I now have to secure a background check fingers prints and other stuff that I will have to pay for and it is not needed in my state because I am all ready a teacher and that has been completed twice

these people are totally incompentent and read from a script as do the professors cleary insulting your intelligence they are saying (what the heck do you expect i wouldn't send my puppy dog here)!!!

4 out of 5

I have attended GCU for 2 years. I have seen nothing but improvement in student services and have had many people go above and beyond. Perhaps those here haven't practiced the Golden Rule? Be kind, patient and committed to excellence and you will find the same.

My instructors for the most part have been helpful. Talking to friends who attend other online programs I have had it far better.

My financial advisors have been awesome. They make sure I never borrow more money then I need so that I don't end up owing $$$$ when I graduate, and GCU is one of the lower tuition rates out there, plus it is well rated. When I applied as a para-pro I was asked where I was going to school and when I said GCU the principal smiled and said that is a great school! I am going to do my student teaching there while working so I get paid. GCU helped me figure it out.

I am not sure where other people are attending, but it is not GCU. They do not baby you, you have to be accountable and do your work, seek assistance, and be responsible, but everything is there that you need. Sadly it is only those that are disgruntled with a chip on their shoulders that like to tear others down that post reviews (even notice that on Amazon?)

I know how challenging my courses are, and the great people that are helping me so I wanted to share what it is really like to be a 'Lope. If you want success go to GCU if you want a diploma mill – look online and good online programs, there are PLENTY of them.

4 out of 5

I've attended for 2 yrs and found that the Christian School really is not Christian orientated as far as I'm concerned they are only concerned with the money that goes in their pockets.

As of July you will pay more for your education and required to have 4 unit classes which increases the amount you pay for each class - yet Make Note you will go from 8 wks of study to 6wks. You will be required to Pay for Online Textbooks - no choice not to - If you don't have a printer, flash drive or the money to pay for aburds amounts of ink, paper, and wear and tear on your printer you are just out of luck.

Oh but the school supports you they say go to the library and read the books there and do your homework there. Oh, and don't forget your refunds are now only twice a year and You will recieve approximately $1600 - 2 times a year! Good luck using that to assist you in living while going to school.

I have dropped out of this school and found other colleges to teach you a real education and you will have standard credits, textbooks, and normal refunds. I would encourage everyone to think long and hard and not to believe everything that they try to explain to you manipulating the words they used to sell you. Think car salesmen.

Remember that all of this credit and money juggling is an increase money you will be paying back. They say no it is helping to pay off your loans so you won't owe them. No it has increased the money 10 fold into the pockets of this so called school.

As far as what others have said about communication lacking, it is absolutely true and most of my counselors since I've started changed every few months. This school has literally changed the school it was when it started to this shear insult to its students.


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