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Student & Graduate Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
Johnna Johnston - 2/11/2013
Degree: Secondary Education
Graduation Year: 2015
"I am a GCU student and this school has changed my life for the good. GCU has great teachers, caring academic teams, and I will be getting my masters from this great school, also. I feel like I have my own personal cheerleading team helping and encouraging me along my journey. Any student has to take responsibility for their own academics and work hard to achieve those goals. if the student is not ready to work then don't enroll. i look forward to hanging my GCU diploma in my classroom. Go 'Lopes."
3.5 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 2/3/2013
Degree: Nursing
Graduation Year: 2012
"I did the RN-to-BSN program because my hospital is phasing out ADN nurses, sadly. I only had one instructor that I felt was not helpful- well, actually two: the instructor for Statistics was clueless and could not understand my requests for clarification. I had to drop the class on the 3rd day, pay $250 for the privilage and wait 3 weeks for the next class to start with the instructor that came highly recommended for his ability to teach a difficult subject. The other instructor was very hostile and quite high-strung.The group projects were a joke. for most of my classes I was the only student (4-14 in a group) who had English as a primary language so I ended up not only heading the group, doing all research but putting together the many papers/Power Points and following up. The one time I DID complain, I got a reduced grade for not displaying "a collaborative attitude"... SEE THE HIGH-STRUNG INSTRUCTOR COMMENT ABOVE. Are you KIDDING me!!??? Seriously, if I wasn't preJUDGIDICED before this class, I certainly was after: I find it hard to tolerate those who take advantage of the American Way but fail to buy in to the concept. Some of my councellors were great- some, I could never contact.The weekly discussion questions were an exercize in repetition, redundancy and biting my tongue: how many ways can you say the SAME THING in the same day?? Quality comments were not appreciated (some instructors did not appreciate Dark Humor and some just didn't GET IT. When faced with students who have NEVER practiced as a nurse, espousing how wonderful Nursing is, they need a reality check from those of us who HAVE wiped butts for over 20 years!) and it appeared they wanted idealistic drivil comments about how inadequate my previous education was and how incredably professional my practice would be after I attained the BSN! REALLY? I can honestly say that the 16 month experience has not improved my OWN bottom line as a nurse and all it has done is put me further into debt and estranged me from my family (time constraint-wise).Do it if you must: but know you will have NO time for family,if you care about making A's it will make you insane to deal with students who can't spell, much less speak the ENglish language and know that it is mearly a Paper Chase (Google that term-- it applies, implicitly!)."
1.5 out of 5 stars
sarah - 2/1/2013
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2014
"First and Foremost, the University switched programs to LOUD CLOUD. Every single student is struggling. I mean struggling, because the program will not allow you to submit several assignments throughout the course. I went from a (very hard earned) 3.9, had a tech issue, dropped to a 3.8, but still on the President's list....Then, LOUDCLOUD, the program will not accept my work, you spend 25 hours on a paper, and it does not get graded. And the system gives you an F then another and then another, until your GPA is at a 3.2...I am suppose to be able to appeal the grade, and they will "adjust it" but right now my record looks to horrible to even be able to transfer. The instructor cannot even do it, because--get this-- they do not grade the papers. YOUR INSTRUCTOR reads a computer generated grade, and adds a "nice work here" comment on the side lines...When I found that out I about croaked, because you do put extra effort in, out of respect for the teacher and because you want to sound intelligent to a double-doctorate...most instructors have two and three other jobs. One teacher was a teacher at 4 other online schools...she could have not cared any less about my class-my grades-my words. My last class looks like no assignments have been submitted, and I am scared to death. I worked night and day, a single mom, trying to better me, my kids, and my community, and thought a Christian Environment would enable me to do so.Trust me, I was a high advocate of GCU, I even talked some friends into started this journey, and now I am ashamed, embarrassed, and they too, are doomed because of this new program...and there is no switching it-period.For single moms the federal aid is fairly okay, I have received 2500 - 4000 but dont know heard many get 5500. They are expensive, though, and I have to pay a portion of it back,,,,single moms with no-income they put in utter debt...I just wanted to go to school so bad, that i didnot care-but I sure do better think twice, because LOUD CLOUD will ruin you!"
2.0 out of 5 stars
Bethany - 1/23/2013
Degree: Teaching
Graduation Year: 2013
"The fact that GCU offered a dual elementary and special education degree all online was just what I needed. At first The process was pretty easy and I was pretty happy with my professors.However, in the last 2 years I have had many different financial aid and academic advisers that drop the ball consistently. They are near impossible to get a hold of and do not do their job without many phone calls and emails from me.If you plan to go to this school, be ready to get the run around on a regular basis!"
2.0 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 1/10/2013
Degree: Secondary Education
Graduation Year: 2013
"Both my 'teacher education specialist' and 'financial aid counselor' dropped the ball several times causing me numerous problems with completing my program. I am now in the very last week of my very last class and was looking forward to graduating.But now I'm being told that I owe $985 because the school sent back money to my loan provider. The costs were posted in September, my loan was disbursed in October, I received my stipend in November, the school supposedly sent back $985 to my loan provider in December and now in January I'm told my financial account has this past due amount. Either the financial aid people can't properly subtract tuition costs from loan proceeds and send me the right stipend amount or the school is running some sort of scam to extort more money out of me in order to let me graduate.In either case, this is another very bad showing from this school and I strongly suggest all potential students stay away from this poor excuse for an institution of higher learning."
5.0 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 12/27/2012
Degree: Educational Leadership
Graduation Year: 2013
"I am at the end of my degree, working on my dissertation, and I have to say I love the experience that I have had at GCU. The instructors are outstanding and very caring. They challenge you to do your best and the universities rigorous program has taught me so much. I would highly recommend GCU!"
4.0 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 11/25/2012
Degree: Criminal Justice
Graduation Year: 2013
"I have only 4 classes left for my BS Degree and have had no major problems. There are issues with every school but I like GCU so much I'm going on to get my Masters Degree.There have been wonderful instructors and those that don't care, but that's true of all Colleges. My financial aid person already told me that I would be about $400 short upon graduation which has allowed me time to save up the money already. There is always room for growth. I love GCU"
1.0 out of 5 stars
kisha Allert - 11/11/2012
Graduation Year: 2014
"I did not receive any support until I decided to withdraw from my course I explained I was having difficulty two days into the begining course and could never get in touch with my academic advisor but when I decided to drop he called every day at least once a day. I would rather pay the fees to grand canyon and move on to a more supportive environment. By the end of my first week I had a fail and no suggestions on how to make it better or make up the one quiz grade that caused such a low grade. After speaking with the teacher I was told I don't have the lowest grade in the class. This gave me some hope but who wants to start their college career with a F in the first week with no assistance from my counselor. .... did attempt to help me when neither of us could get in touch with my advisor. She even helped me to speak with another advisor, however later I was told by my counselor that I was supposed to receive some sort of walk threw from ...... that was never done. Point blank Grand Canyon dropped the ball in more ways than one and I hope in the future the university is not so quick to sign up students and make a quick dollar that the needs and concerns of the student are overlooked. I choose Grand Canyon because I thought that a more Christian way of study would bring a better experience. I did get a different experience in my opinion it was not any better."
2.0 out of 5 stars
P - 6/22/2012
Degree: Christian Counseling
Graduation Year:
"BEWARE! This is NOT a Christian university at all. In fact, students, faculty, and staff do not even have to verify they are Christian.They have no loyalty to the people who work there and the degree from GCU will soon be just like other diploma mills and not credible.They do not even have entrance tests for the doctoral program and everyone graduates with a 4.0. They used to be a credible, private, great Christian university. Now, the only program worth signing up for is the nursing program. They appear to have a ground campus because they give everyone scholarships from the online/diploma mills profits. Sad that they use Christ's face to get revenue."
2.0 out of 5 stars
Brian E - 3/18/2012
Degree: Counseling
Graduation Year:
"After comparing Grand Canyon University to other online colleges I decided to enroll in Grand Canyons Master degree program in Professional Counseling. My enrollment counselor was helpful and explained to me that the Professor’s at Grand Canyon University enjoy challenging students. Of course I enrolled because I did not expect earning a Master’s degree was going to be easy. After completing five courses I withdrew with a 4.0 GPA. I have to admit this was giving to me and was not earned. During my third course I was working 60 hour work weeks and I have to admit I did not turn in high quality assignments. Of course I continued taking courses with Grand Canyon.My Previous Course with Grand Canyon was a complete nightmare. Grand Canyon just transformed over to a new online learning environment that they called Loud Cloud. The New Learning Platform was unstable and confusing and continuously crashed. Once again I was not completing top quality assignments, but still managing to receive straight A’s.I also only finished less than half of my final exam because of technical issues. The questions did not show up, but the timer continued running. I explained this to be teacher and she explained I probably ran out of time. Of course When I received by final grade I received a B+ despite the fact that my work was not up to par and I failed my final. If you need a piece of paper then Grand Canyon may be right for you. However, If you are looking for an education and a respectable school then go somewhere other than Grand Canyon University. This School is as close to a diploma Mill as they come."
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