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Student & Graduate Reviews

1.0 out of 5 stars
Former Faculty at GCU - 11/10/2019
Degree: Mechanical Engineering
Graduation Year: 2019
"Grand Canyon University is totally "SCAM" university. It is a "horrible" and "toxic" working environment inside this university. GCU treat their professor like "slave" AND their methodology is that students are the customer and professors are the servants to the students; majority of the students have no proper respect to their professor; These are mediocre students that get into in this university. All students come to the GCU without any screening. As long you can pay money OR get loan they get accepted; their quality of the students are very poor; the leader of this university are hypocrites; this is "NOT Christian" university, this is the worst university that I ever seen; I will NEVER EVER send any of my kids or my family or my relatives to GCU; I will NEVER accept any students from GCU; IF you are parents, stay away sending your kids to this University. IF you are student, you need to think twice what kind of values that you want to get out of this university; IF you are employers, do you want "disrespectful" employees ?"
1.0 out of 5 stars
MP - 11/6/2019
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2020
"I enrolled in an online grad program with GCU. The first few days of class were treacherous to locate help. I dropped the classes in the first week. GCU staff explained I would not have any charges if I dropped the first week. A month later, I received a 900 bill for initiation fees which was placed on my credit. I really can't see how GCU purports Christian values when it's clear they arbitrarily charge whatever amount after a student has been enrolled. I asked multiple staff to apprise me (4 years ago) at what part of their documents expressed I owed an initiation fee, but no one provided this information. Thank God I'm receiving a master's degree with another university that offers much more academic excellence and integrity. I'm glad I had this adverse experience at the beginning since it prevented me from getting a degree at an opportunistic nest of iniquity."
1.0 out of 5 stars
NONE - 11/6/2019
Degree: Mechanical Engineering
Graduation Year: 2019
"Never ever work OR study in this university; I was a faculty for GCU and they reset their faculty like slave and students have no respect to the faculty. This university do not screen their students, any students have money to enter, they will accept; this is NOT Christian university; all the leaders are hypocrites; I will never hire students graduated from GCU; I will never send my kids or relative to GCU. This is “BAD” and “EVIL” university;"
2.4 out of 5 stars
Edna - 11/2/2019
Degree: Educational Leadership
Graduation Year: 2022
"Although my residency professors Jennifer Waldschmidt and Troy Roland were good, but not grading the late prospectus that I spent weeks working on was very hurtful to me on so many levels. The appeal committee did not support me at all. In spite of my numerous attempts of explaining to them how this will impact me financially, and put a burden on my family as a single mom, they did not help me at all. As a working parent with two children, heretofore, I've been able to stay abreast of my course requirements. The unintended consequences of having to submit a significant research paper late leave me depressed. The quality of my work is reflected in the grades that I accumulated up to this point. My grades are good until I received a zero for the prospectus draft. I emailed the professor before the class ended, and I did not get a response back until I reached out again Repeating the class caused unnecessary hardship for me. As a full-time worker, and a single mom with two children, financial hardship already exists for me. I can't afford to lose my job right now. My job will be in jeopardy because I will have to let them know that I must return for an additional week to Grand Canyon University and retake residency 2. Furthermore, I will have to take another week for residency 3. Finding the funds for travel expenses and someone to take care of my children would be a struggle. Upon recognizing the importance of this paper, I sent an email before the end of the class to confirm my lateness. Unfortunately, it was not viewed in time by my professor. Yes, I understand. To reiterate, the purpose of emailing the professor was to inform her that the paper would be late. My notification took place before she stated, "I did not give you permission to send it in late...I will not grade it." I have never received an F in my educational tenure from any instructor. This is quite depressing to me! The appeal committee has the power to impede or support a struggling candidate, but I'm not sure why they reluctant to do so. Having an appeal system for candidates is relevant for those who are working at this level. Notwithstanding, the system has the power to support candidates and give them a second chance to move forward. As a Christian institution, I would like to believe that at GCU, there is a moral sense of compassion, support, and love that is not reflected in many other institutions. But GCU is the same as other university or worse. I chose to do the appeal based Accordingly, I'm receiving an F not because of my inability to work at this level but because the professor is unwilling to review my assignment in spite of the lateness notice. By supporting the instructor, the appeals committee simply dismisses the submission of my late paper without reviewing my work. Am I to believe that the technicality of lateness results in F without a review of the candidate's work? I passed the residency, presentation, and the work before residency. GCU focuses on financial gain not helping students to be successful"
4.6 out of 5 stars
Eric - 10/26/2019
Degree: MBA
Graduation Year: 2018
"I attended GCU from 2016 to 2018 for my first Masters and will graduate with my 2nd master in 2019 with a MSL. I found the coursework challenging and educational. I have found that like most things in life, you get what you put into it. The support from instructors is minimal, so I spent hours in 3rd party tutoring to keep on pace. For myself , the MBA required 10 to 30 hours of work per week on top of working and family life. I feel that I received a quality education and use most of the knowledge earned in class in my professional career. My ssa and counselor were outstanding. I attended totally online. It is up to the student to get the most out of your classes. If your motivated to earn a grad degree, GCU is great. If your expecting to get assistance from instructors or rely on the organization, this is not for you."
4.7 out of 5 stars
Fran - 10/23/2019
Degree: Counseling
Graduation Year: 2020
"This school is great! the staff and teachers really care about your success. I love the curriculum. I started my Bachelor's degree there in 2016 and completed it on time. They have a wonderful math tutoring service to assist in a wide range of hours for online students. The tutors are very patient, and will make sure that you are confident prior to ending your session. I am glad that I continued on to my Master's program there as well and will be graduating soon. I get random calls to check up on me to see if I have any concerns. I would recommend this school to friends and family."
1.7 out of 5 stars
Miranda Underwood - 10/12/2019
Degree: Special Education
Graduation Year: 2019
"The initial reason I chose Grand Canyon University to pursue my Masters Degree is because of how many recommendations I got from friends who pursued the same degree. Unfortunately my experience has been far different than theirs and I am extremely disappointed that I chose to get my Masters Degree here. While there are some professors who are very helpful and care about their work, many do not care and it ruins the experience. So many of my professors gave assignments that were hard to understand, and when asked for clarification, they stated this is GCUs curriculum. I was left in the dark to complete many of my assignments on my own and it was very nerve-racking never knowing if you were going to get an A or an F because you are doing what you think you should. I have had professors belittle me by making comments like Why would you do this? Makes no sense in the comment section of a rubric. My student services counselor forgot to send in an extremely important document that I sent to her regarding grant money and I was unable to receive the grant which cost me an additional $5,000. When asked if there was anything more I could have done to prevent this, they stated, you could have called to remind me. I called multiple times and left voicemails with no response! So unprofessional and in all honestly, a disgrace to masters programs everywhere. I wish I could go back and change my mind on where I wanted to pursue this degree. I do NOT recommend this school for anyone until they get more organized and friendlier professors."
2.8 out of 5 stars
Graduate Student - 9/26/2019
Degree: MBA
Graduation Year: 2021
"After starting my education with GCU I found out after the fact that this college hires mostly adjunct professors to teach their online classes. These are people who have no experience teaching. Some times you will get a great teacher but the majority of the time it will be other full-time working professionals who are part-time adjunct professors teaching to make extra money. They are not full time faculty nor are they set up for tenure. I wish I had know what this meant prior to enrolling online for my master's degree. If you are lucky enough to get a full time faculty professor they are GREAT and worth every penny! As for the adjunct professors they are not worth half of what I am paying to get my master's degree."
1.0 out of 5 stars
Wishingiknewsooner - 9/17/2019
Degree: Criminal Justice
Graduation Year: 2020
"I would not recommend this school. All they care about is getting your money. Once they have it they could care less if you have problems or your overall school experience. The teachers aren't great and I am really sorry I wasted my time and money with this school. I would encourage others to think twice before enrolling."
2.1 out of 5 stars
anonymous - 9/16/2019
Degree: Early Childhood Education
Graduation Year: 2021
"Attended this school July 2019 and wanted to take a break to save some money took two classes and was told that everything was good then later I looked at class schedule and had seen that I was signed up for over 10 classes recurring it was to my surprise that I had no idea that this was set up, I thought I signed up for 3 classes for starters I also found out that the school holds your financial aid checks, will send them back , and not tell you the correct information when receiving funds. They will lie to you it's not a good financial aid department be careful, ask questions, look at your student portal find out what you are being charged. I only asked how to read the award letter when calling and to make sure that I am understanding things correctly I have gotten hung up on, sighs, financial aid reps asking like they do not want to be at work and talking very fast rude and unprofessional."
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