Great Bay Community College Reviews

  • 1 Review
  • Portsmouth (NH)
  • Annual Tuition: $15,450
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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 9/14/2020
  • Degree: Liberal Arts
"My advice? Stay away. Great Bay Community College is a rip off. Plain and simple. You go here because it's cheap. And that's exactly what the overall feel there is. The school is only interested in making money. You will notice that as most of the professors are new hires, different teachers all the time, no one wants to stay. The quality of teachers is a mixed bag. Some good some awful. The faculty is the worst; Rude, scheming and money hungry. The advisors point you in the wrong direction, having you take courses that may not pertain to your degree for the sole purpose of sucking more money out of you. Some courses that you need to take, you can't, as they aren't running it due to the lack of professors to teach it. You might have to change your degree because of issues like this that are all too frequent. Classes are usually very spread out between one another so you end up spending your entire day/week there like you would in grade school. Speaking of grade school, most of the classes are of things you've already learned in high school. You're basically just rehashing them for a pretty penny. As with I assume most community colleges, there really isn't much of a social aspect. Just go to your class then leave. There are 2 types of students there, ones that get fed up and leave without a degree and ones that are students-for-life, and they've been there for several years. Do yourself a favor, and go someplace else."