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3 out of 5
Degree: Information Technology
Graduation Year: 2008

It was a good school to go to for the most part. I had one teacher who seemed like he didn't want to be there.

1 out of 5
Degree: Computer and Information Sciences, General
Graduation Year: 1996

I attended in 94-96 and was told that employers came to the school and hired directly after graduation or brought students in for internships while they finished their classes. The truth was that they did do that...for the top 2% of the class who didn't have to also support themselves completely and who had 4.0 grades. I still graduated with a 3.7 GPA. Even the job placement was a scam...they once sent me to an interview to a company that was out of business and at another time sent me to a fictitious address. Eventually they stopped communicating with me as I bothered them regularly to DO WHAT THEY CLAIMED THEY WOULD! I still owe all this time later because I have never landed a job that paid what their "career counselors" said I would with a Heald degree. I eventually took Heald off of my resume and was able to get into a career I enjoyed but I certainly wish I hadn't been so naive about the scam that Heald was...and still is apparently. People looking for an education DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND DON'T LISTEN TO SLICK SALES PEOPLE! It is a shame that such scams are so widespread and allowed to continue. You'd think that the government would crack down on this BS since many of the loans end up in default. Mine did when I couldn't afford to pay on it and they finally started taking it out of my paycheck forcing me to consolidate and often times defer. I owe more now than I borrowed, will likely owe them till I die.

4 out of 5

I graduate from Heald College in January 2008. I was never received assistance for job placement. I stayed to get a degree in the Criminal Justice Program. In Novemer 2009 I lost my job and had to take a break from school because I didn't have money to pay rent, gas,food, etc.

I went on campus to use their computers for job placement. Career Services was still not helping with job placement. On February 2, 2010. The Criminal Justice Director and the Academic Affairs Director approached me in a very hostile manner. Tell me I was not allowed on campus,followed directly behind me, laughing remarking, "Don't act a criminal and I won't call security."

they made the assumption with no fact or evidence. Since I am Hispanic I must be doing somethign illegal. They never rectify the issue or apologized. The issue has escalated and they still didnt help with job placement.

There is also a Yolo County Probation Officer who makes sexual comments to female students, this is a very unhealthy environement. it's all about the money not the student's education. It all about the money.I would not recommend anyone to attend this school. Also financial aide does not help students if it is not money in their pockets

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