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  • Tiffin (OH)
  • Annual Tuition: $33,600
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Student & Graduate Reviews

Jocelyn T Schartiger
  • Reviewed: 3/20/2018
  • Degree: History
"Heidelberg University is my Sweet Alma Home and you'd be lucky if it was yours, too. From the very moment I chose Heidelberg, as a senior in high school, I was obsessed with attending. As soon as I stepped on campus, I knew it was the right place for me. First of all, the entire physical presence of the university is a mix between Hogwarts and the street you grew up on. The comfort-ability is instantaneous due to the small class sizes and small campus. I could leave for my class five minutes before it started, walk across campus, and still be on time! I love my alma mater and I continue to be an active alum because the relationships you cultivate at Heidelberg are genuinely ones you're going to have for the rest of your life."
  • Reviewed: 3/12/2018
  • Degree: ESL
"PROS: Heidelberg University offeres one of the fastest, most working-friendly ways to obtain an online TESOL Endorsement to existing Ohio teaching licenses. I spent lots of time looking at other universities in the state of Ohio for this program before finally deciding to enroll in this particular program as a graduate student. It's three online courses, and one internship course for a total of (I believe) 18 credits. Other Ohio universities offered similar programs requiring up to 24 credits, with a more extensive application/enrollment process than I cared to go through at this point in my life and career. Their enrollment process for the TESOL Endorsement Program was very fast and easy. All of the admission and financial aid people at Heidelberg University were very helpful, and if unsure about my program requirements they knew who/how to get me in contact with the right people in a timely manner. CONS: Not the most military-friendly school I've worked with, and I've attended 5 brick-and-mortar universities, and two online ones in my life. You have to be extra patient, and follow-up a lot with both the University and the VA to be sure both are on the same page. Heidelberg needs a military liaison who can help students navigate the red tape between the two. TESOL ENDORSEMENT PROGRAM ONLINE: It appears that Heidelberg University sub-contracts this particular program out to a company called U-Think (though I'm not positive about this). This is where I have had most of my issues and frustrations with, and is why I'm spending so much time writing this review on a weeknight when I should be accessing my course which started today and I haven't received any login credentials from them. You're told from Heidelberg University that U-Think will contact you one day prior to start of your course with login information to begin your course. This actually was the case for my very first course, which is needed in order to familiarize yourself with the courseroom interface and organize course materials, etc. The instructor and technology assistant were both helpful and insightful throughout, and very accomodating as I learned to navigate the different sections/tabs in the first course. UTHINK ADVICE: 1) Offer an orientation session for all new students one week prior to start of first course, requiring them to submit an assignment or two, use the Forums, and particularly the different Seminar Tabs. This would really help student feel more comfortable and confident starting the course off the first day. 2) Opening the courseroom one day prior to the start of the course is not enough time for students to explore/browse the course materials, and organize/plan their semester out before diving onto the course content. Consider making it available 2-3 days ahead, or at least on Friday of courses start on Monday. 3) Please actually open the courseroom on time to every student who has registered and paid, so we're not left starting off a course already playing catch-up."
  • Reviewed: 9/1/2017
  • Degree: Biomedical Sciences
"It is a great university with high research standards. It has an excellent medical campus with lots of opportunities."
Emily H
  • Reviewed: 2/17/2017
  • Degree: Political Science
"Heidelberg University was an excellent liberal-arts experience, where I had the opportunity to immerse myself in my areas of study. The professors are focused on student achievement, and I had some great mentors throughout my time there. The music department is rigorous, and provided me with a skill set that prepared me for a career singing semi-professionally with a major regional opera chorus. I recommend Heidelberg to any student looking for a well-rounded liberal arts college experience."
  • Reviewed: 1/24/2017
  • Degree: Psychology
"I enjoyed my experience. The classes are all taught in German so you must speak the language."