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3 out of 5
Degree: Drama and Dramatics/Theatre Arts, General
Graduation Year: 2013

Howard University, also known as, The Mecca, is responsible for some of the greatest Black minds that have contributed to modern society nationally, and internationally. Alumni of the illustrious HU include, but are not limited to Thurgood Marshall, Zora Neale Hurston, Toni Morrison, Debbie Allen, Phylicia Rashad, Taraji P. Henson, Lance Gross, Wendy Raquel Robinson, and so many others. As a student of the College of Arts and Sciences, in the Division of Fine Arts, my time at Howard was filled with success as well as adversity. As any student's experience at any institution would be. Though I learned a great deal of life lessons and practical skills that are integral to my individual success as a working actor, I would be lying if I said the school was everything I wanted and needed it to be. The students in my department kept me at the university. The professors in the program varied in impact and experience, but overall, they all had something for me that made me better. Although we are graduating with BFA's, the training is not equivalent to that of any other conservatory program. The facilities are lackluster and very dated, our Theatre Arts Department is in dire need of a renovation, but a lot of this is not their fault. Quite honestly, the division of fine arts does not receive the necessary funding and support that it deserves from the University, therefore a lot of things are lacking in terms of quality. Just this year has the current president of the University decided to make strides towards reinstating the College of Fine Arts, which will hopefully provide the program with the necessary budget and support its been lacking since it merged with the College or Arts and Sciences some twenty plus years ago. I would not trade my experience at Howard University for anything in the world. It was integral in my development as an artist of color, it showed me how my Blackness was an asset and not an issue to fitting into the world of Show Business, and it instilled me with values that make me fight and work for everything that is given to me. I am forever grateful to the man I've become because of Howard University, and I would highly recommend this school to any Black student who seeks to pursue a career in the field of entertainment.

3 out of 5
Degree: Nutrition
Graduation Year: 2014

Howard teaches the student to be in charge, be persistent, be relentless, and follow-up. Half of the time you have to teach yourself the classroom material, you have to constantly follow-up with professors to grade papers and let you know where you stand academically in the class, you have to skip class to go to the financial aid office 10 consecutive days in a row to make sure your application and/or refund will be processed within efficient time. Howard definitely prepares you for the grind of the Real World!

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