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  • Colorado Springs (CO) (and 2 others)
  • Annual Tuition: $25,707 - $28,833
29% of 15 students said this degree improved their career prospects
27% of 15 students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 4/8/2024
  • Degree: Cosmetology
"I am a current student in the cosmetology program. I would most definitely tell anybody who is interested in this program. It is absolutely a waste of your time money and mental health!!!!! on top of that they don’t tell you that they have over enrolled students You have to sit in a classroom and work on a mannequin Definitely something they should tell you before you sign paperwork that most likely you will not have your own station. You will have to buddy up with somebody or find a table. there is absolutely zero consistency in this program. !!!! I would definitely suggest going to Delta, or even waiting for CMU to open up. Their cosmetology And if the program supervisor does not like you, you will absolutely know it"
Randall Bevan
  • Reviewed: 3/23/2024
  • Degree: Automotive Technology
"In five months, I've not seen any sign of the bad reviews here at all. I'm a veteran using VA funds. No issues with that. Tammy Whitted sends us weekly emails about job postings. Has last/current week's jobs physically posted outside her office too. I have found my automotive instructors to be extremely knowledgeable about the field and the industry. So far I've had Mr Gardener once a week in CCR, Mr Woerth for 101, and Mr McBride for 103. Each demonstrated not only knowledge, but a willingness to answer questions, and each seemed genuinely invested in student success. They made the content engaging, allowed us to challenge the many errors found in electude, and were understand when the system gave us problems trying to use the digital side. My biggest complaint would be the LRS papers, set to unlock on a Monday and then are due that Tuesday. We should be able to see the course paper subjects on course day one. Give us time to think about them instead rushing us last minute into a sloppy paper. Even with the instructor bypassing it a bit to tell us the paper requirements early, it feels rushed. 101 With Corey Woerth was the basics with a side of finer automotive detail and a lot of physics, all of which he knew very well. He had had a fun demeanor while teaching it. Engines class with Ian McBride is watching a math wizard remember measurements for 12 engines at the same time I'm genuinely impressed. While he teaches you how to build engines for street and racing. I think I have 102 electronics next with Mr Zach Bernal, I hear it is challenging like engine math was. I look forward to that challenge. I will likely update this review in some time."
  • Reviewed: 11/22/2023
  • Degree: Medical Billing & Coding
"I recently finished the MBCS program to get my associates degree, I did not receive that degree. Its been 9 weeks and no one has reached back out to me. I was told that the registrar would call and let me know my degree was ready for pick up in 6 weeks the six weeks past and i reached out to get my itemized list of everything due to the fact the school is saying I owe them money even though I went through FASFA and they took my Pell grants. I never seen one cent back to me which is fine, I just want to understand why I owe money to a school who ALREADY has my money from the state? It makes no sense. Everyone i have tried speaking to just hands me down to the next person. I wasted my time and money into a school that has soo many complaints and who is so unorganized. I DO NOT recommend this school at all. All they will do is take your money and waste your time. I still haven't received anything from them."
Unknown User
  • Reviewed: 9/25/2023
  • Degree: HVAC
"I regret coming to this school. I was in a state college before this school and the differences are quite alarming. First of all, they were marketing the school as flexible and hybrid but it is absolutely not. They lied. They decided to return to 100% in person classes which is forcing many of the students out with massive debts and nothing to show for it. You are just a dollar sign here. Some of the individual teachers here really care about the students, but the organization itself does not care about you at all unless you stop paying them. Second, they cannot hold on to good teachers. The infighting at this school is insane. Multiple teachers have told us they hate this place and then they are gone next semester. Finally, the equipment available at this school is a joke. Sometimes we just can't do an assignment because we don't have the materials required. The tools the school owns are also frequently broken because they are cheap tools and not even properly maintained, making even more assignments undoable. This is only going to get worse when going from a two hour class twice a week, to a four hour class four times a week. I imagine I will have even less opportunity to learn important aspects of the trade because of the lack of resources. In all, I would highly encourage anyone considering this school to just go to PPSC or PCC. Those who do will actually pay less and recieve a much better education, even if it does take longer. This place is a diploma mill without the decency of making life even remotely easy for the students."
  • Reviewed: 7/27/2023
  • Degree: Electrical Engineering
"I am currently attending the circus of a school. My current professor is a 41 year old man that has somehow pulled off 2 separate weeks of no call no shows. He can't even show up to teach and perform his job. He hasn't emailed a single person. Including all faculty, the head of the department or any students. He won't answer phone calls or anything. This place is the most unprofessional school I've ever experienced in my life. Everyone here seems to be on this uneducated, unprofessional attitude. When I first enrolled they said, "you don't pay a penny until you graduate, then it's only 100 a month." They have been attempting to charge my account every single month. The financial aides are borderline elementary school education. Everything they don't me was a complete lie. PLEASE DO NOT ENROLL OR WASTE YOUR TIME HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have no idea how upset I am."
Tiana Williams
  • Reviewed: 7/17/2023
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"I attended intellitec college for my medical classes in 2018.. I had wonderful experience. Teachers were awesome. Refreshing your skills is an option with this school. They help me out alot with that. Overall I enjoy my time with intellitec college.."
  • Reviewed: 4/13/2023
  • Degree: Medical Billing & Coding
"I am sorely disappointed in my choice to enroll here. I've had the same teacher for 3 of my classes who has not taught me one thing. All she does is read from the book and that is our whole class, p.s. I know how to read myself. I've yet to learn a single real thing that will help me in my future endeavor. I can't help but think I will be thousands of dollars in debt and have yet to learn a single thing. If you're looking to pursue a career in medical coding and billing, I recommend you buy the books yourself and read it. It'll save you thousands of dollars and your precious time. DO NOT ENROLL HERE, RUN!!!!"
  • Reviewed: 1/18/2023
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"I loved my career as a medical assist. This program and the staff running it has completely changed my mind. I can not believe how power hungry and lazy they all are. Not a single one of them have any clue about the position they stand in. What a waste of my time money and dream. They don’t want to help anyone. They lie to get people to enroll and they hide when it comes to answering questions."
  • Reviewed: 6/10/2022
"I just wanted to give a positive shout out to the teacher of CCR:100. Until recently, I didn't know how this psychology class would be applicable to the real world. Rest assured, it is. I won't mention the name of the restaurant, but there is currently a GM that has enjoys screaming at employees in front of customers, all day. You are rushed through training and at times purposely trained wrong. With this class I was able to professionally express to the GM how this coercive behavior is not okay to do in front of a customer. I was able to point out flaws in management skills professionally, which in the long run has saved my record. The GM used nothing but unprofessionalism and excuses throughout each email proving strong signs of weak leadership skills. These emails include insults and calling me a liar. there was no professionalism, whatsoever. This particular class gives students the strength, courage, and applicable skills to improve the workplace, to find the right work environment, and essentially teaches you a form of management that is a business psychology. Thanks Mr. G"
carol werle
  • Reviewed: 6/16/2021
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"All that work and costs and did not get one job offer with a AA in MA. the location and classroom were average, teachers seemed to know their jobs but that did nto help me get a job employers do not respect it, go to PIMA institute instead for they help students get hired on"
Bobbi Hauser
  • Reviewed: 2/18/2020
  • Degree: Medical Transcription
"I hear ya'll!. We used old ICD-10 and HCPCS books. You would think that with the money they make off of us they could purchase some up-to-date coding books. They also fail to tell you that you must have at the minimum of 2 years experience to find employment as a Coder and Transcriber. The place is a joke. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR $$$$$!!!!!!"
Ñate brett
  • Reviewed: 9/23/2019
  • Degree: HVAC
"Grand junction campus is shit the management is such shit my teacher quit middle of class and I got kicked along with a fellow classmate for calling out the administration for their incompetence they like to pick and choose which of their regulations they follow along as being grossly biased among the students in all honesty they're a con in disguise"
Johnny Cash
  • Reviewed: 7/7/2016
  • Degree: Information Technology
"Very dumpy school with outdated equipment and terrible management. The rules aren't enforced consistently. Teachers and staff are all just clueless and lots of drugs. This place is only if you aren't smart enough to go anywhere else. And if you are, then you're smart enough not to waste your money there."
Pablo Picassbro
  • Reviewed: 1/27/2015
  • Degree: Computer Science
"They tried to kick me out for missing a few days because I live an hour away when I also have ten A's and three B's. I suppose ignorant peasants will do whatever they can to make a profit and steal money legally."
Meg Samuel
  • Reviewed: 4/24/2009
"I graduated Intellitec College with a Massage Therapist degree at the Grand Junction location. I was able to find a job right away. This school provided me with a great learning experience and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in becoming a massage therapist."