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  • 36 Reviews
  • Ithaca (NY)
  • Annual Tuition: $43,978
92% of 36 students said this degree improved their career prospects
97% of 36 students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 5/31/2016
  • Degree: Communications
"Ithaca College is a good school to go to if you are looking for small classes, Individualized attention from your professors, and lets you join different clubs that suit whatever your interests are."
Mary Rooker
  • Reviewed: 1/11/2016
  • Degree: Physical Therapy
"Ithaca College challenges students to become the best physical therapist possible. With a unique Freshman acceptance program, Ithaca College allows undergraduate students to explore other areas of interests without having to stress over maintaining a 4.o GPA. The professors are active within the classroom, as well as in the clinic to provide a comprehensive education. The school is continuously updating their facilities and the surrounding area provides hiking, exploring and outdoor activities."
  • Reviewed: 11/3/2015
  • Degree: Computer Science
"I had a great time. I felt that the teachers were pretty good for the most part, and they seemed to care about the students and helping them succeed."
  • Reviewed: 8/19/2015
  • Degree: Health Education
"I enjoyed the experience at Ithaca but I believe the value to be overpriced."
  • Reviewed: 8/4/2015
  • Degree: Performing Arts
"I learned a ton in college - not just in class but in the experience. It really shaped me as a person and helped me hone many skills. It taught me a ton about time management, dealing with many different kinds of people, prioritizing my time and energy, and managing stress. I also met the people who became my best friends."
  • Reviewed: 7/20/2015
  • Degree: Art & Design
"Small but good. Really involved classes and teachers. Will likely see same people over and over. Hope you like cold weather"
Matthew Stookey
  • Reviewed: 4/20/2015
  • Degree: Performing Arts
"Ithaca College is a tremendous university that caters to each student's individual needs. They have many programs that rank nationally and are one of the top universities in their region. The surrounding area is beautiful and very scenic. Ithaca is a great town to be a student in, whether undergrad or graduate."
  • Reviewed: 2/26/2015
  • Degree: Communications
"Ithaca College is a small (roughly 6,000 undergraduates) liberal arts college located in Ithaca, NY. It has been voted the top college town in the US in 2015 and in years past. IC started as a music conservatory and its School of Music is among the top in the nation. IC's Roy H Park School of Business, Roy H Park School of Communications, and the School of Health Sciences are also excellent. Culture and Communication was formerly housed in the Division of Interdisciplinary and International Studies. When the DIIS was dissolved without a formal review, Culture and Communication along with other majors were moved into the School of Humanities and Sciences. I cannot speak to the Culture and Communication major offered today, as I was "grandfathered" in under the DIIS requirements, but I thoroughly enjoyed and continue to find value in the major I chose as an undergraduate. As a Culture and Communication major I concentrated in International and Intercultural Communications, and was able to choose from a variety of excellent courses in Anthropology, Politics, Comparative Race studies housed in the Center for the Study of Culture Race and Ethnicity, Writing, and Communications (both speech and mass media) disciplines. My time spent at IC both in and outside of the classroom made me the critical thinker that I am today and gave me a sense of agency to make my mark for positive change in the world, which I have not yet lost."
Mike FitzPatrick
  • Reviewed: 2/9/2015
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"Pursuing a Master's Degree at Ithaca College may have been one of the best decisions of my life. The faculty in the Exercise Science Department are incredibly knowledgeable, down to earth, and personable. I got to know each and every one of them during my time there, and could talk with them on a first name basis. We are all close, and I really think that this helped facilitate my learning. I wasn't just a number at an institution. The faculty genuinely took an interest and wanted to see the student succeed, fostering friendships and being excellent mentors. The program was a perfect blend of theoretical and practical application. I graduated feeling confident in my ability as a health care professional, and would highly recommend IC to anyone who is considering going to school for Exercise Science."
  • Reviewed: 12/9/2014
  • Degree: Social Sciences
"I graduated with a BA Sociology and a minor in Counseling. I transferred to Ithaca College my Sophomore year and the Professors were more than helpful. I also changed my major a few times and finally found the right fit for me in the Sociology department. There were a wide range of Professors and classes that allowed for me to make the major my own. If I was to go back I wish that I would have chosen my major sooner at the same time I was able to take a lot of classes that helped lead me to make my decision."
Jennifer Chmiel
  • Reviewed: 11/3/2014
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"Pros: They provide opportunities that other schools would not have offered. Through the course work they provide hands on education and skills that are able to be used in the field. Along with that, the professors engage and immerse themselves in the material they are teaching, pushing you to do the same. They have all the up to date technology that is necessary to do research and learn for the field of exercise physiology Cons: The grad program is on the smaller sized and would be nice to have had it be a little bigger."
Mariel Schneggenburger
  • Reviewed: 5/15/2014
  • Degree: Secondary Education
"The Adolescent Education program is a very small close knit program, which provides every opportunity to grow as a future educator."
Madeline Arena
  • Reviewed: 5/4/2014
  • Degree: Physical Therapy
"ICPT is great!! Love the school, professors, and students! Great college town atmosphere too!!"
Kath Tibbetts
  • Reviewed: 8/1/2013
  • Degree: Communications
"Ithaca College has given me more opportunities than I had ever expected. Collaborating with real organizations, applying theory outside of the classroom, and an earnestly engaged faculty are the best reasons why I have attended Ithaca College for the communications graduate degree. I have had the chances to interview C-level industry professionals and television celebrities for projects I never thought I would. Communication professionals know Ithaca College, and respect those who receive a degree from the institution."
Hallie Bennett
  • Reviewed: 2/18/2013
  • Degree: Physical Therapy
"Ithaca is extraordinary in that we spend our first three years on campus with the specifically driven goal of obtaining our degrees in Physical Therapy. We have classes with other PT students from freshman year onward. Ithaca is generous in accepting AP credits from high school so advancing a year in the program is quite common. Once we reach our professional years Ithaca allows us to expand our network to the Rochester campus. There we are placed in a large well renowned technologically advanced medical setting. We tackle our gross anatomy labs at a top notch, forward thinking hospital. We return to our roots in Ithaca for a year after our first taste of Rochester before striking out on our own in clinical affiliations across the country and more advanced course work in Rochester. I picked this school for it's 3-and-3 program, saving me a year of graduate school. If I had to do it all over again I would pick Ithaca in an instant."
Nathan Storb
  • Reviewed: 2/18/2013
  • Degree: Public Health
"Good for getting a job post college and degree, however, they really don't assist with finical aid at all, and no graduate programs."