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Student & Graduate Reviews

Melanie Smith
  • Reviewed: 3/13/2012
"Please do not go to this school. After attending 7 months to this school I decided to go to my community college after reading all the bad reviews about this school and all the money I would be investing. First of all all the money you will end up paying here is not worth it. You really don't learn anything here.You get A's and B's for just showing up to class and turning in your work which is no big deal. When given a test most of the teachers would give us the questions AND answers to study for it. I didn't find this right because you are not really learning. Some of the classes were the same, like I had two different classes yet everything they taught was the same.Anyway like I said I decided to go to my community college after 7 months. My community college said their credits were not transferable.,p> A week after leaving I received a letter from ITT saying I owe $3,100 which I had to pay in a week(????). I didn't pay much attention thinking it was a mistake. Like 3 weeks later I received a call from a collection agency. I had to pay in full or else. Where would I get that money just like that. They didn't care how I got it, either i payed up or my credit was ruined. They took out $1000 from one of my credit cards which they already had checked and now I am paying the rest in three payment. I am really disappointed in this school and will make sure to tell everyone I know about it. Don't make the mistake of going to this school, go to your community college."
Chad Figueroa
  • Reviewed: 3/6/2012
"I have an A.A. in electronics engineering from this school, but yet I do not know the first thing about electronics. What a joke this place is.They teach yo absolutely nothing about electronics. I have an entire tool box full of so-called class projects that we never even did. I thought maybe that the Bachelor program would be more serious and hands on, and maybe they would actually teach something, but I was dead wrong. In my Wirless Networking class, a Bachelors degree class, the instructor would bring a hackey sack to class and we would move all the desks out of the way and actually play hackey sack in class with the instructor.Pleases beleive me when I say that ITT was the biggest mistake that I ever made. If you are thinking about going here, please do your research first. All they are really doing is selling you a very expensive yet worthless degree, and the only kinds of jobs they help you get are around $10 an hour. Who the hell can make a living and support a family on a $10 an hour job? The people at ITT should be ashamed of themselves."
  • Reviewed: 3/4/2012
"I'm enrolled at the ITT tech Philadelphia campus. I find it great to be some where the staff is great all the way up to the Director of the facility. I had many doubts in the beginning, but those doubts weren’t about the school it were doubts about me. I felt that if I didn't apply myself to what I was doing and focus on completing it, then I was wasting my own time! After reading so many negative comments about the school I don't feel any different about ITT. Most of the people complaining are the people that are not applying their selves to what they're doing or set to do. As far the money financial aide was available here also a scholarship. I think it depends mostly on the location your school is at; of course there are bad schools around the world you have to pick something that best interest you. Another reason just sitting around the house and not making an attempt to educate your self on something is simply a waste of time!People must realize that nothing is just handed to you, you have to earn it whether it's paying crazy amounts of money to get is dates back to the saying "Scared money, don't make money." The last thing I'm going to add here is for the people looking to start school period. Go into the institution, University or etc. and ask for your self and then be the judge of your own experience, just because someone else writes a bad experience doesn't mean you'll have one."
Jessie James
  • Reviewed: 3/3/2012
"I have my AA in Electronic Engineering from ITT. I got it becuase most jobs you go for ask for a degree. I have 6 years experiance in the military working on electronics but with out a little piece of paper none would hire me. Now I am getting job offers from FBI, CIA, DoD, privite contractors, government contractors, and major firms I.E. Intell, Google, Microsoft. And yes these all came from career services from the itt campus.I beleave what I am saying is it all depends on your career field. CJ doesnt have a lot of job openings so yeah its hard to get into that. But you also have to look at where your going, they train in the technical and electronic sides of these fields. The ones that are unhappy with going to ITT most likely didnt do enough research on what they really wanted to do as a career."
M. Hill
  • Reviewed: 2/19/2012
"I am about to graduate with an Associates degree in Criminal Justice. Readers should know that the core classes taught for this program are no more than that now taught in some teenage vocational schools which offer Criminal Justice! Those kids get it for free, yet we have to pay almost 50K!Also, the program is NOT hands-on, but rather writing... and tons of it! Many instructors are not knowledgeable in the curriculum they are given to teach, and text books are outdated! Not to mention, all the classes are the same, covering the exact same content! You will NOT get a decent paying job with a two-year degree in Criminal Justice... think more along the lines of unarmed security guard, or retail loss prevention, which you can get without the degree. Maybe police officer if you're lucky!They also have a three week rule for homework (supposedly) in which if your work is more than 3 weeks late, it won't be accepted. HA! I can't begin to tell you how many students are allowed to turn in work after that time period and still get full credit! Ridiculous! Especially to those of us who bust our rears to get assignments in on the date they're due! This is supposed to be a COLLEGE?! More like a free ride for the degree... might as well just have people pay the 50K and hand them the degree up front! DO NOT WASTE MONEY AT ITT!"
Geoff Mirth
  • Reviewed: 2/15/2012
"I went through the ITT Tech program and got in my field before I graduated with knowledge I learned from UniTec career center in High School. Didn't learn anything I didn't already know from high school for free. My Degree has not only been a waste of money, but now that I want to contiue my education I HAVE TO go to ITT to continue to a higher degree. They don't offer the degree I want (engineering) and I have to start ALL OVER.Go to community college. You'll get THE SAME degree and will be able to transfer credits. You will also have more options for what field to study. ITT pushes their small classes. Smaller classes are not worth paying $32k vs $5k at community college. I will not discredit their instructors. They did know their stuff. I discredit the degree. You will not go any further in your education that that degree and will pay WAY too much for it."
  • Reviewed: 2/10/2012
"This school is a HUGE waste of time. They can't even seem to get me into the correct year here! They are more than happy to take your money they have absolutely no concern for their students. It is 2012 and somehow they enrolled me for 2011. WE ARE NOT IN 2011 ANYMORE. Yet still no one can fix this problem. Don't go here it's just not worth the stress you'll have to deal with. FRAUD ALERT. FRAUD ALERT."
  • Reviewed: 2/7/2012
"This school is a big waste of time. You will learn more from the studentsmore then from the staff.All the school care about is getting bodies in the school.All you need to get a 4.0 is to come to class. They don't make sure you know and understand what they are teaching.This school sets you up to look like a fool when you leave. Please please don't go here and parents please don't waste your money your child will learn more from you tube then this school"
  • Reviewed: 2/2/2012
"I graduated with an associates degree last year. The only good thing I can even say about the school is that I got a good job out of it. Some of the teachers are really good but they are few and far between. The courses are bull. there are so many classes that you don't need at all. to top it all off most of the information I learned was outdated at the time I learned it. The equipment at the school was unreliable at best.Most of what we learned was theory. It isn't near as "hands on" as it claims to be. It is complete Bull. and you should really consider your local college cause once you go to ITT you are stuck since their credits don't transfer. I hated this school when I was there and I still hate it. Do not buy into their ads they are all lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • Reviewed: 1/26/2012
"When I signed up for ITT I was told that the schedules would be flexible, the curriculum would be difficult and fast paced and they place you in a well paying job during and after graduation. My experience so far is anything but what they said.The course I am taking they have decided to get rid of so there is only one tie to take any of my classes and it is not movable for any reason because they will not offer it again. and if i were to get a bad grade or have to take a quarter off i would have to start the program completely over (I am more than a year in).the curriculum is a joke and is gruelingly slow most of the teachers do not have the qualifications to do the job they are trying to teach us and even fewer of them have the qualifications to teach others how to do anything. finally the career services think that 8 dollars an hour is satisfactory for a job (i can make that at MacDonald's) and I have found better jobs by looking myself or going on job search sites.I am not a displeased dropout I am still attending (at the time of writing this) and have maintained a 4.0 throughout my time there (like i said curriculum is a joke).I would also like to point out that I am going for programing this degree is costing me (and anyone else takeing it) $48,000 I was told that all materials would be supplied, including a new computer (even a netbook would be sufficient in my opinion) while they have supplied the books they have given us in the programing degree nothing else (and when I asked they said they wont be) whilst other degrees have "care packages" that are tailored to their degree.I expected much more from the school but it appears they they just want you to sign up so they can have your money. I have voiced my opinion to the dean and my "academic adviser" and after telling this to them they actually asked me "so do you know anyone else you can get to come here" overall I would not recommend this school to anyone I am only continuing to go there because the credits don't transfer but I can continue my education elsewhere with the actual degree."
Thomas M Harding
  • Reviewed: 1/18/2012
"I enrolled into ITT Tech. in the fall semester of 2010 and my expected date of graduation was december of 2012. I wil try to cover all aspects of what I experienced thus far. First financing, I was told when I signed the doted line that my total out of pocket expenses would have to be payed after I graduate. little to my knowledge I had to take a quarter of for family and personal reasons, then i had to fill a "drop class" paper that stated that i might not be able to finish the quarter if i did not make it back in time. I was ok with this, before hand i was aware that i did not have any outstanding balance to be payed before I took time off. Three days later i got a letter in the mail stating that i did indeed have a balance with the schools loan services and the amount due was $1,530.04 and I had 5 business days to pay it or it would be sent to collections. So not even two minutes later i received a call from the collection place to inform me that they needed a payment right away or it could damage my credit.So with that in mind i made an appointment with the dean and the finance adviser and i did get it pushed back for 2 months but i was still not happy about it. On the other hand i went though 4 different teacher changes in 4 quarters each time and same with the finance department and even the dean.the teachers they hire to not know crap about the programs nor do they care. I learned more by myself then what they have taught me . I have had harder classes in high school then here.My advice to strong research and avoid this school and others like it as well its a scam and all they want is your $$$$$$$$$$ and nothing else. other schools such as Art institue. and ITT tech are all about money. i regret my decision and my $31,000 dollars or loan debt."
  • Reviewed: 12/29/2011
"The most horrible decision I have ever made. Extremely over-priced for such an unsatisfying education. I would not recommend my time here to anyone. Horrible staff & horrible classes. Career Services wanted to give me a $9-$10 an hour job, but a $50,000 tuition to pay on. When you see all the teachers driving around in BMWs, Mercedes, and Infiniti vehicles... this is because they are taking your money that you pay to go here for their own selfish reasons.They lie to you, and they want to manipulate you into attending this school. This was the biggest waste of my time and money. Thanks ITT Technical Institute for ruining my life."
  • Reviewed: 12/24/2011
"The teachers were not knowledgeable and cared nothing about you as a student. After two years and $50,000 left with a worthless degree. Got no help looking for a job through career services. After two years haven't been able to find a job in my training so I thought I should go back to school None of the credits are transferable or accepted by any respectable school."
  • Reviewed: 12/20/2011
"I'm in the nursing program with one year left. At first I liked it but I feel they do that to all new classes to get you in so deep that you would lose a lot of money to quit and look elsewhere for schooling. 3/4 of the way through our program they changed the academic requirements, you must now make a B in order to pass, that includes GE's and nursing classes.The gave us the forms to sign saying we agree with their changes (which are often and boot camp style) and tell you if you refuse to sign them you can leave you can't return to any class until papers are signed which is forcing you to sign something you do not agree with. The nursing program is a new program and there are so many kinks in it right now I wouldn't know where to start. The teachers are not seasoned instructors and there is always a shortage of them. The class costs $40,000.00 more than any other traditional college. If I knew then what I know now there is absolutely no way in the world I would have enrolled her. I say run away...don't walk."
  • Reviewed: 12/18/2011
"This school is grounded in a solid computer technical field, you will learn core courses and be able to review and challenge yourself for a career. The school will give you all that you want, but you have to do the work also, these are classes that require thought and knowledge in the choice you have taken for a career path. The instructors are cool, calm and collected, they are commited to your education, but lets be reasinable, they are human also, with human needs.This is a Technical college, its fast paced , and the training comes at you hard and fast, its going to be up to you through discipline to conquer these classes,this is not a baby sitting school its for mature people, so for all these naysayer's i say , you are ignorant at best , find a school that does the work for you,then you can get by on other people's work. ITT is a great school. I highly recommend it. Best Wishes"
  • Reviewed: 11/30/2011
"This school is the biggest scam on planet earth!!! I enrolled in the RN Nursing program in June 2010. At first it was great! They had alot of kinks worked out and we had met with the Board of Nursing in our state and all was good. We have now been through 9 chairs of nursing and numerous professors. That all of a sudden we were told we had to have an 80% or higher to pass.I agree most nursing school you ahve to maintain a high C or a B. This was ok for all my classmates were passing, but for upper classman not so great. They held 8 students back for making a 78-79.4% class average!!!ITT will not be getting an additional 35,000 dollars due to those students having to retake the class. Speaking for our school our professors have been amazing as for cooperate they are a bunch of greedy horrible people that need to be stoppped. I do not recommend this school to anyone, the amount of stress we have all endured is enough to kill all of us."
  • Reviewed: 11/15/2011
"I was accepted, and subsequently enrolled, into the ITT School of Nursing program in June of 2011. Our admissions class was informed by the Dean, and the Nursing Chairperson, in September, 2011, effective immediately, all final grades earned in ALL classes would have to be at an 80% or better, or it would be considered a "failure" for the course. You are allowed to accumulate only TWO failures, and then you are dismissed from the program.At roughly $1,600 per month for tuition, it is expensive to make the choice to drop the class on or before week-9, and take it all over again in hopes of achieving a "B" or better final grade. Since the school lacks regional accreditation, the credit-hours do not readily transfer to other colleges. Make no mistake, the classes at ITT School of Nursing are challenging, and will keep you extremely busy with the workload of reading involved, plus, as a for-profit college, it is expensive!!I began in June of 2011, and this new rule was enforced beginning in September of 2011, and already, I would guess, 1/3 of the students I began with this summer are now facing their first of two allowable strikes on their permanent record. None of us were told in June, 2011 that this major policy change was just around the corner. It caught everyone by surprise.I don't know if other nursing schools have this policy, but I do tell all prospective ITT nursing school candidates to clarify this matter BEFORE enrolling and handing over your hard-earned money. It is definitely something you'll want to discuss with a school official as you make your decision on whether ITT is for you."
  • Reviewed: 11/13/2011
"I was unsure of attending this college with the amount of negative reviews it has received, but I think it depends on the student's location. I was informed ahead of time all of my costs, and how much would be taken out for loans, so there were no surprises. I get a cost receipt at the beginning of each quarter as well.I've been at this school for a year now, and in all of my classes you most definitely can fail. You can't just show up and get an A. I have yet to see any of these professors that just hand out A's, and I really don't want to meet them either."
William Logan
  • Reviewed: 11/13/2011
"At no point does anyone at ITT Tech state they will help you get a job. If you think they did, you heard them wrong. ITT does not help you get a job, although they will provide job opportunities, it is up to you to go get the job.The classes I attended were well taught with instructors that lived the life and in some cases still were. How many colleges can say they have a retired police chief who was employeed as an FBI profiler teaching for them, not many.ITT Tech is worth the money."
  • Reviewed: 10/27/2011
"I would not recommend this school, it is a complete joke. I attended and graduate this school and they have not helped me find a job like they say they do. they just took me for all my money.Everytime I called the career services department I never recieved a call back from them. None of there credits transfer to any other college, the instructors are lame and stupid. when applying for finacial aid, they cost so much that you have to get a private loan at 13% interest plus 2 other loans, now I have 12 pages of students loans on my credit report in excess of $93,000.00.This school offers no i repeat no education at all and advertises false advertisement on TV. DO not make the same mistake I have and attend this school look into other options, because this is a private college which means $$$$$$$."