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This school is closed and is not accepting new students.
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4 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2013

I have recently withdrawn from ITT TECH Online. The classes, students, and instructors were great. But as far as the finacial department and the price for an Associates Degree, it is rediculous! I was misinformed from the day I enrolled about the cost and when I started looking at my loan amounts (which I was not informed I would even have any loans) I called and they told me the total cost (45000.00). I was stunned.

I have just enrolled in another school (which is a university), and they are HALF the price! And it is online as well. That though is the only negative thing I have to say about ITT TECH.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2011

I just graduated with my AAS in Computer and Electronics Engineering from ITT Tech, Owings Mills, MD. The school was great, except for one or two classes that seemed to me to be a waste of time.

I have been working in my field for four months, making more money than I ever have before, with great benefits. The school helped me to find and land this great job.

While on this job I have not only used what ITT showed me, but I have outshined another new hire with a Bachelor's degree from another school, simply because the program at ITT is designed to streamline the learning and equip you for what you will absolutely NEED when you start working in your field.

The professors were knowledgeable and helpful. Sure, some of the equipment was older, but they are steadily upgrading. I do wish that there was more time in certain classes to get the full picture of all the concepts presented (some concepts they just "introduced" you to. You then had to do your own work to learn more). But isn't that what higher education is all about? You get what you put into it.

There were some people I was surprised that graduated, since they seemed to not even know basic concepts, but the faculty at ITT WILL help you to get a better job and life for yourself. Like I said, it's all in what you put into it yourself. If you want to succeed, and put in the hard work that success takes, you can do it at ITT Tech.

3 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2015

I am currently in my first year bachelors just finishing two year associates in construction management. The school is way over priced and I am now learning that beyond a bachelors I am screwed. My employment situation has not gotten any better for almost three years now. I wish I had something positive to say but I really dont. I would not recommend this school to anyone...

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4 out of 5

Itt-Tech Charlotte south campus is great. Admin and teachers care about the students and do all they can to help. I currently work at Wachovia/Wells Fargo and got the job before I finished my Associates. I am perm and make great money just as a tech doing support for the banks. Many of my friends work at Microsoft and many other banks and high end companies making great salaries.

Just like any school it is what you put into it and if you have the drive to be what you want to be.

I am going to get my masters and am going to try to better myself. So i would tell people to go to the school they just have to be able to push theirself!

4 out of 5

Entering my third quarter in the paralegal program at the Arnold campus, they dropped my program and told me I could go online or transfer.

First of all, itt credits are not likely to transfer to any schools, and the online program is completetly separate so at the moment im going through financial aid crap again. Oh, and I was just told that I have to take out a $1,000 loan to continue schooling, which I cannot pay right now. I hate this school and I would not recommend it to anyone.

4 out of 5

I graduated in 1993.. The computers we had to work on didn't even have Hard drives!!! just the huge floppy disc's... The computers were outdated.. We SHOULD have had UPDATED equipment.

Within 2 years, one of our HEADMASTERS disapeared and took off with the money! I had a job when I was there, and on days we didn't do nothing but play movies, I could have been at work, but IF i left, I would be penalized for not being there... Maybe things have changed now, but I DID graduate, but got nothing out of it.. We made our own cheap circuits.

at one time someone brought in a remote to figure out what was wrong, no one ever figured it out! It was a waste of 2 years. at least at the San Antonio campus.

4 out of 5

I have been a student @ ITT Richmond for 2 years and I wouldn't trade it for anything. True the credits dont transfer to ALL schools but they do transfer. It depends on the school and the department chairs.

I currently have 2 friends that transfered right into a regionaly accredited school and got scholarships so it really all depends.

As far as the instructors go everyone that I have crossed paths with have been great. I have had 5 teachers that have their PhD's and knew what they were talking about. My other instructors have worked in the field they teach and have given me real life facts about my major.

Yes ITT is expensive and I believe that corporate is greedy and they dont care. As for the instructors and admin at ITT Richmond they are awsome. This school allows working people with families a chance to better themselves. They work with you and will bend over backwards to accomodate your needs. I went to a "traditional" school for a year and a hlf before ITT and if you work full time and have a family you can forget it. You dont have much say in your schedule at a traditionl school they are mostly day classes some schools offer nights but not for everything.

Eventually you will be forced to take day classes and there is no way to fit 2 day classes in and still work a full time job. Im sorry but ITT has its benifits. I have a great job at a huge lawfirm and Im not even done with my degree!

4 out of 5

I am currently attending the Kansas City campus and honestly I see both sides of the arguement here. Sure it is an expensive school and it is a shame that credits most likely will not transfer, but it isnt as bad as a lot of people are making it out to be.

I have seen a good number of friends I have made at the school find gainfull employment within their feild nearing graduation. I have also seen a good number of students land really nice internships.

My instructors have all been great, and I could not say enough good things about these people. Most of my instructors go out of their way to make time for students needing any help i.e. coming in on there days off for tutoring, as well as taking time to help us in our extracurricular activities. and truly seem to care about their students.

All of my instructors have been very knowledgable about the subject matter they are teaching. I am currently in the Visual Communications program and one of my instructors is actually the former head designer for the Kansas City Cheifs. I have learned a lot in the amount of time I have been going to this school. That said, you are only going to get out of it what you put into it!

I see plenty of people posting on these site claiming that they passed their classes without even opening a book. Which is beleivable, and quite true of many students here. To me, I see that as being lazy. The instructors are there to guide you not to hold your hand. Fact is that maybe if you had taken advantage of the text books and online material, and maybe made some time outside of your classes to build your portfolio you probably would have gained a LOT more from your experience at this school. That and you have to keep in mind that their programs are accelerated programs. You are going through the course in just 12 weeks which gives you just enough time to get the basics down and get a little direction on how to teach yourself.

All in all its like I said earlier it is what you make of it. If you are just there to get the grade and degree and dont put in the effort to actually get good at what you're learning you probably wont get a job with your degree because thats all you've got. On the other hand if you really try and put in the extra effort to build a kick ass portfolio and really learn your subject matter.

Then you shouldnt have too a problem.

4 out of 5

WOW, look at all of these "comments" about ITT.

I would like to say first off that ITT for Information Systems Security or a.k.a CNS(Computer Networking Security)is awesome! A lot of these people commenting do not realize how much of a benefit you get from joining this school. Yes, it is pricey for an associates degree, and depending on you, getting a bachelor's is the same price at most Universities anyway.

What a lot of people that are bad mouthing this school is you really get your money's worth. How many Universities offer a virtual library of e-books, certification study e-books, professional organizations to join, and chapters to meet with professionals in your major?!! NONE, and this is for life. On top of that our virtual library has a plethora of programs from Microsoft that are covered through our "expensive" Associates degree. It ranges to SQL Server, Windows 7 (every edition, 32 and 64-bit) Microsoft Server 2008, etc.

My favorite instructor is a Network Engineer for Cisco Networks, you know the biggest networking company that everyone wishes they could get a certification in. He pushes us to play with VM machines, apply for internships, and use him as reference to get in for the internship, I am currently waiting for one to open myself.

I have another teacher who is retired, teaching part-time, who is phenomenal with his teaching, and how much of an overview our courses are applicable towards our career.(with very thorough knowledge of our major classes) It is important to remember, that all of our teachers are REQUIRED to have a MASTERS DEGREE. Look it up on job board sites, they don't accept anything below, unless you are working towards your Masters.

I would also like to tell everyone how wonderful the classes and variety I am getting to learn. Database Development, Server 2008, and Advanced Server 2008 (working w/ AD), Linux Redhat, Linux Fedora, client and server, programming, Microsoft classes, EVERYTHING you need to know to be well rounded in this industry. We get about 2 hr's or so of lecture, and we take what we learn from lecture in hands-on lab assignments.

This school is challenging, I am maintaining a 3.8 as or right now, and NO they do not give out grades. My 1st and 2nd semester, I saw people drop out because, it was too hard, or they got too frustrated that you have to ACTUALLY STUDY the material for daily quizzes, and huge projects that are assigned to you mid-way through courses. If you do not read, or study, good luck trying to figure out a complex project that is 20% of your grade.

I can tell who went to ITT and who didn't, because a lot of these comment do not even explain the experience, or KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT.

So your telling me someone who went to the Art Institute of Dallas with a major in Fine Arts or Graphic Design won't be taken serious for an employer? LOL, that's what I thought, you pay for what you get.

What about Paul Mitchell hair school, they won't get hired because it's not "accredited" in their industry?!?

Well that's what your believing about ITT's scams, and education if you believe all of the paranoia on this site and google!!!!!!!

4 out of 5

I would never recommend this school to anyone!! The teachers are terrible and you'll never learn anything from them! I had to teach myself everything out of the book!! I cant even transfer my credits to a different school because they wont except them!! I'm in huge debt!! Never go to this school i warn everyone! They are a money driven school!! Scam!! Scam!!!

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