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This school is closed and is not accepting new students.
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4 out of 5

This is a true, honest, unbiased, factual based opinion on my experience as a student here at ITT tech. Despite the Good and Bad reviews depicted by others before me.

I have spent the last 2+ years at ITT pursuing an Associates in Multimedia and Bachelors in Game Design. This is going into my 3rd year that I write this.

I had previous Gen. Ed. and business credits from a local college that did in fact transfer to ITT. Some of my business credits did not. The option is available with ITT to 'test out' of classes you feel that you’re knowledgeable in or have taken previously at another college. If you pass the test outs you have proven to ITT that you have successfully retained your previously learned knowledge or need no more further education in that particular area of your degree.

Successfully completing and passing the test out also saves you TIME and MONEY by earning you the applied credit towards your degree of choice. 3 successful test outs will save you three classes which equivalents to saving you a full semester of time (12 weeks per class x 3 classes per semester) not to mention the $2,000-$8,000 price tag you accrue per class($2,000+), per semester($6,000+)in classes.

I personally try to test out of every class possible, and have succeeded more than I have failed. I have already saved more than a half year of course credits time and those credits worth of money. The test outs are not at all easy may I add.

Starting out there are a few basic courses that ITT makes everyone take, which helps you to learn about yourself, your learning styles, and how to help you find some insight about yourself, who you are inside, and can show you ways to organize your life a little more efficiently and professionally.

ITT-Tech also makes sure you do not move forward without having basic Microsoft office skills to properly express yourself in a professional manner. This includes learning how to use the spell checker. lol

In my experience, ITT-Tech allows ways for you to creatively tailor your degree with elective courses as long as you have previous requirements and pre-requisites met. This would include some extra programming or web development classes tied in with your Business or Game Design degree. Vice Versa take some Visual Communication or web design classes to learn Photoshop with your Business degree if you have electives available to play around with.

Career Services is there, and they will work as hard as you need them to as long as I feel its mutually agreeable that you would be the best fit not only for the job but to represent the school as a graduate or student should they go to bat for you above a simple job match. They help match jobs up to you or you to the jobs, but mind you, they are not a job placement or employment agency.

The Finance people know what they are doing, at least on my Campus (for some of you who feel your campus was unorganized). The Registrars work very hard to manage the loads of students and last minute scheduling changes. The teachers at one point in time or another have been respected experts in their fields of study. One of my Game Design Instructors used to be an animator for Ren and Stimpy, and he used to design slot machine games for casino use! How much more relevant real world experience from a teacher in the industry do you need? All my teachers at the beginning of semester tell a brief story about who they are and what relevant expert 'in the field' experience they bring to the table in regards to our educational experience. This is true of every single teacher I’ve had on my ITT campus.

If you find the teacher isn't doing their job or the school is not up to par.

There ARE student surveys that the instructors implore you to complete near the end of every semester for every teacher and class. Surveys are anonymous to the teacher, and this is your chance to rate the class, the materials, the equipment, and yes the instructor to the College Board. You are also given areas to fill out personal opinions on how the class could be better and another section to comment on the instructor.

Yes they fire teachers that don't do their jobs- Mid semester if need be! I had a College Mathematics class where the teacher was doing his job, he knew his stuff, but just was not accessible enough to all the students in making sure we understood the curriculum. He went too fast and helped too little. Many students complained to the program chairs and to the Dean. Even I was feeling the urge to just give up. I took free tutoring and that was how I was able to barely keep up. Then, in mid-semester (about week 5), Poof! We had a new teacher. The old one was fired and the new teacher (a long term ITT math instructor who took on our class as another extra class to her already busy teaching schedule) took us through a review from weeks 1-5. She took her time and somehow explained everything in a way that we all just understood. She didn’t move onto the next step until she knew and confirmed that we understood up to the current. Bottom line was she accomplished helping us to learn and understand more in ONE class period than the original instructor did in 5 weeks. To this day, I applaud my dean, and salute that teacher for literally saving the mathematic portion of our education.

The school is equal opportunity for all; the teachers that I’ve had seem to be genuine people who take genuine interest in their students. They do not play favorites, or give out easy grades, or grade too steeply. They are positive, and genuinely encouraging. It is a very fair educational system where the teachers have the ability to reward you for extra credit assignments if you choose to do them, offer free tutoring, some teachers even come in on days off to teach extra workshops for us students to better hone our skills for free.

In my opinion, some things could be better. Yes the software’s are not the brand new release of everything. We still use the Adobe CS3 versions of everything, but CS3 is a stable spot to be since CS4 and CS5 are so new most employers would be still using CS3 anyways. Not to mention, you learn the basics you need to know with these programs in these courses no matter what. These basics you can carry with you to the newer software versions, which make your core skills no less valuable. Bottom line here is ITT-Tech teaches us the core bare basic skills anyone should need to know in the industry. If you can’t get the basic skills then you need to either study harder, or think of transferring credits to a different degree.

From what my programming buddies have said, its 2011 and ITT is still not teaching HTML5, I know personally there are no specific PHP courses, so there is room for improvement regarding staying ahead of the programming curve. ITT doesn't have MOCAP for Game Design YET either, but we learn the all the basics of 3d modeling, character animation, and importing to Game Engines along with building a working game level. The basics are all there, it’s not like Flashpoint Academy in Chicago totally geared as a specialty school for Multimedia and Game Design, but we learn the basics to where we could be just as comparable to their students if we took our lessons to the next level and really want to learn what we need to learn to be successful in this industry.

To my dismay, too many times, I see students who are young and take their college education opportunity for granted. They waste the class and lab time away by watching YouTube videos or playing games. They don’t study at home. They play on their cell phones. They don’t pay attention to lecture. These students will definitely not go the extra mile to learn the harder parts of basic curriculum thru a free tutor session, much less take that knowledge further beyond basic curriculum into expanding on what we already learned. Then they complain how the class is too hard, they don’t understand, and complain not knowing why they failed as many students do.

College Education at ITT-Tech or anywhere else is what you make or plan to take from it. If you put in 10% effort, you’re only going to learn 10% of what you could have. You will only get back 10% in the real world as a reciprocal. Worst part is, you can't go back! Once you miss that class lecture? IT'S GONE FOREVER. You still paid for it, but you basically just cheated yourself, that's all.

As many people including me will say, you get out what you put in. Straight A's don’t come easy, and I've struggled to get and maintain my 3.8 GPA. I never even touched Photoshop until I started at ITT and if you saw my flash and 3d animation work now (not to brag, but…) you will see that I am quite talented at least above most of my peers and classmates, but I'm also contendable in the real world job market. It's not because ITT-Tech taught me everything I know, it’s because I take the time to learn what the ITT tech instructors have taught me and expand on that knowledge in my own time. I know it sounds cliché, but this an education for MY future.

I take this educational opportunity seriously, even while I have fun , and I do not regret going to ITT-Tech. Granted, I’m not learning EVERYTHING I want to learn right now (It will take more schooling to get a Master’s) but I'm confident that I can apply not only the knowledge I gained here as a student to my own creative business endeavors but also I can do it with the alliance of friendships I've gained here through the years as well.

4 out of 5

I don't care about the cost of the school. Do I want to pay a lot of money? NO, but I'm here now. I love the school the instructors are wonderful and have helped me out a lot. I might have a hard time getting a job, but I will find work. I will succeed because they have given me the tools and I will use them. So I'm for ITT and thats my opinion.

4 out of 5



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4 out of 5

I started at ITT in Jun 2008... This is my last year and I will be grad with a Bach of Sci in Criminal Justice in March 2012... Throught out the years I have received support from my instructors and administrators... The faculty is very friendly and it is very family oriented ..

Not only are intstructors here to teach you on material but give advice on life as well. It has not been easy,, there have been many times where I just wanted to quit.. But I didnt because of the atmosphere at ITT Tech. Discrimination does not exist. Every one recieves an equal opportunity.

Its like the faculty goes above and beyond to make sure everyone succeeds. I would def reccommend ITT Tech to anyone of any age and any background. Im so anxious about graduating. 2012 here I come..!

4 out of 5

My experience at ITT-Tech was very rewarding. I am three quarters away from completing my bachelor's degree in Construction Management and feel that my time here was well spent. All of my instructors in my core classes were experts in their respective fields and added to my overall education. I have seen instructors fired for not adding value to their student’s education.

How many other schools REQUIRE that you give evaluations of your instructor and the overall quality of the curriculum? These surveys really do play a part in improving the value of your education. As this is a for profit school, you are the employer and they are the employee. If an instructor is not helping you to succeed, it is your obligation to voice your grievances. Not only to better your education but that of your fellow students.

The career services department has put me in touch with many great employers. I have yet to obtain a job from one of these leads but I keep my head high. I realize that this is not the best economy to be entering the job market. The amount of people laid off in the construction industry only forces me to work harder and gain as much information as I can from my instructors. As my title states, you get out what you put in. Stop blaming your laziness on someone else and do the work!

4 out of 5

I'm due to graduate in September 2011 and I regret ever going to this school. Most of the staff is either rude or lazy and you rush through the materials so fast you can't even say you learned anything at all. I wasted 4 hours in my composition 1 class doing nothing! Waste of time! If you have a life, don't go here because they don't care what you have going on. My car was broken into while I was at class and no one even cared. They have 2 security guards riding around the parking lot, so what the hell happened??

The dean is impossible to get ahold of. The Financial Aid department is a joke too. They always loose my paperwork and wait till the last minute to let you know when stuff is due. Also, you waste money buying books or materials you hardly if ever use. DON'T GO TO THIS SCHOOL!! IT'S A JOKE OF A SCHOOL!!!

4 out of 5

I am in my 2nd quarter at ITT. I have been confused,anxious,overwhelmed,and down right ticked off. AND, I have been able to speak with the instructors, and head of the department without setting up an appointment. I have been treated with courtesy, patience and what I consider a heartfelt positive concern regarding my educational experience with ITT.

Sure, the material hard. We meet once a week. What does anyone expect?, an easy road? ITT is not for the faint of heart. A student must be dedicated to putting in the hours it takes to understand the material. That's the same at any school anywhere!

I have many years of experience with community colleges, and I graduated from a University. ITT seems on a par with my previous educational experiences. Many people complain about the cost of the ITT programs. Well, considering that the books are included, tools like a 500GB harddrive are included, access to software on loan is included, I'd say ITT ends up being about the same as other educational institutions. If a student wants to "save" some time/money, they might consider taking their GE requirements through a community college and then going on to ITT.

My previously earned GE requirements have saved me from taking 6 classes. Plus, if I student doesn't want to continue at ITT, the GE's from community college usually transfer anywhere.

Check it out. The bottom line is: ITT is what it is, a school. It has its pluses and minuses. For me, entering a new career, it works.

4 out of 5

When I first spoke with the reps at ITT they informed me that it wasn't difficult to drop if you absolutely had to, which it wasn't at all. They get a ton of money out of you if you complete your program or if you drop.

Think before you ever sign any paperwork. Is $47K really worth it? When you get out you will be working just to pay off your loans.

From my experience the instructors were really nice and knew what they were talking about. The problem arises when you have to drop after attending for 2 weeks (6 classes total)! You are then paying for 50% of the quarter and that equates to roughly $3,600.00. Ok, not the end of the world.

What they neglect to tell you is if you drop that early on your loans are null and void and that they send your balance off to a collection agency. If that balance isn't paid off in 3 months it will have a negative affect on your credit report and you will have that burdon for 7 years. Now I am going to be stuck with this negative mark for the next 7 years because I cannot afford to pay them roughly $1,200.00 per month.

My advice to anyone thinking of enrolling really think about the cost. You can go anywhere else and not have to pay that much money for an education. They are extremely overpriced and the financial aid department that I delt with was giving me wrong information.

4 out of 5

Hello, I'm 19 and I just enrolled into ITT tech. Now by now I should know when someone is scamming me. Every time I walk out of their building here in Arkansas. I feel a sense of accomplishments. But after that high goes down... It doesn't hit me until today... Is this school really worth 50k? I understand by now I should have been more question-pron before signing things. but I have a big question that i need answered quick? Is this college even serious as seems?

First off.. I applied shortly after i graduated in 2010. We had to put their number on block due to harassment. I walked onto their campus with a purple folder with all my documents I needed to get into ANY college. they did not once ask me for my high-school transcript, shot records, or anything. as far as they know. i could be lying about graduating.

im starting to get a bit scared now. can someone help me im reading all reviews and im so late on my decision i know but i need reassurance.

4 out of 5

I dont have much to say but I think ITT Tech is a good school. You just need to use all the resources they have. You cant expect to succeed if you want your career handed to you. I have been there 7 quarters and is now working for HP due to my dedication. I have perfect attendance and a 3.8 GPA.

Yea I do agree it is expensive but I feel I will always be someway in debt in life so why drop out of school then be confused on what college is right for me. I just jumped in head first and plan to keep heading for higher expectations. You live life once and yea you dont want to be held down with high student loans but look at it as an investment into your future. Stop complaining and set your goals.

Either you sink or swim. Review the school and decide for yourself. Reviews aren't going to make a decision for you.

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