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This school is closed and is not accepting new students.
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4 out of 5

I can't imagine why ITT Tech is getting all these bad reviews! I am in their ASNursing program and I love it. My professors are all very experienced and knowledgeable. I have found along the way that if we have trouble with something (me in particular with IV placement) the instructors will stay with you after class or on weekends for as long as you need until you get it.

My instructors are all veteran RN's. I can't find enough nice things to say about this school. I noticed a couple of people complaining that ITT Tech is not accredited by the NLN and there is a perfectly logical reason for it.

I attend classes in Tulsa and UNTIL the 1st class graduates you can't get NLN accreditation. I have spoken with reps from the Ok. St. Board of Nursing and the program is approved and believe me that is no simple feat, Ok. State Board is very tough on the programs and their nurses in general.

This school enrolls you on merits instead of forming a waiting list. We were all required to take the HESI A2 exam prior to being accepted, if you are one of the top 30 scores you are in, simple as that! If you want to be a nurse I would definitely recommend this program.

To the other complainers remember one thing. The instructors don't do the work for you and it is not their responsibility to see to it you make it to school or take your education seriously, thats on you; you have to show up and you have to roll with the changes.

If you are truly committed to your education you should have no problems at ITT Tech. It does cost more than a traditional college but all private schools do. You either want to wait in line or get to it. The extra money was worth it to me to get started right away. There are scholarships available for all programs but YOU have to see to it you apply for them, the instructors don't do it for you.

4 out of 5

Went to ITT for 2 semesters. I was not allowed to test out of classes that I already had knowledge in. I have over 10 years experience with computers and I was forced to take nearly all my beginner classes. The only reason I agreed to attend school at ITT was that they offered to pay for any certifications you wanted.

After the second semester started I went in to schedule my NET+ test and was told that they no longer offered the certifications. I went to the dean and explained that that was the main reason I was there. I was told more or less oh well. The certifications where stopped the day after you could get your money back for the semester.

I learned absolutely nothing going to school here other than its a waste of time and the teachers that are hired have no idea what they are doing. 2 semester at this school and I now owe 12,000 dollars. Never once received any paper work from ITT about my loan through the school. I just found out yesterday that ITT sent me to a collections company. Our programming teacher could not even spell "end", over and over through out his demonstration for a computer program he used "in". Later he had no idea why his program would not work.

20 students myself included left ITT's St. Rose campus due to these issues and tons more. Do not go to this school unless you are looking to pay for a degree. You can pay your tuition and just show up every 3 classes and make an A.

4 out of 5

I'm sorry that people don't give things a chance. I have gone to a community college and I didn't like the students or the teachers. At ITT I feel comfortable. No pressure, I get one-on-one help, and I don't have to worry about an 18 year old that is straight out of high school that dosent know how to act. I don't have to take a bunch of bull shit classes I don't need.

So if you wanna get in and get out, maybe give it a chance. If you don't like it, don't go there.

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4 out of 5


4 out of 5

Personally, I think if your going to a technical degree for anything except what the school is founded on your not that smart.

I completed a A.S. in Software Application Programming, right out of high school, I didn't know a lot about financial aid or schools for that fact. I went there solely because I thought computers was a good all else fails degree. I don't know.

Everyone is right, the ITT I go to is one of the best ones in the nation in Henderson, Nevada. I like ITT for the fact that your able to have a 1 on 1 experience with the teachers, and the good thing is to be honest they do pass you which is really good if there is only 10 students in your class and there is only 3 that want to learn, bc the teachers have a lot of knowledge and I can only speak for myself, but I love to learn and I spend most of the 4 hours every class asking questions. You can't do that at most colleges.

I then went into the military for 6 years. Now know good colleges will except your degree or credits but mility schools will, which is awesome, but I decided to get out of my job in the military with a top secret clearance go back and get a B.S. in information system security, when I decided to from programming to this degree I had to take 6 months of prereqs which I thought sucked at first, but then I found out what I didn't know and it definitely paid off.

I can say if you don't know what you want I wouldn't recommend this college for the fact if you dont want to do Your going to be paying out the ass for something you dont want to do, but if have read books maybe take a community college course with computers and love it. You will learn a lot.

The grades are not just given to you, trust me I wish they were, so I could just focus on the certification tests bc if you want a job in the it field you need certifications but you don't know if you dont have the degree you wont get more than an entry level job without the degree bc they look for well rounded people, unless you plan on getting every certification there is you need a degree, now to get a M.S. its a little harder, but there is colleges that will take the degree and go straight to the M.S. degree.

If any of you are reading comments from bitchy people that can not read and write. Well your in a world of hurt. Life is a bitch and then you die. All you can do while your hear is make the best of it. Hope you all the best of lucky, because now adays thats what you need to survive is luck or work harder than 20 times harder than everyone else to make it. Good Luck!!!!

4 out of 5

I am 56 years old and two quarters away from getting my degree in electronics. I worked for 32 years for the Postal Service and this is my 5th time in school. I went twice to Devry for the same subject, and ITT has proven to be the best fit. I needed extra help since it has been 40 years since I did math, and it was made available. They have extra help daily, open labs and work stations, and lab aids that know their stuff.

My counselor (the lady who signed me up) follows up and seems genuinely concerned about my life and progress. My teachers don't get paid a lot, and they are there because they WANT to be there.

The dean is always easily accessible and moves mountains to get us the best learning environment possible. I have had bad experiences at the University of Texas where they use "GTA" teachers that are Master's students who teach freshmen to help them pay their way. They are busy, don't know the material, and won't even grade papers. Any one who says "real" college is better has never gotten a "bad" instructor who is full of themself and doesn't give a hoot if you learn or not.

Our teachers bend over backwards, even giving out their personal emails to help us succeed. I am keeping a 4.0 average by working hard and am really learning useful information. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants a personal touch and helpful teachers.

4 out of 5

I have been going to ITT for about 2 years and 5 months. when i got my associates degree a lot of opportunities openned up for me.

I have heard lots of negative stuff but they are mostly from people that are not involved or simply do not care about school or from employers who get all the bad students from ITT instead of the good ones. I was able to do work study through a program that ITT tech offers. then i got an internship, then i got a job.

all this with the help of ITT Techs Carrer Services those people are great so if you go to this school get to know them and they will take care of you. this school has been good to me. The only people i see that do not like this school are the ones who think they know everything but that is understandable i guess. At itt you will learn if you want to learn and if you do not want to learn then you will gain nothing from tis school. Like i said for me tis school worked out.

4 out of 5

I attended the ITT-Tech in Baton Rouge. What a joke. In one case, a textbook covering Office 2003. Included with the textbook was an Office 2007 disk. The instructor had never used 2007 and didn't know anything about the differences. In 3 other classes, I literally had teachers stand in front of the class on the first day and announce that they were, "Learning this right along with the rest of you". When I complained, I was told that the school was having trouble finding qualified instructors for the CNS classes, and to, "Bear with us". This from an institution that advertises classes, "Taught by Industry professionals".

If you want to, "buy", a degree, this is the place to go. If you want to actually learn something, try another school.

4 out of 5

I am enrolled at the ITT Tech Oxnard, California campus in the IT program. So far I am enjoy my time here.

It is easy to get straight A's and learn nothing simply by coming to class everyday, and easy to be very knowledgeable about the subjects and get poor grades by not coming to class and not participating. Basically your education is what you put into it. If you are hungry to learn, and are a good student, I don't see how ITT is a waste of money.

All of my teachers are very knowledgeable about the subjects being taught, and aren't apathetic and ignorant like some other people have said about their teachers from other campuses.

The textbooks could be a little better, but so far, I haven't had any serious complaints about the text.

People need to realize that ITT is not a university and should stop comparing the two. Yeah tuition is pricey, but tuition is pricey for every other trade school and institution of higher learning. I suppose one could get a similar education at a community college (and that only goes for a two year degree), but good luck getting the same hands on experience and assistance that ITT provides.

ITT gives more attention to each student than a regular college does. They have a great career services department that helps students with creating resumes, practicing interviews, and job placement.

I know several people who were able to get good jobs after graduating from ITT Tech with small companies such as Verizon and General Electric, maybe you've heard of them? :)

I can't speak for all the campuses, but the Oxnard campus is operated very nicely with competent staff. If you are in the Ventura/Los Angeles County area, I recommend ITT Tech in Oxnard.

4 out of 5

I can't speak for every ITT campus. I can, however speak for the Knoxville campus. I am in my fifth quarter and working toward my associate's degree in CNS. So far, my instructors have been highly qualified and very helpful. Of course, if you sit around and goof off during class, they are not going to hold your hand and say, "please pay attention." If that's what you mean by "they don't care" then who do you think would? These people are not your parents. They offer you an education and it's up to you to take what they offer.

As far as transferring credits, big deal. You should know going in that these credits don't transfer, the people who are surprised by this didn't research anything and says a lot about their motivation. My girlfriend goes to a "real school", in fact she's switched schools many times. They have all been regionally accredited and still not all of her credits transfer. In fact most of them didn't transfer. If you want to get a master's degree, you probably shouldn't go to ITT.

By the way, these community colleges everyone raves about don't always have the classes available you need for your program, so it can often take longer than two years to obtain your associates. ITT always has the classes you need available. It's two years, straight through.

As far as job placement, no, they don't promise to place you. They do, however keep you constantly notified of positions in your field as they become available. They find out about these positions because the employers contact them. So employers aren't laughing at ITT, they are looking for competent potential employees. They also give you a better understanding of a professional interview process by staging a "mock interview" at the end of your final term.

I went to a community college here in Knoxville before I came here. Contrary to popular belief, not all ITT Tech students are "real college rejects." During my time at this community college, a sit-down with financial aid was nearly impossible, I never once was able to find my advisor, and my two of my instructors were totally unqualified. I've had none of these issues at ITT.

This school is not perfect, there was an issue in my structured cabling class where we didn't have enough tools to go around. To my knowledge, the instructor made a request to be given more tools and received them this quarter. Out of date material has not been an issue here. They just switched the XP class over to Windows 7, because Microsoft just recently released the handbook and the powers that be needed to go over it and develop appropriate cirriculum.

People can fail out of this school. I have seen dummies share classes with me, so it's not hard to get into this school. These fools usually don't make it all the way through though. Who cares? I don't feel sorry for them. If you have no capacity to retain information regarding a competitive field in which you want to be employed, don't go to this school. At no school, ITT, community college, uneversity, whatever, will you get a good job just because you got a degree. Take what they give you and learn everything you can. It's like learning to play guitar and expecting everyone to think you're great and get a record deal. Just because you know how to play some chords doesn't mean you're great, and if you don't network and meet people, finding a job can prove difficult.

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