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This school is closed and is not accepting new students.
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4 out of 5

I am enrolled at the ITT Tech Oxnard, California campus in the IT program. So far I am enjoy my time here.

It is easy to get straight A's and learn nothing simply by coming to class everyday, and easy to be very knowledgeable about the subjects and get poor grades by not coming to class and not participating. Basically your education is what you put into it. If you are hungry to learn, and are a good student, I don't see how ITT is a waste of money.

All of my teachers are very knowledgeable about the subjects being taught, and aren't apathetic and ignorant like some other people have said about their teachers from other campuses.

The textbooks could be a little better, but so far, I haven't had any serious complaints about the text.

People need to realize that ITT is not a university and should stop comparing the two. Yeah tuition is pricey, but tuition is pricey for every other trade school and institution of higher learning. I suppose one could get a similar education at a community college (and that only goes for a two year degree), but good luck getting the same hands on experience and assistance that ITT provides.

ITT gives more attention to each student than a regular college does. They have a great career services department that helps students with creating resumes, practicing interviews, and job placement.

I know several people who were able to get good jobs after graduating from ITT Tech with small companies such as Verizon and General Electric, maybe you've heard of them? :)

I can't speak for all the campuses, but the Oxnard campus is operated very nicely with competent staff. If you are in the Ventura/Los Angeles County area, I recommend ITT Tech in Oxnard.

4 out of 5

I can't speak for every ITT campus. I can, however speak for the Knoxville campus. I am in my fifth quarter and working toward my associate's degree in CNS. So far, my instructors have been highly qualified and very helpful. Of course, if you sit around and goof off during class, they are not going to hold your hand and say, "please pay attention." If that's what you mean by "they don't care" then who do you think would? These people are not your parents. They offer you an education and it's up to you to take what they offer.

As far as transferring credits, big deal. You should know going in that these credits don't transfer, the people who are surprised by this didn't research anything and says a lot about their motivation. My girlfriend goes to a "real school", in fact she's switched schools many times. They have all been regionally accredited and still not all of her credits transfer. In fact most of them didn't transfer. If you want to get a master's degree, you probably shouldn't go to ITT.

By the way, these community colleges everyone raves about don't always have the classes available you need for your program, so it can often take longer than two years to obtain your associates. ITT always has the classes you need available. It's two years, straight through.

As far as job placement, no, they don't promise to place you. They do, however keep you constantly notified of positions in your field as they become available. They find out about these positions because the employers contact them. So employers aren't laughing at ITT, they are looking for competent potential employees. They also give you a better understanding of a professional interview process by staging a "mock interview" at the end of your final term.

I went to a community college here in Knoxville before I came here. Contrary to popular belief, not all ITT Tech students are "real college rejects." During my time at this community college, a sit-down with financial aid was nearly impossible, I never once was able to find my advisor, and my two of my instructors were totally unqualified. I've had none of these issues at ITT.

This school is not perfect, there was an issue in my structured cabling class where we didn't have enough tools to go around. To my knowledge, the instructor made a request to be given more tools and received them this quarter. Out of date material has not been an issue here. They just switched the XP class over to Windows 7, because Microsoft just recently released the handbook and the powers that be needed to go over it and develop appropriate cirriculum.

People can fail out of this school. I have seen dummies share classes with me, so it's not hard to get into this school. These fools usually don't make it all the way through though. Who cares? I don't feel sorry for them. If you have no capacity to retain information regarding a competitive field in which you want to be employed, don't go to this school. At no school, ITT, community college, uneversity, whatever, will you get a good job just because you got a degree. Take what they give you and learn everything you can. It's like learning to play guitar and expecting everyone to think you're great and get a record deal. Just because you know how to play some chords doesn't mean you're great, and if you don't network and meet people, finding a job can prove difficult.

4 out of 5

I went to ITT and received my BS in ISS. I currently have a great job with the Feds and am loving it.

For me, the labs werent what I expected. Hacking Techniques did not show us how to hack. I was expecting to actually break into some stuff, ring a few door bells, and then get out. nothing illegal since this was all for learning purposes. None of this happened. I was very disappointed.

The instructors were good and had experience working in the field. They would give us real world problems and solutions.

The major downside to this school is the cost. A 4 year degree will cost you 80k. Had I not gone to this school, I wouldnt be working for the DoD.

The Career finding department did little to find work. I got my job on my own and they wanted to take the credit. Uh, no.

Classes: B Labs: D+ Instructors: A Career office: D- horrible at finding jobs. Cost: D- way too expensive. I had other colleges that would not recognize my ITT degree when I was applying for Grad Schools. Financial Aid department: B+

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4 out of 5

I have been reading all of the reviews regarding ITT Tech. I agree that it is an expensive school. However, no one twisted my arm to make me choose this school. Also, it is providing me with the tools for me to advance in my careet in a very short amount of time.

To the fellow on here who started out his message with "Hey peoples" and was complaining about not getting a refund back like you do a community college, let me say this. "Hey peoples" is not the way to address an audience. Secondly, if you were more interested in your education than getting a quick check (as most who take the community college route are) then ITT would benefit you.

I am currently paying almost $50 grand to attend ITT. I am already working in my field of choice and I am looking to better myself. However knowing that it is my money makes me work that much harder at obtaining my education. Why should an instructor give a darn about me when he/she can see I don't care about myself. While it is true that I have found some less than desirable instructors at ITT, the same hold true for any institution for learning, from elementary to junior high to high school to college. So people please wake up!! Stop being lazy. ITT isn't going pass you just because you paid the tuition, they aren't going to give you A's when you show up for class late, don't attend at all or want to horse around during class hours.

I am currently working two jobs and carrying a 4.0 in ITT's Computer Networking Systems program. I am living proof that it can be done. However, you can't slack and expect others to do the work we should be doing for ourselves.

If I do have one complaint about ITT, it's that it is full of young people who have not yet left the juvenile ways of high school behind them and they bring their childishness into the ITT classroom.

ITT is like anything in life . . .you get out of it what you put into it. We as Americans (not all but enough of us) tend to be lazy and want things handed to us. So to all your whiners, grow up!!! Life is hard and if you don't want to better yourself, them practice this line: "Would you like fries with that?" Here's to seeing Big Boi and his followers in the drive-thru taking my order.

4 out of 5

This will be the second review I write for Itt Tech, I am procrastinating because I should be studying for a test I have tomorrow for NOS2 at Itt Tech.

Most of the negative reviews are from people that never gave it a chance. The best I can tell you is that ITT Tech, gives you the tools to be successful, it's up to you to take them. A lot of the teachers are awful and don't care. It's entirely possible to graduate from the school and have learned nothing. If you want to be constantly told you are doing right or wrong, this school is not for you.

The classes are easy, but the real challenge is actually motivating yourself to learn the material. If you enroll, pay money, they are going to do everything in their power to make sure you get out, or can keep paying them money. If you have the drive, you'll look past this, take the material, read it, learn it, and retain it for yourself, because the teacher's don't really care if you know it or not.

In my year there, I've had 4 teachers that quit (3 mid semester), and 2 separate deans. Does that matter? Not to me, because I still have had access to Cisco routers, Linux, networking WANs together, and countless other things that I can't get at other schools.

It's true the teachers are a joke, and classes are a joke, whats no a joke is how much you can get out of your 45K that you've spent there. I'm taking everything that's give to me, whether it's handed to me or if I have to physically take it for myself.

It comes down to how motivated you are. My program (CNS) is very hands on, and while our labs are never checked, and some people surf the internet all day, the truly motivated spend their time wisely and get the most of it.

I feel that I've at least learned enough to sit down in a job interview and have a shot, which is more than I can say before I enrolled in school. The grades will be handed to you (in As and Bs) but the real education is something you're going to have to work for.

4 out of 5

I was enrolled in the CNS program and did complete my degree. Only because I was over half way through before I realized just how bad this place sucked and figured I'd at least get the paper that says AAS on it. Your ITT Tech degree is fairly worthless except to get you past the HR filter. Its not respected like a real 4 year nationally accredited university.

The teachers for the most part sucked at my school in Murray, UT. There were a few really good ones, but most sucked and there was a high turn over rate among them straight up to the President of the campus which changed 3 times in the 2 years I went there. In one class "Network Management" we literally just sat there and did nothing. The teacher just gave us the answers to the test. I didn't learn anything, not even basic SNMP.

If you want to get out of school being anywhere from 33,000 to 66,000 plus in debt without the skills to show for it then ITT is a great place for you. Luckily I'm a self leaner, switched fields to Software Development (completely self-taught) and am making a reasonably wage and going to the local community college for Computer Science working my way up to a real University.

Unfortunately I am doing freelance development on the side just to pay off my ITT debt and will probably be doing this for the next 10 years.

ITT sucks, please don't make the same mistake I did. Just go to a community college. You'll save money and respect!

4 out of 5

I am 41 years old, I am still in the military, and I have been out of school for 23 years.

ITT-Tech has been great to me. I am about to start my third quarter and student services has been awesome, right now they are helping me find a job.

I am an IT in the U.S. Navy and I am taking CNS. My instructors are very knowledgable about what they are teaching me, I am very impressed so far. I would recommend to anyone to attend ITT-Tech.

I have been taught this, what you put into something is what you are going to get out of it. In my opinion the people who are complaining about not liking this school are probably not trying hard enough in their classes. Sure the degree is pricey, but the degree will get you a foot in the door wherever you apply and it is up to you where your degree takes you.

4 out of 5

Associates in CEET 2005

Comparing to every other IT school or courses, ITT Tech does not compare.

GOOD: Ill update this once I think of something.

BAD: Overpriced and tuition is going up. Teachers are uneducated and have no concept of putting the theories into perspective. Lectures are strait from the book, no personality of teachers and their teaching methods. The labs are boring as hell. No serious projects that could have actually been fun.

Books suck because they pretty much use one author who constantly has errors in every book, it was getting old to have a student raise his hand and notify the teacher that there is an error in the book.

Classrooms are depressing, no character to the school. Havent seen so many geeks in one place and so few hot chicks. Online classes were horribly uneducational.

Basically im just upset that these guys charge what they charge for such horrible less than community college education. The place just has a smell of car dealerships - smooth talking salesman make it sound like the Geo is a better deal than the Mustang with a higher price tag, and when you get the overpriced geo you find out it has a salvage title and you cant trade it in for an upgrade because nobody wants it.

4 out of 5

The school is not respected in the northern Virginia/D.C. workforce. The teachers are forced to follow a fast paced doctrine from a corporate entity without the freedom to actively engage the student in creative ways to stimulate or encourage the student.

Some of the instructors speak poor English and therefore cannot properly communicate the theory portion of the class. With the exception of the math classes, the instructors are literally reading from a script provided by the ITT corporate entity. The instructors are themselves poorly educated with the exception of the department heads. The instructors freely admit that they do not get paid very well coupled with the fact that their “teaching gig” is their second job, and as a result, at least in my opinion is why they do not care if you pass or fail.

The register did not even transfer any of my military training and career experience over into credit hours. You know, like a real college would for soldiers. I am sucked into the ITT hole and have to complete the associates program. I will not re-up for the bachelor’s degree program. Fortunately the VA is paying for it. But unfortunately my associate’s degree will amount to squat and will not be accepted by a real educational institution to pursue my next level of education.

At the risk of losing what I have earned so far I feel I may have to file a complaint with the VA and IG. There is a definite lack of commitment to the students here. By the way, I am the professional who happens to work in the industry for which I am earning a degree in and I am committed to learning and I finish my (lack of better term) homework and pass my tests.

4 out of 5

I am about to begin my 4th quarter at ITT Tech in Nashville. It is wonderful so far, all of the instructers I have had are professionals in the fields they are teaching. Im not going to lie, yes, practically EVERYONE has a 4.0, but i do not feel that my campus is focusing specifically on GPA. I have spoken with recent graduates, and they were satisfied with the outcome. ITT is seemingly VERY focused on helping you build a portfolio (for my program, Visual Communication) and making that resume look as good as possible.

every computer in every lab is equipped with the entire adobe suite, 3DS Max, autocad, Maya, Dark GDK, Raptor, and a ton of additional software for drafting and design. by paying tuition at ITT, you are gaining access to an online library with open access to thousands and thousands of books, custom, one-on-one tutoring with professional people, and access to over $20,000 worth of software, accessable in any lab, any day of the week.

The financial aid is a little messed up, but at ITT, you get back what you put in. I have worked my head off here, and I am beginning to have a portfolio to show it. I have a firm faith that when everything boils down to that interview, my resume and portfolio will do all the talking.

ITT has taught me to maintain a professional demeanor at all times, it has taught me to speak publicall, and to work in a team. On top of that, I have already learned entry-level 3D modeling, Animating, and video production skills. Im not sure about other campuses nationwide, but the one in music city, Tennessee rocks out!

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