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This school is closed and is not accepting new students.
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4 out of 5

I read these negative things posted from other students, and I am shocked. I have always worked really hard at obtaining my degree. I have learned a lot of things from ITT-Tech. If you are not learning anything it is not their fault, it is yours. That is the whole point of going to school online.

It is your job to read, study, and learn what they are teaching you. Let me tell you something else, the do not just hand out A's, I have gotten a couple b's and a C on one of my courses before. SO I don't know where you are getting they just give out a's. Maybe you knew how to do the work but afterwards you forgot your information because you didn't actually read through the chapters.

You say the went through the course to fast, but you know that when you sign up how long each class is. I just want to say ITT tech is going to save my life by their hard work and dedication to providing me with an education. The proffesors are great and know what they are talking about and do a great job. I have never had any problems with ITT-tech in the last 6 years of attending off and on (had two daughters in between).

Enrolling is easy and they order all your books for you, you don't have to worry about it. Anyways, if your not able to obtain the information being provided I do not think it is right to go and play the blame game because whenm you are pointing your finger at someone else, you have four more pointing back at you!

4 out of 5

I only completed 1 quarter of my program and almost done with the second, then dropped out. During my time there I did not learn a whole lot. The instructors were going through the material to fast and I and many other students were not cacthing on. But in all my classes I had A's.

I was in a algebra 2 class and never even had pre algebra and I had an A in that class. All the answers were given to us in all my classes so of course i didnt learn anything. If what you are looking for is a degree that is very expensive then itt-tech is that school, but if you really want to learn something then dont consider this school.

I learned more in a 3 week free course given in Arizona than i did in the first 3 months that I was in itt-tech, which cost me about 5,000 dollars. This was my experience hope that its not yours, do your research.

4 out of 5

I am currently a student in the visual communication program. I deeply regret getting mixed up with itt-tech. first of all its very expensive I don't feel like I am recieving the education that I am paying.

there are some good instructors in other programs. In the visual communication program they seem to can't get and keep good instructors. If you are considering going to itt-tech make sure that is your last resort.

There are other alternatives.Besides the credits dont transfer and in a way it is a rip off! highway robbery trust me do your research first dont believe the hype

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4 out of 5

I started there as a Criminal Justice major and left after the first semester. They are extremely expensive and do no better than any other school. They do not let any financial aid rollover to be a refund to the student as most schools do giving the students breaks in helping them cover home.

I say it's a complete ripoff, especially when you can attend elsewhere and get more experiences, less loans to pay later, have a little money from the government to help at home, and can petition your grades,etc. My major issues with ITT-->

#1-ITT is not accredited with any of the major University and College accrediting services which is required if you want to transfer credits.

#2-The teachers consist of several lower level types just because they have worked in a certain field and think they are experts.

#3-I made all As in a specific class and the teacher had one issue with my final paper so he gave me an F for the entire class. Politically Correct Idiot only had personal issues and used it to grade people. Don't let them rob and rape you of truth. They are a scam and charge for it!!

4 out of 5

I just started ITT and into my second quarter, and I already got hired from a company who were looking for 2 students from the electronic department to start working for $12 and hour. I barely knew anything about electronics until I came to this school. From what I heard, companies are constantly looking for students in ITT Tech to hire. I know a couple of people who have not graduated yet who are already working for the field they're studying.

I am surprised because I had my doubts about going to this school after reading a lot of negative reviews about it. I guess experiences vary from different locations. All I know is, going to this school was the best decision for so far. My teacher also told me yesterday that another is company is looking for 15 students to interview from my major in electronics.

4 out of 5

I started Dec 2009. I was registered in 2 classes without my choice. I submitted a request to drop one of the courses since I had taken it at my other college. Itt-tech dropped the wrong class! They dropped the class I was currently attending and submitted assignments.


Shortly after that, they deleted the other class leaving me enrolled in nothing. This triggered the financial aid office to return my federal loans. After a month, I was able to get back into my class but the class had already ended and I had to take an incomplete. The next session started and I was not enrolled in the next session because my financial aid was returned. What a horror story! I sent emails to everyone all the way up and not a single person responded!


Itt-tech does not teach you. You teach yourself using your book. This to me is not on-line school. It's independent study.


4 out of 5

ITT Technical Institute. I am reading what everyone is writing and I am disapointed. Firs ITT Tech, is accredited, and the US Gov approves of their degrees.

The cost is high, and if you dont learn anything at ITT then you are not applying yourself. ITT doesnt waste time with stupid classes that you will not need, such as music for example. if your going for a CEET degree then you dont need to know anything but how to, use your equipment, troubleshoot circuits, write code and design circuits. all the other classes that a major univesity teach you are a waste of time and money. do your research for the career you want to go into and then choose your school. Oh and ITT may be a technical institute, but it is still a collage, and it is still a valid degree that you recive, and in the end that is what employers are looking for they want to know that you can make the commitment. all the training you need will be provided by the employer. I know I have worked for several Electronic companies, and will be graduating ITT in May.

4 out of 5

I graduated the AAS/EET program from ITT Tech in Nashville, TN back in 1990. I graduated with a 3.7 average. I was a cab driver when I started the school until Service Merchandise came looking for someone to fill a position in the Technical Services Dept. I got the job.

I stayed with SM until I was released in January of 1995. By the end of March my wife and I were moving to Roanoke, VA and then eventually to Rocky Mount (VA).

I had always wished I could have gotten my Bachelor's Degree, but during the time I was in Nashville, all they offered was the Associate's Degree, until 1994. But, by that time I was no longer interested in getting my Bachelor's degree.

Fast forward to the present, and after several jobs in the industry, ITT has now opened up a branch in Salem, VA which is about 10-15 miles from where I work.

One of the attractive features of going to ITT is that they promise that if you need refreshing on anything all you have to do is come and you can audit the classes free of charge.

However, now that I am some 20 years removed from my original education, after talking to the Dean of the school, she isn't sure which classes I'll be able to audit since the curriculum has changed; I may have to buy new books on top of that.

I'm going back so I can finally get my Bachelor's, which I think is essential to surviving in the electronics field these days. I would have had much better opportunities where we moved to if I had already gone the 3rd year.

I thought ITT was a great school when I went; I thought that I was in electronics boot camp and that my education was being geared toward design work. Had I been able to and gone the 3rd year right after finishing the first 2, that's exactly what I would have been doing.

So, we'll see how this turns out. They require more general studies than when I was in the first time. Back then the only other course besides electronics and math was a Technical Writing course. Now you have to study ethics and environmental issues and all kinds of other stuff which I didn't have to take back then.

My belief about this whole thing is, since I've paid for an Associate's degree, then I should be able to take all the classes that are required for the Associate's Degree, now, without having to pay any extra. I won't receive any letter grade for the work, but at least I would have the knowledge and would be ready for the 3rd year when it starts. They've just recently started the school, so I will have to wait for 2 years before they start the 3rd year. That's why I've decided to go through the entire thing again so I'll be ready for it. I'm 52, now, by the way.

Hope this helps; let me know either way.

4 out of 5

I have been going to ITT Tech for 4 quarters now. I have read over most of the reviews on here. I was one of the ones that had a full time job with long hours and was worried about being stuck in such a position for a long time. (backbreaking work)

I agree with some of the people on here that say it is somewhat easy to get an "A. I have witnessed instructors saying that the participation grade is the majority of the weight.

I think in some way that it comes down to how much effort that people put into it. What I mean is, that you have to wade through a lot to find what your niche is. For example, I was not all that into 3DSMAX, but I love the image manipulation programs. (PS,AI,FL) Thats what you will attach onto and start the personal quest for knowledge. I have been to the bookstore many times looking for books to pay for out of my own pocket to enhance my skills. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I do think some of the instructors could be a little better at their class. I found out in many cases (true story) that instructors were having to learn the course material weeks before having to teach it. I do think that this is unfair, not only to students, but to the instructors as well.

ITT is not a bad school, but I do think that it needs a little direction sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I know I have talked about some of the instructors badly, but at the same time, I have met some instructors that have truly changed my life. When you find these instructors, those are the ones you need to connect with and try to learn all you can from them. If possible, look at your course schedule and get as many classes as you can from them. I have not been to any other colleges, but i believe that they are the same way, that you have to wade through some crap to get the the classes that you can connect with.

On the expense side, I do think that it is a little pricey. I mean 90,000 is a lot of money, but then again, most of the fields that you can go into when you graduate pay around 75K-90K a year. So if you look at it that way, I guess it makes sense. I kind of agree with what the guy said, it is what you make it. I talked to one of my instructors about not feeling that I was getting what I am paying for, and he told me that they provide a starting point for your education. that the rest is up to you. I think that a lot of the people complaining on here are the same people that sit in the back of class and text on their phones while the instructors are explaining things.I really believe that what you do outside of class is where you learn. They provide the direction. Before I started at ITT, I knew nothing of any of these programs. I had no idea of how to do anything in Adobe Creative Suite, or 3DSMAX. But now I can create things, sometimes extraordinary things and even surprise myself.

All-in-all, I think that it is a little pricey, but worth it if you are going to put forth the effort to learn. Look for the good instructors, as they are the ones you will learn the most from. You have to look at it like this, the instructor might be know all there is to know about the subject, but not be able to relay that info to others very well. Oh, and ask a crapload of questions if you don't understand something. I mean after all, you are paying for it. lol

4 out of 5

Why would the US gov. pay for 36000 of my tuition if the school is what you say it is? My loans will only be 6200 when I graduate. If the school was a scam the gov. would not have given me the grants to go. Plain and simple. You people that are disgracing ITT must not live in an area where there are jobs. I have already been hired by csx transportation the day I graduate.

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