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This school is closed and is not accepting new students.
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4 out of 5

I just got done reading a few of the "CONS" of ITT Tech. I am so sorry that so many of you are having such horrible experiences. I attend a wonderful campus. I have teachers that are VERY well educated. I had 2 teachers that had Master's Degrees, and all of the teachers have college degrees! I have to study with my courses, I don't get to "SKATE" through. I am in the Criminal Justice program, and I was told by several different police departments and companies that I have applied to, that they would offer an Itt student a job, because we have concentration in our field, and not "extra" classes that don't prepare you for your field. As far as Loans!!! Touchy subject-- I know. A school can never tell you how much your loan repayments are going to be...they can't even estimate. It all depends on are they government loans? Bank loans? Intrest free loans? Your intrest rates?Due to your credit, your loan payment can be out of this world. It is all based on your credit scores! What people don't understand is that you can defer out loans every 6 months til you find a job. Call and deal with it! Don't complain about the price when you are done and the bills start coming in...You knew from the start how much it was going to COST----DEAL WITH IT!!! And the complaint that ITT is to help you get a job? REALLY?? Every college I went to never helped me find a job. If you can't find a job, you aren't looking hard enough. I have had several job offers and a wonderful summer intership offer at a Coroner's office, in another state! Six weeks PAID. I am not depending on Itt to help me with anything. The ladies and gentalmen in that office are to help assist you in your quest to find a "worthy" job. I had 4 of my friends graduate last semester, three graduated with a jobs that paid between $17.98 hr. (dispatcher) and Court Runner at the local court house at $22.00hr, and with in 2 months the last girl had a job with the Department of Elections in the county making 21.50. The jobs are out there, get off your butt and look, don't depend on anyone!!!

This is a wonderful college, and would recommend it to anyone!!!

4 out of 5

I completed my MBA through ITT-Tech's online MBA program with highest honors. I have a BS in Accounting from Univ Missouri St. Louis and a Associte Degree in Data Processing from Meramec Community College, so I have been to all the possible types of colleges.

I compared the classes in ITTs program to other online programs and those offered at major universities and the IIT program followed very closing to them. In some instances the classes had the same titles.

ITT cost for the MBA program was not the cheapest but not the most expensive either.

I found that all but one of my instructors were very good and most had doctorates in the field they were teaching.

The class homework was challenging and the amount of time to complete it was significant. Typically, each week you will read 30 - 40 pages from the text, go through an online lecture (1 hour), complete 3-5 hours of assignments, take one timed test and contribute to the online discussion groups. This is too be expected as the classes were shorter than those at other institutions and had to cover a significant amount of material.

I feel that I learned a great deal from the majority of the classes and would do it again.

Also, just because you are an online student does not mean you don't get to be involved in graduation.

PS My son has completed his associate degree and is working on his BS at ITT and he is definately learning a lot.

Again, he has had some very good teachers and some very weak ones. But I found this when I went to UMSL and the community college, it just means as a student you need to work harder.

Nothing worth having or learning comes free or without work, get used to it kids.

4 out of 5

MY EXPERIENCE: I've been at ITT for nearly 3 quarters now. For the most part it has been a joke. Classes are stupidly easy. I don't see how anyone gets anything less than an A. First quarter I had a class named something along the lines of Strategies for the Business Professional or some such misleading name. Anyway, the class usually consisted of going to Facebook and other websites while the Instructor sat around talking about crap that had absolutely no relevance to class. Seriously, we had 1 assignment to turn into him a week, and he couldn't even keep up with that. I remember having to complain to him several times near the end of the quarter over missing assignments. It was a god awful mess.

The school has the tools necessary to be so much better than it is, but the main problem is with the instructors. They just don't care about you or the curriculum. Next quarter I should start learning about animations and such. If things continue to be God awful then I won't be staying. I strongly advise anyone that's interested in this school to search elsewhere for a college. This one is not worth the money you will be forking out.

Overall Experience: Very poor

Simply put, this school is not worth the money you pay. Cut the price down to 1/3 of what it is and MAYBE it would be worth it, but you would still have a useless degree that wouldn't transfer to any sort of decent college or university...

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4 out of 5

I went to ITT Tech a few years back. My degree was relatively new, although nothing out of the ordinary in terms of what a technical school should be offering. I can agree that the books are outdated. We did complain to the dean and we did get new course books (legitimate ones picked by the professor) for one semester. However the NIIT books continued thereafter. I was one of the 3 people that made it through the course for my specific degree and while it wasn't necessarily hard (having done this my whole life) you definitely need to apply yourself to succeed, just like any college. You cannot just cruise through like it's high school. There are a number of reasons I wouldn't ever recommend them. * Shady practices in terms of student loans -- this is my own fault for not looking carefully, but that doesn't excuse them either. A $600 school loan bill is obscene and that's more than people pay for rent and mortgages where I live -- and is likely out of reach for many graduates for years. * They claim they have experienced professionals teaching -- which they do, but experience is a subjective term and most of the time the person teaching had no knowledge of the course material, simply they've worked in the tech sector before. * Draconian attendance policy that was mandated because of the 'state'. Some of us have jobs and do get sick. I came down with mono for a month and kept up with school work, and managed to perform wonderfully in labs and tests. I was dropped from the semester because my career portfolio teacher didn't like my attendance. They were unable to produce said mandate. * Unhelpful career placement. I made $12 an hour at a job before ITT. I was offered a position after graduation for $9 an hour and the schedule they wanted me to work was unacceptable even for a doctor. I had to look for work myself. * Course material becomes quickly outdated. We weren't allowed to use our knowledge learned in the classes to expand and were quickly tethered down to what was expected of us for our final project. We were expected to use outdated technology by almost 10 years to produce it. * Textbooks. Not only were the textbooks overpriced the subject matter they contained was usually wrong, inaccurate, or even incomplete. Hopefully my experience and warning helps you make your decision, but ultimately that's up for you all to decide what you need from the school and your degree. We did get lucky and get a professor who thought it was his duty to teach us everything and our course material was directly from him, and teaching us through workshops outside of class. I wish all future students good luck!

4 out of 5

I went to ITT and its the worst college you can go to. First off all the books are outdated and we went through 3 teachers on one semester. When you go to get information on the school they just rush you to sign the paper. And none of the credits are good for other colleges. So do your homework, and read it all over the net that ITT is a scam. Oh and they say they will help get you a job but it's a lie - they send you on jobs that are not even on the career you're taking.

4 out of 5

I graduated from ITT Tech in Arnold MO back in December of 05' exactly 4 years ago. I was in my career field one year into my CADD degree. Also at the top of my class. My instructer was very knoledgable in the field and worked great with all the students. The classes were very direct and fast paced. I was head of my class and got in my field because I had already learned everything they were teaching me in high school for FREE!

The company I started working for could care less if I had a degree as long as I knew what I was doing. Experience is worth more than any degree. My 2yr degree cost most of my class $32k. I was in their P.I.E. program so I paid a little less.

I've been in the field for 4 years now and doing great. I dont want to be a drafter anymore. I want to further my education and move up. ITT dont offer anything but a B.S. in video games or construction management for me. My credits dont transfer to ANYWHERE that offers the course I want to take. I did try to go back for CM but the instructor made very clear no late work would be accepted at all and it was way too fast paced for me to take in.

I would STRONGLY recommend going to a community college or university for your degree. The agency I worked with to find my job told me the B.S. part of the CM degree didn't stand for a level of education if ya catch my drift. Dont feed into their recruiters either! Do your own research on what they're SELLING you. I promise they will lie to your face and not care at all about you! They told me I can drop my class 2 weeks into the program and not owe anything. I did that with CM and now owe $4k to Salle Mae.

I will answer any question you have about my experience at ITT you have. You can send me any question only about my experience or sugguestions with ITT to I am not bitter towards them. I just know I would have a better career if I had went to a community college rather than them. Wouldn't have cost near as much, would have gotten the same degree and my credits would transfer somewhere.

4 out of 5

I see that there are a lot of mixed reviews about ITT on here, so I guess I'll keep mine short and sweet. I just got my B.S. in Criminal Justice and I am happy with the education I received. All of my teachers were either active or retired law enforcement personnel, hence providing real life application to what they were teaching. The coursework was right on point, our lab equipment was more than adequate, and we were provided with full versions of all required software for our courses.

The price was kind of steep, but being that I'm military, I was able to take advantage of their military discount. With that in mind, there were a few things I did not like and/or enjoy. Instead of a real library, they have a "virtual library" online which I think is a nuisance to navigate. I'm only 26 and generally computer literate, but I still would have preferred a regular library instead.

Even though I was really happy with their teaching staff, their admin staff (finance, student reps, etc) was utterly unskilled/useless. I sometime think they hired those people right off the streets without any kind of rhyme or reason. Having said that, I do have to point out that I attended two different campuses, due to relocating, and my new campus was substantially better overall than the other one. If you are thinking about going to ITT Tech, I would highly suggest that you go check out your specific campus first, so you can get the feel of it.

As far as the individuals saying that you will learn the bare minimum; I never talked to someone who graduated with a bachelor (even from a major university) claiming they were experts in their subject. Your bachelor is only going to give you the basic knowledge to allow you to find an entry level position in your field. You're going to become an expert through on the job training, or by continuing your education with a Masters or PhD. I know that in the end the truth is in the eye of the beholder, but I hope this review helped at least one person making the right decision, whichever one that may be.

4 out of 5

Well, I was learning 3D modeling, with a program called 3Ds max. I was supposed to have animation next quarter but instead they gave me 3 general education classes, then the quarter after this one I'm not going to remember the basics of 3Ds max. So they want me to fail??

Are the teachers good? My teachers are lazy, and stress out when anyone asks a question. Are the students okay? Well, they are loud and annoying, and in EVERY class you get that one student who thinks they're smarter than the teacher... and uses MY time to try and prove he/she is right.

Is the school hard? KIND OF. I really just DONT WANT TO GO anymore. Course work? Well look at the bottom of the papers handed to you, it will say the year... Computer classes... ugh.. The comps will literally shut off when they go into standby... especially when you're actually in the middle of doing something.

Would I recommend this school?? MAYBE. You'd need to only be going to get a degree. This school will teach you the BARE MINIMUM.

4 out of 5

My opinion on ITT is that it is a temp service that will bleed you dry. I am a student at ITT and will keep this review honest and simple.

1. What was coursework like? Well its a joke. We focused on Windows XP in Intro to PC and Stats we worked on Micro Word 06. In Problem Solving we didnt do much of anything at all.

2.What were the online learning tools you used? LOL. Well, ITT offers a virtual libary, thats about it. Most software was trial versions that you had to dl at home. Note* Most of the software i used i found on my own and i remember some of the cds given to me by the school wouldnt work with Vista.

3. Did i have positive classmate and professor interactions? I met some very good friends at ITT. Most of them have also left and went on to diff schools. I had a couple of teachers i enjoyed on a personal level but not as a mentor. I had one teacher tell the class he didnt care if we all passed or failed because in 3 months another cattle truck would be rolling in. Yea every mothers dream school for their child.

4. How was my overall experience? Pretty crappy. I made a few good friends, thats about it. I went into the CAD program thinking this is right up a tech schools alley, i was wrong! Every thing seems to be old and outdated. We spent 3 months learning 2d line work and like i said if we wanted to work at home we had to download autocad 2010 ourselves. The classroom computer had 08 on them. I also dont remember using the books too much either. My Math1 teacher never used them he taught us his way. The problem is when we went home to practice the textbook showed us a diff way and made things difficult and yea we asked questions but after 5 mins if you dont get it you better get a tutor.IF YOU CAN!

Bottom line is there are better schools out there for the money. Really look into the school before you sign shit. After the experience i just went through for 8 months i can say i hope i never see another ITT campus again. If they would take the thousands spent on pizza and crappy commercials and used it to hire better teachers and up to date equiptment things would be better.

Oh yea if you love pizza and outdated learning equiptment then ITT is for you. If you just turn in all of your homework assignments you will pass that class. Dont worry they dont check homework they just want to see a paper with anykind of scribble on it with your name at top. You can get a zero on everything but as long as you turn in homework that wont be graded you will succeed.

4 out of 5

I went to the school in NV and it was very good. I got my B.S> in ISS. I got a job 3 months before I got out if school. I have been out for about a yea andr I have made about 60k this year. I thank god for ITT. I mean some of the classes were easy, but some were hard. Its what you put in it, maybe I got lucky and went to a good ITT.

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