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This school is closed and is not accepting new students.
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4 out of 5

I have attended ITT in KNoxville, TN for 3 years now. I am merely a few months from my graduation date. I agree to some of the blogs on here about money, credits, teachers, "flaky" students, etc. However, what you do not understand is you truely get out what you put in. I have watched a majority of my classmates drop or fail, I have even witnesses the no show, drag down student pass. I firmly believe in the instructors I have had, although they all were not so great, but I chose the school, so ultimately it was my decision. I think that some people have a right to be upset, but it goes to show that if you are not patient enough to research your chosen educational institution, then are you truely patient enough to learn at one. Though credits do not transfer before the completion of your degree, once you have fully recieved that degree, the degree itself does. For example, I have been accepted to an upstanding University to futher my education in Law, and yes they accepted my degree from ITT. Honestly, amidst the issues everyone has, there are faulsities that make you all rant and rave without in fact researching the honest truth.

4 out of 5

I cannot believe what I am reading!! First of all let me make sure anyone reading these reviews understands that you are reading the rants of a college drop out!! It does not matter what college you attend, you get back what you put into it...plain and simple. With that said let me make a few corrections......

First, ITT Tech's financial aid department does not "bill" you when you finish your program, the government does. Second, the financial aid department cannot tell anyone what their "monthly payment" will be, its a huge policy and compliance violation plus they have no idea what the final amount is going to those of you complaining that your monthly note is not what ITT said it would be are LIARS!! So anything else in your rants I do not believe!!

In regards to other "opinions" that ITT Techs degrees hold absolutely no weight...WRONG!! I personally know of several high profile Government agencies and international businesses that have hired grads from ITT Tech, companies like the CIA (criminal justice), AT&T, Cox Communications, Entergy, Halliburton, LSU Health Sciences Center and the list goes on and on. If a degree with a "national accreditation" is worthless why would the above mentioned agencies and businesses hire grads from ITT Tech?? Anyone??

Lets talk about instructors'... yes, Ive seen instructors come and go, some good some bad but that's normal..any business has its share of turn-around with employee's, anyone who says otherwise is an idiot!! It's obvious I am a student, I have been for one year now so you can say I am protecting myself or some of you may say I am lying to myself to justify my enrollment here...NOT. I did a ton of research before I decided on ITT Tech, yes the tuition is high I will not argue that point but as others have already stated ITT Tech's schedule is conducive to a working mans lifestyle and allows me to keep my full time job, something that could not be compromised. With that said I have Personal, first hand experience with the courses and the teachers. I've seen students come to class and do nothing then complain that this school is a joke..whatever!! I've applied myself to my homework as well as outside learning like getting my certifications A+, Net + and working on CSSP...WHY?? Because I am smart enough to know that in todays workplace having just a degree will not cut it and anyone who thinks otherwise sets themselves up for failure. I dont care if you get a degree from a regionally accredited university...if you haven't achieved anything else but that degree you're only hurting yourself and your chances of securing a job in that field.

So, to all you drop outs, grads that didn't do anything but show up to class and do the minimum necessary to get your degree, you got exactly what you deserve.

FYI, I have already been extended a job offer once I have my degree from a major company that works world wide! Why? Because I've applied myself to do the things necessary...not skated by thinking the world owes ME. I am enrolled in the BS Information Systems Security program..btw.

For those interested in what ITT has to some research and don't dwell on the negatives from people who think just because they paid for a degree, they deserve a job.

4 out of 5

Helo every one!! If you are a person who is looking to get a degree and spend ur time working for Mcdonalds then yes this school is for you (^_^) I wanted to agree with everyone, this School SUCKS so bad, everything out of date, we are working with equipment that doesnt work, the IT technician in campus knows nothing about computers so we are always with problems, I am a Straight A student in ITT and I have to finish my Associates there because they have my money, what else can I do? and I get As without studying because people there "help" students to become more stupid rather than help them create and develop good attitude and organization, exams are open book, you can bring you homework in a piece of toilet paper, they will still accept it and give you an "A". So if you dont like to study, dont like to respect teachers and still get an amazing grade, this is your school. But if you are like everyone in this Review, Honest, Respectful, Looking for a career that will help you get to where you want to be, then FORGET about this place.. Trust me, 45k dollars to learn what I could've learn by buying a total of 25 books (350 dollars) is not worth it. If you are desparate to spend that much money for nothing, please send it to me I NEED IT.

Search over 220,000 programs:
4 out of 5

I have been going to ITT for a year now and I must say other that some of the students that I have made friends with I have not got anything from this school. Some teachers was good teachers but was limited to what they could teach you and could not answer questions to help make you better. I was in hope that I would come here and learn the things I needed to know about my degree but very fastly realzed that I should have paid myself cuz I spent more time haveing to teach myself the programs due to ITT will only teach you bits and pieces of the simple stuff and not the important stuff that you have to know.

Now in the visual communication degree the stuff you are haveing to do is done on computers. In a 4 hr class we would only be infront of a computer for an hour and a half and the rest in theory and doing nothing in there other than learning terms. Another note is why when a class has 22 studetnts in is there only 14 working applications for the class and that being the only class that has the program.

Other note is I am a mentorthe adobe programs plus I had to teach myself 3ds max which they use a 2 year old version. I have had to show the teachers things that I know how to do that I just learned off of doing tutorials. I don't know about the person reading this but in the field that you go into after college with this degree you have to be better than the next person applying for the job. If you are not you have no job. Which means ITT needs to have the right Printers for art work and up to date programs. When I asked about printers due to the art work I did on adobe photoshop would be completely ruined they argued with me and said they would never by a printer for are degree. So if you go here for this degree plan on spending a butt load of money on haveing your work printed out somewhere else so that you can build a portfolio. Don't think that you can get a copy of adobe, 3d's max atleast a student copy cuz it is not offered to you. You want to get homework done you need to go to ITT and spend all day up there, or you need to find a hacked version.

Now they say that they are coming out atleast at my campus with a game design degree. LMAO They are funny. I did a bunch of research and found that the chnces of me getting a job from ITT with a game degn degree was slim. Due to there was so much they don't teach you. Nowdon't get me wrong you have every chance in the world to learn what you need to know but then again you are paying the school so why do you have to learn such things as C++, Java script, action script, UVW Unwrapping, proper animation and so on. And why the hell do they drop certain classes of things you need to know.

Overall the school is a joke I would get the same grade for projects that I would do as some one that had no mvation and didn't care and would spend a tenth of the time on the project. After 4 quarters of going there I have decided to transfer to a university. math,comp transfer a in some other classes but those ones transfered as electives. a total of 23 credits in all. TRUST ME when I say I did research about where I will be going come JAN of 2010. At which just off of my first semester I am pretty much haveingto start all over anyways because of the lack what you have to know for a job coming from ITT. I have even went as far as going into ITT and recruiting anyone that I felt is worth coming with me to the new college.

Don't waste your money and your time. Tell you what save your money put it in the bank teach your self everything cuz you will have to anyways and then after 2 years take that money and get into a real college.

4 out of 5

Background: Attended University of Louisville, Air Force, Devry University, and currently ITT Tech.

The school says they are the leaders of their field but this is not in the least bit true. Most of the classes I have taken have been out dated and a waste of time. Example. My windows class is teaching XP SP2.....Why in the hell would you teach something that will be obsolete by the time I finish my degree. They have 2 other operating systems that are out and I have not heard a word of the course material changing for my degree.....BLAH BLAH BLAH

Finance info: For those looking to attend make sure to get everything in writing and a copy. There finance department has been helpful in describing this horrible system they have of charging their students. Be sure to take note that even if you decide to drop to part time they will still charge you full time. You are forced to take out loans to pay for this so that the school does not have to chase students down during the terms. They will reimburse you the difference after the 9 months of classes are over. During this time you took out more money then you needed, which you do not get and sits in the loan office aquiring interest over those several months. You actually lose money and get nothing for it. They know this happens but do not care.

If you are already in the workforce and just need the degree to show you have it then this is the school for you. Don't expect to use this school as a way in enter the work force.

4 out of 5


4 out of 5

Wow I have been reading though off these comments and I love it!! Everyone seems to hate this school as much as I do!!

I was concerned right from the start when my math class what addition... Even for people who have been out of school for a while should be able to handle addition...

I wish the school would have spent more of our money on trying to teach us something or fixing computers and buying Nintendo Wii's to give away and events!!

The representative for my area of learning changed about every once a month, and ITT wanted you to have a 'relationship' with this person, but I never even knew who mine was. And when I finally did graduate my current 'rep' tried to get me to stay for another 4 years!! H3ll no!!

When I started ITT I work at Arby's, after ITT ... I still work at Arby's.

They sent me a survey a year after graduation to see where I was, one of the questions was are you in your desired field and if not why. I told them the truth, I am too embarrassed to tell an employer that I went to ITT v.v

4 out of 5

I'll be graduating in December with a useless degree in Visual Communications from ITT.

To be fair, I've learned a lot in the two years that I've been there. Unfortunately, 95% of that is from what I've learned outside of school.

The coursework is child's play. I've barely had any homework. For my Composition 1 class, the final project was writing a 5 paragraph paper.

The facilities are awful. The network moves along at dial-up speeds, which may be fine for some programs, but for multimedia intensive work like VC it's inexcusably slow. I'd estimate that a third of the computers don't work at any given time. I once had a class that focused primarily on using Adobe InDesign, and it took the school 5 weeks out of an 11 week quarter to get it installed on the machines.

The textbooks have been hit or miss. Many classes have come with "Bible" series books that are very definitive resources. Other classes have used "For Dummies" and "Teach yourself Visually" books, which I feel are completely inappropriate for "college level" courses.

The teachers have been the best and worst things about ITT. I've had teachers who have worked in the industry for decades, and I've had teachers who are ITT grads themselves with literally no relevant work experience.

,p>Many of my classmates are among the dumbest people I've ever had the displeasure of sharing a room with. I don't say that to be mean, but to emphasize the fact that their admissions process is a joke. Unfortunately, the school likes to do a lot of group work, so I find myself having to work especially hard to carry the weight of my group members in order to turn out a professional result.


As graduation quickly approaches, I realized that my degree is going to be pretty meaningless to an employer. I've been looking into transferring into a real school, but what I've been finding out is that none of my credits will transfer. Essentially, I've paid a boatload of money for a piece of paper. Save yourself the money and the grief and GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

4 out of 5

Spent my G.I. Bill here and then found out the credits didn't transfer to the local university. ITT told me they were an accredited school. They lied. If you're reading this, RUN! Run to your local community college and enroll there. You'll pay a third of what you would have paid at ITT for the same education and you'll earn credits that you can carry with you! Don't be stupid.

4 out of 5

I am in the military and figured I would continue my education at ITT. Well after 2 years and a degree later I wanted to continue at another school, ITT's prices keep going UP, so tried tons of places; STRAYER,Phoenix,MSU, and more! But none of my credits would transfer over to anyone of those colleges plus more!

Now thanks to ITT I have to pretty much start over because one of the administration officials quoted" well sorry to inform you but pretty much ITT is a joke school! we don't accept their courses and you must re-take them in order to persue a degree at our university!

Thanks ITT, you wasted over 40,000 dollars of my military GI Bill and now to gain any more education I will have to pay for it out of pocket!


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