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4 out of 5


4 out of 5

Wow I have been reading though off these comments and I love it!! Everyone seems to hate this school as much as I do!!

I was concerned right from the start when my math class what addition... Even for people who have been out of school for a while should be able to handle addition...

I wish the school would have spent more of our money on trying to teach us something or fixing computers and buying Nintendo Wii's to give away and events!!

The representative for my area of learning changed about every once a month, and ITT wanted you to have a 'relationship' with this person, but I never even knew who mine was. And when I finally did graduate my current 'rep' tried to get me to stay for another 4 years!! H3ll no!!

When I started ITT I work at Arby's, after ITT ... I still work at Arby's.

They sent me a survey a year after graduation to see where I was, one of the questions was are you in your desired field and if not why. I told them the truth, I am too embarrassed to tell an employer that I went to ITT v.v

4 out of 5

I'll be graduating in December with a useless degree in Visual Communications from ITT.

To be fair, I've learned a lot in the two years that I've been there. Unfortunately, 95% of that is from what I've learned outside of school.

The coursework is child's play. I've barely had any homework. For my Composition 1 class, the final project was writing a 5 paragraph paper.

The facilities are awful. The network moves along at dial-up speeds, which may be fine for some programs, but for multimedia intensive work like VC it's inexcusably slow. I'd estimate that a third of the computers don't work at any given time. I once had a class that focused primarily on using Adobe InDesign, and it took the school 5 weeks out of an 11 week quarter to get it installed on the machines.

The textbooks have been hit or miss. Many classes have come with "Bible" series books that are very definitive resources. Other classes have used "For Dummies" and "Teach yourself Visually" books, which I feel are completely inappropriate for "college level" courses.

The teachers have been the best and worst things about ITT. I've had teachers who have worked in the industry for decades, and I've had teachers who are ITT grads themselves with literally no relevant work experience.

,p>Many of my classmates are among the dumbest people I've ever had the displeasure of sharing a room with. I don't say that to be mean, but to emphasize the fact that their admissions process is a joke. Unfortunately, the school likes to do a lot of group work, so I find myself having to work especially hard to carry the weight of my group members in order to turn out a professional result.


As graduation quickly approaches, I realized that my degree is going to be pretty meaningless to an employer. I've been looking into transferring into a real school, but what I've been finding out is that none of my credits will transfer. Essentially, I've paid a boatload of money for a piece of paper. Save yourself the money and the grief and GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

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4 out of 5

Spent my G.I. Bill here and then found out the credits didn't transfer to the local university. ITT told me they were an accredited school. They lied. If you're reading this, RUN! Run to your local community college and enroll there. You'll pay a third of what you would have paid at ITT for the same education and you'll earn credits that you can carry with you! Don't be stupid.

4 out of 5

I am in the military and figured I would continue my education at ITT. Well after 2 years and a degree later I wanted to continue at another school, ITT's prices keep going UP, so tried tons of places; STRAYER,Phoenix,MSU, and more! But none of my credits would transfer over to anyone of those colleges plus more!

Now thanks to ITT I have to pretty much start over because one of the administration officials quoted" well sorry to inform you but pretty much ITT is a joke school! we don't accept their courses and you must re-take them in order to persue a degree at our university!

Thanks ITT, you wasted over 40,000 dollars of my military GI Bill and now to gain any more education I will have to pay for it out of pocket!


4 out of 5

I have been attending ITT Tech for 1 year. I actually just finished a final tonight. I heard a fellow student a couple of days ago really ragging hard on the school and all the reviews she read. She was about to graduate and was complaining about how much a month she had to pay on her loans. I looked at he reviews and I am pretty overwhelmed. I'm not sure what to think.

My experience has been good so far. My teachers are all extremely knowledgeable. They have mostly been engineers and architects, aside from general education courses.

I feel like I have learned a lot at this school. The CDD program is great.

A few things that have pissed me off are the fact that many students in the class are total flakes. They show up late, don't do the homework until the last week of school and still get full efn credit for it. I even saw a student take a test home with him and bring it back next week, only to still get credit for. I was blown the ef away!

All I can say is that if you are truly serious about learning a particular field and are willing to focus and gain the knowledge needed to be a top notch employee, ITT is for you.

Other then that, they are straight ripping fools off, the fools that think they can slide by through life with little or no responsibility and the fools still think they are are on top, the foolish students that is. O well.

ITT's Regional Accreditation review is up this year. If it goes through and my credits can transfer, I'm out once I have my associates! If the accreditation fails, I'm out even asap!

I think I will make one more post to update the Accreditation status.

4 out of 5

I started ITT in Sept.2008 and I’m still a current student feeling miserable and discouraged. I have been disappointed every single quarter. ITT stalks you when they want you to enroll, but when you need their assistance, they don't return your calls or emails.

The Math instructors have been awesome. They seem very helpful and they're always willing to tutor.

As for my other classes, in two of them, we didn't even turn the pages in our books that they make us buy. That was wasted money right there. The instructors never even referred to them. I can recall instructors skipping over chapters, because the information was so outdated.

At times they over schedule the classes; they’re too full, no enough equipment, a bunch of slides, and BullS!#% quizzes.

They never have enough equipment. How am I supposed to learn hands on if you don't have all the equipment or nothings working properly? Isn’t this a technical school? Where are all the techs to fix these problems?

I feel like I've wasted my money and jeopardized my credit. I'm a full time employee, mother of 3 and attend ITT full time. I hate applying myself to get ahead and not getting the help I need.

They're messing with people’s funds. They want to throw pizza parties during re-enrollment and pop popcorn, instead of given us the resources we need. For all the money we're spending, why don't we have better instructors, updated equipment and books?

I really dislike ITT! They’re really disappointing. People are graduating and not finding jobs. That’s sad. We have to pay back so much money. Most of us don’t make enough to even try to enroll and are taking the chance in search of a better career and turning out to be disappointed.

I’m dropping ITT and heading to a community college. You live and you learn, but why does it have to be so expensive??

4 out of 5

I am currently enrolled in the CEET program, and so far i have somewhat mixed reviews. I agree with what others have posted as far as being forced into taking more or less useless classes, as well as having some completely incompetent teachers. My first semester at this school, i had Problem Solving. . Now, I tend to be very good at math, as well as a quick learner, so I didnt have as much of an issue in this class as everyone else that shared this class with me. My teacher did not know the subject well enough to even understand the course material, much less teach it to the rest of the class. I found myself more or less stepping in to teach my classmates how to solve problems rather than them asking our instructor. I also must comment on the lack of response to the students surveys. Every student in my class complained to the dean about the teacher, and all of us wrote responses about the teachers on our surveys which convey quite cleary her incompetence. Somehow though, the school saw fit to use her as a sub in our DC Electronics class the following semester (she admitted freely she hasn't the slightest clue about anything pertaining to electronics). We ended up sitting around in class until the chair for our program had the time to visit our class and explain what it was we needed to be doing. I find this unacceptable for the amount of money we have invested into our education.

I do have to say as well, though, that not all classes have been a negative experience thus far. My first semester personal computers class was taught by a fantastic teacher. Though i did notice that one individual was absent almost the entire time (once every 3 weeks to avoid being dropped) and never did the labs, yet "somehow" managed to still pass the class.

Basically, i could go on a much longer rant about the experiences i have had with ITT, but im sure you all are tired of reading this (assuming anyone has read this far? lol)

4 out of 5

I scheduled the appointment 3 days out after requesting information online. I was called 4 more times, emailed 3 times, and sent a reminder card for the appointment. It was almost enough for me to cancel. I went to the appointment as scheduled and was very unimpressed with the "recruiter". He was unkempt and answered his own questions rather than mine.

I am a former military recruiter and have been through the same sales program as they use. He was more interested in telling /pushing me into a program he thought I should persue (Program Management)rather than what my interest was (Network Security) I also explained that I had about 2 hours to spend there, I walked out at the 3rd hour. I am writing this to warn some young man or woman that their recruiting tactics are shady to say the very least. They will keep you there as long as it takes to wear you down to committing. They will introduce you to people, take you on a tour, have you take a "placement" test. These are all covers to keep you there. Dont fall for it! They had the guts to even want me to come back to complete my application and finacial aid package. The cost for an associates was going to cost over $44,000, double that for your bachelors' and those of you eligible for the Post 9-11 GI Bill (like me) have just spent all your money on a useless degree. They were also very interested in me applying for a PEL Grant even though throughout the whole interview the recuiter was very clear that my GI Bill would cover everything, and I would have to spend no money out of pocket. So in my opinion this school is more interested in your money than your education. I can spend my money elsewhere and get a better quality education.

4 out of 5

Well, Lets see. I am in my second quarter at ITT Tech. The first quarter was a breeze! I had a class that taught me how to be taught....if that makes any sense. I came to ITT because i saw a commercial for construction managment on TV. It was suggested that since the campus that was closest to me did not offer the program, that i take CADD then i would be able to take the remainding classes online for 1 year to finish my construction managment degree. That was a sham. I found out on my own that my first quarter classes didnt help me work towards my construction managment degree at all. I was had!!! Hook, Line and Sinker! I am extremly angry.

At this very moment i am refraining from runing into the Deans office and dragging him outside. I feel like my enrollment representitve was just a sales person. Two quarters cost me something like 9 grand. Not to mention that the technology at the school sucks. The computers are slow, i thought that this was a tech school!!!??? Whatever you do, go to school at a conventional University!!! Do not go to ITT Tech.

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