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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 9/30/2014
  • Degree: Information Systems
"I landed a job before I graduated my BA for the Systems Security Program. For being in the IT field for less than three years I have landed an network administrator role. I just got an offer for a "security systems administrator" for a well known company. Before I started this career and school I was working at Taco Bell. I also have a drug felony I spent some time in prison for. With the combination of hard work and the degree it really did get me into the career field. If a person like me can do it then anyone can do it."
Maurice A.
  • Reviewed: 9/26/2014
  • Degree: Electronics
"I graduated from IttTechnical Institute in April 2001 after 2 years of classes 4 hours 5 days a week. I was in the third class to Graduate from the Albany campus. The first class graduated two out of thirty, second six out of thirty and my class we had eight out of thirty. This leeds to a 17 percent graduation rate. The quality of instruction is adequate even though some of the instructors were constantly drunk. However those who didn't have basic understanding before the first class soon got left behind. More then 10 years latter I still have 27% of my loan to lay back. Fortunaty for me I landed a 4Ok a yr job 3 months before graduating now the same job pays 65k. I work with many people who have no degrees. So I can say my time getting the degree was worth it but I was overcharged then it was around 26K."
Diane Johnson
  • Reviewed: 9/26/2014
  • Degree: Nursing
"This school is very good. The administration and representatives were and are very helpful. I have not had any problems with this school. The financial aid office is great as well. I like my classes and my instructors are helpful. I would and have recommended this school to other people. Everyone takes their learning seriously."
Rodney T.
  • Reviewed: 9/12/2014
  • Degree: Computer Networking
"I am a student in Center City Philadelphia and this will be my last year. I wrote about this school in 2013 when I started and I'm still going strong. This school will make you work for your grades. You will not pass if you do not do the work and they don't pass you for just showing up. I've seen people get dropped or having to repeat a class if they don't get there work in. And attendance is a must or you will be getting a phone call from your teacher. They do try to work with you and help you to pass but it's up to you. They won't give it to you, you must earn it trust me because I had a hech of a time with math 1 and 2 but passed with a c and a c+ and they didn't give that to me one bit. Right now I am holding a gpa of 3.5 all I can say is do the work, come to class and you will be fine. ITT TECH has a lot to offer you just have to put the efford in. Maybe the other ITT TECH schools are run of the mill but the one here in Philly I still think it is all that. Good luck..."
  • Reviewed: 8/13/2014
  • Degree: Network Administration
"Hanover, MD is a new ITT tech campus. The teachers are atrocious except for a spare few. I am only in my first quarter and will be doing my best to bail out of this contract. It is not worth the time. I am learning nothing, I know all this information, and my teacher's are sub-par at best. Those who are in their last quarter tell me it does not get better."
Aaron Soto
  • Reviewed: 8/10/2014
  • Degree: Project Management
"I graduated back in December of 2012. I got my Associates in CAD Drafting from ITT. The reason I joined was because an old friend graduated and made a good living for himself. So did his friend. Did I learn a whole bunch????? Well....40,000k worth I don't know about that. I did learn a lot about Revit, AutoCAD, Inventor different software programs, details of blueprints, different views, math problems I would never of knew about, and a lot about how to properly detail sentences, paragraphs, create power points and utilize different types of programs I never would. I cannot judge ITT Tech and compare it to another college. Since I have never been to another college. I'm not going to call it the best school out there, no way. I think a lot of it depends on the person attending though. What you put into it is what you get out of it. Some of the "instructors" really don't give a crap. I think it's quite noticeable too. Overall, I do think ITT Tech is in it for the money. Since graduating though I must say.....I've been given really good job offers. Interviews to make good money. Currently I make 25.00 hourly . In Construction. The trade I've been in for 10 years. I'm really Bachelors of Science in Project Management Administration really PAYS ITS WAY!!!!!!!!! otherwise I'm s$$$ out of luck and owing 80 THOUSAND DOLLARS TO A DAMN SCHOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOAAAAHHH. I honestly really did wish I researched school before I just signed the damn paperwork!"
  • Reviewed: 8/6/2014
  • Degree: Network Administration
"Ask a lot of questions, but try to go to another college. Degree was not worth all the money in student loans. Too high priced and degree means nothing."
Victoria Kahn
  • Reviewed: 8/5/2014
  • Degree: Information Technology
"I felt that the company didn't fully care about the education standard at the location that I went to. The last two years that I was there, there were many people who asked for a specific instructor NOT to teach us due to the fact that we didn't learn anything from him. In the end we ended up with him as the instructor for a few classes."
  • Reviewed: 7/30/2014
  • Degree: Computer Science
"Avoid ITT Technical Institute like the plague. In the time that I have been a student there (2011 - Present), I have seen 5 Deans, 2 Associate Deans, a registrar that is not certified, a career services that has only placed students in low level call centers (answering phones, not doing IT networking). This school has proved to be nothing more than a diploma mill. The quality of education and value of the diploma have been vastly overstated. Some of the student body are not qualified to hold a high school diploma, much less an Associates or Bachelors degree. Seriously, one student asked an instructor "What is Google?"."
  • Reviewed: 7/23/2014
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
  • Reviewed: 7/16/2014
  • Degree: Electrical Engineering
"ITT Technical Institute is not worth even half of what you pay to go to school there. The administration as a whole are incompetent. This school does not care if you learn anything here, you are just a number in a seat. Attendance is praised higher than grades, and they will pass you even if you do not make the grades so long as your financial aid is up to date. Which isn't always the case seeing how the financial aid staff is useless. You would figure a school that relies so much on financial aid would be on top of that at least, but no. Instructors are hit and miss, mostly miss(have had instructors themselves tell the class that ITT is not a real school). Parents, veterans, future students... RUN AWAY!!! This company is not what they represent themselves as. Save yourself the time, money, and headache and go somewhere else."
  • Reviewed: 7/15/2014
  • Degree: Interactive Media Design
"I was a student at ITT-Technical Institute in Everett, WA. I took a 4 year course and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Entertainment and Game Design. Once graduated I was hoping to get into the job field, however ITT never offered or provided any job hunting assistance as they promised. I continued to try and find a job, and wanted to further my education and get some specialized studies. I took a 3 month course at the non-credited school, FuturePoly. FuturePoly’s courses cost significantly less than ITT’s, and I learned more about game design in 3 months than I had in my entire 4 years at ITT. The courses there were taught by people who worked in the industry for leading Game Company’s and worked on major projects and games being released this year. The teachers there saw my level of experience after taking 4 years at ITT and informed me that the training I had received there was not even to Entry Level Standards for a position on a Video Game Development Team. This was devastating information to receive, and I have still not been able to find a job in the related industry. But regardless of my job status, I have started receiving notifications and calls about my student loan situation. I was contacted by the Private Lender that ITT has financed me through, whose information I had never been privy to until they began calling me. I was pushed forward through the ITT application process and everything was done digitally so I never got to speak to or know more about the lender who would be handling my private loans. Now I have a lender who split my private loans into two separate loans. They are charging 10.25% interest on my loans, and offer zero options to lessen the monthly payment to something I can afford on my income. When I called them and asked for help making my payments more affordable, the only option they gave me was to file for economic hardship for 6 months, which only delays the payments but raises the interest rate. After the 6 months were over I still have to pay the full amount with no payment options or flexibility. I simply can’t afford those private loans in addition to the federal student loans I also have to pay, while affording rent and car payments. I have tried to seek out alternative Credit Unions that would be able to consolidate or refinance my Private Student loans, however I have been absolutely unable to find a Credit Union that will accept my private loans because of my status as a student of ITT Technical Institute. I have tried several different Credit Unions and Banks to try and get this loan payment consolidated and more affordable. No Credit Union will work with ITT, leaving me in a position of zero alternative options. I called the Everett ITT campus to speak with Financial Aid about my situation, and they referred me to the student borrower services. However, the Student Borrower Services for ITT Technical Institute were of zero assistance. When I asked them for any recommendations to other Credit Unions I could work with for my Private Loans they had nothing to offer and told me they could not help me. So now I have an extremely high payment for a Private Student Loan that refuses to give me any payment options, an inability to seek a consolidation or refinance through any other bank or credit union, and a degree that will get me nowhere in the job industry because its training did not even meet entry level requirements for Game Designers. ITT Technical Institute takes advantage of student’s dreams of a lifelong career, while instead delivering sub-par education and incorrigible student loans."
Alley Davis
  • Reviewed: 6/24/2014
  • Degree: Information Technology
"I do not know about the rest of the ITT schools. But this school will lie to you in a heartbeat. Then when confronted about the lies will tell another lie to cover that lie. And then they will get mad at you because you caught them in the lie. This degree is not going to be worth the paper it is written on. They are only concerned in getting their money. But when it is time to release the students money (Pell grants ) they hold them for as long as they can. They have no concern for the students."
  • Reviewed: 6/23/2014
  • Degree: Electronics
"Went to the Tampa campus and it was the biggest mistake I could have made, there are very few teachers that are any good. I actually had one teacher told us it was a mistake going there and alot of the people who promised alot of things there are all gone now..Alot of the teachers there play favorites to much to other students in the electeronics dept.They told us one thing to get you in there then all of the sudden that all changed,the head of the dept I was in told me one thing and then that all changed when something happened..He told me I could hand in somethings then when i did i was told they could not take it...I would NOT recommened this campus to anyone who was thinking of going there..."
Derrick Moore
  • Reviewed: 6/4/2014
  • Degree: Human Services
"When I started at ITT Online, I had a really good experience. The instructors were very communicative and prompt. I managed to do very well in my classes. For the first time, I managed to get a 4.0 GPA. My family was really proud. Then came the Electronics courses. When I started DC-AC Electronics, the student toolkit did not come in on time. As a result of this, I was a week behind on all labs, which constituted a majority of my grade. To top this off, I had a hard time finding the extra resources for the provided textbook. I had contacted the instructor about this, but instead of directing me straight to the resources (and giving me a reminder of noting where the resources were for future reference, which is understandable), he had simply said to look in the course materials, adding to the the already growing frustration of catching up on late work. Unfortunately, due to an emergency shifts at my job, I had to retake the course. The situation got even worse when I started my Solid State Devices course. Some of the materials that were required in the labs I didn't even have (for example, I only had one 1uF electrolytic capacitor shipped with the toolkit when the lab required two.). Also, I ended up having to research substitutes for some of the components. For example, lets say that lab required an integrated circuit chip with the code Axx. But I do not have an IC chip Axx. I only have IC chip Zxx's, Txx's, and a couple of Dxx's. If I use the wrong component, I could end up either frying the circuit, frying the myDAQ, or lock up my computer from software issues. So I now have to see if one of these is a substitute. After some time I had found out that a Txx IC chip should be an acceptable substitute. However, I now have more concerns. The readings will be different than intended, as well as the settings the circuit has to run on. I definitely have to cross my fingers since now I am not sure if I am doing the assignment correctly. Contacting the instructor or another student was quite frustrating at best. Most of the students did not respond at all, and when one did, they were in the same boat as I was. When I try to contact the instructor, especially when there was an issue with the assignment that I needed to have resolved as soon as possible (mainly the labs), I could not get a timely response. (Unlike my other instructors, in which I would get a response the same day, if not early the next day at the latest.) Sometimes I would not get a response until sometime in the next week, long after the assignment was due. Once again it ended up in a vicious cycle. My computer being repaired (a fault on my behalf) made it even worse. I was originally hoping to drop this course since I was transferring to another school. However, I was told by student support that, since I was under the Opportunities Scholarship, I had no choice but to finish the course, which does not make sense, since (please correct me if I made an error) the scholarship only required two classes during the quarter (I'm registered for three: Composition 1, DC-AC Electronics, and Solid State Devices. I have already completed Composition 1 and DC-AC Electronics) and a minimum 2.0 GPA. I am now afraid that my failure in Solid State Electronics will opt me out of the Scholarship, which I really need to cover the costs that I am not able to pay at this time. When it comes to the Electronic course sessions by themselves, the classes are far too fast paced. Five to six weeks is a short amount of time to cram in a very large amount of information. In my opinion, Electronics is a very complicated subject, more complicated than Composition and Algebra, maybe even Calculus, and it should never be rushed. Due to the shortness and intensity of the sessions, I felt that I had actually barely learned anything. I just simply went through the motions of completing the assignments. And that's not a good thing, since it would impact me negatively in the long run. There also needs to be more videos on the Electronics subject. Videos are a great way to bridge the gap between the words describing how something works and showing how something works physically. Also, real-world equipment, like an actual Oscillator, should be considered. Overall, the general ed. online classes were very well planned out. However, even though it has potential, the Electronics courses need a little bit more work. "
Mr. 4.0
  • Reviewed: 6/4/2014
  • Degree: Information Technology
"I'm a 4.0 student in my final year of ITT's Information System Security (ISS) program. I achieved my two year degree in Computer Network Systems (CNS) on campus, but I am now finishing my ISS bachelor's degree online. I also run a private ITT student group which I created to support fellow online students. My group now has 30+ members from various ITT online programs. I say all this to demonstrate that I have taken my education seriously. I work very hard to maintain my grades and help fellow students who are struggling. Having said all this, it is my opinion that ITT is a borderline scam, if not simply one of the worst technical school one could possibly attend. I regard my decision to attend this institution as the worst and most costly mistake of my life. While the institution may have some good qualities (e.g. career services), providing a basic education is not one of them. Because of my private ITT student group, it has become apparent to me that I maintain higher grades and produce higher quality work than virtually any online student, yet I remain highly ignorant of networking and security technology. I have learned almost nothing attending this institution, despite shedding sweat, blood, and tears over their curriculum. Specifically regarding my experiences on campus, the hands-on labs only worked about 50% of the time. A lot of hands-on experience was lost due on this. Regarding my experience in the online school, the entire ISS online program is a joke. Being conservative, at least 10% - 15% of every quiz and exam they have given me either contains blatant errors or is so poorly worded it can't be reasonably understood. I have documented all errors, citing their own course material as proof, yet instructors typically ignore them or make sloppy excuses. The ISS instructors are impressively incompetent, sloppy, and unresponsive. They don't answer questions with anything useful, they don't understand their own course material, and, more importantly, they don't care. They hand out high grades, to be sure, but I see that as a problem. I'd like some critical feedback as part of my education. Some of these instructors don't even seem to read what we turn in. The worst part of the online ISS program is the curriculum itself. It makes absolutely no sense. The weekly reading material, assignments, labs, and quizzes have very little to do with one other. They simply don't correlate. If you were to memorize your weekly text book reading, you would still not be prepared for the assignments, quizzes, and labs. Each one looks like it was prepared by an unrelated third party. More importantly, many assignments are not adapted to the online environment. They make absolutely no sense outside the context of hands-on labs which are not provided to students. There was very little planning in the construction of the ISS online assignments. I could go on and on about the problems with ITT. If education is not a top priority to you, ITT may be right for you. But I will be doing everything in my power to inspire change in this institution. What they are doing to students through their incompetence is wrong. I should end by saying there isn't a single ISS online student in my group who doesn't agree with my assessment on some level. We all hate this school and we are all trapped in it because of their stupid accreditation status."
  • Reviewed: 6/3/2014
  • Degree: Computer Networking
"Admission was easy. They make you take some test but you could write on the screen with crayon and you'd still get "accepted". Curriculum was stupid for the most part. They were still teaching Windows 2K3 in 2010. If you find something you're interested in go with that and do the research on your own in addition to the half assed books and powerpoint that get shoved down your throat. You can learn a lot, but you can also not. They'll pass anyone. Instructors are 50/50 awesome/awful. A smart one that cares has a lot of knowledge and can be very helpful. A bad one if just the opposite and can be more detrimental to your education than being on crack while trying to learn the OSI model. Schedule is pretty flexible. The days are 5 hour single classes generally. You can show up and leave whenever for the most part. Nobody cares. Career services sucks. Period. If you're expecting them to get you a job, don't. You have to research and do the work yourself. It works if you try hard enough. (source: experience) Cost is insane. It cost me 40K to go there. Started out at 32K right out of school and after 3 years moved on to around 45K. The jobs are out there. Sallie Mae sucks the MOST and will be a great nuisance to your entire life once you graduate. Overall don't go there. Spend your money on something specialized. This place is like Everest Institute with better marketing. Although I did get a good job right away and have moved up. Don't listen to me. I don't know anything."
D. Harvey
  • Reviewed: 5/21/2014
  • Degree: Engineering
"After reading through some of the reviews I can agree with some of the problems listed. I transferred to ITT Tech from a 2 year community college where I was studying construction engineering. I believe that reading, writing, math and sciences are all a good base for any program of study, but why was I required to take theater arts and human anatomy/physiology for construction engineering and not as electives, I was putting in 100% effort and making mediocre grades with people under qualified to be instructors. When I transferred to ITT tech I took it upon myself to research the job opportunities in the work force and told them what I wanted to do. First: My student coordinator. She helped me through every aspect of the registration and throughout my stay at ITT. She made a personal effort to answer any questions I had. If she didn't have the answer right away she immediately found the person with the answers and responded ASAP via phone or email. Second: Financial aid. Finaid sat down with me and helped me through the finaid process they were able to find me 4 scholarships (2 of which I had to maintain a 3.75 PGA to keep) a Pel grant which I had to maintain a 2.0, and finally a student loan (which, because of the scholarships and pel grant, I didn't need and chose to send back to the lender) making the total I have to pay back to the lender less than 6K$ after I graduated. Without the research I did and the help from finaid I would have owed 20K$+. Third: Career services. Career services at ITT works for the student only if the student utilizes the Career Services Resources. I checked in on career services regularly and by the second term I was placed with an engineering company, since then I've hired on and am currently making 125K$+ annually. Fourth: the Instructors. the instructors at ITT tech have standards they have to meet to be able to teach there but are kept to a strict curriculum maintained by the school. Many of the Program chairs at that school have masters degrees and have been teaching there for several years. I found my program chair (also the teacher of many of my Program classes) to be very knowledgeable. The general ed classes were structured around the program so I didn't have to take gen ed classes that I didn't need for my program of study. Finally; Gen ed classes. I agree that the gen ed classes are way to easy but I have also noticed they are structured around an understanding of the subject not an in depth study. The gen ed courses are designed so that if you fail you actually have to try to fail. That being said the campus administrator explained that each program of study was to give a general knowledge in the career field he or she was going into. I did go to that school with a lot of students that didn't put any effort into their education and are reaping the rewards for their effortless ventures. I stayed on top of the elements surrounding my education from this school I researched a career field that offered a good placement after graduation, stayed on top of finaid to get the best education offered for the least amount of money I would have to pay back. and made every effort to utilize the services offered by career services to find the best work I could get to support my family. In a nutshell, if you enroll in any school and don't put forth the effort to stay on top of your education but instead let the school do all the work for you than you'll be rewarded in the same way. During orientation each student was informed that their effort would determine the outcome of their stay at ITT tech. this school and the program directors are worth the money if the student puts forth the effort to achieve his or her education to the fullest."
  • Reviewed: 5/19/2014
"Do not waste your time or your thousands of dollars on this school. The instructors I dealt with for the most part in my program were great, but the people in the office, including the dean himself, don't know what they're doing. I have been trying for months to get my transcripts so I can go to an actual university and they just won't contact me back. I went in January and they wouldn't release them because I owed the school money. Fine. I paid that in March and I still have yet to get my transcripts released to my school or any sort of contact (other than admissions trying to get me to come back)! I didn't even get to complete my program (I had about 6 months left) and I'm $20,000 in debt with student loans. No degree. It's a complete rip off and the only people that actually care about you are the instructors, and I can only speak of the instructors that were in my CJ program. ITT was definitely one of the worst decisions I have made in my life."
James Hunt
  • Reviewed: 4/30/2014
"Instrustors grade on 20+ point curves. Give you exams to take home, some even put the answer keys on the overhead projectors the week before the exam. They pass everyone. It is a FOR PROFIT SCHOOL. You are money to the shareholders. You go to school there, pay the insane fees, and you get a worthless piece of paper (what do you actually 'learn' from being given the awnsers?) and end up being 40k in debt. Please, for the love of God, DO NOT GO THERE. You will regret it as I and thousands of other have."